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Palm Hills 6 October Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: Palm Hills October.

About Palm Hills October Project: An integrated residential compound by Palm Hills Development, one of the largest compounds in 6 October.

Palm Hills October Location: in the heart of 6 October on Alexandria Desert Road in front of Sheikh Zayed, and near Gezira Sports Club.

Palm Hills 6 October Space: 2 million m² (494 acres).

Palm Hills October Units Type: villa for sale in palm hills october - apartments - duplexes - penthouses - townhouses - twin houses.

Units Space: apartment spaces start from 150 and up to 250 m².

Villas space starts from 300 m².

The Executing Company Name: Palm Hills Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and the rest via installments for up to 7 years.

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Don't Miss Your Chance to Book Your Unit in Palm Hills 6th Of October 

There are only a few compounds out there that truly make the customer's comfort their top priority. Palm Hills is one such project, which aims to provide Palm Hills 6 October Compound resident with the luxurious lifestyle they dream of, surrounded by essential services and entertainment facilities. Make sure you don't miss your chance to book a unit in Palm Hills October project.

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Palm Hills October Compound Location

An integrated project such as this one deserves a suitable address. For this reason, it is located on Alexandria Desert Road in front of El Sheikh Zayed.

Access to Palm Hills October Compound in October will be simple because Sheikh Zayed is one of the easiest areas to go to and it does not suffer from congestion like many other cities, and so reaching Palm Hills October compound will be very easy.

Although the region is mostly desert, it's in no way deserted, because plenty of residential compounds can be found nearby. Also, living in Palm Hills means being close to Gezira Club, which is famous in Sheikh Zayed. Palm Hills compound itself is filled with a green landscape and spacious units.

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Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our one-of-a-kind Palm Hills October Compound project

The most important thing real estate companies are keen on when launching their residential projects is to attract customers and investors through the luxurious designs they implement. Palm Hills Real Estate Development succeeded in applying the latest modern trends for residential units in Palm Hills October Compound with the best construction materials by the best consultants, architects and designers. We notice creativity as soon as you enter the project through the calm colors that are harmonious with nature and combine modernity with authenticity that catches the eye. The project was also divided with high precision as follows:

  • Palm Hills October Compound was built on a huge area of 494 acres equivalent to 2,000,000 square meters.
  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and plazas occupy the largest part of the project, with the rest for buildings and residential units.
  • The project includes residential units such as separate apartments, townhouses, duplex apartments with a garden in different areas.

Available Unit Spaces

Overpopulation never affects Palm Hills compound because it spans a vast 494 acres (about 2 million square meters), and its residential units are sparsely distributed, ensuring that each unit will enjoy a calm environment.

The charming landscape and service facilities surround all residential units in Palm Hills October compound, which include: apartments for sale, twin houses, townhouses, duplex units, and villas.

Units in Palm Hills October for sale does not impose a specific style of apartments on its customers because it offers different types, including separate apartments, penthouses, and duplex apartments with a garden. There's a variety of sizes, including medium to large-sized apartments from 150 to 250 square meters.

If you want to buy a villa for sale in Palm Hills you'll also find a wide variety, which can be summed up as follows:

  • Standalone villas: with more than one floor.
  • Townhouses that are attached to a small garden.
  • Twin House villas: Designed in such a way that they can be divided between more than one household.

You will not only be choosing the type of unit but also the space you want because villas start at 300 square meters. 

The villas are very quiet and private because there's a sufficient division between each unit.

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Major Services In Palm Hills October compound

Palm Hills Compound was able to provide many high-quality services and non-traditional features that are not available anywhere else, so it was natural for many people to compete to book units inside it before they ran out to enjoy everything it provides to its customers, for example:

  • Palm Hills October project provides its residents with 24-hour security services.
  • Easy access thanks to its excellent strategic location.
  • There are several swimming pools in many places within Palm Hills project for more entertainment.
  • A fully equipped gym and a spa are available to all residents who wish to benefit from them inside Palm Hills October Compound.
  • Restaurants and cafes that serve the finest beverages and cuisine in Palm Hills October.
  • Children's playgrounds, equipped with fun and useful activities.
  • You can play golf at any time, thanks to the golf course located within Palm Hills October compound.
  • The clubhouse located within Palm Hills October compound is one of the finest establishments in October City.
  • A well-secured private garage for all residents.
  • The social club offers several activities that are sure to satisfy every resident.
  • The club is not the only entertainment venue available to residents. You'll also find party venues, including barbecue areas where you can organize gatherings with your friends and family.
  • Educational services, including an international school.
  • Green spaces as far as the eye can see, where you can hang out and relax in the different seating areas. 
  • There is a 5-star luxury hotel with a variety of upscale services.
  • Children's entertainment area where only kids are allowed.
  • The apartments are spacious and have beautiful views of the surrounding places and scenery.
  • Palm Hills October compound offers the best shopping experience in the commercial district, which provides residents with all the stores and international brands they may want.
  • Palm Hills project is characterized by beautiful green scenery, including water fountains.
  • Live in a healthy and completely pollution-free atmosphere, because Palm Hills October Compound relies on eco-friendly solar power.

