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Know More About The Best North Coast Resorts


Resorts and Villages of North Coast Egypt
الساحل الشمالي

Where is the North Coast?

It is a distinct geographical area, located in Arab Republic of Egypt, this coast extends along the marine area in the north of Egypt, starting from the east in the border of Rafah city, and ends west at El Salloum, the North Coast occupies a large area of about 1050 kilometers, and this area is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country, it directly overlooking the Mediterranean coast, and is characterized by flat coast, as it does not contain any mountains or rugged areas, so it is preferred by many people anf for More Click Egypt Real Estate

Features of North Coast 

Egypt North Coast

  • North Coast is the first destination for most Egyptians if they want to enjoy the beauty of marine nature, the picturesque beaches, and the refreshing atmosphere.

  • It is characterized by a large number of investments, as it has been built many tourist villages, which serve citizens to get the desired luxury.

  • The villages are equipped with attractive green spaces and contain residential facilities such as palaces, villas and various apartments.

  • The secret to the fact that the North Coast is the first destination, to spend the summer is its distinct climate, as this region is located within the Mediterranean climate region, which makes it cold in the winter, with heavy torrents, while in summer it is mild climate and high temperatures very slight.

  • There are many development plans for the North Coast, especially because it contains a lot of desert areas, the state has begun to plant many green spaces using water from the surrounding wells, and is studying the desalination project in the North Coast, to provide a great deal of water to be used in agriculture and drinking as well.

  • There are also many lakes in the North Coast, which are very widely used in the areas of fishing, and is a good economic source for that region, and we will show you herein the tourist resorts in the North Coast with pictures.

What are the best North Coast Resorts?

Mazarine North Coast

توين هاوس في كمبوند مزارين الساحل الشمالي

About Mazarine Resort: A wonderful resort located in the most beautiful location on the north coast with great designs, it is designed to allow all units to see the sea clearly.

Mazarine New Alamein Village Location: Located in New Alamein, two and a half hours from Cairo, and two hours from Matrouh, and an hour and a quarter from Alexandria.

Space of Mazarine City Edge: 702 acres. The majority of the space is allocated for water bodies and services so that facilities do not exceed 20% of the project space.

The Developer Company: The resort was implemented by City Edge Development in collaboration with Orascom. It was established in 2017 and is a subsidiary of government institutions.

Types of units: vary among villas, chalets, twin houses and penthouses.

Units spaces: The spaces of ​​chalets start from 167 m², and the spaces of ​​villas from 359 m² up to 576 m², and the space of ​​penthouses start from 165 m².

Price per meter: The price per meter starts from 25,571 LE up to 31137 LE.

Payment system: with minimum down payment and installment for the longest repayment period

Services: 5-star hotel, Aqua Park, commercial area, sea view units, restaurants, cinema, security.

Pali North Coast

شاليهات في قرية بالي الساحل الشمالي

About Pal North Coasti Resort: A distinctive coastal resort its residents enjoy a privileged location in the best areas of the North Coast, with direct views of the sea.

The Location of Pali Village: Located on the northern coast of Alexandria Matrouh road in kilo180, and kilometers from the area of ​​Sidi Abdel Rahman, Jefaira Resort, La Vista Bay, an hour and a half from Alexandria, and two hours from Cairo.

The Space of ​​Pali Shahawi Group: The space of ​​the resort is 75 acres and the depth of the resort is 800 meters and the length of the beach 450 meters.

Executing Company: El Shahawi Group, which was founded in 1976 and its main business: Palm Islands in Sharm El-Sheikh, Al Ain Resort, Movenpick Hotel, and Ein Bay Sokhna.

Types of units: chalets, standalone villas, penthouses, townhouses, twin houses.

Units spaces: Units spaces starts from 100 m² up to 315 m².

The Price: The unit price starting from 1.200.000 LE.

Payment system: 10% down payment and installments over 8 years.

