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Hacienda West North Coast Palm Hills Development

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Project Description

Project name: Hacienda West

About the project: It is one of the most important tourist projects on North Coast, which is characterized by its charming nature and tranquility, as well as providing all basic and recreational services for all visitors to the resort.

Hacienda West Project location: In the heart of the North Coast, 2 km from Fouka Bay Road.

Project Space: A large space of ​​137 acres has been allocated.

Units types: vary between chalets and villas.

Units Space: starts from 100 square meters.

Units prices: start from 2,500,000 EGP.

Payment systems: 10% down payment of the unit price is paid and the rest in installments over a period of up to 8 years without interest.

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Do not miss the opportunity to own your own unit in the resort "Hacienda West North Coast''.

This project is considered one of the largest and most important projects launched by Palm Hills Developments, which is characterized by being a coastal resort that provides all public services to customers, and it highlights the progress made by the company executing Palm Hills North Coast project in terms of choosing the place, design and providing the necessary services with attention to various water bodies.

Hacienda West Resort achieves the life of privacy and luxury that you dream of away from the hustle and bustle of life in the center of the capital. Many people take advantage of the vacation period to enjoy the charming life of nature, and it has a large number of basic and recreational services that make it the ideal place to spend your summer vacation.

Owning a unit inside Hacienda West is a unique opportunity, so book your unit inside Palm Hills North Coast project to enjoy the beauty of the Greek style of the buildings, as well as comfort, tranquility, and recreation, as well as the scenic landscape amidst the beaches with clear blue water, yellow sand, and clear sky in the project.

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The privileged Hacienda West Location

Hacienda West Palm Hills is a high-end project that pulsates with all the concepts and elements of luxury and splendor. It is located in a special place on North Coast, close to important cities, vital locations and services, and several main roads that make it easy to access. 

Hacienda West North Coast resort is located in an exceptional location, specifically at kilo 200 Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh Road, which makes it a few kilometers from Cairo Road, and is also characterized by its proximity to several places.

The most important landmarks near Hacienda West North Coast Resort:

  • 2 km from the New Fouka Road.
  • It is about 65 km from Hacienda White Resort.
  • 10 km from Ras El Hikma area.
  • In addition to the proximity of Hacienda West North Coast resort to the well-known Sidi Abdel Rahman area and several other areas and roads, which makes access to and exit from it easy.

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More Exclusive Opportunities and Privileges Await You in the Mastic Hacienda West Phase

Following the great success achieved through the Hacienda North Coast village, Palm Hills Development Company has launched the Mastic Hacienda West phase, ensuring complete luxury and enjoyment. This phase has been introduced on an area of 137 acres, equivalent to 575,400 square meters, on the finest beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, with a direct frontage on a beach that is 400 meters long and 1.5 kilometers deep. A strategic location has been carefully chosen to launch Mastic Hacienda West Coast at Kilometer 200 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, 15 minutes away from Al Alamein International Airport, and approximately 10 minutes from the World War II Museum. The developing company did not stop there but also provided all the services and facilities that the client needs to obtain comfort and enjoyment without the need to leave the village, including high-level recreational, essential, and health services.

In addition to the diverse areas, competitive prices have been offered that are incomparable to any other tourism project. Palm Hills Real Estate has achieved the difficult equation of providing chalets with areas starting from 57.5 to 100 square meters at a price ranging from 6,653,000 to 8,713,000 Egyptian pounds, with flexible payment plans offering a 10% down payment and an extended installment period of up to 8 years. So, do not hesitate to obtain a residential hotel unit as you dream of in the finest North Coast resorts.

Enjoy unparalleled features in Hacienda West North Coast

Hacienda West is in the best place on North Coast, that much-loved area because of its wonderful and charming atmosphere, as well as the scenic views that attract everyone's attention, it is also one of the places that tourists prefer to visit, especially in the summer. A large number of interesting features that make you live a special pleasure inside the place, which are:

  • Walking in the laps of nature and enjoying the wonderful green spaces interspersed with large bodies of water is one of the most enjoyable things to do within Hacienda West Resort, which is full of distinctive landscapes and artificial lakes of great beauty.
  • The splendor of the sandy beaches in harmony with the wonderful blue of the waters is a wonderful divine beauty that is unmatched, and this is what Hacienda West North Coast resort enjoys, as it is located directly on the sea, with a depth of up to 1.5 km, which enables you to enjoy this picturesque painting.
  • This charming resort has unique designs carrying a distinctive European character to add a lot of luxury and sophistication to all units and facilities inside.
  • Swimming pools have been beautifully arranged inside the entire place and covered swimming pools for ladies to provide the required privacy.
  • A luxurious 5-star hotel that provides visitors with the best hotel services with high quality, and holds a large number of fully equipped hotel rooms to receive visitors all the time.
  • An integrated clubhouse with a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and a lot of various pleasures to feel the absolute luxury inside.

