Palm Hills New Alamein

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2024
Developed by: Palm Hills development

About The Project  It is the first of Palm Hills projects on the North Coast.

Project Location  It is located in a very distinctive location in the middle of New Alamein City North Coast.

Units Types  it varies among apartments - chalets - private villas - townhouses - twin houses.

Units Space  it starts from 60 square meters for the small apartments up to 300 square meters for the private villas.

Units Prices  The price varies depending on the type and area of each unit.

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Palm Hills New Alamein Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Palm Hills Alamein.

About The Project: It is the first of Palm Hills projects on the North Coast.

Project Location: It is located in a very distinctive location in the middle of New Alamein City North Coast.

Units Types: it varies among apartments - chalets - private villas - townhouses - twin houses.

Units Space: it starts from 60 square meters for the small apartments up to 300 square meters for the private villas.

Units Prices: The price varies depending on the type and area of each unit.

Payment Systems: The unit value is divided over long periods ranging from six to six and a half years.

Enjoy the Luxurious Housing in Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills New Alamein is a destination for those looking for relaxation amid the charming nature thanks to its distinguished geographical location and high-end facilities that guarantee the well-being and comfort of its residents to the fullest possible degree, the most important thing is that the customer enjoys all of this in exchange for competitive prices and great facilities upon payment, so it is necessary to seize this opportunity as soon as possible.

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Project location

Whether you are a fan of the calm or vibrant atmosphere, Palm Hills Al Alamein is your ideal destination thanks to its privileged location in the heart of New Alamein City, with its picturesque nature that makes it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Egypt and the world at large, and at the same time close to very vital roads and areas, such as:

  •  On Petrol road.
  • The International Coastal Road
  • Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh road.
  • The project is close to Wadi Al Natroun Road

Residents of Palm Hills Al Alamein can reach New Alamein towers, which are characterized by their high rise that simulates the Dubai towers, within a few minutes because it is located directly behind it in addition to its proximity to Mazarine New Alamein, knowing that the new city of Alamein is located within the administrative boundaries of Matruh on Alexandria International Road kilo 48

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Space of Palm Hills Alamein North Coast

The executing company was keen to implement it in a large space to be able to provide everything for its customers, and it has already succeeded in that, as it has achieved self-sufficiency for them, which guarantees their comfort to the maximum extent possible.

Various spaces are available to satisfy all customers, where the smaller units (studio) are offered to the wider villas, as follows:

  • Studio apartments: have one room and their spaces are 60 square meters.
  • Two-room apartments: 100 square meters (minimum)
  • Three-room apartments: 120 square meters (minimum)
  • Twin House: space of 170 square meters.
  • Private Villas: The building space is 220 square meters (minimum) and the total land space is approximately 300 square meters.

Services and Features of Palm Hills New Alamein City

A distinctive resort worth experiencing, especially since all amenities are available inside it, so you should not miss booking a unit in it to enjoy all the following:

  • Living in a charming atmosphere thanks to the spread of green spaces and beautiful gardens with plants and cheerful colorful flowers throughout.
  • The highest levels of security in your place of residence thanks to the permanent presence of guards and security, in addition to the 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Housing in luxurious units overlooking the Crystal Lagoons spread over a large area within Palm Hills Al Alamein.
  • Being able to park your car in a safe place is very easy as there are covered garages for only guests.
  • Organizing barbecues or any other family celebrations in the picturesque gardens, as there are designated places for them inside.
  • Obtaining a high-end service within the health club, which is located in a large space and has several centers concerned with health and fitness, such as the gym and spa, which have the most advanced equipment and devices. 
  • Enjoy pleasant weather throughout the year and in the summer and winter, thanks to the unique geographical location of Palm Hills New Alamein.
  • The distinctive decoration of the water fountains, which reflects more sophistication on the exterior design of the resort, while at the same time giving the units overlooking it a wonderful view.
  • Being able to relax and spend leisure time in the swimming pools scattered in various places with different sizes and designs.
  • Multiple services by Palm Hills El Alamein Resort to its guests, such as intercom service, cleaning or maintenance services, as well as the presence of a property guard (concierge) for each building.
  • The modern units are designed in keeping with the latest international trends, which makes you feel very comfortable while staying in them.
  • Your children can have fun inside the play and entertainment areas specially equipped for them.
  • Enjoy jogging in nature and the outdoors, or walking and cycling within the resort's designated tracks.
  • Eating the most delicious food and all drinks in the finest restaurants and cafes that are keen to satisfy their customers by providing them with distinguished services.

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Palm Hills Alamein Prices

Only Palm Hills El Alamein clients can live in luxurious units within a full-service compound for attractive prices because those in charge of it were keen to strike a balance between making a profit and satisfying the customer.

You will not find a single price for all units due to their variation in type and size, the prices offered for a number of them can be clarified as follows:

The most important price features announced include: 

  • The price of a studio apartment with a space of 60 square meters and consists of one room starts from 1,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of two bedrooms apartment, with a space of 100 square meters, starts at 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The three bedrooms apartment with a space of 120 square meters with a price starting from 3,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

  • Townhouses of 170 square meters with a starting price of 8 million Egyptian pounds.

  • Standalone villas with spaces starting from 220 square meters are with a price starting from 11 million Egyptian pounds.

Payment Systems

The customer’s comfort is the basis within the resort even when it comes to paying the price of the unit because there are facilities and easy payment systems that allow paying only 10% of the unit price as a down payment and after 3 months 5% is paid as a second payment and finally the rest of the value can be paid in installments over 6 and a half years (equal installments )

For example, you can book an apartment of 60 meters with one room inside Palm Hills, New Alamein, with a down payment of 170 thousand pounds, then install the rest over 6 years, or book a twin house of 170 meters (minimum) for a down payment of 800 thousand pounds, then pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years.

The owner company and Previous Works

The project is a luminous sign in the path of the company that owns it, Palm Hills Developments, which always surprises its customers by launching luxurious projects that befit them and their important position. It is a major Egyptian company listed on the Cairo and London Stock Exchanges. He sits on the board of directors of Al-Ahly Club and is the owner of the agencies of famous international brands such as General Motors, in cooperation with the Magrabi and Al-Mansour companies for development and real estate investment.

The executing company of Palm Hills Resort owns vast lands with an estimated space of about 27 million square meters, and is keen to develop them to launch huge investment projects in various regions inside Egypt, knowing that it has launched more than 26 projects, among the most prominent and most important of its previous works, which achieved great success, are the following:


in the middle of New Alamein City North Coast.

1,700,000 EGP


Palm Hills Developments

24 Units

The unit value is divided over long periods

A large space


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Aqua park

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