Marassi North Coast

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Emaar Misr

About Project  One of the most stunning resorts on the North Coast with its charming beaches, exquisite modern architecture of Mediterranean-inspired units, services, amenities, and mild atmosphere.

Marassi North Coast Location  Located at kilo 125 North Coast.

Marassi North Coast Space  1455 acres

Developer Name  Emaar Company

Types of units  Apartment For Sale - Town Houses - Twin Houses - Chalet For Sale - Villas For Sale

Apartments space  start from 73 m² up to 480 m².

Town House Space  start from 232 m² up to 327 m².

Twin House space  start from 363 m².

Villas space  start from 322 m² up to 785 m².

Payment systems  5% first downpayment, 10% second downpayment, and installments up to 6 years.

Properties for sale

Live in Marassi Resort
For Sale Townhouse with area of 220m in Marassi
For Sale Residential Units in Marassi Resort
Villas For Sale in Marassi Resort
Units with an area of 146 meters in Marassi
Apartments for sale in Marassi
Townhouse for sale in Marassi
Twin house with an area of 287M in Marassi North Coast
Twinhouse for Sale 363M in Marassi
Twin house with an area of 311M in Marassi North Coast
Chalet for Sale in Marassi North Coast
Penthouse For Sale With Space 115m in Marassi North Coast


Marassi North Coast Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Marassi.

About Project: One of the most stunning resorts on the North Coast with its charming beaches, exquisite modern architecture of Mediterranean-inspired units, services, amenities, and mild atmosphere.

Marassi North Coast Location: Located at kilo 125 North Coast.

Marassi North Coast Space: 1455 acres

Developer Name: Emaar Company

Types of units:  Apartment For Sale - Town Houses - Twin Houses - Chalet For Sale - Villas For Sale

Apartments space: start from 73 m² up to 480 m².

Town House Space: start from 232 m² up to 327 m².

Twin House space: start from 363 m².

Villas space: start from 322 m² up to 785 m².

Payment systems: 5% first downpayment, 10% second downpayment, and installments up to 6 years.

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Marassi North Coast

Are you looking for the most popular tourist areas in Egypt? then, the North Coast is the perfect choice for travelers interested in the fresh air, sunshine, and beach exercising.

One of the most important landmarks and resorts on the North Coast is Marassi Resort, located at Sidi Abdel Rahman area in Alamein, 37 km from Porto Marina and 27 km from Al-Alamein Museum.

One of the most important factors in the success of the resort is the exceptional advantages that make it a unique and unique tourist community, as its dazzling views of the clear water of the Mediterranean and its privileged location on Al-Alamein Beach, it is a charming tourist community consisting of inspired residential neighborhoods of six different Mediterranean cultures, each with a unique architectural identity, including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, and Italy. 

It has endless luxury starting with the stunning beaches of Marassi to its luxurious homes and 3,000 hotel rooms.

It is the perfect vacation destination for those who want to enjoy a luxurious holiday. it is unique in several exceptional features that make it a unique tourist community, including Marina.

It is one of the largest facilities in the region, and also featuring premium residential areas as well as several international luxury hotels such as The Address.

All this will make the village one of the most attractive tourist destinations to match the beaches of its counterparts from the Mediterranean seaside resorts of Greece, Italy, and France.

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It is one of the most beautiful resorts in the city because it is located in an upscale area full of charming scenery, in addition to that, it is equipped with a large number of services and has many of its advantages that made it superior to many other tourist villages and resorts. Here is the most important information about its location, units, services, etc.

Skaia North Coast

Marassi Resort is the beating heart of the North Coast, as it provides you with the best summer atmosphere and all aspects of comfort, and for more entertainment and to provide the most wonderful atmosphere, the major real estate company Emaar Misr has built one of the phases that were designed impressively and simulate the same international tourist villages, and you will inevitably find all of this in an integrated manner, and called it "Skaia Marassi", its location makes you close to everything, and helps to reach important vital areas.

Sakaya North Coast is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where the turquoise waters attract the eyes and relax the soul, and to ensure the provision of many exclusive services, it was built on a vast space, here you will enjoy an unparalleled modern life, and the residential buildings and units are diverse and have modern designs that combine luxury Sophistication and originality.

The space of ​​Skaia North Coast includes a large land that has been provided for the construction of a giant coastal project worthy of Emaar clients, to accommodate the largest number of residential buildings and units that differ among themselves in terms of spaces and types and with wonderful architectural designs characterized by the highest levels of luxury, sophistication, and civilization, as for the interior decorations, they are inspired by international models, in order to reflect the extent of modernity and the splendor of the design.