The dream of owning a villa for sale on October 6th is achieved within the Compound, which is one of the most important residential complexes in the city of October 6. However, you should keep in mind that it is not adequately equipped with hospitals, educational services, and shopping centers, such services are already available within Sheikh Zayed City and located close to the Compound.

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Do not wait long, attractive price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you in Palm Hills October Compound

The most important thing that distinguishes Palm Hills Real Estate is its keenness to meet customer needs by providing residential units in different areas at competitive prices compared to the services and features it offers. Therefore, it offered attractive prices for units in Palm Hills October Compound, represented in the following:

  • The price of residential apartments in Palm Hills October Compound starts from EGP 4,000,000.
  • Palm Hills October Prices for Villas starts from EGP 10,000,000.

In addition to the offered prices provided by the executing company of the project, it has provided flexible payment systems with lower down payments and longer periods, represented in the following:

  • A residential unit in Palm Hills October Compound can be obtained by paying a 10% reservation down payment and installing the rest over 7 years.
  • The residential units will be delivered within 3 years from the date of contracting.

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Payment Systems in Palm Hills 6 October

The compound offers customers with some of the best payment systems available. You can book a unit with 10% of the total price as a downpayment, and then pay the rest on installments for up to 7 years.

The unit will be delivered to you within 3 years only, which means you can live in the unit before paying the full price.

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Disadvantages of Palm Hills 6 October Compound

With all the features that Palm Hills October Compound provides, some customers may find that the delivery timing seems long. But this comes from Palm Hills Developments' keenness to provide units with the highest possible quality, considering it a long-term investment.

Developer Company Portfolio

Palm Hills October is named after the owner company, Palm Hills Developments, which is one of the most important and experienced real estate developers. It was launched in 2005 by Mansour-Maghraby Investment & Development Company.

The company has expanded its activity gradually over various years, to become one of the largest real estate companies at the regional level, as well as being listed on both the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. It owes its success to its pursuit of modern residential compounds with integrated services.

The company focused on the development of real estate projects in the finest Egyptian regions. Their work includes commercial real estate projects, integrated residential cities, and luxury tourist resorts. The company has branches inside and outside Egypt.

Palm Hills Development's 6 October projects are very numerous, with the company developing more than 26 residential projects over 27 million square meters. In addition to Palm Hills compound, their other projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is subject to change. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the unit information constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

6th of October City: The Ideal Destination for Your Aspired Future!

  1. The city of 6th of October in Egypt stands out as an ideal place for living and investment opportunities, thanks to its well-planned urban design and diverse array of services. Here is a rundown of the key features that make this city a preferred destination for living:
  2. Excellence in Urban Design: The city of 6th of October shines with its well-thought-out approach to urban design, where high coordination prevails between vast green spaces, organized roads, and modern recreational facilities, providing its residents with an excellent living environment.
  3. Modern Infrastructure: The city is renowned for its extensive network of advanced roads and bridges, as well as public service facilities, making movement and transportation within it easy and convenient. Furthermore, the city boasts an international airport and a control center for the Arab satellite Nilesat, enhancing its status as a global destination.
  4. Diverse Educational Options: The 6th of October city offers a variety of educational opportunities with several private universities and higher institutes, in addition to schools providing high-quality primary and secondary education. This diversity meets the needs of families and students widely.
  5. The 6th of October city represents a prominent economic attraction within Egypt, thanks to the availability of leading industrial and commercial facilities within its neighborhoods. The area is known for its high concentration of large factories and commercial establishments, establishing it as a vital economic hub.
  6. The city's advantages are not limited to the economic aspect alone, but extend to encompass a rich social and recreational experience through a diverse array of cultural facilities, sports clubs, and public parks that allow for a variety of outdoor activities and add a touch of luxury to the daily life of its residents.
  7. Additionally, the moderate climate that characterizes the city, compared to the surrounding areas, increases the appeal of living there. Residents enjoy a good quality of life, benefiting from the diverse services and robust infrastructure, which serves as an attraction for those seeking a quiet and integrated residential environment.

Overall, the 6th of October city is an exceptional location for living and investing, combining economic vibrancy with diverse recreational and social options, in addition to a moderate climate and an upscale practical lifestyle. These factors collectively make it a preferred choice for individuals and families seeking a better quality of life in the heart of Egypt.

Discover the New Dimensions of Prestigious City Living: Luxury Services and Amenities in 6th of October City!

Strategic Location: The 6th of October City shines with its prime location, nestled along the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, making it in close proximity to the vibrant pulse of life in Cairo.

This advantage allows its residents to easily immerse themselves in the whirlwind of business and entertainment life in the capital. Advanced Infrastructure: The 6th of October City takes pride in its excellence in advanced infrastructure.

The city is equipped with modern road networks, educational institutions including schools and universities, as well as hospitals and shopping malls.

All these factors contribute to providing a practical and comfortable life for its residents.

Upscale Residential Compounds: The 6th of October City excels in offering a range of elegant and luxurious residential compounds.

