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New Administrative Capital's Map In Detail And Its Scheme


New Administrative Capital Mapnew administrative capital

We can discuss in detail the first features of the planning of the New Administrative Capital

  • The New Capital is a new dream that was able to see the light in the stage of construction and establishment that Egypt is currently experiencing, It was decided to start the execution of the capital of the future that suits Egypt and its status, it was announced by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the Youth Conference in Sharm El Sheikh.

  • This capital was planned in order to combine modernity with history and make a qualitative leap towards a more advanced and brighter future, so it has been planned to build it as follows:

  1. A new administrative center has been announced to include the presidential palace, the parliament, the government, a diplomatic neighborhood, an international airport, and the world's largest park.

  2. The establishment of urban areas on a large area that equals 460 square kilometers, including 25 residential neighborhoods, about 1.1 million residential units, 40 thousand hotel rooms, and about 10,000 kilometers of roads.

  3. It is planned to create a technology and innovation zone, a group of universities, an IT software factory and an experimental center. The city will be relying on new and renewable energy, All facilities, and all forms of transportation, mass transit, subway or high-speed trains, will be provided for easy access to and out of the capital and for More Click Egypt Real Etate.

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The Special Location of The Project:

It is planned to choose a strategic location that combines all vital places and close to the main roads, and at the same time away from the crowding and pollution, where it is located 45 kilometers from downtown Cairo, 80 kilometers from Suez and 55 kilometers from the Gulf of Suez, and is characterized by its location near the Suez Canal development project, its also near to the cities of East Cairo (Badr, El Shorouk and New Cairo), The area is connected to four main roads: Suez Road - Ain Sokhna Road, Middle Ring Road, Regional Road, in addition to the main road axes.

The Estimated Cost:

The Administrative Capital project is being constructed on 170,000 acres and depends on the partnership between the public and private sectors, The first phase investments in the New Administrative Capital were estimated at 45 billion dollars.

Three Phases to Execute The Project:

Due to the hugeness of the Administrative Capital project, it was divided into three phases:

  • The first phase on 40,000 acres.

  • The second phase on 47,000 acres.

  • The third phase on 97,000 acres.

It is planned that the first phase will be executed with the first priority of 12 thousand acres, including the urgent phase estimated at 3 thousand acres.

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The Location of the New Administrative Capital on the mapموقع العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

The New Administrative Capital is located on Cairo El-Suez Road near El Ain El Sokhna and New Cairo and on the borders of Badr City.

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The New Administrative Capital Outlineمخطط العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

  • The project has been carefully planned and the location has been carefully selected, it's located in the district between Cairo and Suez, and close to the Regional Ring Road.
  • In addition, it is located on the borders of Badr City between Cairo and Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna road.

  • The distance between the center of Cairo and the New Capital is 60 kilometers, which is also the same distance between the Capital and  El-Suez and El Ain El Sokhna.

    The New Capital is about 170,000 acres, that equal the size of the Asian city " Singapore ".

If we talk about the division and planning of the Administrative Capital, we will find the following:

  • Capital Park:  A huge park constructed on 1000 acres and a length up to 10 kilometers, and this park is twice the size of Central Park in New York two and a half times.
  • The Green River: The Green River extends over a distance of 35 kilometers and connects all the districts of the capital and its universities, and it's a small model for the River Nile.
  • The Green River is the largest green axis in the whole world and not only in the Middle East, There are also a number of cafes, gatherings, concerts and free amusement parks on 5,000 acres on both banks of the river.

  • The administrative capital includes nearly 6,000 cameras in one of the largest and most powerful arbitration systems and is the first in Egypt, and that ensures public safety services.

  • The government is working on the construction of railway lines linking the new capital to all governorates, In addition, an international airport is currently being constructed in the center of the Capital on 16 kilometers.

  • The Egyptian government aims to connect the Administrative Capital with the 10th of Ramadan City and the City of Belbeis electrically by using the electric train.
  • It was planned to construct several small towns, such as Medical City, Sports City, Expo City, and Conferences Center.