Features: Crystal Lagoons, green spaces, recreational and commercial areas, social club, clubhouse, supermarket and pharmacy, security and security.

Jefaira North Coast

مخطط قرية جيفيرا الساحل الشمالي

About Jefaira North Coast: A coastal residential project in the best area of ​​the North Coast, Ras El Hikma Bay. It is characterized by its diverse services and wonderful design and attractive.

Jefaira Inertia Location: Located on the north coast in kilo 200 on Alexandria Matrouh road, close to Cairo, Matrouh, La Vista and Mountain View.

Space of ​​Jefaira Village: built on a space of ​​1300 acres and the depth of the resort 2200 meters and the width of the beach 3600 meters.

The Executing Company: The resort was implemented by Inertia, one of the largest real estate companies was founded in 2007 and its main business: Joulz and Brix in 6th October, and Veranda Sahl Hasheesh.

Types of units: chalets, detached villas, townhouse, twin house.

Spaces of ​​units: The space of ​​villas start from 247 m² up to 500 m², and chalets of 168 m² up to 225 m², and condor chalets from 105 m² up to 180 m².

Units Prices: Starting from 725.000 LE.

Payment system: 10% down payment, and installment without interest over 8 years.

Services: 5 social clubs, recreational services, clubhouse, gym and spa, security, sports courts, commercial area.

Cascadia North Coast

مميزات قرية كاسكاديا الساحل الشمالي

About Cascadia North Coast: A coastal resort on the North Coast with a design that mimics the magnificent city of Venice, and the picturesque nature that offers entertainment and luxury, a floating village whose name means a waterfall woman.

Cascadia Location: Located in Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast, Alexandria Matrouh Road at Km 134.5, and Al Alamein Airport, in front of Stella Heights resort.

Space of ​​Cascadia Marseilia: The space of ​​the resort is 40 acres and includes a lot of units and lakes and picturesque views.

The Developer of the Project: Marseilia, one of the best companies in Egypt for 20 years, and owns many coastal resorts and projects in different cities.

Types of units: 7 different types of chalets are available.

Units spaces: Units spaces starts from 70 m² up to 150 m².

Prices of units: The price of the chalet starts from 840.000 LE.

Payment system: 10% down payment and the rest over 6 years.

Features: Diversified water bodies, gym, children's entertainment area, party area, Eco Park and hotel, shops, security.

Waterway North Coast

شاطئ قرية ذا واتر واي الساحل الشمالي

About The Waterway Resort: A seaside resort with luxurious and attractive design, characterized by mild weather, landscapes and many services needed by individuals.

The Waterway Resort Location: Located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area in Kilo 186, close to Ras El Hikma, Al Alamein City and Alexandria International Airport, and an hour away from the city of Borg El Arab.

The Waterway Space: The resort space is 57 acres and includes 381 residential units and all overlooking the sea directly.

Types of units: vary between chalets and villas.

Units spaces: Villas start from 200 m² up to 800 m², chalets of 128 m² up to 134 m², ground floors with 112 m² garden.

The price of the units: the price of the chalet starts from 200,000 LE, and the price of the villa starts from 4.300.000 LE.

Payment systems: 5% down payment, the rest in installment over 7 years. The units are delivered with super lux finishing within 4 years of contracting.

Services: private garage, 5-star hotel, health club, commercial area, water games, artificial lakes, recreation area, security and security.

Marassi Bay

التصميم الرائع لقرية مراسي الساحل الشمالي

Marassi Egypt Resort Location: Marassi has a privileged location which is a little away from El Alamein, and exceeds Alexandria by 125 kilometers.

The project units: Marassi Resort includes many residential facilities, apartments and buildings, as it contains a lot of luxury hotel rooms, up to 3000 rooms equipped with the latest equipment, and hotel service.

Project space: The project is built on a space of 1544 acres.

Payment systems: 5% downpayment and install the rest over 7 years.

