Badya Palm Hills Compound

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Palm Hills development

About Project a residential Compound in 6th of October and it is reachable by El Wahat Road and Faiyum Desert Road.

Badya Palm Hills Compound October Location  In the heart of 6th October on El Wahat (Oasis) Road.

Palm Hills Badya Space  3000 acres.

Units' Type  Standalone Villas - Twin Houses - Penthouses - Apartments.

Units' Space  starts from 82 m² up to 504 m².

Units' Price  starts from 850,000 EGP.

Price per meter  starts from 13,750 EGP up to 14,457.

The Developer Name  Palm Hills Development.

Payment Methods  10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

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Penthouse with area 122m² in Badya


Badya Palm Hills Compound Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Badya.

About Project: a residential Compound in 6th of October and it is reachable by El Wahat Road and Faiyum Desert Road.

Badya Palm Hills Compound October Location: In the heart of 6th October on El Wahat (Oasis) Road.

Palm Hills Badya Space: 3000 acres.

Units' Type: Standalone Villas - Twin Houses - Penthouses - Apartments.

Units' Space: starts from 82 m² up to 504 m².

Units' Price: starts from 850,000 EGP.

Price per meter: starts from 13,750 EGP up to 14,457.

The Developer Name: Palm Hills Development.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

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Badya 6th Of October City

To all those interested and looking to live in a safe, quiet and comfortable compound, and at the same time close to the heart of October, here's "Badya Palm Hills" October.

The compound is unique and distinctive with many educational, health, and sports services as well as fair prices, as it is one of the most important modern real estate projects and combines modern facade with wonderful services for the residents as well as the vast green spaces which ensures customers calm, comfortable and the highest degree of privacy.

On Oasis Road, you'll find the compound designed with the vital creative city system in a strategic location that allows the people to reach the heart of Cairo in just a few minutes.

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Ensure a peaceful and comfortable life and easily connect with different areas of Cairo by owning a unit in "Badya".

Badya Palm Hills Compound is one of the largest residential communities within the city of October 6th, where this residential gathering is located in the heart of 6th of October City on El Wahat Road and specifically to the new extension area of 6th of October City which connects East and West Cairo. It is easily accessible through several roads, El Wahat Road and Faiyum Desert Road.

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Badya Palm Hills  Location

Palm Hills Developments chose this location of Badya compound because it connects the eastern and western parts of Cairo, making it a very active location that investors will appreciate. The location is also close to the following:

  • A unique view of El Wahat Road, which is accessible from New Dahshour road and Fayyoum Desert Road.
  • About 15 minutes away from the Giza Pyramid Complex.
  • It’s right in the center of October City, and only ten minutes away from each of its borders.
  • About 10 kilometers away from MSE University.
  • The compound is only 30 kilometers away from New Capital City.
  • Only 5 minutes away from greater Cairo.
  • Surrounded by a variety of transportation methods, including a high-speed train and the Cairo metro line 4.

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Badya Palm Hills October Space

It is located on an area of ​​3000 acres, It has been planned to be executed in 6 phases and each phase is a stand-alone compound with all services within.

Badya Compound Services

Palm Hills is always aiming to create major residential projects, given its status as the largest real estate developer in Egypt. The company also provides these projects with the best and most luxurious services, inspired by Spanish residential neighborhoods. Some of the most important services include:

  • Spacious green spaces and stunning natural landscape, which give a distinctive and beautiful view to all the units.
  • There’s a large number of markets and shopping centers within the compound.
  • Outdoor venues for all kinds of events, celebrations, and family gatherings.
  • Several breathtaking artificial lakes are scattered around the compound, which complements the surrounding charming nature.
  • The compound has a health club with a gym and spa facilities. It is run by the best coaches and personnel in the field and is equipped with the latest gear.
  • Dedicated tracks for certain sports, such as walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Major malls are available within the compound, where residents can purchase all their daily needs including fashion, foodstuff, and other essentials.
  • It has a sports club which can accommodate plenty of sports, such as tennis, squash, and other popular sports that suit all tastes.
  • The entire compound is covered with the best security cameras, to ensure a safer environment for the residents.
  • A large private parking lot with its security cameras that operate 24/7.
  • A collection of malls that contain the best brands in the world.
  • The compound management hires the best security personnel and makes use of the latest technologies and techniques to keep the compound safe.
  • There’s a clubhouse within the compound, which offers magnificent views and a number of luxury services.
  • A kids’ area with the best toys and games.
  • Advanced security technologies, including facial recognition and fingerprints.
  • Two international schools with verified degrees and excellent facilities.
  • The largest collection of restaurants and cafes can be found within the food court.
  • Well-trained service personnel provide the best customer experience and keep the compound running.
  • The building facades have a luxurious European design that ensures privacy.
  • Pharmacies are scattered throughout the compound to serve all the residents. They also contain a variety of health services.
  • Health services are available and are provided by well-trained personnel in hygienic facilities.
  • The compound provides an optional unit finishing service at reasonable prices.
  • There are several private hospitals in the compound, all working throughout the day to provide the best health services for the population, including emergency services.