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The Features Of The New Administrative Capital's Location New Capital

  • The location of the new capital was precisely chosen between Cairo and Suez, extending to the existing capital and the canal's cities, making it has a strategic vital location that is easily reachable in all ways.

  • It's 60 kilometers away from Cairo, and it's located exactly between Cairo El-Suez and Cairo El Ain El Sokhna Roads.

Map Of The New Cities In Egypt

  • The Urban Communities Authority decided to invest the vast desert of Egypt in order to create completely new cities, These cities have attracted all young people, especially those working outside Egypt, including those who wanted to invest in them and some who wanted to book residence in the long run.

  • The Urban Communities Authority has launched many new cities at the maritime and tribal level in Egypt, with the geographical maps and the division of these cities to roads and squares and supplies them with water and sanitation networks and infrastructure for each of these cities. It was decided to deliver 44 new cities by 2052.

  • It was planned to support the new cities in Egypt and their industrial, commercial and agricultural development.It is worth mentioning that these cities have been designed using green architecture, which relies on new renewable energy sources for the treatment and heating of water, lighting and sanitation and excellent recycling of water and waste use.

  • It was also decided that the proceeds from these projects would be used in conjunction with the State Urban Communities Authority and the private sector companies to increase investment while reducing the burden of the state budget. These investors should be specialized in the activities required for the development of these cities from industrial, agricultural, real estate and commercial activities.

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New Cities To Be Constructed By The Urban Communities Authority

  • When the construction started, two cities were selected, The first city is El Fayrouz city and is located in the province of Port Said and its space consists of 30 thousand acres, and the second city in new El Alamein district on 88 thousand acres, and thus will be the largest city among the cities.

  • In addition to the new cities of El Alamein and Fayrouz, there are several other cities such as: El-Tor, Ras Mohammed, Ghareb El-Zaafarana, El-Nakhl, New Rafah, East of the Lakes in Ismailia Governorate, Technology Valley in Ismailia, New Abu Zenima, New Marsa Matrouh، South Dabaa area, northeast of Siwa, New Bawiti area beside Siwa Oasis, Wadi El Hammamat, Ali City in Wadi Ferran Road, New Samalout, El-Wahat Dakhla and Kharga, New El-Wahat Bahariya , Ras Gharib, New Mallawi, Old Mallawi, West Assiut، New Beni Mazar in Minya, Toshka project and Beni Murr new, Kouta in Qaroun Lake in Fayoum, Wadi Alaqi and Karkar in Aswan Governorate, New Farafra, Nag Hammadi New, New Akhmim City in Sohag Governorate, New Gamasa, New Baltim, New Metoubas.

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New Cairo City:

  • New Cairo is one of the most important and vital new cities with a space of approximately 70,000 acres. New Cairo is characterized by a charming strategic location that has been carefully selected and located between Ain Sokhna Road, Cairo Suez Desert Road and East Ring Road.

  • The construction of New Cairo is planned to include about 5 million people as planned until 2030, and the Urban Communities Authority worked to provide residential land for investment companies and individuals to build new residential communities, it has been provided by service areas with an space of 18 thousand acres containing religious, health, cultural, educational, recreational and commercial spaces in a very distinctive way.

  • As for educational projects, we have (American University, German University, Canadian International College, New Cairo Academy, etc.), If we come to talk about the entertainment side, we will find that the New Cairo contains the largest clubs such as (Petrosport Club, New Cairo Club, Platinum Club, Golf Club, Wadi Degla Club, and others), in addition to the presence of many cafes and mega malls in addition to the largest gathering of global and local banks.

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New 6th Of October City:

  • Sixth of October City is one of the best and most modern cities of the fourth generation, which has been divided in order to be an extension of the 6th of October City in order to include the largest population possible.

  • The new 6th of October City is located on El-Wahat Road and separated from the 6th of October City by one street, and October City has been divided into 3 cities which are:

  1. The 6th of October city (Its space equals 52,000 acres)

  2. October Gardens (Its space equals 27,000 acres)

  3. New October City (Its space equals 90,000 acres)

El Shorouk City:

Shorouk City is an extension of New Cairo, and the purpose of its construction was to reduce the population density in Cairo and redistribute the residents, Shorouk City has attracted many people and attracted many young people from different classes, where there are many buildings with average prices, which vary in their spaces to suit everyone.