Services and features available within Skaia Marassi North Coast

Skaia Marassi North Coast is considered a distinct and distinctive sign for many customers, as it is not limited to the basic services it provides, but there is also entertainment that fulfills your desires for what is new and distinctive. It is close to Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, as well as the space built on it, which can accommodate the largest number of units, buildings, scenic landscapes, and the lagoon with its crystal waters, which attracts the eye and relaxes the soul.

Also, inside Skaia, you can enjoy spending special time playing your favorite games, a golf course has been designed on a large space and includes about 18 holes, carts dedicated to moving between them easily, and the great care for the stability of security in it, the company has appointed a number of security personnel and guards to maintain security and property and in order to enjoy a distinctive summer atmosphere, a marina has been allocated uniquely with its warm climate, and you can also eat your favorite meal inside the largest floating restaurants and relax.

In addition, an international shopping experience has been provided for you and your family. Skaia Al Sahel includes shops that display international brands, and you can relax in front of the picturesque seashore and feel warmth with the sunlight, and swimming pools are spread within the resort that varies in terms of space and with wonderful designs and are suitable for all age groups.

The spaces of the units of Skaia Marassi

The units inside Skaia Marassi are “villas, townhouses” and each has its own space, and what is striking when entering the village will attract you to the scenic landscapes, landscapes and spacious golf courses, which will make you the best time to enjoy practicing this favorite hobby, which contains 18 holes, and the space of the units is as follows:

  • Duet Villas units: spaces start from 147 square meters up to 219 square meters, and contain from 3 to 4 bedrooms.
  • Town Villa units: spaces start from 163 square meters up to 219 square meters.

Prices and payment systems within Skaia

The prices of Skaia Marassi units satisfy all customers, as they are flexible to suit the volume of services provided within them and fulfill all desires and requirements, because they are the best ever in that region, in addition to the payment systems that facilitate the process of paying the amount in installments for the longest possible period, which are:

  • The price of villas is 7,913,888 EGP.
  • You can pay a 5% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 7 consecutive years.
  • Note that the units are delivered in a fully finished system.

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Faya Marassi North Coast

Faya Marassi is a unique summer experience that allows you to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere in the heart of the North Coast, where the beauty and splendor are in the designs. It is inspired by the architecture in the same European style, provides all residents and customers of Emaar Misr with integrated amenities and luxury, and covers the largest percentage of its total space with stunning landscapes.

Its location is one of the attractions, as it is located in a privileged area and connects the roads and axes, from which it will travel the least distances to reach vital areas and public institutions. As for the residential units in the buildings, they are finished in a super lux system and are designed to contain a ground floor and 4 upper floors, including (apartments, and chalets) Each unit has a different space from the other to leave complete freedom in choosing the most suitable for you.

Faya Marassi space

As of the keenness of the leading real estate company Emmar to provide the best coastal projects and provide all the requirements and desires of all its customers and what they look forward to, it was keen to establish Faya on a vast space and therefore we find that it offers a range of services, including swimming pools and landscapes, which give the place sophistication and enjoy the most beautiful times, in addition, the residential buildings have different spaces, so you can take the initiative to book now and get the best of what is offered.

Services and features available within Faya North Coast

Faya is one of the distinguishing marks in the lives of its residents because it provides services and enjoys multiple benefits that suit the tastes of customers and fulfill their requirements, it includes a lagoon on large space and is designed on a world-class design, where the picturesque crystal waters charm the eye, and a full-service clubhouse that helps you enjoy a wonderful atmosphere with family and friends, and the establishment of a mosque on a large space with decorations that mimic the ancient Islamic style, and various sports fields to spend fun times with friends, and for all residents of Faya North Coast, a hotel was established on a huge space and includes a huge number of hotel rooms.

In order to serve the customers perfectly, the company announced uncompetitive prices and easy payment methods to pay the price allocated to the unit over many years and equally, and when looking at the best global shopping experience, you have a mall that includes the largest number of stores that offer brands that suit those with fine taste.

The space of the residential units inside Faya North Coast

Emaar is doing its best to provide integrated services within Faya, and here lies the distinctive details within the units that are designed on a world-class level and the wonderful engineering and architectural designs. The buildings consist of a ground floor and 4 upper floors and include "apartments, chalets", each with the appropriate and flexible space that enables all families to choose the most suitable for them, and the spaces are as follows:

  • Residential apartments and chalets: consisting of 1 to 3 bedrooms, with space ranging from 65 m² up to 145 m².

