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Project Description

Project name: Zoe.

About Zoe project:  Zoe Badya Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed, and it is a group of luxurious residential units that are characterized by modern and elegant architectural design. Zoe compound has vast green spaces and beautiful gardens, in addition to recreational facilities such as an aqua park, tennis courts, football, and basketball, in addition to a gym equipped with the latest equipment. Zoe Badya Compound is characterized by security and privacy, as it is secured by an advanced security system and 24-hour monitoring.

Zoe Badya Location: it is located in Sheikh Zayed City, 45 minutes from New Cairo.

Space of Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound:  3000 acres.

Zoe Units Type: studios - apartments - penthouses.

Zoe Units Space: starts from 60 square meters.

Units price in Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed: starts from 2,000,000 EGP.

The name of the executing company for Zoe: is Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company.

Payment system: you can pay a 0% downpayment of the total unit price and the rest via installments over 10 years.

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Zoe Badya Sheikh Zayed

The dream of living in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City is no longer impossible, after what the major real estate company Palm Hills achieved, which decided to establish a distinctive residential project within the 6th of October City, which it called Zoe, one of the phases of the huge Badya project, and it chose the best strategic location for it to be on Close to main roads and hubs, and close to vital areas.

As for the area on which it is built, it is huge, which was divided in an ingenious geometric manner, as we find that natural landscapes and artificial lakes occupy the largest percentage.

The residential units in Zoe Zayed project vary in terms of spaces and types, which helps you choose what matches your desires and what suits your family, as well as the integrated services available within it. As for the prices advertised in it, they are competitive enable you to own the unit easily, and have flexible payment methods to pay and install the total amount. Over the years, you can seize this golden opportunity inside Zoe Badya Palm Hills Mall and enjoy an incomparable residential life….!

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The strategic location of Zoe Compound Sheikh Zayed 

The major real estate company, Palm Hills, decided to complete its major achievements in the heart of the 6th of October City by establishing an integrated residential project, which is Zoe Badya, which is unique in many features, the most important of which was the strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, and close to the best vital and service areas. Which makes it easy for you to reach anywhere in several few minutes.

The most important landmarks near Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Zoe Shiekh Zayed project is close to the Ring Road, Al Wahat, 26th of July Corridor.

  • It is also close to Juhayna Square and the Mall of Egypt.

  • The distance between Zoe Badya Zayed compound and New Cairo is only about 45 minutes.

  • From Zoe Sheikh Zayed, you can reach the New Capital in about 50 minutes.

  • Zoe Badya project is adjacent to the largest major projects, including Mountain View i-City October, and Mountain View Chillout Park Compound.

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Space and design of Zoe Sheikh Zayed 

A distinctive residential project and one of the phases of Badya Palm Hills, in which the real estate company was keen to provide the best level of sophistication and luxury and designed it with Egyptian hands that have the best first precedent in the construction of many mega projects, so we find that Zoe Sheikh Zayed is located on a huge area of ​​​​3000 acres.

It was divided between vast green spaces and picturesque landscapes, which reflect the attractive civilized form and spread positive energy in the place. As for the units available inside, they are distinctive and differ in terms of types and spaces, so that customers have the freedom to choose what suits them and provides them with the best means of comfort and luxury. They are as follows:

  • Studio units at Zoe Badya: their space starts from 60 square meters.

  • Penthouse units inside Zoe Badya: their space starts from 110 square meters, and they are attached to a roof of 21 square meters.

  • Residential apartments within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound: their space starts from 125 square meters, and it consists of 2-3 bedrooms.

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Services available within Zoe Compound 6 October

Palm Hills provided the best-integrated services within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound, in order to fulfill all the desires of customers and to provide everything they are looking for, and these services are as follows:

  • The Palm Hills real estate company was keen to provide the largest amount of security services within its huge residential project by appointing several security and guard personnel to preserve the property.

  • In addition to distributing several surveillance cameras that monitor all events that take place throughout the day for more security in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

  • There are large swimming pools designed at the highest level and in different shapes, so that all groups can enjoy the best special times.

  • Long tracks have been paved within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound for walking, running, and cycling, and they are far from the roads for cars to avoid any accidents.

  • There is a distinctive entertainment service inside the largest and most distinctive health club that includes a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi, and the best services are provided at the highest level.

  • Designing a distinctive barbecue area that includes all the different tools and green spaces to enjoy the best special times with friends.

  • There are also major restaurants and cafes designed at the highest level, which are comparable to international styles, and the finest types of food and drinks are served.

  • There are large and different sports fields, including football, tennis, gymnastics, and volleyball halls, to practice favorite sports and spend a special time.

  • There is a huge shopping mall that includes the largest number of stores that display the best international brands, which is suitable for those with good taste.

  • For the sake of your health, several medical clinics include the largest number of various departments and have distinguished doctors to provide the best medical service to patients, in addition to a pharmacy that operates throughout the day.