El Obour City:

Obour City is one of the suitable cities for all young people of all age groups because of the presence of many classy residential districts, in addition to the presence of many residences for young people in addition to many industrial cities, and the presence of El Obour market that provides you with all you need of vegetables, fruits and other products, And the presence of a parking garage with many means of transport from which you can get to where you want, in addition to the availability of entertainment areas such as Obour Club and Golf City Club.

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Badr City:

The city of Badr is located on the Suez road, and it's near to the New Capital, so it is one of the most important cities of New Cairo. It is expected to increase the meter's price during the coming period due to the increasing demand, it's also close to the main roads, which is easy to reach and exit it.

El-Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the oldest new cities, which was a grant from Sheikh (Zayed), it's 28 kilometers away from Cairo, which made many people come to it in addition to its elevated position above sea level, which is 220 meters above sea level، Providing you with an ideal climate all over the year, it's located on Alexandria desert road and there are a lot of green spaces where they are executed on 40% of the entire city space which provides you with wonderful landscape, and the city has a lot of distinct services and many entertainments means.

New Mansoura City 

One of the best new cities, it is planned to include approximately 5.5 million people, and it was designed to be an outlet for the people of Dakahlia, to reduce the residential pressure from the governorate, and it's located 20 kilometers length on the shore of the Mediterranean, and it's a state-owned land, and it's constructed on 7606 acres, and it reaches the borders of Kafr El-Sheikh.

The New Administrative Capital Airportمطار العاصمة الدولي

The New Administrative Capital Airport is one of the projects on the list of projects executed by the state recently. The experimental operation of the Administrative Capital Airport started last June, in conjunction with the announcement of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to open it in order to serve as a new addition to the Egyptian airports, as part of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's directives to expand the construction of airports, to facilitate transportation to and from all Egyptian governorates in order to activate tourism, promote development and provide job opportunities for young people.

So we will know the most important information about the New Administrative Capital Airport 

  • It's 30 kilometers away from Cairo International Airport.

  • It is expected to ease the pressure on Cairo airport especially in the reception of charter planes and large aircraft.

  • Accommodates more than 300 passengers per hour.

  • The terminal consists of an arrival and departure terminal, a third terminal for VIP visitors, a passport and customs area, and a restaurant and free-market area.

  • It includes a main runway of three and a half kilometers length and a width of 6 meters, And an aircraft waiting area that can accommodate more than 8 large-size planes.

  • The airport has a parking area for more than 500 cars, 20 buses and a large 850 square meter mosque.

  • It includes a 50-meter-long aerial control tower, a 3650-meter-long and a 60-meter-wide corridor equipped with night-time corridor lighting and landing systems (ILS), as well as 15-meter corridor shoulders on both sides.

  • It serves the residents of East Cairo,  El Shorouk, Badr, Heliopolis, the New Capital cities, and the cities of the Canal governorates, It also supports tourism and travel, as well as easing the crowdedness from Cairo International Airport.

  • Contributes in developing El Suez and El Ain El Sokhna areas which contain the seaports as: El Suez, Adabya and El Ain El Sokhna.

  • It was connected to the road (Cairo - Suez) through a free intersection to a bridge to achieve the entry and exit of the airport at safe intersections, without causing any traffic jam.

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  • The airport has been designed according to a system that allows its future development and expansion, to save space in accordance with the expected increase in passenger traffic in that promising area, as well as taking into account the addition of future corridor development in line with the increase in air traffic.

  • The landing system of the new Capital Airport is planned to be automatically ILS / DME, and the airport is being equipped with an automatic landing system ILS / DME for the direction 01L, consisting of a localizer runway station, a glide path station and a DME distance measuring device.

  • The National Air Navigation Services Company (NANSC) supervised the execution of the Capital Airport in cooperation with the Egyptian Armed Forces in establishing a system that enables pilots to land safely.