Prices for residential units inside Faya Marassi

Emaar Misr was keen to satisfy its customers and provide them with all the integrated services that meet the needs and requirements they are looking for, so it has offered special prices, which are the best in this vital area, but it makes it easier for you to purchase the unit without suffering, or stumbling in any material obstacles, which are as follow:

  • Chalet units inside Faya Marassi, the price starts from 3,200,000 EGP.
  • The units will be delivered in 2023, with a Super Lux finishing system.

Riva Golf Marassi North Coast

The integrated charm and attractiveness within one of the phases of Marassi, which is called "Riva Golf Marassi" and enjoys that it provides you with psychological comfort and enables you to enjoy a wonderful summer atmosphere in the heart of the North Coast, as it is unique in its geographical location as it is located in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman and links between the most important main roads It is a gated community on a space of ​​6.5 million square meters, offering you the perfect sanctuary and a true haven for spending the best vacation times.

It is dedicated to scenic landscapes, vast green spaces, swimming pools, water bodies of lakes and lagoons, and 18-hole golf courses, in addition to luxury hotels and hotel rooms and providing distinguished services to its customers. As well as restaurants and cafes are designed in the same world-class, as for the residential units, they differ in terms of spaces and types, so that you have the ability to choose what suits you.

Riva Golf North Coast Area

When thinking about the construction of marinas stages, Emaar decided to implement it on a huge space in contemporary and international architectural designs that combine luxury and sophistication. The residential buildings in the resort are of different sizes and types, including villas and apartments, which are fully equipped with finishes, designs and interior decorations that are compatible with the owners of high taste.

Services and exclusive features within Riva Golf

Within Riva Golf, you have many different advantages and services that cover all the requirements and what you are looking for, including the design of a large hotel that includes all the equipped rooms and services are provided in a manner that suits the residents and provides aspects of comfort, and for recreation in the most beautiful landscapes, a water channel has been established on a long area in order to enjoy, and you can practice your favorite sport inside the largest of the various sports fields.

For religious rites and performing prayers, a mosque has been designed on a large area and is sufficient for the largest number of worshipers, and for yachts a berthing area has been allocated for the establishment of enjoyable cruises, and you can enjoy eating the best meals and delicious drinks within the largest restaurants and cafes designed in the world.

Residential units inside Riva Golf North Coast

All residential units within Riva Marassi North Coast vary in terms of spaces and types, some of them are villas designed in a style that combines luxury and sophistication and befitting its residents. The available space of the villas starts from 216 square meters up to 340 square meters, and the advertised prices are flexible and appropriate, as it enables you to own the unit you mean easily and without any financial obstacles, and amounts to about 10,000,000 EGP, besides, easy payment systems have been offered for the longest possible period and without interest.

Lea Marassi North Coast

The ideal summer destination to spend the summer vacation with your friends and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. It has entertainment services and comfort, all of this and more within one of the phases of the giant project Marassi and called it "Lea Marassi" .. the phase that makes you live in a wonderful world and practice all the special activities within a community gated and the main choice to live in,

It is also unique in its strategic location in the North Coast region, as well as the architectural designs that help you relax, as all the residential units overlook the picturesque landscapes that delight the place and impress the soul with comfort and pleasure.

And you can enjoy watching the sunset from your unit, when you look from your window inside Lea Marassi, you will find a wonderfully drawn painting mixed with the pure colors that color the residential units, then you will be sure that your housing and your suitable living life is here only, and for young children, they have a recreational area that includes all the games appropriate for their age.

Services and features that are unique to Lea Marassi

Within Lea Marassi North Coast, you can enjoy the luxury of living. Emaar has made efforts to provide exclusive services that meet all your desires, and from here it is your ideal luxury place, as it has a number of restaurants and cafes, which are designed in the same international styles and offer you delicious food and delicious drinks in an atmosphere romantic.

A luxury hotel has also been established that includes all the services that are offered at the highest level within Lea, and there are a number of swimming pools, which vary in size to suit different ages, and you can walk in a beautiful natural setting. Inside the resort, there are lagoons on a large space for recreation, here you will be sure that here is the ideal place for you and your family.

