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Compounds in New Cairo

Palmet New Cairo Mall

Palmet New Cairo Mall Palm Hills Real Estate

From6,650,000 EGP

0 Units
Palm Hills development
Cinco New Cairo Mall

Cinco New Cairo Mall Upwyde For Real Estate

From5,000,000 EGP

10 Units
Upwyde Development
Sarai New Cairo

Sarai Compound New Cairo MNHD

From1,292,000 EGP

120 Units
Madinet Masr For Housing and Development (MMHD)
Yellow New Cairo Compound

Yellow New Cairo Compound Urbnlanes Development

From2,695,000 EGP

10 Units
Urbnlanes Development
Location of District 5 compound

District 5 Marakez New Cairo Compound

From1,990,000 EGP

106 Units
Garden View New Cairo Compound

Garden View New Cairo Compound Dream Town Real Estate

From5,760,000 EGP

10 Units
Dream Town Development
The Ark Business District New Cairo

The Ark Business District New Cairo

From6,640,000 EGP

10 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Own Your Unit In The Most Beautiful Villas For Sale In Fifth Settlement Directly From The Owner

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villa For Sale In Fifth Settlement With Swimming Pool: Where You Live Luxury In Its Best Form

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villa In Fifth Settlement For Sale In Installments Provides You With A Unique Housing Experience With Every Detail

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villa In The Settlement: The Elite's Choice For Real Estate Investment

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villa For Sale In Fifth Settlement From Owner: An Investment That Keeps Up With The Future With The Longest Payment Period

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villa For Sale In First Settlement From Owner: The Most Luxurious Investment Units At Attractive Prices

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villas In Sharbtly Fifth Settlement: An Investment That Exceeds Expectations

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Villas For Sale In Fifth Settlement Directly From Owner: Embodying Modern Life With An Egyptian Character

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
Villas for sale in fifth Settlement

Land For Villas For Sale In Fifth Settlement: Luxury You Experience Every Day

From5,000,000 EGP

0 Units
White Walk New Cairo Mall

White Walk New Cairo Mall Upwyde Real Estate

From2,400,000 EGP

0 Units
Upwyde Development
District People New Cairo Mall

District People New Cairo Mall W Assets Real Estate

From6,000,000 EGP

0 Units
W Assets Developments
Viola New Cairo Mall

Viola New Cairo Mall Hassan Holding Company

From5,950,000 EGP

0 Units
Hassa Holding Developments
East Side New Cairo

East Side New Cairo Land Mark Sabbour

From6,083,200 EGP

10 Units
Land Mark Sabbour
Store For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Office For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Office For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Office For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Store For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Store For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
Store For Sale In Hyde Park Business District New Cairo
New Cairo
office for sale in Cairo Capital Center Mall
New Cairo

Your Office 137m In Cairo Capital Center Mall

5,710,000 EGP

  • office
  • 1
  • 1
  • 137 m2
New Cairo
Duplex For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Duplex For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Duplex For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Apartment For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Apartment For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Apartment For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo
Apartment For Sale In Rivali New Cairo
New Cairo

Book A Unit With 160 Meters In Revali Fifth Settlement Compound

3,320,000 EGP

  • apartment
  • 2
  • 2
  • 160 m2
New Cairo
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The best compound in the New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods and it has become famous for being the dream house for all who desire distinction, sophistication, and luxury living, given that it includes a group of the best compounds, not to mention the presence of a number of important educational, health, and service landmarks nearby, in addition to its distinguished strategic location, which placed it at a slight altitude above sea level compared to the surrounding areas, placing it at the top of the areas in which real estate investors are racing to establish their projects due to its numerous features and the government's interest in the level of services and facilities in it.

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Location of New Cairo

The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the areas that fall within the scope of the city of New Cairo, and it is distinguished by a prominent location in the heart of the city near all of the main roads that connect the Fifth Settlement area with the adjacent neighborhoods and various directions within the capital, as well as the governorates of the Republic in general, as the Fifth Settlement s It provides access to all areas of Cairo as well as roads going to the various governorates of the Republic.

