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Capital Gardens palm hills New Cairo

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Project Description

Project Name: Capital Gardens Compound.

About Capital Gardens Project: one of the large projects established in one of the best cities in New Cairo, Mostakbal City.

Capital Gardens palm hills New Cairo Location: at Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

Capital Gardens Project Area: 103 acres.

The Developer: Palm Hills Developments.

Units Type: Capital Gardens apartments - duplexes.

Units Space: starts from 145 m² up to 260 m².

Meter Price: it starts from 7000 EGP up to 7500 EGP only.

Payment Methods: 20% downpayment (10% downpayment and 10% upon signing the contract) and the rest via installments over 7 years.

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Capital Gardens Al Mostakbal City

Capital Gardens palm hills is one of the largest projects, built-in one of the best cities in New Cairo, Mostakbal City, which makes Capital Gardens project includes all the means of entertainment and enjoyment, due to its location away from the city and noise, so that Capital Gardens project shall be in one of the quiet places.

Palm Hills Developments presented this compound under the slogan "New Life came out to light", and the company actually means this precisely, as Capital Gardens project offers a new life full of luxury and pleasure under the enchanting sunlight that shows the beauty of nature and the green spaces around the residential units more clearly.

Capital Gardens New Cairo entire area is about 103 acres, 79% of the total area is allocated for the implementation of green spaces, jogging, walking, and cycling tracks, while the remaining 21% area is allocated to residential buildings, as the company is keen to provide green spaces everywhere within Capital Gardens project.

The company also made sure during the design of Capital Gardens to provide all the integrated services, so that the customer achieves a kind of self-sufficiency, and does not have to get out of Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound to meet his needs, which is already what is achieved in Capital Gardens project, in addition to a decent life full of luxury, safety, and pleasure, as Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound is considered as a source of comfort and tranquility that the individual resorts to after a day filled with crowds and hustle.

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Palm Hills Capital Gardens Location

Palm Hills company has chosen the future city to implement its latest projects under the name of "Capital Gardens", and its selection is due to the bright future that awaits this site in New Cairo, as all investors are rushing to invest there due to the availability of all services, whether basic or recreational within El Mostakbal city.

Al Mostakbal city is also called the green city, due to the spread of green spaces and charming nature everywhere, where green spaces have 50% of the total area of the city, which amounts to approximately 11 thousand acres, and is the linking point connecting New Cairo with a number of other new cities such as Al Shorouk, and Madinaty

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The owner company is well aware that the selection of the privileged location is one of the most important elements of the success of residential projects, so the site of Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound was carefully selected to mediate a number of new vital cities, namely New Cairo, Al Obbour, The New Administrative Capital, Al Shorouk, Madinaty, and El Rehab.

The most important landmarks near Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound:

  • Capital Gardens project is located on the opposite side of Al Shorouk Gate 2.
  • Next to Madinaty project which is located on Egypt's Suez desert road, specifically in kilo 45.
  • It is only half an hour away from both Heliopolis and New Cairo.
  • Cairo International Airport is just 25 minutes away.
  • It is 20 km from Palm Hills Katameya compound.
  • It is only half an hour from the Administrative Capital.

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Available Services at Capital Gardens New Cairo

Capital Gardens Palm Hills project is a residential complex implemented in the spirit of the tourist leisure resort, where it includes all the basic and recreational services needed by the whole family, to provide a decent life that everyone wishes, and we find this clear through the vast green spaces that surround the residential units, which is one of the most important features of Palm Hills company projects, and the most prominent services available include:

  • Green spaces and parks are everywhere around residential units and buildings for customers to enjoy a great view inside Capital Gardens Palm Hills.
  • There are cycling and walking tracks that link the gardens to each other.
  • There are a number of swimming pools of various sizes throughout Capital Gardens Palm Hills project.
  • There is a huge mall with all the world-renowned branded products.
  • There is a large social club for families in palm hills New Cairo.
  • There is a gym and spa with the best equipment at palm hills New Cairo Compound.
  • There are a number of playgrounds for various sports activities.
  • There is a high-level security system and guarding, as well as high-tech surveillance cameras.
  • It has good infrastructure, in terms of electricity, sanitation, water, and high-speed internet.