The project Development: There are currently many development plans, the village is moving towards the establishment of golf courses of the highest level, including the provision of a lot of swimming and diving.

About the Project: When you visit Marassi village, you will feel the joy and beauty from all sides, there are a lot of activities carried out by visitors, for example, Marassi Bay offers many restaurants of various styles, and there is a wide range of commercial markets, which includes the best international brands , the resort has a park where you can have fun.

Project Awards: As for excellence, Marassi has won many awards over the past years, most notably the best tourism and leisure project, according to its distinctive advantages.

Bo Islands North Coast

مخطط قرية بو ايلاند الساحل الشمالي

Bo Island Resort location: Bo Island has a unique location, overlooking Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, which is currently classified as the best sea in the North Coast, it is close to the Marina,and also close to Hacienda Bay, located at kilo 120 on Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, It is one of the best projects in the North Coast.

Project units: The project has been carefully divided into residential units surrounded by a group of service buildings, followed by a lot of green spaces, so as to provide psychological comfort to the visitor, and there is a clear sea view from all sides.

Payment systems: 5% downpayment, then install the rest in a maximum of 7 years, and you can receive your unit after three years.

About Bo Islands Village: Bo Island offers many unique services to its visitors. In addition to various sports and green spaces, it organizes indoor tram services for ease of transportation within the village.

Bo Sands Resort

مميزات قرية بوساندس الساحل الشمالي

Bo Sands Project Location: Located in the center of El Alamein, specifically at 120 km, it is about 15 km from the Marina.

Units of the project: The project includes two hotels, each equipped with the highest level, and there are swimming pools and 24/7 security system, and available a lot of green spaces, which provides the opportunity to practice various sports, as well as gyms and Jacuzzi.

payment systems5% downpayment and installment up to 8 years.

Project Space: The project was built on a huge space of 900 acres, and the buildings occupy a space of only 12 percent of it, and the rest of the share of green spaces.

About Bo Sands North Coast: The designers worked to provide a lot of services and facilities, which are available throughout the year, and not all of this is not limited to only a few summer months.

Fouka Bay Resort

قرية فوكا باي الساحل الشمالي

The location of Fouka Bay Project: The project is about 211 kilometers from Alexandria, and is approaching Matrouh about 75 kilometers, and features a unique view of the magnificent Fouka Bay.

Types of units in the project: The units vary between chalets that start from a space of 125 m², and luxury villas that start from a space of 282 m², you have the freedom to choose what suits you.

Payment systems: If you want to installment, the resort is characterized by a system of installments up to 8 years, without interest, and the down payment is 5%.

Fouka Bay North Coast Space: The project is built on a huge space of approximately 149 acres, and the proportion of buildings is only 20%, and the rest is distributed between green spaces and luxury beaches.

About the project: The project is characterized by the existence of a lot of services, such as internal transport and high security, and the project was built on the European system, making you feel sophisticated and luxury wherever you go.

Jevera Bay North Coast

شاليهات بحمامات سباحة بمنتجع جيفيرا باي

The location of Jevera Bay: Located between Ras El Hekma and Ghazala Bay, it is located at Kilo 188 on Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road.

Units Type: service buildings, small villas, residential buildings, in addition to chalets and large villas.

Payment systems: It provides a 10% downpayment with 7 years installments. The resort develops many discounts for the cash payment system.

Resort Space: The project covers a space of 1300 acres and has been divided into 7 areas ranging from services, beaches, and residential buildings.

About Jevera Bay project: It includes a lot of facilities, a hotel, a shopping mall, as well as a lot of restaurants and cafes, with 8 swimming pools for children and women.

City Stars North Coast

حمامات سباحة بقرية سيتي ستارز الساحل الشمالي

The location of City Stars Resort: it is very close to important roads, located at Kilo 199 on Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, thus located between the resorts of La Vista and Mountain View.