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Units Type and Spaces in Badya 6th of October

The residential units vary among 2-floors standalone villas, twin houses, penthouses, and apartments.

The project is characterized by large spaces and implementation on more than one phase, which has provided a lot of services and well-being required by many customers and it is known that about 3000 acres have been allocated to this project with a division of 20:25%.

As the space within the Compound is divided into a set of main and sub-units and the spaces are divided as follows:

  • Apartments with space start from 85 m² up to 250 m².
  • The townhouse middle range in space from 185 square meters for building area and 215 for land space.
  • The townhouse corner is 190 square meters for buildings and 230 m² of land space.
  • Twin House starts from 234 m² up to 263 m² for buildings and a space of 300 up to 370 square meters for land space.
  • The villas inside the compound are separate floors ranging from 195 m² up to 500 m² for buildings, and a space of 265 m² up to 800 m² for land area.

Note that all the spaces have been divided in a way that takes into account the public and private services and facilities that provide all means of well-being and pleasure to the buyers, and the project shall be built in six phases.

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Badya Palm Hills Prices and payment methods

Paying a 10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years, and units shall be delivered after 5 years from contracting.

Price per meter starts 13,750 EGP up to 14,457 EGP.

Prices within the compound start from 850,000 EGP.

Badya Prices

One-bedroom apartments price start from 1,200,000 EGP up to 1,350,000 EGP.

Two-bedrooms apartments price start from 1,700,000 EGP up to 2,000,000 EGP.

Three-bedrooms apartments price start from 2,100,000 EGP up to 2,300,000 EGP.

Second: Other Units Prices:

Town houses prices start from 3,758,400 EGP up to 4,189,900 EGP.

Twin houses prices start from 4,887,600 EGP up to 6,092,000 EGP.

Standalone villas prices start from 4,700,000 EGP up to 11,000,000 EGP.

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The Executing Company Of Badya City

Palm Hills Developments is the executing company in 6 October area.

Its previous projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

What is the main role of the sixth of October?

The sixth of October has taken on a significant role in Egypt's urban development.

This thriving city is home to Badya Palm Hills Compound, a well-designed and strategically located residential complex.

The complex boasts a range of activities that cater to various needs, from education to commerce to leisure.

Cleverly situated away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Badya Palm Hills offers customers an opportunity to experience life's pleasures to the fullest.

The units within Badya vary from one to three bedrooms, including freestanding villas, and will be delivered to customers within four years after the contract is signed.

It is a smart city that encourages citizens to live a healthier lifestyle through the 5-10-15 urban walkability rule and its highly accessible pedestrian zones.

Badya Palm Hills occupies a prime location in the heart of New 6th of October City.

This location is regarded as one of the best residential neighborhoods in the region, with all essential services on its doorstep.

It offers a luxurious lifestyle filled with comfort to those seeking to buy an apartment, villa, shop, clinic, or office within the complex.

The compound's strategic location makes it an excellent investment opportunity with lower prices than most providers in the 6th of October area. Customer satisfaction is priority; the compound provides different space options ranging from apartments to townhouses and villas.

Furthermore, clients have the freedom to choose the finishing style that meets their individual taste, creating an individualized home in which they can spend their quality time.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Badya Palm Hills Complex is its proximity to important local points of interest.

For instance, the new Sphinx International Airport is close by, and Giza's Pyramids are just a fifteen-minute drive away.

Similarly, there are well-developed road, monorail, and high-speed railway networks that span the city's western and eastern sides, making access to the complex simple and quick.

These innovative connections make the 6th of October city, where the Badya Palm Hills Compound is located, one of Egypt's major urban projects.

Investing in property is essential, and location is a significant factor in the decision-making process.

