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Palm Hills Sokhna Resort

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Project Description

Project Name: Palm Hills Sokhna.

About Palm Hills Project: It is one of the best tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna where the magnificent sea view, the vast green spaces surrounding the resort, the leisure activities, facilities, and services that meet the needs of visitors.

Palm Hills Sokhna Location: it is located in Ain Sokhna at kilo 93 of Zaafarana Road next to La Vista Gardens Resort.

Palm Hills Project Area: it was executed on an area of 150 acres.

Units Types: it varies among chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

Units Space: it starts from 100 square meters up to 328 square meters.

Units Prices: it starts from 2,300,000 EGP.

Payment Systems: You can pay 5% up to 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over a period starts from 6 years up to 8 years.

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Palm Hills Sokhna Resort

Palm Sokhna is one of the most important and largest projects implemented by Palm Hills Developments in Al Ain Sokhna on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea, where the company was keen to provide all the basic and recreational services in Palm Hills project, as well as to provide large green spaces in order to provide more luxury to customers, and in the article, we get to know more about the advantages and services of Palm Hills project.

For all lovers of luxury and recreation in the atmosphere of charming nature and magnificent seaside views, you can now book your unit in Palm Hills Sokhna resort and live the atmosphere of luxury as it should be where the units vary among chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses and you can choose the space that suits you at the best prices and payment systems up to several years.

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Live the luxurious life experience in the heart of the quietest and most beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance within Palm Hills Sokhna Village

Palm Hills Village was not just an ordinary beach project, but an envisioned community that provides all its customers with a more luxurious and distinctive environment. Palm Hills real estate company worked to build its Palm Hills Sokhna project on a large area within the Sokhna area, on kilometer 93 of Suez Road El Zaafarana, overlooking a beach 1.5 km long. The distance between Palm Hills Sokhna and the vibrant areas and service institutions is only a few minutes away, and it borders the most famous huge projects in the area.

The most important landmarks near Palm Hills Sokhna Village:

  • Palm Hills Sokhna is located near La Vista Garden directly.
  • The distance between Palm Hills Sokhna and Cairo - Sokhna Road 93 km.
  • You can reach Palm Hills Sokhna Village via Al Jalala Road.
  • Palm Hills Village is about 75 minutes away from Suez and Ain Sokhna.
  • The Palm Hills coastal project is close to the most famous resorts, including La Vista Gardens.

Discover the fun of unique architectural design with our project, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations within Palm Hills Sokhna

Palm Hills Village is one of the most important integrated mega projects in terms of exclusive services and includes many diverse facilities. Palm Hills Company was keen to design it on a vast land of 150 acres, divided between green spaces, beautiful natural landscapes that give it the best comfortable atmospheres for residents, and all units overlook a 1,500 meter long beach.

It also includes a number of different units such as "apartments, villas, chalets", with a total of about 450 units, each enjoying elegant architectural designs and elegant decorations that suit people of refined taste. The company worked to provide them with the greatest possible services and exclusive facilities to meet the requirements of many customers.

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El Mar Phase

El Mar phase is considered one of the new phases introduced within the Palm Hills project, which is unique in many different features. It consists of 17 chalets overlooking the sea coast and the marina.

The unit areas are diverse, starting from 63 square meters and reaching up to 130 square meters. As for the services, they are integrated and work to ensure enjoyment of the best amenities, which has made many customers rush to it due to its strategic value among many projects.

Saja Phase

Palm Hills company launched the construction of the best phases within its huge coastal project, which it named Saja. The units in it are different chalets with varying areas, consisting of two bedrooms and starting from an area of 130 square meters.

As for its location, it is distinctive and connects between the most important roads and main axes, helping you reach any place. The view is unique and exceptional, with all units overlooking the charming sea beach.

Juno Phase

One of the most distinguished phases presented on a golden platter within the Palm Hills Sokhna project, which enjoys many characteristics and advantages.

The area it is built on accommodates the largest number of different units, as it consists of chalets with varying areas and one bedroom. The services inside are integrated and meet all your requirements.

Services & Features in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna

The developer company was keen to provide all the basic and recreational services in Palm Hills Ain El Sokhna, which made it one of the most important and best tourist villages in Al Ain Sokhna, and one of the most important services available are:

  • There is a range of high cafes and best restaurants serving the best of western and eastern dishes inside Palm Hills Sokhna Resort.
  • Vast green spaces and landscapes throughout Palm Hills Sokhna resort and there are gardens interspersed with it.
  • A range of charming artificial lakes and beautiful swimming pools of various colors are available.
  • There is a kids' amusement park.
  • 24-hour security and the guarding system are available to provide security and safety for the residents.
  • There are the world's most famous hotels as well as three boutiques at Palm Hills Sokhna Project.

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Units Types & Spaces in Palm Hills Sokhna by Palm Hills Developments

Palm Hills Resort was executed on an area of 150 acres with 1.9 km long beach and crystal lagoons, as all units overlook the seaside as Palm Hills Sokhna resort is designed on different levels, and the units vary among chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

  • The first three rows are villas with 3 bedrooms, 4 rooms, or 5 rooms and delivered semi-finished.
  • In the next rows, there are townhouses and twin houses with full finishing, consisting of two or three bedrooms.
  • The chalets have 2 or 3 bedrooms.