Altea Marassi North Coast

Marassi is one of the most luxurious tourist resorts located in the heart of the North Coast. It includes a number of different phases, the most important of which is Altea, which extends over a large space, and is in a strategic location linking the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to reach anywhere. It contains 5 beaches, 23 villages, and 3300 rooms inside a giant hotel, as well as residential units and buildings that differ in terms of spaces and types, including twin houses and townhouses, directly overlooking the scenic landscape, which gives the place charm and beauty and reflects on you psychological comfort and renews positive energy throughout.

The spaces inside Altea Marassi North Coast

Emaar decided to establish an integrated project, and here came Altea, which achieves all the services and is unique in its various advantages and was one of the most important factors that attracted many customers and investors, as it is on a huge space and includes housing units designed on a world-class design, so you can choose the right one for you.

Here, your life will be renewed and you will find the comfort aspects available in an integrated manner, and the finishes and interior decorations of the unit are designed with the highest degree of sophistication and luxury, so you will find that it is your ideal place.

The area of ​​the units inside Tia Marassi is as follows:

  • Duet Villa Type 1 units space: starts from 161 square meters up to 147 square meters.
  • Townhouses units: spaces start from 167 square meters up to 219 square meters.

Services and features inside Altia North Coast

When you enter Altea Marassi, you will find all the exclusive services in front of you in the blink of an eye, as it is an integrated project that provides you with a high-end living life that suits the owners of high taste from customers, within it there are wonderfully designed private beaches and seating facilities to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, and the Club House you can practice all activities with your friends, and have fun times inside the largest golf courses designed on the same international models and include the largest number of holes.

There is a marina for yachts and ships for cruises, a marina designed to practice various activities, including fishing and diving to see the deep sea, swimming pools that vary in terms of spaces, and residential buildings and units designed on a world-class basis and vary in terms of spaces.

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It is one of the most beautiful resorts in the city because it is located in an upscale area full of charming scenery, in addition to being equipped with a large number of services and enjoys many of its own features that made it superior to many other tourist villages and resorts, here is the most important information about its location, units, services, etc. Below.

Marassi Location

The location of the resort ensures living in the middle of a lively, upscale area with a distinctive atmosphere because it was established in the new city of El Alamein in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area of the North Coast, kilo 125, which contributed to linking it with vital areas, such as Porto Marina (37 km away), El Alamein Museum (at a distance of 37 km). 27 km away), far from it all, the village has a splendid view of the beaches of El Alamein and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, due to its proximity to the Mediterranean.

Marassi North Coast not only offers its guests the opportunity to stroll within the most beautiful areas of the city, but also in many other beautiful coastal cities, on top of which is the city of Alexandria, which is only 125 km away, and it is also close to:

  • El Alamein Airport
  • Borg El Arab Airport
  • Cairo (the distance between them is only two hours)

The historic monument surrounding the resort is one of the most important landmarks in the area, as it dates back to the Second World War and is a distinctive sign that facilitates access to its location.

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Marassi Design

The resort reflects the true meaning of the creative design because it is built in a smart way that ensures that there is no overcrowding between its different buildings located in the seven neighborhoods that it contains, all of which are characterized by modern design inspired by Arab (Egyptian, Tunisian, Moroccan) and foreign (Spanish, Italian, Greek) styles on the both, in addition to the integration of their services in a way that achieves the welfare of the guests.

Each of the seven neighborhoods of the village has its wonderful design, so each area has its name as follows:

  • Marassi Marina: It has luxury apartments and many service facilities such as restaurants and cafes, in addition to the marina that includes several pitfalls.
  • Valencia Residences: includes chalets for sale in the North Coast, immediate delivery in installments, consisting of two floors, and enjoying a charming view of the seaside.
  • Santorini Highlands: characterized by its modern design that simulates the Greek tourist villages.
  • Safi Sands: It includes a 5-star hotel, a conference hall, and a spa. In general, this area is characterized by the Moroccan design that dominates it greatly.
  • Zaris Port: Its design mixes many cheerful and calm colors, especially as it combines the Andalusian and Tunisian architectural design at the same time.
  • Savannah Villas: It has a golf course and water bodies that cover many areas and give its buildings a picturesque view.
  • Villas area: The golf course extends over a large space and has 18 holes, and is characterized by a vast green area.

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Marassi Space

What North Coast Marassi offers you are difficult to find in another village, because it is one of the largest tourist villages in the city, with a space of 1455 acres, and therefore recreational and service facilities are spread in almost all areas.

The charming nature dominates the vast majority of the units, because the length of the village's beach is 6.26 million meters and is divided into 14 areas, and then you have a wonderful view of it.