Project units: The residential units vary among apartments, chalets, and villas, to suit the needs of everyone, and the designers have been keen to have green spaces between all residential buildings to provide a breathtaking appearance and healthy climate throughout the year.

Payment systems: If you are interested in installments, you can pay up to a maximum of 8 years, with 0% downpayment, and the delivery shall be in 2021.

The resort space: The total space of the project is about 743 acres, and was divided into several stages until the project was finally built.

About the project: one of the Best North Coast resorts providing services to the residents, there are huge malls with all products, and there are gyms, swimming pools, and the resort is equipped with panels to generate solar energy, to save energy.

Lagoon Arco North Coast

قرية لاجون اركو الساحل الشمالي

Lagoon Arco Resort location: This resort is located in Kilo 108 on Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, near Porto Golf about 7 km, which is in the middle of the city of El Alamein.

Units Type: The buildings in the village are divided into ground floors and then upper floors so you can choose from according to your needs.

Payment systems: You can pay in a maximum period of 7 years, 10% downpayment, and all units are ready to receive.

The project space: it was established on 33 acres including a few buildings, the rest of this space is distributed between services and green spaces.

About Lagoon Arco Project: buildings and services in the project are varied, with many restaurants spread all over, with small shops and malls, which offer the best international brands, as well as many recreational areas and playgrounds for children.

La Vista Ras El Hikma‎‏

حمامات سباحة بقرية لافيستا رأس الحكمة الساحل الشمالي

La Vista Resort Location: The resort is directly opposite to Ras El Hikma, located at Kilo 205 on Matrouh Road, near Caesar SODIC Resort. It is also located next to Fouka exit and is characterized by clear water and stunning views.

Types of units: The spaces of the project vary from 150 m² to 220 m², and also varies between chalets and villas.

Payment systems: Payment over 6 years without interest, up to 5% downpayment, and you can receive your apartment after 3 years with a Super Lux finishing.

Project Space: The project was built on a space of 1200 acres, with all facilities and services distributed.

About La Vista North Coast: The project is characterized by the distribution of service facilities and green spaces between each residential building, the village includes malls and restaurants, in addition to games halls, and a lot of playgrounds and amusement parks for children.

La Vista Bay East 

مميزات قرية لافيستا باي ايست الساحل الشمالي

La Vista Bay East Resort: Overlooking Ras El Hekma Bay, one of the best beaches, located at kilo 205 Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, it is close to El Alamein and the Fuka exit.

Units of the project: The buildings vary between chalets, villas, in addition to the presence of townhouses, Spaces ranges from 150 m² up to 220 m².

Payment systems: 15% downpayment and installments up to 6 years.

About La Vista Bay East North Coast: The space of the project is divided into a space for restaurants and cafes, and other for gyms and jacuzzi, as well as spaces for golf and sports, and several spaces for amusement parks for children and adults. 

Coast 82 North Coast

شاليهات بقرية كوست 82 الساحل الشمالي

Coast 82 resort location: The resort is located in kilo 82 Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, located inside the Fuka area, 230 km from Cairo, 127 km from Marina, 82 km from Matrouh and 20 km of El Dabaa.

The project units: The spaces vary from 90 m² up to 650 m², and are divided among villas, chalets and twin houses.

Payment systems:10% downpayment and installment over 8 years, and the receipt of the unit is after 3 and a half years.

The resort space: The space of the project is about 247 acres, with all facilities, and green spaces.

About the project: In addition to the green spaces and multiple gyms, the project provides the possibility of parking in safe places, and places for running and competitions, with a dancing fountain, and artificial lakes.

What are the best North Coast Compounds?

The Gate Towers New Alamein

أبراج ذا جيت العلمين الجديدة

The Gate Towers location: Built within the new city of El Alamein, it is the longest residential institution approaching all vital places, where it is 261 km from Cairo, 107 km from Alexandria and 54 km from El Alamein Airport.