  • A large hypermarket that includes the largest household items, and there is a delivery service in the shortest possible time.

  • Also, for those who love fitness and maintain the body, gymnasiums have been established, which include the largest number of modern sports equipment inside Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compoubd.

  • The prices advertised within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound are competitive, which helps you to buy the unit easily, and offer payment methods to pay the total amount over many years.

  • Appointing several cleaners who work throughout the day for a distinguished and problem-free residential life at Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.

What are you waiting for? You can seize this golden opportunity inside Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound, which provides you with the best-distinguished service….!

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The unique features of Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zoe 6th of October Compound is characterized by many different features that made it shine among many projects in that area and many investors flocked to it, and these features are as follows:

  • Zoe Badya Shiekh Zayed compound's space is huge, and it was divided among green spaces, which gives it a prestigious appearance and reflects a civilized look.

  • The strategic location of Zoe Badya compound is distinctive, which connects the most important roads and main axes, and is close to vital areas.

  • The water bodies within Zoe Zayed project are designed at the highest level, as there are dancing water fountains that operate throughout the day in different forms for more relaxation and enjoyment.

  • A mosque in a large area designed in the Islamic style, which is sufficient for the largest number of worshipers inside Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.

  • There are large garages below each residential unit, which are sufficient for the largest number of cars, to prevent crowding and maintain the elegant look of Zoe Badya Compound.

  • Providing several different facilities within the largest parks and gardens to sit and enjoy the best times and relax at Zoe Badya Project.

  • There is a special area for children that includes the largest number of distinctive games suitable for their different ages.

  • The residential units within Zoe Sheikh Zayed are unique in luxurious architectural designs in terms of luxury and sophistication by the greatest engineers.

  • A distinctive infrastructure was designed within Zoe, which includes all basic services, including water, electricity, and sewage.

  • Appointment of several maintenance centers that work throughout the day to monitor faults and repair them within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound.

If you are looking for a unique residential place within the 6th of October City, here within Zoe Sheikh Zayed Compound is a unique and irreplaceable opportunity, so take the initiative to book now…..!

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Prices and payment systems offered in the heart of Zoe Sheikh Zayed

In the interest of the major real estate company, Palm Hills, to serve all its valued customers and investors and its constant endeavor to meet all their desires and aspirations, it has provided the best competitive service for unit prices within Zoe, which has many advantages among many projects in that area.

We find that the unit price starts from 2,000,000 Egyptian pounds and is considered the best price in that region in addition to all the services provided to you on a plate of gold, in addition to the flexible payment methods that have been announced so that you can pay the total amount in installments over years and without interest, as follows:

  • You can pay a down payment of 0% of the unit price, and the rest is paid in installments over 10 long years.

For more information, you can contact us….!

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Disadvantages of Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the many advantages of Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed, some clients had reservations about the density of housing units, believing it could affect comfort levels. To address this concern, Palm Hills Developments took thoughtful steps, ensuring spacious distances between units to provide privacy and tranquility. The company also enhanced 24/7 security and guarding, guaranteeing a safe and relaxing environment for residents.

The real estate company - Palm Hills Development

Palm Hills Company is considered one of the largest well-known real estate companies, which has the first precedent in the establishment and development of many modern projects. It was founded in 2005 by Yassin Mansour, who contributed to the development of more than 26 governorates. It also has a distinct goal, which is the establishment and development of residential communities. The finest touches in terms of luxury and sophistication.

It is comparable in its formation to the modern international style, and it established Zoe Sheikh Zayed, one of the phases of the Badya October project, and it has had many major successes in this field and has occupied the forefront of the Egyptian real estate market.

Their previous projects:

Invest in Sheikh Zayed City: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

Sheikh Zayed City emerges as a distinguished investment hub in Egypt, offering vast horizons for investors with promising returns and great expansion potential. This integrated city embraces a rich array of premium residential projects, as well as commercial centers and entertainment venues, catering to the needs and aspirations of its residents and visitors alike, opening up wide avenues for investors to delve into the world of promising opportunities.

This city boasts a highly strategic location near Cairo, granting it easy accessibility through major road networks such as the Oases Road and the Ring Road, enhancing its status as an attractive center for investment and business. It's not just the excellent geographical location and the diversity of residential and commercial projects; the city also boasts massive commercial ventures, including large shopping malls and luxurious residential complexes, drawing the attention of investors and shoppers from within Egypt and abroad.

Real estate investment opportunities in Sheikh Zayed come with modern designs and diverse amenities, including educational, health, and sports facilities, making them ideal for those seeking high-yield investments. The city also enjoys an advanced and diverse infrastructure, with transportation networks, healthcare centers, and commercial hubs, further enhancing its appeal to all.