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Don't miss the opportunity to get many unique services within Hacienda West North Coast

Hacienda West Palm Hills is characterized by its sophistication, luxury, and calmness, which is also sought by many for holidays or enjoyable times, as it is located directly on the sea, and so you can enjoy a distinctive and charming view through which you can clear your mind and make you feel relax and provide you with great positive energy, in addition to the presence of a huge range of services and facilities that make you live the true meaning of luxury life, including:

  • Areas designated for children with a range of different and fun games, with all standards of safety and protection.
  • A distinctive beach games area that you can enjoy throughout your vacation in an atmosphere of fun and happiness.
  • A comprehensive social club with various recreational activities that enhance social life among the residents of the place.
  • A large number of diverse restaurants and cafes, which offer visitors all international food and drinks with outstanding quality within an atmosphere of calm and enjoyment.
  • Several large playgrounds, which enable you to practice many different sports and enjoy great times with your friends.
  • A huge commercial area with a commercial mall and several major stores that provide your family with all the necessary needs.
  • A large garage that can accommodate a huge amount of cars and has been secured to preserve visitors' Properties.
  • To ensure the highest levels of security and protection within Hacienda West North Coast, the company that developed Palm Hills North Coast project provided security men and advanced surveillance cameras to record all events in Hacienda West North Coast resort.

Then Hacienda West Palm Hills is the place that fulfills your dreams of an enjoyable vacation in a place directly overlooking the sea, where the charming nature, wonderful services, recreation, tranquility, comfort, privacy, and endless advantages ... Do not hesitate in choosing. 

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Diversity of spaces and units within Hacienda West Palm Hills

Hacienda West Resort is one of the largest resorts on North Coast, which is located on a space of 137 acres, and this spacious space is sufficient to establish a lot of services, facilities, and various units such as chalets and villas.

The variation and difference in the spaces of these units give a great opportunity for the customer to choose what suits his desires and capabilities, and we will mention these various spaces available within Hacienda West North Coast project:

  1. First row villas: These villas are located directly on the sea with a building space of ​​340 square meters and a total space of ​​480 square meters, with 6 large rooms, a servant room, and another for the driver.
  2. Second-row villas: These villas also overlook the sea and consist of 4 large rooms, a servant room, and another for the driver, with a building space of ​​264 square meters inside, with a total space of ​​365 square meters.
  3. Third-row villas: The building space of these villas is 213 square meters, and the total space is 270 square meters, including 3 rooms and a servant's room.
  4. ''Junior'' chalets: There are 2 floors inside these chalets, a ground floor of 108 square meters with a total space of 320 square meters with 2 bedrooms, and the first floor with a space of 108 square meters and contains 2 bedrooms.
  5. "Senior" chalets: The ground floor space is 155 square meters and the total space of this floor is 417 square meters and the first floor of 155 square meters with 3 rooms.
  6. 3in1" chalets: (ground floor + first floor with roof), the ground floor space of 155 square meters, with a total space of ​​417 square meters, 3 large rooms, while the first floor and the roof have a space of ​​297 square meters and there are 4 large rooms.
  7. Chalets "Condo 1": These chalets consist of 2 units; The first is a duplex ground floor of ​​200 square meters and a total space is ​​334 square meters with large rooms and a kitchen, while the second is (second floor + roof) space of ​​215 square meters with 3 rooms and a servants room.
  8. "Condo 2" Chalets: These chalets are designed in the form of a large building with 10 units, each starting from 100 square meters divided into 4 units on the ground floor, 4 units on the first floor, and 2 units with roof, and their rooms range from 2 up to 3 large rooms.
  9. "Condo 3" Chalets: As for these chalets, they also follow the design of the large building that holds 15 units starting from 100 square meters and divided into; 6 ground floor units, 6 first floor units, and 3 roof units, and the rooms range between 2 up to 3 large rooms.

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Distinguished Hacienda West Prices and Payment Systems

  • First row villas: prices start from 18,000,000 up to 20,000,000 EGP.
  • Second-row villas: prices start from 12,000,000 EGP.
  • Third-row villas: prices start from 8,500,000 EGP.
  • Junior chalets: prices start from 3.200,000 up to 3.800,000 EGP.
  • Senior chalets: start from 4.200,000 up to 5,000,000 EGP.
  • 3in1 chalets: start from 5.900,000 up to 6.400,000 EGP.
  • "Condo 1" Chalets: prices start from 6.300,000  up to 6.400,000 EGP.
  • Condo 2 & Condo 3 Chalets: prices start from 2.500,000 EGP.
  • You can pay a 10% downpayment and pay the rest over 8 full years without interest.
  • The units will be delivered within 4 years in 2025.

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Disadvantages of Hacienda West North Coast Resort

Despite the advantages offered by the Hacienda West project in the North Coast, some may believe that accessing it may take a long time. However, given the expanded network of roads and main axes linking the North Coast to Cairo and beyond, it becomes clear that the transfer can be done within a specified period of time and does not take too much time.

The real estate developer of Hacienda West North Coast Resort

Palm Hills Development is one of the most important and largest real estate construction companies in the Egyptian market. Since its establishment in 2005, it has worked to consolidate its bases and highlight its name by constructing and building many major projects that meet all customers' needs and more by following the best international standards in design and implementation. It was able to distinguish and grab attention for its engineering work in a short period of time, and here we will mention some of the important previous projects:

North Coast Resorts: Where Quality, Innovation and Elegance Come Alive in Every Corner!

