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Project Description

Project Name: Jefaira.

About jefaira Project: a seaside residential resort by Inertia Developments, located on the North Coast at Ras El Hikma Bay.

Jefaira North Coast Location: Inertia Jefaira is located on the North Coast, near Alexandria-Matrouh road at the 200th kilo.

Jefaira Space: 1300 acres.

Units Types: Chalets For Sale In North Coast Egypt – Chalet condos - Standalone villas - Twin houses - Townhouses.

jefaira Units Space: starts from 40 square meters and up to 238 square meters.

The Executing Company Name: Inertia Egypt Development.

Payment Method: 10% down payment and the rest via installments over 8 years, without interest.

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The Advantages of Owning a Unit in Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira Inertia North Coast is a beautiful tourist village in Ras Al-Hikma, where residents can enjoy the stunning and serene coast, which is what every vacationer is looking for. Inertia Developments has ensured that jefaira project is an integrated city, offering all the essential and entertainment services within the premises. jefaira north coast resort is a good choice for vacationers and investors alike.

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Jefaira Location

Inertia North Coast village enjoys a strategic location directly facing the sea, which gives all the units a stunning view of turquoise water and white sand. The most important landmarks near Jefaira North Coast Village:

  • Jefaira is located directly on Alexandria-Matrouh road, specifically on the 200th kilometer, in the beautiful Ras El-Hikma.
  • jefaira project is named after the Jefaira area, which means “pure water source”.
  • Jefaira Inertia North Coast is close to a number of famous touristic villages, as it is located between La Vista North Coast and Mountain View North Coast
  • Jefaira Inertia North Coasts only 65 kilometers away from Marassi North Coast
  • jefaira’s close to all the important cities, making it easy to travel to and from it. For example, it is 100 kilometers from Matrouh and about 300 kilometers from Cairo.

Let the unique design and elegant innovation of our project inspire your dreams and guide you towards the luxurious life you have always dreamed of inside Jefaira North Coast Village

Jefaira Village is one of the most stunning unique coastal projects that enjoys many unique advantages. It has been dubbed this name, which means the everlasting source of fresh water.

The real estate company was keen to design it in the same luxurious European architectural style, which is characterized by a unique character and is consistent with the modern era. It was established on a land area of ​​1300 acres and a width of up to 3600 square meters, and a depth of 2200 square meters.

The units inside it are also designed in terraced levels so that each enjoys the unique view of the beautiful beach, so you will be blessed with relaxation and positive energy. It also has a number of different phases including The Furl, The Cribs, The Quayside.

As for the residential buildings inside it, they include a number of different units with varying areas such as "apartments, villas, chalets". You can now take advantage of this opportunity that is irreplaceable inside Jefaira Village, so go ahead and book now....!!!

Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative set of units and spaces, specially designed to suit all your needs and aspirations inside Jefaira North Coast Village

Inertia Egypt launched a luxurious coastal project that is distinguished by many unique advantages, thus becoming one of the most attractive projects for many customers and investors.

It was also keen to have units varying so that you have full freedom to choose the unit you want overlooking the most beautiful natural scenery.

The areas are: The Cribs unit inside Jefaira Bay North Coast village: Its area starts from 40 square meters, attached with a 8 square meter terrace, and includes 123 apartments and one bedroom studios.

The Quayside phase: It is about 700 square meters away from the beach, and includes a number of units consisting of two bedroom apartments, park chalets, villas, twin houses, independent villas, and there are Attached Villas, with an area of 166 square meters.

The Furl phase inside Jefaira North Coast village includes units consisting of 3 to 4 bedrooms, located directly on the sea, designed in first class style.

The apartment areas start from 168 square meters, and independent villas with an area of 238 square meters.

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The phases of Jefaira North Coast

"The Quayside Jefaira Coast"

Jefaira Inertia North Coast is a gateway to achieving your dreams that provides you with life amidst the enchanting nature that you have always desired. It is truly an ideal place for relaxation, and psychological calm.

Inertia Real Estate Development offers, at this stage, all types of units that you are looking for, fully finished, and with modern designs to suit everyone who loves good taste; Where there are apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms, attached to rooftops with wonderful swimming pools.

There are also stand-alone, attached villas, twin houses, chalets, and townhouses with gardens, all overlooking the first central park on the North Coast "Linear Park".

Enjoy the multiple benefits of The Quayside North Coast, and its luxurious services.