The units' space starts from 100 square meters up to 328 square meters.

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Palm Hills Sokhna Resort Area

The executing company has allocated an area of about 150 acres for executing the entire project, and it overlooks directly the most beautiful red sea beaches along 1,900 square meters.

It has been keen to provide a variety of units with varying sizes within Palm Hills project to suit all the needs of customers and their purchasing capabilities, where the units vary between residential to hotel, for residential units located within Palm Hills Sokhna resort, there are standalone villas, luxury townhouses, luxury twin houses units, and there are chalets consisting of two rooms and another consisting of three rooms.

A large area of the total area allocated to Palm Hills project has been used to provide green spaces, water bodies, charming artificial lakes, and more recreational facilities that provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for residents.

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Live the experience of choosing from a diverse and innovative set of units and spaces, specifically designed to suit all your needs and aspirations within Palm Hills Sokhna Village

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Village is one of the huge tourist villages that includes a huge number of different units in terms of types and areas, including "villas, stand-alone villas, chalets, townhouses". There are also a number of different rooms to give all customers the freedom to choose what suits them and their families. It also enjoys distinctive views of the beautiful sea beach, which helps you relax and unwind. The areas of the units are as follows:

  • First row beach house villas units: Their area starts from 508 square meters, with a height of 12 square meters, and includes 3 to 5 rooms.
  • Second row beach house villa units within Palm Hills Sokhna: Their area ranges from 385 square meters up to 432 square meters, with a height of 19 square meters.
  • Standalone villa units within Palm Hills: Their area starts from 267 square meters up to 380 square meters, with a height of 19 square meters.
  • Chalets within Palm Hills Sokhna: Consisting of two bedrooms with an area starting from 210 square meters up to 294 square meters, and chalets consisting of 3 bedrooms, with an area starting from 287 square meters up to 313 square meters, with a height of 26 square meters.
  • Townhouse units within Palm Hills Sokhna resort: Their area ranges from 172 square meters up to 270 square meters, with a height of 29 square meters.
  • Chalet units within Palm Hills Sokhna: their area starts from 100 square meters up to 140 square meters, with a height up to 36 square meters, comprising 2-3 bedrooms.

Units Prices in Palm Hills Sokhna Resort

Units' prices start from 2,300,000 EGP.

  • 100 m² chalets with 175 m² garden are with price starts from 3,500,000 EGP.
  • 117 m² townhouses price starts from 5,100,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses prices start from 4,100,000 EGP.

Payment Systems:

The company offers flexible and diversified payment methods for customers to suit their full capabilities and gives them the opportunity to own a unit within Palm Hills project without incurring enormous financial burdens, and the payment methods are:

  • First System: the customer can pay a 5% downpayment for booking and contracting, 5% after 3 months from the first payment, and the rest in installments within a complete 6 years.
  • Second System: the customer can pay a 10% downpayment upon contract, 5% after 3 months from the first payment, and the rest in installments within 7 years without interest.
  • Third System: you can pay a 10% downpayment at the beginning, another 10% after 3 months, and the rest in installments within 8 years without interest.

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Disadvantages of Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Village

Despite the distinctive characteristics associated with Village Palm Hills Sokhna, some people have expressed reservations about the lack of installment systems without a down payment. However, the company took these observations seriously and responded by providing a system that allows for only a 5% down payment, with flexible payment options extending up to 6 years, to enable customers to acquire chalets at Palm Hills Sokhna resort.

The Real Estate Developer

Palm Hills Developments is the owner company of Palm Hills project and it is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, the company was founded in 2005, and during those years, it carried out many successful real estate projects in various cities in Egypt. It has always been keen to choose the excellent location and implemented real estate projects in 6 October city, The Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, North Coast, Alexandria, Sheikh Zayed City, the New Administrative Capital, Al Ain Sokhna.

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The company has diversified its projects and implemented real estate projects, commercial projects, residential projects, and administrative projects, and the land area developed by the company has reached about 40 million square meters.

The Company Major Projects

Invest in El-Ain El-Sokhna: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

El-Ain El-Sokhna represents a prominent investment and tourism attraction in Egypt, enhanced by its natural advantages and modern infrastructural developments, establishing an exceptional business and project climate. This area is located 120 kilometers north of the capital Cairo, enjoying its beachfront on the Red Sea and its clear turquoise waters that captivate the eye.

In recent years, it has witnessed remarkable progress thanks to massive development initiatives and projects aimed at enriching the investment sector and driving economic growth.

One of the most prominent projects is "Your Investment in El-Ain El-Sokhna," which appears as a distinguished investment opportunity that translates growth and profitability in this promising area. The project shines with its contemporary designs and luxurious finishes, in addition to its excellence in providing all the necessary facilities and high-end services that meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.

These services include shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, health resorts and swimming pools, as well as an integrated security system that operates around the clock.