Project units: The second highest towers overlooking the Mediterranean, up to a length of 170 meters, and includes 44 floors.

Payment Systems: 100,000 LE booking payment.

Apartments spaces: starting from 49 m² up to 387 m², to suit all needs.

About The Gate Towers North Coast: The project was built to include more than 600 apartments, and the height of the ceilings to 3 and a half meters, in order to maintain good ventilation, and the location is provided with a lot of services such as gymnasiums, corridors for running sports and cycling.

North Edge New Alamein

ابراج نورث ايدج تاور العلمين الجديدة

North Edge Towers location: Located in the heart of New Alamein, one of the future projects that many customers aspire to, it is 89 kilometers from Borg El Arab International Airport.

Tower units: The towers include apartments of different sizes ranging from 49 m² up to 387 m², to suit different needs.

Payment systems: The towers have a payment system up to 7 years from the date of contracting. You can pay up to 10%  as a downpayment. The price per meter in the upper floors starts from 40,000 LE.

Space of North Edge North Coast: The project includes about 15 residential towers, and the number of floors is 40 floors and more than 200 apartments.

About the project: a green spaces dedicated to the exercise of various sports, there are more than a complex of restaurants, and parking spaces, many gyms, many leisure playgrounds for adults and children, and the beach is within a near distance from the towers, to give you the opportunity to get a pleasant walk.

El Masyaf Resort

شاطئ قرية المصيف الساحل الشمالي

The location of El Masyaf Village: 75 km away from Matrouh, and 10 Km from the new entrance of Fouka, it is located at kilo 212 Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, This excellent location makes it overlooking the best beaches of the North Coast.

Units Type: vary between small chalets on the ground floor, or several floors, or luxury villas, it characterized as one of the best North Coast Egypt compounds.

Payment systems: The systems are divided into two parts, the first is to pay 10% of the total amount and installment over 10 years, and the other system is a two-stage prepayment at each stage of 5%, and then complete the amount in installments over 8 years.

The project space: The project was built on a space of 171 acres, and that space has been allocated 20% for the construction of buildings, the rest for green spaces and facilities.

About El Masyaf North Coast: The units overlap so that all buildings overlooking the picturesque beaches, the company has given great attention to green spaces, to provide comfort and healthy atmosphere for you, has been established high-level hotels as well, and many shopping centers and restaurants, and is one of the best tourist villages in the North Coast.

Gaia North Coast

شاليهات بقرية جايا الساحل الشمالي

Gaia Resort Location: The Resort is located near City Stars Resort, and precedes Mountain View Resort, which is directly on the sea, overlooking Ras El Hikma, and is located at kilometer 192 on the Alexandria / Matrouh desert road.

Details of units: You can own excellent chalets overlooking the sea directly or Twin units, and there are villas with large spaces.

Payment systems: You can only pay up to 5% downpayment and installment over 8 years, and the delivery in 2021.

Project Space: The project is built on a space of 300 acres.

About the project: In addition to the green spaces available in the project, there is also a lot of services such as large malls, restaurants with international agencies, it also offers gyms, Jacuzzi and spa, it is classified as one of the best North Coast Compounds.

Malaaz North Coast

شاليهات بإطلالة مباشرة علي البحر بقرية ملاذ

Malaaz Resort Location: Located next to Swan Lake and Mountain View, specifically at Km 215 Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, it is classified as the best North Coast Egypt Compounds.

Unit details: vary from twin houses, multi-floor chalets, and luxury villas.

Payment systems: You can pay up to 10% of the price of your unit and installment of the rest, and receipt after 7 years from the date of the contract, and all units shall be delivered with Super Lux finishing.

Project space: The project was built on a space of 308 acres, and most of them were allocated for green spaces and service facilities that provide the comfort of the resident.

About Malaaz project: The project includes everything you need of entertainment, as there are entertainment services such as amusement parks and large playgrounds, and has a variety of commercial services; to ensure you have everything you need.

