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Palm Hills Katameya Extension

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Project Description

Project name: Palm Hills Katameya Extension.

About Palm Hills Katameya Extension project: One of the most luxurious projects in the city of Katameya, which provides all amenities and basic recreational and services for the residents of the compound.

Palm Hills Katameya Extension Location: Katameya City

Palm Hills Katameya Extension Project Space: 110 acres.

Units types: twin houses - townhouses - villas.

Palm Hills Katameya Extension Units Space: starts from 264 square meters

Palm Hills Katameya Extension Units prices: start from 11,228,000 EGP.

Payment systems: You can pay a 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.

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Know about Palm Hills Katameya Extension

Palm Hills Development has built its latest project in New Cairo on a space of ​​434,000 square meters to include the largest number of diverse residential units with all services and facilities that provide residents with luxury and enjoyment.

The residential units within Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound varied, including townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is characterized by its wonderful international designs, with the help of highly qualified engineers and experts.

One of the most important features within Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is the presence of many commercial services such as playgrounds, health clubs, and walking paths.

The real estate developer was also keen to set unbeatable prices and flexible payment systems in installments over many years to suit all customers.

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The prime location of Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound

The most important feature of Palm Hills Katameya Compound is its distinguished geographical location, in the heart of New Cairo near the main roads and important axes.

The most important landmarks near Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound:

  • It is 12 km from Nasr City.
  • Near New Administrative Capital, and the ring road.
  • It is 15 km away from the American University.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension is located near Clubs Street.
  • It is separated by a small distance from my city, Ain Sokhna Road, and Suez Road.
  • Near Mountain View iCity, Bienestar Compound.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is 15 km from Cairo International Airport.

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Spaces and unit types within Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound

Palm Hills Development was keen to choose a strategic location to build the most beautiful compound in New Cairo, which is Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound, it was built on a large space of 110 acres and contains 441 housing units.

  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is distinguished by its magnificent architectural designs, made by Engineer Shehab Mazhar.
  • 12% of the space for the commercial area and the rest of the area for facilities, buildings, and green areas.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound includes many diverse residential units that suit different tastes, including townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.
  • Townhouse Middle of 273 square meters + 37 penthouses.
  • While the space of ​​the Townhouse Corner is 237-306 square meters.
  • Twin houses space starts from 264 m² + 35 penthouses.
  • There are 441 standalone villas with a variety of styles, starting from 267 square meters + 36 penthouses.

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Find out about the services in Palm Hills Katameya Extension New Cairo

Do not hesitate and book your unit within the most beautiful compounds in New Cairo and get a package of the finest various services.

  • A children's area that includes many recreational activities and games that are fully secured to spend the happiest times inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • A large commercial area with many shops and brands and international brands that suit high taste at Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Large garages that can accommodate many cars to reduce pollution and congestion within Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound and to preserve the property in Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Many different sports fields, including football, basketball, and golf, to maintain fitness inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is environmentally friendly as it works on a solar energy system to preserve the environment from pollution.
  • A dedicated area to restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious oriental and western dishes under the supervision of the most skilled chefs.
  • An integrated health center with many modern devices and equipment in addition to the best trainers, and there are also private rooms for the spa, jacuzzi, and sauna to obtain the maximum degree of comfort and recreation inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Attention to the security aspect, highly trained security personnel, in addition to surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours to monitor all movements.
  • Many swimming pools distributed within Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound vary in size to suit all age groups.
  • Electric generators operate automatically in the event of a power outage inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension project includes a 5-star hotel with many rooms and offers the best services and amenities for customers.
  • A party and barbecue area amid greenery and fresh air at Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • Tracks dedicated to walking, running, and cycling, far from cars to protect the residents of Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound includes a large mosque that can accommodate many worshipers to perform religious rites.
  • Inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension there is a large hypermarket with all the consumer goods needed by the house and has an express delivery service.