New Cairo is also bordered by NA Road, which connects it to Nasr City and the surrounding areas, so people who want to live in the finest residential neighborhoods and closed communities without leaving Cairo's heart and its important service, governmental, and educational landmarks will find the Fifth Settlement to be the ideal location that meets all of their needs.

New Cairo Map

New Cairo is made up of numerous neighborhoods, each of which has a variety of residential projects that are the finest and best in terms of architecture, design, and service quality in Cairo in general. From all across the country, such as the massive commercial malls, particularly Cairo Festival City.

New Cairo also includes the Downtown area, which serves as an interface for shopping enthusiasts and entertainment centers for adults and children, as it includes an integrated area with multiple restaurants and cafes serving delicious meals to satisfy all tastes, as well as huge commercial centers and administrative centers occupied by the headquarters of the largest companies in Egypt.

One of the most important aspects of New Cairo is that it is divided into several categories aligned with the various segments of the population, as it includes luxury and hotel housing, as well as medium and economic housing, commercial and administrative units, and all options that suit various possibilities and needs.

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New Cairo neighborhoods

The Fifth Settlement consists of a number of residential communities with integrated services and amenities, each of which has a collection of the best New Cairo compounds with high levels of finishes, designs, and execution magnificence, In all New Cairo compounds, considerable care is made to separate the units from one another with enough space from the lovely natural areas to give the maximum level of privacy and comfort for each unit. The following are some of New Cairo's most prestigious and notable neighborhoods:-

Choueifat District: The Choueifat District has several notable schools in New Cairo, both international and private, led by the Choueifat International School. It also has a number of high-end hotels, such as the Triumph Hotel. The area enjoys a privileged position, as it is right adjacent to New Cairo's entrance.

Al Narges Neighborhood: It is one of the finest in the assembly and the most appealing to those interested in purchasing luxury and sophisticated real estate properties, The area is known for its accessible position inside New Cairo, which allows people to quickly move and reach it through numerous routes, including the Moshir Tantawi axis, the regional ring road, and the Cairo/Suez road.

Lotus Neighborhood: is one of New Cairo's most significant and renowned neighborhoods, as well as one of the most heavily populated. The Lotus Neighborhood is adjacent to Madinaty, Egypt's most renowned compound, as well as El Shorouk City, and it is not far from the area's most bustling streets, including Tessen Street and all of its centers. It is a significant business location since it is accessible from the Lotus neighborhood through the Regional Ring Road and the Cairo/Suez Road.

El Koronfol Neighborhood: It is regarded as one of the settlement's most exclusive neighborhoods, devoid of pollution, noise, and traffic congestion. It is nearly fully dedicated to high-end standalone villas within the best complex in New Cairo and is distinguished by its convenient position, just minutes from the northern investor's region.

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Teseen Street

Teseen Street, which is the most active and popular street in the region, It is also overlooked by several compounds in New Cairo, one of which may be considered the greatest in the compound due to its unique placement near the Teseen Street.

What is the best compound in New Cairo 

New Cairo is known as one of the finest residential neighborhoods in Egypt in general, as it includes a variety of real estate, all of which are characterized by sophistication and luxury, as well as a high level of services and luxury, so owning a real estate unit, whether residential or commercial, is in the best compound in the settlement. New Cairo is a successful future investment that protects the value of your money and even doubles it within a few years due to major real estate projects in that region, and the following are the finest compounds of the assembly:

Mountain View, New Cairo: Among the Mountain View company's projects, which are recognized for their spectacular designs and unique project sites, the Mountain View New Cairo complex is located approximately 15 minutes from the American University.

Mountain View Hyde Park: Mountain View Hyde Park, one of Mountain View's New Cairo's works, is without a doubt the best compound in the Fifth Settlement due to its outstanding designs and advantageous position near Hyde Park and the American University.

La Fontaine Compound: One of the most essential factors that distinguish La Fontaine Compound, New Cairo, and makes it the greatest compound in the Fifth Settlement is its excellent position in the Golden Square neighborhood, and its only 5 minutes away from the American University.

Hyde Park CompoundHyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement is one of the greatest New Cairo real estate developments in terms of engineering designs that imitate modern European style, and it is only 5 minutes away from American University.