With optimistic forecasts for economic growth in the region, investing in this project is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a good financial return within a sustainable development environment. Properties here are witnessing a rapid increase in value and attracting significant interest from foreign tourists and investors, making it a successful investment choice.

If you are at the forefront of investors seeking an attractive opportunity in Egypt, El-Ain El-Sokhna offers you a great mix of outstanding investment opportunities and stunning natural landscapes that contribute to creating a rich and profitable living and investment experience.

Resorts in El-Ain El-Sokhna: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Materialize in Every Corner!

El-Ain El-Sokhna is considered one of Egypt's touristic gems, combining captivating beach beauty with outstanding services, making it a model to emulate in hospitality on Egyptian soil. The resorts in this area are widely renowned for the high standards of quality, creativity, and elegance they offer.

The resorts stand out with their stunning architectural style and unique designs that are crafted to meet the desires of visitors seeking excellence. These well-thought-out designs allow for a diverse range of accommodation options, including elegant guest rooms, luxurious suites, fully equipped hotel apartments, and upscale villas with enchanting views of the Red Sea.

They also feature restaurants offering international cuisine menus to satisfy all tastes, in addition to trendy cafes and bars serving a wide range of beverages and cocktails. The luxury does not stop at accommodation and dining but extends to include a comprehensive range of recreational and sports activities such as swimming pools, courts, and spa and wellness centers that offer a golden opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The resorts in El-Ain El-Sokhna are located in a prime location near Cairo, making them an ideal attraction for visitors. The skilled and professional service provided by the staff teams makes the stay an unforgettable experience.

Their dedicated efforts in maintaining high standards of quality and innovation contribute to making the resorts in El-Ain El-Sokhna a destination for tourists seeking a distinguished experience in Egypt and the region. This commitment to detail and the pursuit of excellence is what makes El-Ain El-Sokhna an ideal destination for lovers of luxury and beauty.

Experience Luxury: Top Resorts Near Palm Hills El-Ain El-Sokhna Village!

To give you a glimpse of the best resorts near Palm Hills Village in El-Ain El-Sokhna, we provide you with a guide that highlights some of the most beautiful options available in this area:

  1. Murano Village El-Ain El-Sokhna: This resort is located in close proximity to Palm Hills Village and enjoys a unique location that combines tranquility and easy accessibility. It offers a wide range of upscale services including private beaches, diverse swimming pools, excellent restaurants and modern cafes, providing a distinguished stay experience for its visitors.

  2. LaVista Ray El-Ain El-Sokhna: Thanks to its very close location to Palm Hills Village, LaVista Ray is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation by the sea. It boasts beautiful beaches and modern facilities including pools, restaurants, and health clubs, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience for all.

  3. Cavo El-Ain El-Sokhna: Cavo stands out as one of the luxurious resorts in El-Ain El-Sokhna and is located near Palm Hills Village. It is distinguished by its luxurious residential units overlooking stunning views of the sea and mountains, with gardens and sports and recreational facilities that ensure a unique resort experience for visitors.

  4. Baymount El-Ain El-Sokhna: Baymount Resort is considered one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in El-Ain El-Sokhna, offering residential units with modern designs and luxurious decor. The resort features a diverse range of facilities and amenities including restaurants, pools, and sports courts, providing a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Each of these resorts offers unique advantages and exceptional experiences for visitors, making the choice between them depend on personal taste and individual preferences.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit in Palm Hills El-Ain El-Sokhna Village Through!

If your ambition is to invest in ownership at Palm Hills Village in El-Ain El-Sokhna, here is a brief guide to make the purchase process easier and smoother:

1. Get acquainted with the project details: Start by conducting thorough research on the Palm Hills project in El-Ain El-Sokhna. You need to know all the details, starting from the available areas, unit prices, number of rooms, to the services offered by the project. This step is essential to ensure that the project meets all your needs and suits your expectations.

2. Choose the suitable unit: Before proceeding with the purchase process, it is necessary to determine the type of unit you want (chalet, villa, townhouse, or twin house) as well as the area you prefer. Depending on your needs and budget, this step will be crucial in determining your final choice.

3. Contact for more information: After deciding on the type and area of the desired unit, it's time to get in touch with us to inquire about any additional details and inform us of your interest in the unit you have chosen. We are here to provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in arranging a visit to the project to see the unit up close.

4. Contract and payment procedures: Once you are impressed with the unit and the project, you will proceed to sign the sales contract and pay the initial down payment. You should consider the available financial options and choose what suits you, whether it's a one-time payment or an installment plan.

5. Complete payments and unit handover: Following the initial payment, your task is to complete the payments according to the agreed-upon schedule. With guidance from the company, you will be able to fully settle the amount. As soon as all financial obligations are fulfilled, the unit will be ready for you to take possession and enjoy a new life filled with luxury and the high-end services provided by Palm Hills Village in El-Ain El-Sokhna.

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Ain Sokhna at kilo 93

2,300,000 EGP


Palm Hills Developments

16 Units

10% down payment and the rest in installments up to 8 years

an area of 150 acres.


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