Quayside Neighborhood is distinguished by its elegance, luxury, and tranquility, and these are features that many are looking for vacations, and enjoyable times where they can enjoy charming views of the turquoise sea waters, and picturesque artificial lakes that help clear the mind and provide great positive energy, and the following is a presentation of the most important features and services that the phase enjoy:

  • The Quayside is located in the middle of the Linear Park, which allows residents to take advantage of the park's advantages, and gives them the most wonderful places to picnic and hold various celebrations, where there is a special river, places for dog walking, an area for skating, and another for yoga, and sports centers that include the latest equipment, and equipment to maintain fitness, and places for spa, and there are also gardens for decoration and arts.
  • A luxury hotel designed with the finest urban designs surrounded by a large golf course for more recreation and luxury.
  • Special tracks for walking, running, and cycling.
  • A swimming pool, a play area, a nursery for children, a laundry, a beauty salon, as well as a small market that contains all the goods and services.
  • Jefaira Inertia North Coast also includes restaurants that serve delicious food in the open air inside Jefaira Inertia North Coast.
  • Clinic and pharmacy to provide the best medical and treatment services to clients and visitors.

Units types and spaces within The Quayside North Coast

The units are of multiple shapes and spaces; So that customers can choose the unit that suits them, as shown in the following:

  • 30 villas with a space of 238 square meters on an average plot of 375 square meters.
  • 116 Twin Houses with a space of 166 square meters on a plot of land of 225 square meters.
  • 127 townhouses with a space of 164 square meters, on a plot of land ranging in size from 146 square meters to 314 square meters, and there is a terrace of 4 square meters, and another on the roof covering a space of 67 square meters.
  • 208 connected villas distributed over 52 buildings, and their spaces range from 138 square meters to 158 square meters; With terraces ranging from 22 - 30 square meters, and gardens of 49 - 166 square meters.
  • 22 chalets with Type A garden consisting of a ground floor and a first floor, with spaces ranging from 151 square meters to 214 square meters, and a garden of 180 square meters, or a terrace of 134 square meters.
  • 136 chalets with Type B garden, consisting of a ground floor and a first floor, with spaces ranging from 121 square meters to 125 square meters, and a garden of 115 square meters, or a terrace of 4 square meters.
  • 9 buildings containing apartments with an average space of 101-153 square meters, and studios with an average space of 42-48 square meters.

"The Cribs" Phase Jefaira North Coast

A place that attracts you without realizing it. With its unique and simple architectural style, its charming features, and high-end services, Jefaira Inertia North Coast is considered as the beginning and the end of Jefaira Resort, and Jefaira Inertia North Coast is characterized by a view of the crystal waters from every side that makes you feel the beauty and splendor of nature and is unique in its calm and serenity of the dominance of the white color in various parts.

The owner is keen to deliver its fully finished units while enjoying the green nature, as well as open spaces for various recreational activities. Among the most important features of "The Cribs Neighborhood" are:

  • The units have a wonderful view of the green nature and the vast water bodies that give a beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • A wonderful swimming pool to enjoy the warm sun with many luxurious services; There is a bar serving seasonal menus with a wide range of tropical cocktails, light snacks, and refreshing cold juices for added recreation and luxury.
  • The presence of distinguished rental services that help you rent your unit easily, and at the best prices.
  • Housekeeping service is available to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Units types and spaces within The Cribs Neighborhood

Inertia Development is interested in the diversity of unit forms between apartments and studios, and their spaces to suit all families, and meet all desires, as follows:

  • 123 studios on the ground, first and second floors, with a space of about 40 square meters, and a terrace of 8 square meters.
  • 186 one-bedroom apartments on the ground, first and second floors, with spaces ranging from 47 up to 70 square meters.
  • 66 apartments, with spaces ranging from 64 to 85 square meters.
  • 14 apartments with spaces ranging from 99 to 120 square meters.

The Furl Phase Jefaira Ras El Hekma Bay

Do not hesitate and book your unit now in The Furl Neighborhood located in the heart of Jefaira North Coast resort, and discover a new life that combines tranquility, luxury, and luxury.

Jefaira Inertia North Coast is also full of many amenities, and recreational experiences for young people who are full of vitality and activity, and all services are available that achieve well-being and comfort for you and your family.