You will not be able to choose between only two or three types of units, but there are many options available in your hands, including chalets for sale in Marassi, apartments for sale, twin houses, townhouses, villas, knowing that the units are located in each neighborhood of the seven neighborhoods are also different, and generally include luxury hotel apartments, studio apartments, and standalone villas, but they share the same distinctive view and luxurious design.

As for the spaces that you can choose from, they are:

  • Apartments for sale in Marassi North Coast: spaces start from 73 m² up to 480 m².
  • Chalet for sale: 95 meters minimum.
  • Townhouses: the small spaces of these units are estimated at 232 m²  up to 327 m² for the larger units.
  • Twin House: 363 m².
  • Villas: small spaces start from 322 m² and reach 785 m² for larger spaces.

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Services and Features

Reserving chalets for sale in Marassi means the beginning of a new start for you, because you will find a world full of luxury that will bring you the utmost comfort thanks to its various facilities and high-end services represented in:

  • Securing the place to the maximum degree, as the security and guard staff are present 24 hours a day.
  • Malls and major stores within an integrated commercial area from A to Z.
  • The hospital in Marassi Emaar Misr resort does not lack anything, whether it is related to equipment or medical staff.
  • Garages are close to all units to make it easy for all guests to park their cars there.
  • Beautiful beaches are overlooked by many residential units and provide guests with a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Marassi Al Sahel has a special atmosphere with its gardens and greenery.
  • Amusement parks and fun games are located inside the resort to entertain its guests.
  • The picturesque exterior view of the resort as a whole because it combines the charming landscape of the beaches overlooked by the modern design that was implemented by the most efficient engineers and workers.
  • The multiplicity of health and sports clubs within the project, which are distinguished by their integration in everything.
  • Preparing the most delicious foods and all drinks for guests in distinguished restaurants and cafes.
  • A yacht club and an international yacht marina with a world-class design inspired by the French city of Riviera, knowing that it is the largest yacht marina in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • A golf course that you can subscribe to enjoy a game of golf at any time you wish.
  • Marassi North Coast provides transportation and transportation for its guests from one area to another to make it easier for them to move around due to its vast space.
  • World-class luxury hotels (such as The Address Hotel), knowing that one of these hotels has about 3,000 hotel rooms.
  • Diversity in entertainment greatly, as there is a recreation center that allows the practice of multiple activities inside, in addition to organizing an art exhibition within the resort.
  • Multiple swimming pools spread in more than one place to make it easy for everyone to reach them.
  • Receipt of the sold units, including Marassi Villa for sale, fully finished (Super Lux).
  • A large mosque inside the resort can accommodate a large number of worshipers.
  • Social clubs that all guests can participate in and practice many different activities, whether recreational (such as water sports) or others.
  • Pets can also enjoy within the North Coast Marassi, as there are private beaches to keep them entertained.
  • The design of the artificial lakes is very impressive, attracting attention and distinguishing the units close to them with a beautiful view.
  • Playgrounds for children to ensure that they enjoy their time to the fullest possible within safe places.
  • Several areas within the village to be suitable for holding different parties.

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Marassi Emaar Misr Prices

The village units are distinguished in everything, whether the design, the services available, or even the prices of the chalets, despite their great luxury, but the prices are suitable and accessible to almost all customers, as well as their great diversity that helps in activating the sales movement, some examples of the prices of some types of units in them can be clarified as follows:

  • The prices of apartments for sale range from 3,500,000 EGP up to 9,600,000 EGP.
  • You can buy a villa for sale inside Marassi Villa for sale at a price ranging from 11,900,000 EGP to 17 million EGP.

Payment Systems

The prices of the resort chalets do not guarantee you comfort during the stay only, but also when paying, due to the presence of distinguished facilities and convenient payment systems that allow paying a down payment of only 5% of the total price determined for the unit sold, then the second payment of 10% after which the rest of the amount can be paid in the form of Installments over 6 years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

The extreme distinction of the project is in line with the position of the company that owns it, Emaar Misr, which is one of the most prominent and successful real estate development companies, especially since it started its activity in this sector many years ago, dating back to 1997, the year in which it was established.

The company did not limit its activity to Egypt only but expanded to include European and Middle Eastern countries in addition to North America and North Africa. A number of distinguished previous works, whether launched in Egypt or abroad, can be clarified as follows:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update it constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


North Coast

3,200,000 EGP


Emaar Misr

195 Apartments

A first 5% down payment, then a second 10% downpayment, and the rest in installments up to 6 years.

1455 acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Aqua park

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