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Lake Yard North Coast Palm Hills Development

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Project Description

Project name: Lake Yard.

About Lake Yard: A coastal commercial area that combines tranquility and charming nature, and provides all services and basic recreational facilities.

Resort Location: In the heart of the North Coast.

Project Space: 4.5 acres.

Units types: restaurants - cafes - shops.

Lake Yard Units Space: starts from 53 square meters.

Units prices: start from 7,188,500 EGP.

Payment systems: Paying a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over a period of up to 5 years.

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Reserve your unit inside Lake Yard North Coast

Palm Hills announced its new project in the North Coast, which is Lake Yard North Coast, characterized by its wonderful location in the heart of the North Coast and close to the main roads and important axes, Lake Yard project was built on a space of ​​4.5 acres to include many commercial units that are characterized by services and features that are not limit her.

The decorations of the units are characterized by luxury and sophistication, and the real estate developer was keen to set distinctive prices that do not accept competition and convenient payment systems to suit all customers.

The North Coast is characterized by a wonderful climate, its blue waters, golden sands, and its distinguished strategic location, and it has many villages and tourist resorts such as Mountain View, Marassi, and Malaz Village.

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Learn about the location of Lake Yard Project

The geographical location is of great importance to investors and customers, and the North Coast is characterized as a quiet place away from the noise and next to many important services and facilities.

Lake Yard North Coast is located at Kilo 124 on the North Coast, outside Hacienda Bay North Coast.

The most important landmarks near Lake Yard North Coast Resort:

  • Lake Yard is 104 km from Borg El Arab International Airport.
  • It is separated by a distance of 132 km from the city of Alexandria.
  • Lake Yard North Coast resort is 45 km from El Alamein Airport.
  • Lake Yard project is separated from Marsa Matrouh by 166 km.
  • It is 281 km from Cairo.

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Space and unit types within Lake Yard North Coast

The real estate developer was keen to use the latest methods in the implementation of Palm Hills North Coast project, characterized by architectural designs designed in a modern, upscale style.

  • Lake Yard project was built on an area of 4.5 acres, which includes green spaces, water bodies, and various units.
  • Units Types Restaurants, cafes, and shops, Lake Yard includes 62 stores of different sizes.
  • The space of the commercial units starts from 110 square meters.
  • While restaurants range in size from 53 square meters to 201 square meters.
  • The spaces differ for each investor to choose the space that suits him.

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Features of Lake Yard North Coast

Are you looking for an upscale place characterized by its strategic location and many unique services and features that are unmatched?

  • Green spaces and landscapes occupy a large space of Palm Hills North Coast project, giving an aesthetic view and psychological comfort.
  • Lake Yard North Coast is distinguished by its privileged location, close to vital activities, roads, and main axes, which make transportation to and from it very easy.
  • Artificial lakes and fountains are distinguished by their turquoise waters that give an enchanting landscape.
  • Swimming pools in various sizes to suit all age groups.

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The most important services provided by Lake Yard North Coast

Palm Hills has been keen to provide all amenities and luxury that are represented in many basic and recreational services, the most important of which are:

  • An integrated commercial area with many shops such as cosmetics, clothes, bags, and shoes, in addition to the most famous international brands that suit high taste.
  • Lake Yard pharmacy that contains all medicines and medical supplies operating all day.
  • A large hypermarket with many consumer goods.
  • Many restaurants and cafes with distinctive decorations serve oriental and western food under the supervision of the most skilled chefs to eat your favorite dishes.
  • Several 24-hour surveillance cameras are available to monitor all movements.
  • To maintain fitness, there are many different sports fields such as football, tennis, volleyball, and hollowing out to practice your favorite sports.
  • Lake Yard project includes a large mosque designed in the Islamic style that houses many worshipers for religious rites and is constantly cleaned.
  • Attention to the security aspect as the highly-trained security personnel is assigned throughout Lake Yard.
  • For lovers of water sports, Aqua Park has been dedicated to many entertaining games that are suitable for adults and children.
  • A well-equipped cinema to watch new Arab and foreign films and have a good time.
  • Lake Yard Large garages that can accommodate many cars to reduce congestion and preserve property.

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Price Plans and Payment Systems in Lake Yard

Lake Yard project is characterized by its high-end designs that give a feeling of joy and pleasure. It has many amenities and luxuries that are found in countless services. Distinguished prices and flexible payment systems in installments over many years have been developed to suit all customers.

  • The price per square meter in Lake Yard starts from 76,459 EGP.
  • While the price of restaurants ranges from 7,188,500 to 14,836,250 EGP.

Lake Yard Payment Systems:

  • Paying a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 5 years, and the units will be delivered fully finished.

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Disadvantages of Lake Yard North Coast Resort

Some may see the lack of villas in Lake Yard North Coast Resort as a major shortcoming, especially for those who prefer spacious accommodation. However, Palm Hills has found an ideal solution to this issue by providing a diverse set of chalets in G Bay, ranging from one-bedroom chalets up to three-bedroom chalets, meeting the needs and expectations of spacious living enthusiasts. Additionally, the strategic location of Palm Hills North Coast project and its stunning views make it a preferred destination for fun times and relaxation. It is worth mentioning that the prices offered at Lake Yard are competitive and cater to different budgets.