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Features of Palm Hills Katameya Extension Project

The real estate developer was keen to provide many basic and recreational services that customers need and to provide unparalleled exclusive services, the most important of which are:

  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound contains two gates to facilitate access to the different units.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension project is distinguished by its unique location in the heart of New Cairo, as it is close to the main roads and axes that make access to the site very easy.
  • The spread of green spaces and landscapes gives an aesthetic view of Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound.
  • Parks and includes places to sit for psychological comfort and enjoy the beauty of nature inside Palm Hills Katameya Extension.
  • It is characterized by the diversity of its units, which gave a great opportunity for each client to choose what suits him.
  • Periodic maintenance service to fix all malfunctions in the shortest possible time.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension includes several fountains and water bodies that give an atmosphere of freshness and cool temperatures.
  • Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound is distinguished by its international architectural designs that are characterized by luxury and sophistication.

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Prices and Payment Systems offered in Palm Hills Katameya Extension

Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound is located in a large space that has been divided into green spaces and landscaping so that Palm Hills Katameya Extension compound can enjoy a stunning aesthetic view, and the rest of the residential units are different in space.

Palm Hills has taken care of providing competitive prices and convenient payment systems so that each customer finds the unit that suits his desires.

  1. The price of Townhouse Middle starts from 11,228,000 EGP.
  2. While the price of Townhouses Corner starts from 12,600,000 EGP.
  3. The price of Twin houses starts from 11,256,000 EGP.
  4. The price of Villas ranges from 13,745,000 EGP up to 16,076,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

There are many ways to pay on the installment system over many years, including:

  • Paying a 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • Paying a 25% down payment and the rest in installments over 10 years.

Units are delivered immediately and without finishing.

Disadvantages of Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound

It is rare to find shortcomings in the Palm Hills Katameya Extension project. However, some may see the lack of residential apartment units within Palm Hills Katameya Extension project as a downside. However, upon analyzing the pricing structure within the project, it is evident that Palm Hills has provided an exceptional offer that enables clients to acquire a villa at a price that competes with residential apartment prices in many other projects, making it an investment opportunity not to be missed.

The real estate developer of Palm Hills Katameya Extension Compound and his Previous Works

Palm Hills is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. The company was established in 1997 and owns about 29 projects in Cairo, the North Coast, and the Red Sea, including commercial, tourist, and residential.

The company is owned by businessman Yassin Mansour, the plots of Palm Hills are about 13.3 million square meters. The company is listed on the Egypt Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange under the symbols (PHDC.CA), (PHDC.LI).

The company started its journey on the sixth of October and has many successful mega projects.

Previous Works of Palm Hills

Experience True Luxury in Katameya Compounds: Your First Choice for Lavish Living!

Nestled in the heart of Cairo lies the upscale Katameya district, renowned for its elegance and sophistication. It's home to a collection of residential compounds that offer an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury to their residents. These compounds are meticulously designed to ensure a safe and private environment, surrounded by vast green spaces and a wide array of recreational facilities suitable for all ages and interests.

This area is a magnet for those who appreciate modern living and refinement, with integrated recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts, as well as health clubs and upscale restaurants. Residents also enjoy exceptional services, including round-the-clock security and maintenance, ensuring a peaceful and worry-free lifestyle.

The green trails and parks in Katameya enhance the value of a healthy and active lifestyle for its residents, offering opportunities for exercise and enjoyment of the captivating natural beauty. Additionally, world-class schools and universities located within the area make it an ideal choice for families seeking the highest educational standards for their children.

The strategic location of Katameya makes it a prime central point, easily accessible from various parts of Cairo and in close proximity to airports and major shopping centers, providing a contemporary and private living experience par excellence.

Choosing to reside in the Katameya compounds is an ideal option for those seeking to combine tranquility and luxury. It is a haven that offers its residents the lavishness of life in an atmosphere of safety and privileged privacy.

The Quality of Life You Deserve in Katameya Compounds!

The Katameya area in the Egyptian capital stands as a beacon of luxurious living, where high-quality, modern-designed residences converge to fulfill the aspirations of sophisticated living. This area blends luxury and serenity, offering a lifestyle that is unmatched anywhere else in Egypt.