This phase consists of a large number of various units among detached villas, twin houses, chalets, and condos, in addition to the advantages and services that are represented in the following:

  • The residents enjoyed living next to the central park "Linear Park", the picturesque sandy beach, and the wonderful Club House, which includes many recreational services, and playgrounds.
  • The stage has a wonderful beach which is an unparalleled architectural feat as it takes advantage of the sea coast, and its cliffs in an amazing way; Jefaira Inertia North Coast provides residents with a wonderful visa to the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean.
  • The presence of spacious swimming pools is suitable for adults and children to enjoy the sparkling crystal waters.
  • Dedicated spaces for family gatherings and barbecues in the middle of nature provide an idyllic setting and picturesque nature.
  • Luxurious restaurants that serve the most delicious dishes by the most skilled chefs, and workers.
  • The Furl has a gym with the latest sports equipment and machines, and a 24-hour pharmacy.

The units have a modern touch of Greek architecture with a focus on straight lines and edges, and their types and spaces can be explained as follows:

  • 18 detached villas facing the sea with a space of 380 square meters per unit, on a plot of land of 800 square meters.
  • 35 Type-A villas with a space of 268 square meters per unit, on a plot of 600 square meters.
  • 41 Type B villas with a space of 247 square meters per unit, on a plot of land of 480 square meters.
  • 7 Type C villas with a space of 309 square meters per unit, on a plot of 530 square meters.
  • 4 Type D villas with a space of 253 square meters per unit, on a plot of 500 square meters.
  • 60 Twin Houses with a space of 336 square meters per unit, on a plot of 672 square meters.
  • 58 Type-A chalets on the ground or first floor, with the possibility of owning a multi-purpose roof, ranging in size from 168 to 225 square meters, with a garden of 275 square meters, or a terrace of 110 square meters.
  • 189 Type B chalets on the ground or first floor, with the possibility of owning a multi-purpose roof, ranging in size from 170 to 178 square meters, with a garden of 290 square meters, or a terrace of 180 square meters.
  • 23 Type C chalets on the ground or first floor, with spaces ranging from 164 to 178 square meters, with an average garden of 300 square meters, or an average terrace of 180 square meters.
  • 13 Type D chalets on the ground floor with an average space of ​​144 square meters, an average garden of 155 square meters, or on the first floor with an average space of ​​208 square meters, and an average terrace of 95 square meters.
  • 41 Type E chalets on the ground floor with an average space of 144 square meters, an average garden of 155 square meters, or on the first floor with an average space of 147 square meters, and an average terrace of 21 square meters.
  • 9 Type F chalets on the ground floor with an average space of 136 square meters, an average garden of 291 square meters, or on the first floor with an average space of 147 square meters, and an average terrace of 37 square meters.
  • "Condos" consists of 11 residential buildings, comprising apartments with an average space of 125 square meters, a terrace of 25 square meters, apartments with an average space of 175 square meters, and a terrace of 20 square meters.

Jefaira Inertia North Coast Unit Spaces

The developer company offers a variety of residential units in terms of type and space, all facing the sea directly thanks to the step design of the entire compound. Now every resident can enjoy the charming sea views.

Units available include standalone villas, chalets, studio apartments, apartments, townhouses, twin houses, condo chalets.

Inertia project includes a number of phases, each phase focuses on one type of unit in different sizes, in order to serve as many people’s needs as possible. The available spaces are listed below:

  • Studio apartments start at 40 square meters.
  • Villas start at 238 square meters.
  • Twin houses start at 166 square meters.

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Jefaira Inertia Project Services

The developer company paid special attention to the services, which cover all the customers’ essential and entertainment needs. The most important services include:

  • Each unit in Jefaira has its own swimming pool, because swimming pools are distributed throughout Inertia North Coast village in an orderly fashion, all in different sizes and shapes to suit everyone.
  • All units at Jefaira Resort have a magnificent view of the turquoise waters and white sand beaches, as well as artificial water bodies such as crystal lagoons and swimming pools.
  • Jefaira offers a private seaside walkway extending from the beginning of Jefaira Inertia project to the end, giving you plenty of space to take a stroll along the beach for relaxation and stress relief.
  • The developer has established an international hotel that offers high quality services to residents inside Jefaira North Coast Project.
  • Vast landscape and beautiful gardens surround the residential units, in addition to cycling and jogging trails at Jefaira North Coast.
  • The company did not forget your little ones, who have their own private playground where they can enjoy a variety of games and activities.
  • Fine dining restaurants and cafes serving the most delicious local and international cuisine and drinks in Jefaira North Coast Resort.
  • jefaira North Coast resort has a commercial district with many shops, to provide all the needs and requirements of customers without having to leave jefaira North Coast resort.
  • For shopping enthusiasts, Jefaira North Coast village is equipped with a huge number of malls and shops which offer the world's most prestigious brands.
  • jefaira North Coast village has a huge conference hall dedicated to private meetings and parties.
  • Educational services are also available, including international schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Inertia North Coast has a fishing and yacht marina for the residents to enjoy their fishing hobby.
  • Five sports clubs that have been distributed throughout Jefaira, all equipped with the latest sports devices and tools to give residents a place to maintain their exercise routine.
  • An advanced security system with guards deployed throughout the compound, in addition to the latest surveillance technology to protect all parts of jefaira North Coast resort and provide maximum security to customers.
  • Jefaira Inertia North Coast has more than five Beach clubhouses.
  • A world-class health club and a well-equipped gym.

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Jefaira Inertia Project Benefits

  • Inertia North Coast resort is not only s touristic village, but it’s also an integrated residential project that welcomes visitors throughout the year.
  • World-class designs with a fun atmosphere and all the services you may need
  • Most of Jefaira Inertia project land is reserved for service facilities and natural green landscape, while residential buildings only occupy a small space.

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Jefaira North Coast Prices

Jefaira Inertia project was launched on three phases: the quayside, the cribs, and the furl. Jefaira Inertia North Coast’s worth noting that prices in jefaira north coast resort are very reasonable, making the accessible to a wide segment of the population. The prices are as follows:

  • The Furl units have three bedrooms and are directly facing the ocean, their prices start at 4,800,000 EGP.
  • The cribs units are typically small units, such as condos and 1 bedroom apartments. Prices start at 1,800,000 EGP.
  • The quayside units are only 700 meters from the sea, they include twin houses, standalone villas, attached villas, and 2br chalets. Prices start from 2,300,000 EGP.

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Payment Systems

The owner company did not only offer competitive prices, but it also provided a selection of flexible payment systems for potential buyers. The payment systems are detailed below:

  • The furl: 10% downpayment with the rest divided over installments for 6 years. The units are delivered after 2 years from the date of the contract.
  • The cribs: 10% downpayment with the rest divided over installments for 8 years. The units are delivered fully-finished within 4 years.
  • The quayside: 10% downpayment with the rest divided over installments for 8 years. The units are delivered after 8 years from the date of the contract.

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Disadvantages of Jefaira North Coast

It is rare to find flaws in a comprehensive and meticulous project like Jefaira North Coast, launched by a leading and expert company that carries meanings of trust and excellence like Inertia. However, some may show their reservation about the location of coastal villages due to their distance from Cairo, but with recent developments in the road network, transportation to the North Coast takes a short time, no more than three hours.

Owner Company Portfolio

Inertia is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development founded in 2007. It is responsible for a number of successful projects in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company owns nearly 6 million square meters of land. It has investments reaching 22 billion EGP and a sales volume of 3.2 billion EGP.

Besides the subject of this article, the company executed a number of projects in 6 October City, New Cairo, and the Red Sea. Jefaira Inertia projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is subject to change. We, the Real Estate Egypt team, are keen to update the unit spaces, types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Comprehensive Information About The Most Best North Coast Resorts

The Highlights of Egypt's North Coast

Egypt boasts a variety of captivating tourist destinations, and among them, the North Coast stands out as a hidden gem that attracts visitors from far and wide. This coastal strip is renowned for its captivating natural beauty, where golden sands meet the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, creating a breathtaking sight that enchants the hearts of all who witness it.

The North Coast offers beach and sun enthusiasts a unique experience, thanks to its expansive beaches and warm waters. Water activities abound, ranging from diving to explore the rich marine life to sailing across the waves and enjoying swimming in an idyllic atmosphere.

But that's not all – the North Coast is also home to a collection of luxurious resorts and hotels that offer excellent services, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent stay for visitors. These resorts have been designed to cater to all guests' needs, whether they seek relaxation or adventure.

Furthermore, the North Coast is teeming with upscale restaurants and shopping outlets that offer unforgettable dining and shopping experiences. Visitors can savor the most delectable local and international dishes and purchase souvenirs that reflect the region's culture.