Features of living in New Cairo

Because it is the closest of the new urban towns to Cairo, there are several excellent benefits to living in New Cairo. It was developed and built to contemporary and advanced standards, ensuring a high level of services and the absence of typical Cairo issues, such as traffic congestion caused by small streets. A variety of the region's most significant landmarks, which had a beneficial influence on the desire for investment and real estate firms in the region to build more distinctive projects in it, and therefore raised the demand for purchasers and those seeking to settle in the region as well.

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  • New Cairo is regarded as one of Cairo's finest districts, renowned for its magnificent architecture and high level of amenities and services.
  • New Cairo is regarded as the most significant interface in the region, with several malls and commercial centers on a big scale, as well as all of the entertainment and basic services required for a well-rounded and pleasant lifestyle.
  • The facilities, services, and infrastructure on which New Cairo is built are progressive and modern.
  • New Cairo contains a variety of residential, administrative, and commercial units of varying sizes to meet a variety of purposes.
  • In New Cairo, there are several major malls, such as Cairo Festival Mall and Downtown Mall, as well as leisure facilities, such as large parks and parks like Family Park, Hyde Park, Magic Planet, and Magic Stores.
  • New Cairo is distinguished by its closeness to the most significant key highways that connect Cairo's many districts to one another and to the other governorates of the Republic, such as the Ring Road, the Axis of Field Marshal Tantawi, and the Ain Sukhna Road.

Discover the new life in the Fifth Settlement - get the smart investment opportunity today!

In recent years, the Fifth Settlement has gained a reputation as a smart investment opportunity. With its strategic location and booming real estate market, this area has become a hotspot for investors looking to capitalize on the potential for growth and returns. Whether you're looking to buy a residential property or invest in commercial real estate, the Fifth Settlement offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

One of the remarkable neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement is the Mountain View Icity New Cairo compound. Spanning an area of 500 acres, this compound is built with a belief that residents deserve the best. With a calm and innovative environment, Mountain View Icity offers a range of amenities and services that cater to all your needs. Some of the notable features include:

  • Central Park: The club park at Mountain View Icity is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. With greenery all around, the central park offers numerous entertainment activities suitable for all ages.

  • Diverse Properties: Mountain View Icity offers a wide variety of properties, allowing everyone to find their own requirements. From cozy apartments to spacious villas, there's something for everyone.

  • Prices: The prices in Mountain View Icity vary, ensuring that there are options available to suit various budgets. Whether you're looking for an affordable apartment or a luxurious villa, there's a property for you.

Live the luxurious life in the heart of the Fifth Settlement - amazing landmarks await you!

The Fifth Settlement is known for its stunning landmarks and attractions that cater to residents' desires for a luxurious lifestyle. Some of the remarkable landmarks in the area include:

  • Mivida Compound: Mivida is a luxurious compound widely known for its countless amenities. It offers a distinctive residential project with modern designs and affordable prices. With green spaces and beautiful landscapes, residents can find recuperation and tranquility in this compound.

  • La Mirada New Cairo: This distinctive residential project offers modern designs and economical prices. With green spaces and beautiful landscapes, La Mirada provides residents with a serene and tranquil environment.

These landmarks, along with many others, contribute to the luxurious lifestyle that residents can enjoy in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

The high life begins here in the Fifth Settlement - buy your unit today!

Living in the Fifth Settlement means embracing a high life filled with comfort, luxury, and convenience. The area offers a range of services and amenities that cater to residents' needs. Some of the services available in the Fifth Settlement include:

  • Green Spaces: There are ample green spaces in the Fifth Settlement, allowing residents to enjoy tranquility and beautiful landscapes.

  • Sports Facilities: The area is home to numerous sports facilities, ranging from football fields to golf courses. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite activities within the comfort of their own neighborhood.

  • Health and Wellness: The Fifth Settlement offers a variety of health clubs and medical centers, ensuring that residents have access to top-notch healthcare services.

  • Commercial Areas: The area is equipped with commercial malls and shops, offering residents easy access to a variety of goods.