The North Coast region of Egypt stands out as a hub of quality, uniqueness, and elegance, forming a prominent tourism and investment sector in the country. The enchanting natural scenery, white sandy beaches, and excellent services all contribute to making it a preferred destination for visitors and investors alike.

The resorts here take pride in offering a wide range of luxurious services and facilities, from architecturally advanced hotels to restaurants serving the most delicious international cuisines. These facilities are designed to meet the needs and expectations of all visitors.

Recreation holds great value in these resorts, with a wonderful array of facilities such as captivating swimming pools, dedicated children's playgrounds, golf and tennis courts, as well as saunas and state-of-the-art fitness centers. The resorts also provide excellent health and wellness services through their spas and wellness centers, offering a range of treatments.

An additional advantage of the North Coast is its commitment to delivering outstanding cultural and artistic experiences to visitors by hosting events and festivals that attract lovers of culture and arts from all over.

Moreover, the North Coast boasts a prime location that facilitates access to several other tourist destinations, further enhancing its appeal as a tourist destination.

In conclusion, the North Coast resorts offer a unique blend of luxury, natural beauty, and entertainment, making them an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

Luxury and Sophisticated Living Await You on the North Coast!

Egypt's North Coast is a highly attractive area for tourists seeking luxury and relaxation, renowned for its pristine beaches with white sands and turquoise, crystal-clear waters stretching along the Mediterranean Sea. Its refreshing climate and breathtaking natural scenery make it an ideal haven for those seeking respite from the stresses of daily life.

The North Coast offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from luxurious resorts to upscale, modern hotels, providing high-quality services and ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors. One of the region's main attractions is the diversity of its tourist cities, such as Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, each with its own unique charm and rich history.

New development projects aim to enrich the visitor experience by expanding infrastructure to include upscale resorts and distinctive residential units, in addition to shopping and entertainment centers. These are complemented by world-class sports facilities, luxurious golf courses, and top-quality hospitals to ensure the highest standards of comfort and safety.

As for the available recreational activities, they are diverse and cater to all ages and interests, from diving and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to cycling, water skiing, and experiencing delicious cuisine in various restaurants while enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

For those seeking excellence and luxury, the North Coast offers an unparalleled experience that combines serenity and captivating natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable vacation or investment in elegant and luxurious properties.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Resorts Near Hacienda West North Coast!

In Egypt's North Coast, the Hacienda West resort stands out as an exceptional accommodation destination. For those looking to explore other options nearby, a range of resorts offer unforgettable stay experiences, including:

1. White Sand Resort Compound: Offers an opportunity to enjoy luxurious accommodations and exceptional facilities such as private beaches and upscale restaurants, making it an ideal place for those seeking relaxation.

2. Pali Resort Compound: Stands out with its soft sandy beaches and luxurious beachfront villas, in addition to a diverse range of recreational activities suitable for all ages, offering a comprehensive entertainment experience.

3. Fouka Bay Resort Compound: Attracts visitors with its modern design and luxurious apartments, where a wide range of water activities add an extra thrill to the stay.

4. Marassi Village Compound: Offers a unique experience with its proximity to Hacienda West, featuring white sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, and a wide range of activities suitable for adventure enthusiasts.

5. Jefaira Resort Compound: Considered one of the prominent areas on the North Coast with its beautiful beaches and luxurious chalets, providing an ideal haven for those seeking tranquility and privacy while enjoying a variety of water activities.

These resorts are distinguished by offering unique experiences that combine luxury, comfort, and adventure, making the North Coast an ideal destination for accommodation.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Buy a Unit in Hacienda West North Coast on!

For those interested in real estate investment in the Hacienda West area on the North Coast, the path ahead is facilitated through the use of Egypt's online real estate platform. This platform allows for a smooth and organized buying journey that begins with visiting the website and ends only when you receive the keys to your own unit. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1. Start by visiting Egypt's real estate platform to explore the available offerings.
2. Use the advanced search feature to specify your preferences, indicating the target area, in this case, Hacienda West.
3. Define the desired specifications, such as area, number of rooms, and price range, to narrow down the search.
4. Refine the results based on additional features like stunning views or the availability of a swimming pool.
5. Explore the listed units through descriptions and photos to get a clear picture of each property.
6. If you find something that meets your aspirations, contact the responsible real estate agent to learn more or schedule a viewing.
7. It is advisable to visit the unit with the real estate agent to ensure its specifications and suitability for your needs.
8. After confirming your satisfaction with the unit, discuss the payment terms and price with the agent to reach an agreement.
9. Complete the purchase process by providing the required documents, paying the agreed amount, and signing the contracts.
10. Finally, receive the keys to your own unit and begin preparing it for residence or investment.

Through these steps, those interested in residing or investing in Hacienda West on the North Coast can efficiently achieve their goals.

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In the heart of the North Coast, 2 km from Fouka Bay Road.

2,500,000 EGP.


Palm Hills development

20 units

10% down payment of the unit price is paid and the rest in installments over a period of up to 8 years without interest.

137 acres


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