  • it's designed to the highest international standards, the airport is equipped with the latest art airport security and management systems.

  • It has the latest camera surveillance systems to detect the finer details, as well as thermal surveillance cameras, X-ray bag detection systems, automatic fire alarm systems, and a flood management system.

Map Of New Administrative Egyptحي المال والأعمال بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • The new administrative capital is constructed on 168 acres, that equals to the space of the city of Singapore, and it consists of the Northern Mohammed Bin Zayed compound, in addition to the construction of many main roads, and it was planned to construct a conference center, an exhibition city, a full government district, a residential district, a medical city, a sports city, a central park, and a smart city.

  • It has a large central park with a space of 8 kilometers and that equals the space of the central park in New York two and a half times.

  • The first phase of the new capital is being constructed on 10,000 acres. The first phase is planned to accommodate 7 million residents, The Ministry of Housing has developed a plan for the construction of 25,000 residential units in the neighborhood. The residential units' spaces in the neighborhood range from 100 square meters to 180 square meters.

  • A government district was constructed which consists of 18 ministerial buildings and the presidential institution-building and many ministries will be transferred to it in the coming period.

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The following ministries will be moved to the New Capital:

  1. The Health

  2. The Housing

  3. The High Education

  4. The Education

  5. The Supply

  6. Military Production

  7. The Endowments

  8. The Justice

  9. In addition to the Parliament building and the Council of Ministers building as well as the presidential building.

  • It also has the largest business and financial district in the Middle East and the Embassies District.

  • A number of major construction companies in Egypt participated in constructing of both the residential and governmental neighborhood in the New Capital, including:

Talaat Moustafa - Arab Contractors - Sons of Allam - Concord - Orascom Alliance along with Petrojet Contracting Company - Nile Valley Company - Egyptian Spanish Alliance - Chinese Company “CSSC” and it was classified from the best 250 international real estate companies.

The Important Projects Being Constructed in New Administrative Capitalمسجد الفتاح العليم بالعاصمة الجديدة

There are many major projects that are being constructed in the center of the New Capital during this stage, including the following:

  • International Expo City.

  • A conference city with huge conference rooms.

  • Knowledge and Technology City which is a smart city

  • Universities, scientific research centers and factories to carry out scientific research projects

  • The capital's 4800 Mega Watt power plant is one of the largest in the world

  • A new international airport “Capital Airport” with a towers area that will have two of the highest ten towers in the world

  • The capital will be linked to the development of Mehwar El Suez Canal through axes and tunnels

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Many Projects have been started in constructing them as:

Transportation Within New Administrative Capital

مميزات العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

  • You can reach the New Capital easily through El Suez Road and then heading to Jandali Road 2, a temporary road that is used until the completion of the construction of Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, where it is still under construction.

  • You can then head to El Suez Road if you are a resident of the Fifth Settlement until you reach the regional road and after 15 minutes from the check point, you will find the New Capital because it is close to New Cairo and Badr City.

  •  A train linking the 10th of Ramadan to the Ring Road was constructed through El Suez Road to finally reach the New Capital, In addition to the suspension train, there are many buses that go to the capital via many stops such as the 10th of Ramadan and Ramses.

Shops for Rent in the Administrative Capital

There are a lot of shops in the administrative capital, including what is available for rent and what is offered for ownership, and the prices of rent shops vary due to many factors, including:

  1. Space
  2. The location of the shop under rent
  3. The neighborhood where the shop is located, as the price varies from neighborhood to another.
  • You can find shops to rent in the New Capital by contacting us and you will find many offers to suit you, just specify the space and district.

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The New Administrative Capital Apartmentsأفضل الوحدات السكنية بالعاصمة الادارية

  • During this period, a huge range of apartments, villas, and compounds are being constructed in the New Capital, and the units' spaces and prices vary.

In the beginning, we will know about the most important neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital:

The administrative capital is divided into 4 districts:

 1- The Governmental District

 2-  The Residential District

 3-  The Diplomatic District

 4-  The Central Business District.

  • The residential district has a large variety of villas as well as townhouses and 4000 villas are planned to be constructed.

