Properties for sale in Fifth Settlement

Many customers have recently flocked to the Fifth Settlement properties that are designed to be a model for luxury housing, where tranquility, luxury, and diversity of services have provided residents with a quiet and comfortable life for the nerves, this area has included various residential units suitable for all desires and requirements, so Al Tagamoa properties are a real opportunity, which everyone should seize whether for personal use or for an investment purpose.

New Cairo and Fifth Settlement

New Cairo is one of the most important residential projects established by the state to reduce the pressure on the residential areas in the downtown of the country.

The Fifth Settlement area is one of the most important and prominent residential areas in New Cairo, and the search for properties for sale in Fifth Settlement has increased thanks to the huge amount of services available and its distinctive location, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to own a unique unit in the highest areas of Greater Cairo.

The design of the Fifth Settlement area was designed to be unique, it was divided into a group of neighborhoods starting from the first neighborhood to the fifth neighborhood and a collection of other distinct neighborhoods, including El Shouyfat neighborhood, Al Narges Neighbourhood, El Yasmeen Neighbourhood, Diplomats neighborhood, South Academy, and El-Banafseg Neighborhood.

It should be noted that the demand has increased significantly on the Fifth Settlement properties in installments due to the fact that this area is the best choice for anyone looking for tranquility and relaxation, as it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the fact that this area was implemented in an innovative manner, where the wide streets, paved roads, and vast green spaces beautifully viewed, which added to the place a wonderful beauty, all this resulted in great popularity in the search for New Cairo properties among customers.

Features of housing within New Cairo and Fifth Settlement

The fifth Settlement is one of the most important neighborhoods in New Cairo, it is part of the entire region and both are sharing many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • Educational institutions such as the American university and Canadian University.
  • A distinctive range of entertainment services such as family theme park, Magic Store Theme Park, New Cairo Park, and Magic Plant Games City.
  • It is characterized by quiet, comfortable, and relaxing, the area is far from the slums in addition to the hustle and bustle.
  • Interior planning with the highest accuracy and organization, where roads, paved streets, spacious housing, and good ventilation.
  • All units enjoy more privacy and sophistication.
  • A unique location that is easily accessible from anywhere thanks to multiple roads and entrances.

Features of residence within 90th Street

The reason behind the increased search for properties for sale in the fifth Settlement on 90th Street was the strategic location, as all people can access it from all residential areas in east and west of Cairo very easily via a range of important roads and hubs including Al Mosheer Tantawi axis, the Ring Road, and the Suez Road.

It is also characterized by its highly structured architectural design, where the beautiful green spaces and various residential units designed according to the latest architectural styles, as well as the fact that it includes many services including the following:

90th Street has a range of educational services, namely the American University and the German University.

It includes a wide variety of leisure facilities and services for added convenience and sophistication, including Cairo Festival City Mall, Downtown, Concord Plaza, Americana Plaza, Point 90, The Spot, and more.

All this has made the demand for properties in the Fifth Settlement very high, as many customers have realized that living in this area will allow them to enjoy a life full of sophistication, well-being, and psychological tranquility.

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Properties for sale in New Cairo

New Cairo Properties are characterized by a wide variety of its area, and this is the keenness of the executing companies to meet all desires and requirements, and the Fifth Settlement is the first choice for those looking for properties for sale in New Cairo, all neighborhoods have a large number of units with unique architectural designs.

Fifth Settlement Neighbourhoods

El Yasmeen Neighbourhood is the first destination for many customers thanks to its distinctive location in 90th Street and its proximity to a good number of service and educational facilities, and the prices of units in this neighborhood is the most expensive compared to other neighborhoods, as the average prices are estimated at about 1,250,000 Egyptian pounds.

El Lotus Neighbourhood occupied the second place as a distinctive destination for customers, as the life among its surroundings is like life within the highest compounds in Cairo, which has all the services, and this made the residents enjoy a high life not lacking anything, and the most important features of this neighborhood is its closeness to the best residential cities such as Al Shorouk City and Madinaty, in addition to the very easy access through 90th street and the ring road, and the average prices reach 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Al Narges Neighbourhood is the best destination for lovers of tranquility and charming nature, as it is like a rural life thanks to the vast green spaces scattered throughout it, and the most important feature of the units of this neighborhood is that it is diverse between penthouses and duplexes with a variety of spaces at prices starting from 600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Those looking for fully finished residential units can take home in El-Banafseg Neighborhood, which has many apartments and villas, which are characterized by their very distinctive interiors.

The project's executing companies did not lose sight of the middle-income people, although the prices of residential units in new cities are often expensive, the Fifth Settlement took into account this point, there are some places that are characterized by the appropriate prices for the middle class, including Dar Misr project, one of the most important projects implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction and the Urban Communities Authority, which includes a range of residential units with a variety of areas ranging from 100 square meters up to 150 square meters, most of which consist of two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a reception room, with an average price starting from 4,250 Egyptian pounds per meter.

Living within New Cairo area and the Fifth Settlement is an irreplaceable opportunity to reserve your residential unit, so you can enjoy a privileged life and a high standard of living away from pollution and discomfort.