In addition to its natural beauty and tourist facilities, the North Coast celebrates its rich cultural and historical heritage. Visitors can explore historical landmarks such as palaces and museums that tell tales of the region's ancient past.

In short, Egypt's North Coast is a comprehensive tourist destination that combines natural beauty, luxury, and culture. It is the perfect place for those seeking a unique seaside retreat along the shores of the Mediterranean and unforgettable moments in the embrace of enchanting nature.

Why Choose the North Coast?

Egypt's North Coast is witnessing a remarkable transformation, with an increasing number of visitors and investors interested in this captivating region. This destination stands out as a prominent tourist attraction, offering unique and diverse experiences for all who visit.

What makes the North Coast a magnet for investors is the significant real estate growth it is experiencing, with multiple investment options available, including upscale tourist resorts and apartments with stunning sea views. The region boasts advanced infrastructure and modern facilities, further enhancing its appeal to visitors and investors alike.

To meet the expectations of visitors, the infrastructure in the North Coast is being continuously expanded according to government development plans. These plans include adding new facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers that cater to all ages and preferences.

The North Coast is also an ideal destination for year-round living and investment, thanks to the availability of a wide range of luxurious resorts, international hotels, modern residential cities, and stringent security measures, providing a safe and comfortable environment for residents and visitors.

In summary, Egypt's North Coast offers a remarkable tourist experience and promising investment opportunities. From relaxing on its captivating beaches to enjoying thrilling water activities, this region promises unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

One Step from Jefaira North Coast Village: Discover Outstanding Nearby Residential Offerings!

Egypt's North Coast is home to several luxurious resorts that offer exceptional accommodation experiences, including the highly popular Jefaira resort. In addition to Jefaira, there are several other resorts worth visiting for their exceptional services and diverse recreational activities. Here, we'll explore some of these resorts:

  1. La Vista Village: This charming village is located near the Jefaira resort and is renowned for its captivating beaches and luxurious facilities. La Vista offers a refined accommodation experience with a wide range of sports and recreational activities for its visitors.

  2. Fouka Bay Resort: This resort is famous for its enchanting private beach and integrated facilities, including upscale restaurants, swimming pools, and fitness clubs. Fouka Bay offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea, and water activities.

  3. Coast 82 North Coast: This resort is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. Located near Jefaira, it boasts its own private beach and luxurious facilities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  4. Mountain View Ras El Hikma Resort: This resort stands out for its unique beachfront location and offers a diverse range of luxurious facilities, including restaurants and swimming pools. It is a great place for swimming, relaxing, and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

  5. Marina Resort: Considered one of the largest resorts on the North Coast, it features a long beach and a vibrant commercial area. The resort offers a comprehensive entertainment experience with its upscale restaurants, shopping outlets, and bars.

These resorts, along with Jefaira, are prominent tourist attractions on the North Coast, offering visitors unique accommodation experiences and the opportunity to explore the beauty of the region. Don't miss the chance to visit these remarkable resorts for an unforgettable holiday.

Smart Buying: Discover How to Make the Most of Offers! is a prominent platform in the real estate sector, offering a wide range of options and investment opportunities in New Cairo. Here are some investment strategies to make the most of these opportunities:

  1. Choose Strategic Locations: You can invest in offices and commercial units in prime areas within New Cairo, the New Administrative Capital, or the North Coast, enhancing the value of your investment thanks to the offers available through

  2. Real Estate Diversity: stands out by offering diverse real estate options that cater to all needs, from luxurious apartments and villas to shared homes, allowing you to easily choose what suits you best.

  3. Flexible Payment Options: The project offers flexible payment plans, allowing you to pay a down payment starting from just 10% and installments for the remaining amount over 10 years, making it easier for investors and vacationers to own their units.

  4. Benefit from Competitive Prices: You can get the best prices and offers, and choose offices and commercial units in prime areas of New Cairo, while enjoying the vast green spaces within the residential compounds.

  5. Enjoy Flexible Payment Plans: Clients are offered payment plans starting with a down payment of up to 15% of the total property value, making purchasing more accessible to a wider range of society.

By taking advantage of these guidelines, you can maximize the return on your investments with Seize the opportunity of real estate diversity, flexible payment options, and competitive prices to achieve the best investment. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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North Coast

1,400,000 EGP


Inertia Egypt Development

61 Villas

10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years without interest.

1300 acres


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