Lake Yard developer and the most important works

Palm Hills Development is the real estate developer of Lake Yard North Coast Project, it was established in 2005 and is affiliated with the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and is considered one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. It was established by businessman Yassin Mansour and presented many successful mega projects, amounting to about 26 projects and other projects that are still under implementation. It also owns 5 million square meters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Palm Hills Development includes a group of companies operating in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and the projects varied between residential, commercial, and administrative, and Palm Hills was keen to provide many unparalleled services.

The most important works:

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Take Your Step Towards Success: Your Investment in the North Coast is a Solid Step Towards the Future!

Investing in coastal areas, such as the North Coast, presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking long-term investment prospects. These locations are not only centers of attention due to their natural beauty and captivating beaches but also because of the developments happening in the service, tourism, and real estate sectors. The increasing demographic growth and the availability of diverse services and modern facilities make it a fertile environment for investment.

With the growing demand for residential and commercial properties, the North Coast emerges as a promising area for investors seeking to take advantage of this appeal. Modern properties and commercial projects offer high-value opportunities, whether by purchasing residential apartments with advanced architectural designs or establishing thriving commercial ventures.

Additionally, the government is making significant efforts in developing and implementing multiple tourism and development projects, further enhancing the appeal of the North Coast as an investment destination. Among these projects are the development of smart and entertainment cities, adding immense value to the region and attracting more investments.

The area also offers promising opportunities in the tourism sector, where investors can capitalize on the diverse range of recreational activities and luxurious tourism facilities to attract a wide segment of tourists.

In short, the North Coast is an ideal launching pad for investors aspiring to achieve their future goals. It offers an ideal combination of economic growth and development opportunities, promising a prosperous future for long-term investments.

Experience a Unique Modern Lifestyle Awaiting You in the North Coast!

Egypt's North Coast is an exceptional location that combines the charm of nature, the essence of history, and a magnet for luxury and relaxation enthusiasts. This coastal strip is renowned for its captivating beaches with fine sand and clear waters, becoming an ideal haven for those seeking unforgettable experiences.

Since its tourism dawn, the North Coast has witnessed rapid developments that have transformed it into a comprehensive destination catering to all desires and expectations. The area boasts a wide range of upscale resorts and recreational facilities that offer world-class services, providing all the essentials for comfort and enjoyment.

The accommodation options are diverse, ranging from elegant and luxurious hotels equipped with the latest amenities to ensure a world-class experience, to sophisticated chalets offering unparalleled privacy and luxury. These options open doors for visitors to explore the beauty and allure of the North Coast.

Entertainment in the North Coast extends beyond sailing on its azure waters and basking in the sun's rays. It encompasses a wide array of activities that ensure a comprehensive and diverse experience for visitors. Water sports enthusiasts will find their passion catered to with thrilling adventures, while those seeking relaxation can indulge in spa services and health and fitness facilities.

Without a doubt, the North Coast offers an ideal blend of natural charm and luxurious services, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a modern lifestyle amidst captivating nature. This unique coastline is a must-visit for anyone wishing to embark on new and extraordinary experiences within the embrace of the North Coast.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Resorts Adjacent to Lake Yard North Coast Resort

For those seeking relaxation amidst the luxury of coastal living near the alluring Lake Yard area, finding a haven that combines comfort and natural beauty is essential. In this context, we present to you the top five exceptional destinations on the Mediterranean shores, offering outstanding services that qualify them as the premier choice for visitors.

1. Hacienda Bay North Coast: This resort is renowned for its unique location and comprehensive facilities that ensure an ideal getaway. Indulge in the tranquil waves and breathtaking soft sands.

2. The Water Way Resort North Coast: This place is an oasis of luxury for those seeking serenity amidst contemporary designs and unparalleled opulence, with captivating views that exude relaxation.

3. Stella Di Mare North Coast: An excellent choice for those seeking to enjoy a unique rejuvenating atmosphere and meticulously crafted services, from pools to private beaches and sports facilities.

4. Cascadia Resort North Coast: This resort offers an unforgettable experience with its private beach and diverse recreational facilities, as well as activities suitable for all ages and preferences.

5. El Masiaf Resort North Coast: A haven that combines luxurious accommodation and natural charm, with a wide range of facilities that ensure an enjoyable stay and unforgettable memories.

Each of these destinations offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to choose from a diverse range of luxury options, emphasizing quality and comfort to ensure the best moments on the Mediterranean shores.

Real Estate Purchase Made Easier: Your Guide to Navigating and Buying at Lake Yard North Coast on!

  1. Visit the Egypt real estate website to search for the Lake Yard project in the North Coast.
  2. Browse the available options at the Lake Yard project, including residential units such as villas, apartments, and chalets.
  3. Select the residential unit that meets your personal and financial requirements.
  4. Fill out the inquiry form or provide your contact information for direct communication with the developers.
  5. A representative from the development company will contact you to provide all the information about the unit, including prices and payment methods.
  6. Schedule an appointment to visit the Lake Yard site in the North Coast to personally inspect the unit.
  7. Visit the site to familiarize yourself with the project and explore the services and facilities it offers.
  8. If the unit meets your preferences, proceed with signing the purchase contract with the development company.
  9. Choose the most suitable payment method for you, either a lump sum or an installment plan.
  10. Complete the payment process and all purchase procedures.
  11. Receive the ownership documents for your unit from the company.
  12. Enjoy the living experience in your unit within the Lake Yard project in the North Coast, benefiting from all the services and facilities.

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In kilo 124 on the North Coast

start from 7,188,500 EGP.


Palm Hills development

20 units

Paying a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over a period of up to 5 years.

4.5 acres.


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