  • Security: Safety is a top priority in the Fifth Settlement, and security guards are available 24/7 to ensure the well-being of residents.

These services, along with many others, make living in the Fifth Settlement a truly exceptional experience.

Enjoy the high life with the distinguished Fifth Settlement services.

The Fifth Settlement is renowned for the exceptional services it provides to residents. These services include:

  • Education: The Fifth Settlement is home to some of the best educational institutions, including prestigious schools and universities. Residents can provide their children with quality education within close proximity to their homes.

  • Entertainment: The area offers a range of entertainment options, including cinemas, shopping centers, and amusement parks. Residents can enjoy exciting recreational activities without having to travel far.

  • Dining: The Fifth Settlement is home to a variety of excellent dining options, ranging from international restaurants to local eateries. Food enthusiasts can indulge in a diverse culinary experience right at their doorstep.

  • Transportation: The Fifth Settlement is well-connected to major transportation routes, making it easy for residents to commute to other parts of Cairo and beyond.

These distinguished services contribute to the high life that residents can enjoy in the Fifth Settlement.

Live the experience of luxury and safety in the most famous Fifth Settlement compounds.

The Fifth Settlement is home to some of the most famous compounds that offer residents the ultimate luxury and safety. These compounds feature top-notch amenities, stunning designs, and exceptional services. Some of the renowned compounds in the Fifth Settlement include:

  • Mountain View Hyde Park: This compound offers a serene and peaceful environment surrounded by lush greenery. With its luxurious apartments and villas, Mountain View Hyde Park provides residents with a lavish living experience.

  • Palm Hills New Cairo: Designed with a focus on luxury and comfort, Palm Hills New Cairo offers spacious residential units, beautiful landscapes, and a range of recreational facilities. Residents can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within a safe and secure environment.

  • Sephora Heights: Known for its upscale villas and stunning golf course, Sephora Heights is a prestigious compound that offers residents luxury, privacy, and exclusivity. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated living experience.

These compounds, along with many others, provide residents with the opportunity to live in a safe and luxurious environment that surpasses all expectations.

In conclusion, the Fifth Settlement offers a new life filled with luxury, convenience, and tranquility. With its smart investment opportunities, amazing landmarks, distinguished services, and famous compounds, this area provides residents with a high life experience that is truly exceptional. Whether you're looking to buy a property for investment purposes or seeking a luxurious lifestyle for you and your family, the Fifth Settlement is the perfect destination. Invest in the Fifth Settlement today and embrace the luxurious life that awaits you.

Cheapest Compound in Fifth Settlement

Cheapest Compound in Fifth Settlement is considered the cheapest compound in Fifth Settlement due to its unique advantage that combines low prices and distinguished features it provides.

The compound has a variety of residential units, ranging from apartments to luxury villas, allowing buyers to choose a unit that suits their needs and budgets. Prices per meter start at just 8300 Egyptian pounds inside the compound.

In addition to low prices, the compound has a distinguished strategic location, carefully selected according to all necessary criteria.

The compound is located in a central location close to many important landmarks, including North 90th Street and major shopping and entertainment areas.

In addition, the compound provides many remarkable services and facilities for its residents, such as beautiful gardens, swimming pools, gyms, social clubs, sports fields and commercial places.

The compound is also characterized by modern and innovative architectural designs, which ensure a luxurious and comfortable residential experience for residents.

With regard to payment, the compound offers flexible payment options for buyers, where a small down payment of 5% of the unit value can be paid and the rest paid over a period of up to 10 years at a fixed interest rate.

In summary, Cheapest Compound in Fifth Settlement is an ideal option for investors and buyers looking for an affordable residential unit. The compound combines low prices and unique features, making it an investment opportunity not to be missed.

Map of Fifth Settlement Compounds

The map available for Fifth Settlement compounds is one of the important tools relied upon by individuals and families looking for housing in this upscale part of Cairo.

This map is characterized by providing comprehensive information about the communities in Fifth Settlement, including their locations and services available in each complex.

The information is well organized on this map, where each compound is clearly and accurately represented on the map.

Detailed details are provided about public spaces in each compound and available facilities such as swimming pools, gyms and courts.