  • The central business district, which includes a large group of companies and residential and commercial towers that reach 20 towers.

  • The Egyptian government has put in place many conditions and provisions in order for foreign workers to own apartments in the New Capital, including the following:
  1. Applicants must be over 21 years of age.

  2. To hold a valid Egyptian passport.

  3. The residence abroad document must be valid.

  4. Have the right to own only one unit.

  5. He should not have previously been allocated in any unit within the program of the Ministry of Housing.

  6. He shall not be entitled to book in the projects under construction or what will be constructed afterward if a unit has already been allocated to him.

  • You can book the new capital units now as there are many completed projects such as in IL Bosco Compound, Midtown, and other compounds so you can follow up with us and you will find the residential unit you dream of.

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The Unit Prices in New Administrative Capitalتصميم داخلي بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • The New Capital's buildings consist of a basement, ground floor, and 7 upper floors. The floor space equals 580 square meters, and the apartment's spaces start from 150 square meters up to 180 square meters.

  • The apartment is specially designed as it includes a reception, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a bedroom with a separate bathroom and wide balconies.

  • The meter's price for residential units and apartments in the New Capital starts from 4500 Egyptian pounds for the units which are offered by the Ministry of Housing, where the Ministry of Housing is preparing to launch 3000 acres after the completion of constructing the services and basic facilities in them, and the meter's price for those lands will be between 3500 pounds and 5000 pounds.

What Are the Booking Requirments in the New Administrative Capital?

الخدمات التي تتوفر بالعاصمة الادارية

  • The residential units offered in the New Capital are available to all Egyptian citizens.

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old and there is no maximum age.

  • The client can only use the residential unit in the residence only and may not be used for any other purpose and he must commit to this requirement.

  • Every citizen who owns a residential unit in the capital has a share in the land according to the space of the unit he purchased.

  • You can book online through all the Housing Bank branches and pay 500 pounds as a booking downpayment, plus a 10% payment if you wish to pay in installments without interest and a message will be sent to your phone after registration online within 48 hours to confirm the transfer.

  • After accepting all the above conditions, the booking form will be filled.

The Executing Companies of the New Administrative Capital Projects

There are four main companies that have been assigned to the construction and building things, and these companies are:

  • The Arab Contractor.

  • Talaat Moustafa Group.

  • Hassan Allam Sons.

  • Orascom Construction.

  • There are also some companies that participated in the construction process, such as Petrojet Contracting Company, and Wadi El Nile Company.

  • In addition, an Egyptian-Spanish alliance has also been involved in the construction of the New Capital, as well as the Chinese company "CSCEC", which took over the task of building the largest skyscraper in Africa in the New Capital.

Who Is Responsible For New Administrative Capital?

مساحات خضراء بالعاصمة الادارية الجديدة

The answer to this question is that a joint-stock company has been entrusted with managing the construction of the New Capital with an estimated capital of 6 billion pounds.

This company consists of a group of basic departments as follows:

  • National Service Projects Authority

  • Urban Communities Authority

  • Armed Forces Land Projects Authority.

The Board of Directors consists of 13 members as follows:

  • 3 representatives of the Urban Communities Authority.

  • 5 representatives of the Armed Forces.

  • 5 Experienced people in the real estate and construction field.

Booking Requirments of Apartments in New Administrative Capital

الحي السكني بالعاصمة الجديدة

  • The Ministry of Housing and Construction announced the tender of the conditions of the New Capital's apartments in a data form only without conditions in order to be available to those who can pay the price of the residential unit, In addition to all those who have units in the project of Dar Misr or Egypt housing that's owned by the Ministry of Housing, and the meter's price was set at 9 thousand Egyptian pounds for units ranging between 120 square meters and 180 square meters.

  • The final meter's price in these residential units has not been announced by the pricing committee of the Ministry of Housing, which is tasked with studying the market situation after the increase in the prices of the building materials.

  • The date of booking apartments in the New Capital has been announced, which was in March 2018, and is limited to advanced companies and not individuals, so that the space offered in the offer is not less than 20 acres.

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