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Residential Units at Capital Gardens Palm Hills

It has many residential units ranging from apartments to duplexes on a very large area.

Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound also includes buildings with more than five floors and each floor has three or four apartments.

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Residential Units Spaces & Prices

The real estate investment experts believe that owning a unit in Mostakbal City is an immense opportunity to profit later as the city is expected to gain a lot of fame in the coming period, making the demand for units inside it very large, so we find that buying a unit within Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound is a good opportunity to take advantage of the current prices, which will certainly increase in the coming years. 

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In particular, Palm Hills is the executing company of Capital Gardens Palm Hills project, furthermore, it is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market, where it is interested in providing projects at a high level, as well as providing units at very affordable prices suitable for everyone, and the prices of the residential units within Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound are as follows:

  • The separated apartments spaces range from 2,351,400 EGP up to 5,189,400 EGP.
  • Capital Gardens Palm Hills units are designed by the well-known architect Shehab Mazhar, as well as stunning views of the terraces and green spaces.
  • Palm Hills offers flexible and easy payment systems to customers in exchange for owning a unit within Capital Gardens Palm Hills project.
  • The client can pay 10% as contracting downpayment, and another 5% is paid after three months, with the rest of the unit price being paid in monthly installments of equal value for 8 years.
  • Only residential units in the form of apartments are available within Capital Gardens New Cairo Compound, whether single-floor apartments or duplex units.
  • The complex includes residential buildings with approximately 2,500 apartments, each with three to five floors, and each floor consists of three or four apartments.
  • Capital Gardens Palm Hills Residential units spaces range from 143 square meters up to 265 square meters.

Payment Systems:

20% downpayment (10% downpayment and 10% upon signing the contract) and the rest via installments over 7 years, and the receipt of the unit shall be half-finished.

Disadvantages of Capital Gardens Compound New Cairo

Despite the many benefits offered by the Capital Gardens Compound New Cairo project, there are still some people who feel reluctant to buy an under-construction residential unit. However, we should see in this reluctance an ideal investment opportunity, as the price of the unit can double in the future when construction is completed. This greatly increases the attractiveness of the deal, especially with the presence of Palm Hills Real Estate as a trusted real estate developer. Therefore, buying an apartment in Capital Gardens Compound New Cairo can be considered a successful investment deal without any significant risks.

A Brief about the Executing Company

Palm Hills Developments is the executing company of Palm hills Capital Gardens New Nairo in addition to several residential projects that have been implemented on an area of 27 million square meters in different parts of Egypt.

Its major projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Where Dreams Meet Reality: Experience Luxurious Living in New Cairo Compounds!

The New Cairo area stands as a remarkable example of contemporary urban planning, blending sophisticated design with comprehensive services that contribute to enhancing the quality of life for residents. One of the most prominent features of living in this advanced area is the luxurious compounds, which serve as secluded havens offering high levels of security and privacy.

These compounds offer a unique residential experience, featuring advanced security systems that ensure the protection of individuals and their properties around the clock. Residents also have the opportunity to enjoy vast green spaces, captivating natural landscapes, and dedicated walking and cycling trails that add to the comfort and relaxation.

Additionally, the compounds in New Cairo provide a wide range of upscale facilities to cater to all the needs and desires of residents. These include lavish swimming pools, fully-equipped sports clubs, various sports courts, as well as social clubs, shopping centers, and restaurants offering exceptional dining experiences.

The available amenities extend beyond recreational facilities to include world-class educational and healthcare facilities, such as international schools and hospitals equipped with the best medical equipment, making life there convenient and self-sufficient. To further enhance convenience and comfort, public transportation services are available within these compounds, facilitating easy movement to various destinations.