The map also includes information about the level of security in each compound, including the presence of security and surveillance camera system.

In addition, the map allows users to identify ideal locations for schools, hospitals, malls and recreational areas in Fifth Settlement.

This helps residents and potential residents make informed decisions about their real estate investments and meet their daily and recreational needs appropriately.

The map of Fifth Settlement compounds is a valuable tool for those looking for housing in this thriving urban area. It provides them with the comprehensive and reliable information they need to make their decisions based on considering all important factors.

Whether they are looking for comfort and recreation or privilege and privacy, this map is a valuable guide to finding an ideal living environment that meets all their needs.

Most Expensive Compound in Fifth Settlement

Hyde Park Cairo New Capital is one of the most prominent luxury residential communities in Egypt.

The neighborhood provides a luxurious living experience with distinguished architectural designs and integrated facilities that ensure comfort and luxury for residents.

The neighborhood is an open gateway to luxurious living, providing a wide range of luxury villas and residential apartments with modern and lavish designs.

Residents can enjoy fresh air and lush green spaces in the parks and gardens located in the neighborhood.

There is also an elegant commercial center with world-class retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

Hyde Park Cairo New Capital has a distinguished strategic location as it is located near major roads and public facilities, providing easy access and communication with different areas of Cairo.

Apartments for Sale in Fifth Settlement Compounds


Fifth Settlement compound is an ideal destination for those looking for apartments for sale in New Cairo.

Fifth Settlement offers many luxury compounds that provide a variety of residential spaces to choose from.

From small apartments to large apartments, buyers can find what suits their needs and budgets.

One of the prominent compounds in Fifth Settlement is Galleria compound, which offers apartments for sale with an area of 182 square meters.

The compound is located in a prime location on 90th Street, making it close to many facilities and services.

In addition to Galleria compound, there are many other compounds in Fifth Settlement that offer apartments for sale at different prices and areas.

Buyers can compare between the 733 listings available online and choose the apartment that suits them based on the pictures and prices offered.

The location of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo is an attractive destination for many investors and residents looking for apartments for sale.

Thanks to the availability of diverse housing projects that meet different housing needs, buyers can find the ideal unit that suits their needs and lifestyle.

In addition, Fifth Settlement provides a quiet and comfortable environment away from the city bustle, making it an attractive living and investment option.

Those interested in apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement compounds in New Cairo can explore the many options available and compare pictures and prices to choose from among them.

By being located in a vibrant and thriving area with all necessary services, buyers can find the ideal apartment that meets their needs and realizes their dreams of living in a luxurious and comfortable environment.

Fifth Settlement Compounds in Installments

Fifth Settlement compounds in installments are an ideal option for individuals looking for comfort and housing in a prestigious location in Cairo.

These compounds are characterized by the availability of many remarkable services and facilities, making them an ideal choice for individuals and families interested in proper living.

One of the most important features of Fifth Settlement compounds in installments is their proximity to nearby sports clubs.

In addition to the luxurious housing and fun within the compounds, residents enjoy the proximity of sports facilities to enjoy various sports activities.

Fifth Settlement compounds in installments are also close to mosques, allowing residents easy access to the place they prefer for prayer and worship.

All these services are distributed in the different neighborhoods of Fifth Settlement, which include some of the best compounds in Fifth Settlement.

The urban planning of the city has been strategically organized to provide different housing patterns to meet the needs of the population in the area.

For example, Zayzina Fifth Settlement compound provides a variety of residential units ranging from luxury apartments to villas and palaces.

It also provides comfortable payment options where a 5% down payment can be made and the rest paid over 10 years at a fixed interest rate.

In addition, Thaqah Real Estate has developed the Grand Caesar compound in Fifth Settlement, offering modern residential units and diverse designs to meet the needs of the population.

A down payment ranging between 10% and 20% of the unit value can be paid, with the remainder paid equally over 8 years.

In short, if you are looking for Fifth Settlement compounds in installments, you can explore the many options available.

These compounds provide comfortable housing and all the important services needed by the population.

The flexible payment options make these compounds accessible to different segments of customers.