Hacienda Bay

هاسيندا باي الساحل الشمالي

Hacienda Bay Location: Located in Kilo 200 Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, and only 260 kilometers from Cairo, it is close to El Alamein Airport and Marsa Matrouh and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist resort in the North Coast.

Units Details: vary between different apartments and villas, depending on your needs and depending on the location you want.

Prices per meter: The price per meter in residential apartments up to 16,750 LE, the average price per meter of the villa is up to 25,000 LE, while the townhouse price is up to 2.1 million LE.

Project Space: The project was built on a huge area of about 2.4 million m² distributed among services and utilities, various green spaces, and residential buildings with about 2200 residential units.

About Hacienda Bay by Palm Hills: It includes all the entertainment facilities you need, golf playgrounds, vast green spaces, Aqua park, and large gym.

Mountain View North Coast

تصميم مميز لقرية ماونتن فيو الساحل الشمالي

Mountain View location: It is located at Kilo 200 Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road. It overlooks Ras El Hikma, next to Fouka Road.

Types of units: vary between apartments and villas with multiple floors, and classified by customers as the best tourist resort in the North Coast.

Payment systems: You can pay in installments if you want by a simple downpayment of only 10% of the price of your apartment, and pay the rest over years.

Project space: The project is built on a space of 450 acres, with Greek and Roman touches to make you feel delighted and luxurious.

About the project: The project includes many services, mosques, schools, shopping malls, and green spaces.

Jaz Oriental Resort - Almaza Bay -

منتجع جاز اورينتال ألماظة باي الساحل الشمالي

Location of Jaz Oriental Almaza Bay: It is about 37 km from the west of Marsa Matrouh.

Details of the units: The resort has spacious and luxurious rooms with 5-star superior service.

About the project: The resort has a free internet connection, with distinctive restaurants and cafes, international shopping centers and green spaces.

Jaz Crystal Resort

منتجع جاز كريستال الساحل الشمالي

Jaz Crystal North Coast Location: 37 kilometers from west of Matrouh city, located next to Jaz Oriental Resort.

Accommodation Details: The rooms and suites are air-conditioned and equipped with all the needs to ensure a good stay.
About the project: The resort has several swimming pools, golf playgrounds and restaurants with international brands.

Caesar Bay Resort

شاطئ منتجع قيصر باي الساحل الشمالي

Caesar Bay Project Location: Located at Km 85 on Mersa Matruh Road, it overlooks the seafront.

The project rooms: It offers elegant rooms, overlooking the beach, and also equipped with TV and air conditioning in addition to a small bar.

About the project: It includes five swimming pools for children, adults, and women, as well as playgrounds and restaurants.

Al Alamein Hotel Sidi Abd El Rahman

مميزات فندق العلمين سيدي عبدالرحمن

Location of El Alamein Hotel: Located within Marassi resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Sidi Abdel Rahman, and only 30 km from El Alamein Airport.

Hotel rooms: It features large wide rooms including a seating room, sleeping room, and a bathroom, the rooms are like a full unit with air conditioning and hotel service.

About El Alamein Hotel North Coast: The hotel has a public garden with a private amusement park for children, in addition to the wonderful tennis playgrounds, swimming pools, and private beach.

Jaz Almaza Bay Resort

خدمات منتجع جاز ألماظة باي الساحل الشمالي

Location of Jaz Almaza Bay Project: Located 37 km from Marsa Matrouh, overlooking the sea coast directly.

About the project: All rooms are air-conditioned and characterized by the highest quality services, many swimming pools.running and walking areas.a private beach for the resort. It has free car parking, no smoking areas, and other smoking areas.

Jaz Almaza Bay's main resorts are Jaz Oriental and Jaz Crystal.

There are many and various resorts in the North Coast with many features, so you have to choose your destination and choose the right thing according to your needs.

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Best Compounds In North Coast

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