Entering the investment world in Sheikh Zayed City is a smart step towards achieving ambitious financial goals. The city allows investors to benefit from diverse real estate, commercial, and entertainment sectors, opening up wide horizons for sustainable financial success and full utilization of the available economic potential.

The Quality of Life You Deserve in Sheikh Zayed City Compounds!

Sheikh Zayed City represents a central point for upscale living in Egypt, offering its residents high-quality living standards. This meticulously planned city has been designed to meet the aspirations of its residents with precision, equipped with all elements of luxury and entertainment. The compounds within Sheikh Zayed boast modern infrastructure, featuring an advanced road network that ensures easy mobility and avoids traffic congestion. This city also encompasses all essential facilities such as educational and healthcare, in addition to shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes, making it an ideal environment for those seeking a balance between work and personal life.

Its mission does not stop at providing basic facilities; it also includes offering an integrated water and electricity distribution system with high efficiency and stability. The vast green spaces and lush gardens enhance the city's beauty and allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and engage in recreational activities within nature's embrace.

Security is a cornerstone in the city, with highly advanced surveillance systems in place to ensure the safety of residents and their properties. Additionally, efficient and effective emergency services are always ready for any contingency.

The management's efforts extend beyond maintaining quality to encompass continuous facility development and service enhancement in a modern manner, including organizing social and cultural events, further enhancing the appeal of living there. Residing in Sheikh Zayed City compounds is a unique experience that combines luxury and integration within an architectural and natural environment that delights the beholders, providing an ideal living environment.

Between Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Neighboring Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed!

Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed represents a unique destination for individuals seeking to reside in a distinguished environment that combines tranquility and privacy with easy access to a wide range of services and amenities. However, this area is not limited to Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed alone; it also encompasses numerous other residential complexes that offer various options for residents in terms of location, services, and quality of life. Our goal here is to explore these residential alternatives and highlight the features they offer, which may attract individuals seeking to live within the same area, providing them with an opportunity to choose the environment that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

  1. Genista Compound Sheikh Zayed: The Genista Compound enjoys a strategic location near Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed, making it an attractive point for families seeking elegance and excellence. This compound is renowned for offering integrated services and high-quality amenities, including shopping areas, a diverse range of restaurants, educational facilities through top-tier schools, and social clubs that open up avenues for socializing and entertainment. The compound stands out with its unique design and luxurious residential units, meticulously crafted to suit the needs of every family.

  2. Terrace Compound Sheikh Zayed: The Terrace Compound offers an exceptional opportunity for living in the heart of an ideal area, in close proximity to Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed. This compound is distinguished by offering upscale residential units, surrounded by captivating views of lush gardens and vast green spaces. Additionally, the compound features a diverse range of recreational and sports facilities, allowing for enjoyable and productive leisure time.

  3. Rivers Compound Sheikh Zayed: The Rivers Compound is ideally located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, as part of the massive Palm Hills project. This compound offers its residents a variety of residential unit options with different sizes, providing them with the opportunity to choose the most suitable unit that meets their needs. Additionally, the compound features a wide range of sports and recreational facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and dedicated children's play areas, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

  4. Prive Gates Compound Sheikh Zayed: The Prive Gates Compound is located in the Sheikh Zayed area, in close proximity to Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed area, and is distinguished by offering a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. The residential units provide captivating views of rich natural landscapes, featuring lush green spaces and serene lakes, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Residents of the compound enjoy access to all the services and facilities they may need, from shopping centers and restaurants to social clubs. Easy access to top-tier schools and hospitals further enhances the appeal of this luxurious living option.

If your desire is to live in peace and luxury in Sheikh Zayed City, the residential complexes neighboring Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed offer an ideal blend of comfort and opulence. These complexes are equipped with all the services and amenities you may need, featuring elegant designs and residential units that meet all your expectations.

Limitless Real Estate Investment: How to Finance and Purchase in Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed with Confidence through!

If you are interested in investing in a property within Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed, here is a simplified guide to help you complete the purchase process with confidence and security:

  1. The first step is to search online, and the website is an ideal source for finding properties. Explore the available listings in Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed and review the photos and details provided for each listed unit, including prices.
  2. After that, it is essential to communicate directly with the developer company of the project. This will allow you to obtain all the precise details about the residential units and any additional information you may require.
  3. It is highly recommended to allocate time to visit the project site in person. This step will enable you to assess the selected residential unit and familiarize yourself with all the available facilities and services up close, assisting you in making an informed decision.
  4. Once you are fully convinced and have chosen the residential unit, it is time for contracting. The importance of this step lies in ensuring your rights, so make sure to understand all the details and terms of the contract before signing.
  5. Finally, it is time to comply with the agreed-upon payment plan. Payments must be made according to the specified schedule to ensure a smooth process without any obstacles.

By following these steps carefully, you can ensure a successful and reassuring purchasing experience in Zoe Al Sheikh Zayed.

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