Badya Palm Hills is located on Al-Wahat Road in the Creative City area, a notable location that ensures easy access to all services while being away from the heavy crowds of Cairo.

The Compound is directly on the main road to Dahshur Link, which is also nearby Cairo Downtown, Mohandessin, and Zamalek.

In addition to the reasonable prices and long term payment facilities, clients are provided with an integrated residential community that includes entertainment services, major services, and wonderful views of the green gardens and crystal lakes.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is a rare opportunity to have it all. 

Why choose 6 October Compounds?

Badya Palm Hills Compound, located in 6th of October City, is known for its unique features and amenities that make it stand out among other residential compounds.

The project is one of the largest developments of Palm Hills Company, one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt, and covers an area of about 3000 acres.

With its strategic location between east and west Cairo, Badya Palm Hills offers easy access to various means of transportation, including the high-speed monorail and the subway with its fourth line.

The compound's exceptional location is one of the primary reasons why many people choose to live in 6th of October City.

It is less than fifteen minutes away from the Pyramids of Giza, ten minutes away from all directions within the city, and only thirty kilometers from the heart of the New Capital City.

Furthermore, Badya Palm Hills overlooks the Oasis Road, providing residents with a unique view that can be accessed by walking on several roads.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is characterized by its modern and elegant designs, which cater to every taste.

The units within the complex are offered with payment systems that exceed years, making them one of the best in 6th of October City.

The apartments' space ranges from 85 square meters up to 250 square meters, while the townhouses' middle space ranges from 185 to 215 square meters for buildings and land, respectively.

In comparison, the twin houses' space is around 234 to 263 square meters for buildings and 300 to 370 square meters for land.

One of the most striking features of the Badya Palm Hills Compound is its vast green spaces and landscapes.

Palm Hills has allotted a large area for the project, which includes an estimated number of 38,000 apartments and 5,000 standalone villas.

The selection of villas ranges from 180 square meters and above, with the most expensive ones costing up to 499 square meters.

Penthouse units are also available in the complex, with a space limit of 124 to 245 square meters.

Overall, Badya Palm Hills offers a vibrant compound with exceptional features, making it an ideal choice for those searching for luxurious residential properties.

The compound's unique location, payment systems, and wide range of units make it an excellent choice for anyone searching for a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle in Egypt. 

Why choose to live in Badya Palm Hills?

Badya Palm Hills is a highly-desirable residential compound located in 6th October, executed by one of the most prominent real estate companies in Egypt, Palm Hills.

This exclusive, modern project is strategically located, linking East and West Egypt through El Wahat Road, only 10 minutes away from Downtown, and the Pyramids, making it easy to get business done.

Thanks to skilful experts and engineers in the real estate field, the project features a unique architectural design that copes with modern life while keeping the general taste.

Solar energy is used to generate electricity, and water economization reaches 20%.

This luxurious, integrated compound offers a wholly personalized experience for people who value sophistication and serenity.

In addition to private universities, a 24/7 secured kids' area, and diverse service facilities, the compound features a variety of clubs to grant comfort and relaxation, from swimming pools and lagoons to fully-equipped gyms, sports playgrounds, and an excellent social club.

In terms of residential units, Badya Palm Hills offers different spaces for varied needs, accompanied by facilitated payment options, such as paying only 10% of the unit total value and spreading the rest over eight years.

What makes Badya Palm Hills even more desirable is its location. Situated within 10 minutes of the heart of 6th October city, it’s a focal point between east and west Cairo.

It also offers easy access to new highways in Egypt, and Monorail to October City, and near five-star residential and commercial projects such as Mall of Egypt, Wadi Degla Club, Media Production City, and Movenpick Hotel.

The project is close to Sheikh Zayed, and only a few minutes' drive from the great pyramids in Giza.

Badya Palm Hills was designed to reflect a fresh new start in all aspects of life, connotating creativity and superlative by implementing the latest building techniques.

The project’s design refers to applying the 5, 10, and 15 rules in setting the distances between residential units and commercial spaces, ensuring that residents won’t need more than 15 minutes to reach their needs.

Besides, the project provides vast green spaces to privilege each area with a full view of a park and offering a sustainable environment.

Therefore, for those who seek a luxurious and peaceful environment, Badya Palm Hills is the first choice in which to live and invest.

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In the heart of 6th October

1,200,000 EGP


Palm Hills Development.

130 villas

10% downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

3000 acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel

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