Residing in Katameya offers a wide range of upscale homes, from spacious apartments with breathtaking views to elegant detached villas. Each unit is meticulously designed, with careful attention to every detail of comfort and privacy, incorporating high-quality building materials and sleek, modern interior designs.

The amenities go beyond just quality housing, extending to a variety of facilities that cater to the needs of residents. From lush gardens and open green spaces that bring a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation, to expansive swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers and luxurious health clubs, as well as dedicated areas for family entertainment and childcare, all within a secure and well-guarded environment around the clock.

The appeal of Katameya is further enhanced by its strategic location in New Cairo, making it conveniently close to commercial and service hubs, facilitating easy commuting and accessibility, and adding to the luxury and convenience for its residents.

Residing in Katameya offers a rich experience with amenities and services that cater to every aspect of modern living, providing its residents with a sense of contentment and belonging in an environment that blends authenticity and modernity.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: Top Compounds Near Palm Hills Katameya Extension

When considering settling in the Katameya area of New Cairo, where luxury, safety, and architectural excellence converge, a number of prominent compounds in the vicinity of Palm Hills Katameya Extension may catch your attention. Let's explore them:

  1. Katameya Creeks: This compound stands out for its meticulous attention to aesthetic details, featuring stunning water features and landscape designs that add a captivating touch, complemented by an architectural plan that highlights the beauty of the surrounding nature.

  2. Katameya Downtown: This complex is a significant destination, offering spacious areas and a diversity of properties ranging from townhouses to luxurious apartments, in addition to commercial spaces and offices, contributing to a vibrant and modern environment.

  3. Citygate: Citygate Compound stands out with its vast array of amenities and facilities, including sports courts, health clubs, and parks, offering a wide range of residential units with innovative designs to suit all tastes.

  4. Katameya Dunes: This compound offers vast green spaces and unique water features alongside various recreational amenities, complemented by convenient services such as shops, restaurants, and clubs, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking quality and luxury.

  5. Mivida: This compound embodies luxury in every detail, providing a stunning natural environment with gardens and lakes, as well as a diverse range of residential options to suit families of different sizes.

Ultimately, the choice among these compounds will depend on your personal preferences and the specific features and amenities you seek in your place of residence. You can identify the optimal option that aligns with your requirements to ensure a living experience that meets your expectations and lifestyle.

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Property in Palm Hills Katameya Extension via!

For those seeking an opportunity to own a property within the Palm Hills Katameya Extensions area in New Cairo, utilizing specialized real estate websites can be an excellent way to facilitate this process.

Through these websites, you can access a wide range of real estate options that cater to various tastes and needs. Here are some practical steps to guide you towards acquiring the ideal property in this prestigious area:

1. Search through Real Estate Websites: The search for the perfect property begins by visiting one of these websites, such as Egypt Real Estate, which are known for their user-friendly interface and efficient browsing capabilities.

2. Precisely Define the Area: It is advisable to precisely specify the search area within Palm Hills Katameya Extensions to facilitate finding suitable properties, with the option to use filtering features for added accuracy.

3. Define Technical and Personal Specifications: You should have a clear list of specifications you desire in the property, such as the number of rooms, area, type of finishing, price range, and any additional features.

4. Review Available Options: By applying your search criteria, you can browse through a list of properties that match your preferences, allowing you to carefully compare the options.

5. Contact the Property Owner: Upon finding a property that meets your needs, you can easily contact the owner to obtain more details or arrange a viewing appointment.

6. Schedule a Property Visit: Personally viewing the property is an essential step to ensure it aligns with the advertised specifications and conditions.

7. Complete the Transaction: After agreeing on all terms and details with the seller, and ensuring that the property meets all your expectations and requirements, you can proceed to complete the purchase and acquire the property.

By following these steps, buyers can take advantage of the capabilities offered by online real estate websites to facilitate the process of finding and purchasing a property in Palm Hills Katameya Extensions with ease and convenience.

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Katameya City

Units prices start from 11,228,000 EGP.


Palm Hills development

20 units

You can pay a 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.

110 acres.


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