Fifth Settlement Projects

Fifth Settlement projects in Cairo are among the most prominent real estate projects in Egypt.

These projects are characterized by their location in the heart of Cairo and the availability of all basic and recreational services.

The project is located near the Ring Road and many other main roads, making it the center of attention in the Fifth Settlement area.

One of the main advantages of projects in Fifth Settlement is their strategic location in the heart of the city and proximity to major commercial and recreational projects.

In addition, the large area has helped the project to include all the basic and recreational services needed by the population, saving them the need to search for these services outside the project.

The project aims to make living in it a unique and healthy life experience.

One of the prominent projects in Fifth Settlement is Taj 29 Residence project, which is located in a prime location next to many famous residential projects such as Hyde Park and Mountain View.

This project is distinguished by the availability of many options and advantages that meet the needs of the population and provide them with a comfortable and luxurious living environment.

In addition, Cityscape Villa project provides residents with an exceptional living experience in the Fifth Settlement area.

The project is characterized by its unique designs and innovative urban designs that provide residents with comfort and relaxation in a quiet green environment. The project also provides all basic and recreational services, making it an ideal destination to live.

These projects in Fifth Settlement are witnessing increasing demand and are an exciting investment opportunity.

These projects provide a complete and comfortable living environment, and include a variety of services and facilities that meet the needs of the population.

In addition, easy access to many main roads and nearby commercial projects make Fifth Settlement projects an ideal choice for living and investing.

Cheapest Neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement

Fifth Settlement neighborhoods have great diversity, as this settlement extends over an area of up to 70 thousand acres.

It has been divided into several different neighborhoods, including the cheapest neighborhoods.

Among these neighborhoods is Al Andalus neighborhood, which is one of the lowest cost neighborhoods in Fifth Settlement, where the price per meter is 6000 pounds.

In addition, Al Lotus neighborhood is located in the heart of Fifth Settlement and near Mivida, and is one of the low-cost areas in the region.

The area has many clubs and commercial facilities and malls, as well as easy access to Rehab City.

Among the famous compounds in Fifth Settlement are Palm Hills, Mountain View, Marina and Lake View.

Tamar Henna neighborhood is known as an area of palaces and villas, characterized by low population density.

In addition, the area provides 4 outlets from Fifth Settlement, facilitating residents' access to other areas.

In summary, Fifth Settlement neighborhoods are among the cheapest neighborhoods in New Cairo, characterized by their diversity and the availability of elegant compounds and facilities.

These areas are a good choice for people looking for affordable homes in a sophisticated urban environment.

Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in New Cairo

New Cairo city includes a large number of luxurious and prestigious neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods east of Cairo Suez Road and New Cairo Ain Sokhna Road are considered the most luxurious neighborhoods in New Cairo.

These neighborhoods include Al Yasmin neighborhood, Al Banafseg neighborhood, and the neighborhood south of the Medical Academy. These neighborhoods provide a luxurious living environment and excellent facilities for residents.

The most luxurious and distinguished neighborhoods in New Cairo are:

  1. Fifth Settlement: It is considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in New Cairo, with excellent infrastructure and modern facilities.
  2. Al Andalus: It is characterized by its luxurious and unique designs, and provides a quiet and sophisticated living environment.
  3. Al Yasmin: It is considered a distinguished residential destination for families, providing luxurious homes and high quality services.
  4. Al Narges: It is characterized by tranquility and security, and includes elegant recreational and commercial facilities.
  5. Al Banafseg: It has attractive architectural designs and luxury amenities, and is a favorite destination for investors and residents alike.

New Cairo neighborhoods offer many huge commercial and recreational projects, such as Cairo Festival City Mall, Point 90 Mall, and Downtown Mall, in addition to branches of the most famous restaurants and cafes. These neighborhoods also contain many prominent medical facilities such as the Air Hospital and New Cairo Hospital.

In conclusion, the neighborhoods of New Cairo are among the most luxurious in Cairo, combining luxury and professionalism in design and distinguished facilities.

These neighborhoods have many luxurious properties and villas for sale, making them an ideal destination to live and invest.