Undoubtedly, the compounds in New Cairo paint a picture of an integrated modern life, combining luxury and security in an attractive and peaceful environment. As such, this area offers an ideal choice for those seeking to experience a comfortable lifestyle that touches every aspect of comfort and affluence.

Make Your Investment in Fifth Settlement Your Gateway to Fantastic Profits and a Life of Luxury!

The Fifth Settlement area in Cairo, Egypt, has become a major attraction for investors due to its multiple advantages and substantial investment potential. This area enjoys a prime strategic location, bringing it closer to essential services and important facilities such as major shopping malls and educational institutions, making it appealing to both residents and investors alike.

The Fifth Settlement area has witnessed a noticeable increase in real estate values due to the continuous rise in demand, supported by rapid urban expansions and advanced infrastructure serving the area. These factors collectively highlight the promising investment opportunities that investors can benefit from in this area.

Moreover, the high quality of real estate and service projects offered in the Fifth Settlement area has contributed to increasing its appeal to many investors, leading to a notable growth in the business and commercial sectors within the area. As this growth continues, expectations of further profitable opportunities arise for those seeking valuable real estate investments.

The Fifth Settlement area also offers its residents and visitors diverse recreational and shopping experiences that enhance the quality of life. All these factors combined make investing in the Fifth Settlement a wise step for those seeking to achieve lucrative financial returns, as the area provides an ideal investment environment characterized by stability and continuous growth.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Compounds Near Capital Gardens Palm Hills New Cairo!

  1. Waterway Branded Residence Compound in New Cairo:
    In the heart of the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, a diverse range of residential projects emerges, combining luxury and comfort, near the Capital Gardens compound. One of these projects, Waterway, stands out with its unique architectural designs and vast green spaces, providing its residents with a serene and elegant environment. This project includes a variety of residential units, including apartments and villas, with amenities such as swimming pools and health clubs, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.

  2. The Podium Cairo Festival Compound in New Cairo:
    It offers its residents contemporary designs for residential units that enjoy captivating views and meticulously crafted architectural details. The project is in close proximity to all essential services such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, providing a unique residential experience.

  3. Rai Sarai Compound in New Cairo:
    It combines natural beauty with innovative architectural art. This project offers a wide range of residential options, from elegant apartments to spacious villas, all with access to multiple facilities that ensure a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Its interior designs and amenities reflect the splendor of living in an integrated and prestigious environment.

These projects share a commitment to offering a unique lifestyle for their residents, thanks to the high quality of construction and attention to detail that ensures luxury and privacy. For detailed information about each project, it is recommended to contact us directly for these projects or visit their official website to ensure you receive accurate and comprehensive information.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit in Capital Gardens Palm Hills New Cairo Through!

If you are interested in purchasing a residential unit within the Capital Gardens Palm Hills compound in the New Cairo area, the process has become streamlined and straightforward through the use of the website. Begin your journey by visiting, where you can find a wide range of available residential options.

  1. Search the website for the Capital Gardens compound, making sure to accurately enter the specific details and location of the compound to ensure you receive the desired results. You can browse the residential units listed for sale, which vary in design and size, to choose what suits your needs.
  2. Upon selecting a residential unit, you can delve deeper into its details and view photos showcasing the unit's features, including the number of rooms and bathrooms, as well as the total area and listing price.
  3. For further inquiries, allows you to directly communicate to obtain additional information or arrange a visit to view the unit and inspect the project site in person. This visit is your opportunity to verify all details firsthand and ensure that the unit meets your expectations and requirements.
  4. If you are fully convinced by the unit and its alignment with your preferences, you can then proceed to complete the purchase process and sign the sale contracts. The website provides guidance on how to complete these steps and outlines the necessary documents and paperwork required to finalize the purchase, as well as available payment methods.
  5. Once the purchase is completed and the payment is made, you will be able to take possession of the residential unit and begin the arrangements for moving in, embarking on a new chapter in your new home that meets your expectations and needs.

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at Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

2,351,000 EGP


Palm Hills Developments.

174 apartments

Pay 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years

103 acres


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