These compounds are designed to cater to the diverse lifestyle needs of their residents, providing serene natural environments that include man-made lakes and vast green spaces for relaxation.

Modern Shopping Centers: The 6th of October City is home to a large collection of modern shopping centers and malls.

These centers offer visitors an unparalleled shopping experience with a diverse range of renowned international brands, in addition to upscale restaurants and movie theaters showcasing the latest global releases.

The 6th of October City enjoys advanced infrastructure and features high-quality entertainment and recreational facilities, offering its residents an integrated lifestyle.

Within its confines, there is a wide array of sports centers and clubs that serve as a haven for athletes and those seeking social interaction, providing ideal venues for practicing various physical activities as well as meeting friends and acquaintances.

Moreover, the 6th of October City stands out with its cultural diversity, reflected in the rich culinary scene of contemporary restaurants offering delectable cuisine from around the world, giving residents and visitors a unique opportunity to explore new flavors in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.

On the educational front, the city boasts prestigious academic institutions, encompassing universities and schools that offer advanced educational programs, ensuring the upbringing and education of children of resident families at the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism.

The 6th of October City distinguishes itself with its strategic location as one of Egypt's leading cities, not only on the industrial front but also as a preferred residential destination that combines tradition and modernity.

Contemporary life is manifested in all its details, making it the ideal place for anyone aspiring to live in an environment filled with luxury and opulence.

What are the Most Prominent Compounds Located Near Palm Hills 6th of October? Find Out Now!

The 6th of October City is brimming with numerous attractive residential projects, and its compounds take the lead in housing options in Egypt due to the prestigious living environment and modern services they provide. In this context, some compounds stand out for their ideal locations near the Palm Hills compound, making them a focus of interest for those seeking a distinguished residential experience. This section highlights some of the most prominent and outstanding residential complexes.

  1. Kenz Compound 6th of October: The Kenz compound, known for its competitive prices and strategic proximity to the city's main facilities. Kenz is considered a true oasis for luxurious living with its contemporary designs and vast green spaces surrounding the units, providing a quiet and beautiful residential environment.
  2. New Giza Compound 6th of October: The New Giza compound represents another option for those seeking to live within the serene atmosphere of 6th of October, combining modern architectural design and upscale services. This compound is strategically located, facilitating access to various services and facilities in the city, and is known for providing high levels of comfort and privacy at reasonable prices.
  3. Solaya Compound 6th of October: Solaya stands out as a unique destination aiming to provide diverse housing sizes at competitive prices to suit the needs of a wide range of audiences. The compound is interspersed with lush green spaces and gardens, ensuring its residents an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, while maintaining wide streets that enhance the project's beauty and organization.
  4. Badya Palm Hills Compound: On the other hand, we find the Badya Palm Hills compound as one of the most prominent residential landmarks in the 6th of October City. This compound stands out with its unique contemporary design and offers a wide range of upscale services and facilities that meet all the needs of its residents. Badya Palm Hills prioritizes ensuring the privacy of its individuals and providing a lifestyle that reflects elegance and distinction befitting its residents, while ensuring it leaves a distinct mark in the city.

These residential communities, including Solaya and Badya Palm Hills, offer a unique haven for those seeking stability and tranquility in 6th of October, while ensuring the provision of everything that is distinguished and upscale.

They are chosen for their prime location and integrated services they offer, making them preferred destinations for living and enjoying a high quality of life.

Your Comprehensive Guide: How to Make the Process of Buying a Unit at Palm Hills 6th of October Easier with

If you are looking to acquire a residential unit within the prestigious Palm Hills compound in the 6th of October City, the website represents your optimal choice to facilitate the search and purchase journey.

This website stands out by providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about the available properties within this unique project, detailing prices, architectural specifications, delivery dates, as well as a wide range of unit options.

To embark on this purchase journey, the first step requires visiting the website and conducting a search for the Palm Hills 6th of October compound, using the search bar and entering the project name.

Upon navigating to the project page, you will find yourself in front of all the necessary information you need to make your decision. If you wish to delve deeper or are interested in a specific unit, the website offers the possibility of direct contact with one of the real estate agents accredited by, who can provide you with more details and arrange an on-site visit to view the unit in person.

The assistance provided by the website does not stop there; through their advanced search tools, you can filter and search based on specific criteria including the number of rooms, prices, and area, to identify the option that best suits you.

Once you have found the ideal unit, the team will guide you step-by-step through the purchase process by providing all the required documents and papers.

Additionally, the team can offer you support regarding legal and financial aspects, including facilitating the acquisition of real estate loans if needed.

By utilizing the website, you will ensure that you receive all the necessary and detailed information about the units of the Palm Hills 6th of October compound, ensuring a trustworthy and hassle-free real estate purchasing experience.

Seize the opportunity to use the tools and services provided by the website to make the purchase decision easier and more convenient.

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the heart of 6 October City

1,700,000 EGP


Palm Hills Developments.

72 Units

10% downpayment and the rest via installments for up to 7 years.

2 million m² (494 acres).


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