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Town Gate New Capital Compound Smart View Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Town Gate.

About Town Gate Project: It is a residential project designed to be a residential city away from the city's areas of traffic, noise, and pollution, as it also provides the residents with comfort and well-being with a variety of spaces and residential designs.

Town Gate New Capital Compound Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital of R7 district plot J2.

Town Gate Space: 21 acres.

The Developer Name: Smart View Development and Dar El Tamauz.

Town Gate The Capital Units' Type: apartments.

Compound Town Gate Units' Space: It starts from 150 m² up to 400 m².

Price per meter: starts from 10,300 EGP up to 12,800 EGP.

Payment Methods: 0% downpayment and installment up to 10 years.

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Town Gate

Town Gate Administrative Capital is designed to be the latest in international design, with all its units enjoying a magnificent view of green spaces and water bodies in a harmonious lyrical scene.

Town Gate project is a small, integrated residential city to serve customers and their families in isolation from traffic, noise, and pollution.

One of the advantages of Town Gate New Capital compound is that it includes an open community of green gardens and landscapes to meet all your main and recreational needs through a range of premium services such as a variety of clinics and pharmacies, a shopping mall with all international brands, Crystal Lagoons, Vast green spaces throughout Town Gate project, swimming pools of different sizes for added entertainment and fun.

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About Town Gate New Administrative Capital

Town Gate New Capital is one of the very distinct compounds that are located in the heart of the Administrative Capital in the most vital places. It is established on an area of 21 acres but the buildings are located in only 4 acres where the percentage of construction represents 18% of the total area and the rest of the area is allocated for the green spaces in order to provide you with the top sophistication and luxury in Town Gate Compound Smart View.

Town Gate is an integrated residential project designed and executed to be a small residential city away from the noise of the city, traffic, and pollution, and will provide you comfort, luxury, and privacy.

The real estate developer has also worked to take into account all the details that make your life more easily, starting with the vital location within Administrative Capital to working on the distinctive division as all residential units overlook charming landscapes or distinct water bodies. It guarantees you to invest your money securely as real estate prices are constantly increasing in the Administrative Capital.

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Where is Town Gate located? Town Gate New Capital

The developer was keen to choose the ideal geographical location for Town Gate compound near famous landmarks and vital facilities, knowing that it is a key element for the success of any residential project. Town Gate New Capital is located near the Embassies District and the central axis in plot J2 on three major important streets including an 80 meter wide street, near the most important residential communities and service facilities that meet the residents' living needs.

The most important landmarks near Town Gate New Capital Compound:

  • The most important feature of Town Gate New Capital compound is its proximity to the most important compounds in the New Administrative Capital such as Castle Landmark compound, and Azar 2 compound.
  • Town Gate is about 3 minutes away from the Embassies District.
  • The distance between townsgate capital compound and the Russian University is about 5 minutes.
  • It is easy to go from Town Gate New Capital compound to the Green River, which is one of the most important landmarks in the area, in 10 minutes.
  • Town Gate New Capital compound is close to the Government District and easily accessible within 10 minutes.

Town Gate New Capital units that reflect innovation and excellence

Town Gate New Capital compound was built on an area of 21 acres, with 19% of the total area allocated for buildings, while 81% for plazas and landscapes that include beautiful artificial lakes. This gives the units in Town Gate New Capital compound a stunning panoramic view so that residents can enjoy the best services. You can learn about the unit sizes in Town Gate New Capital project through the following points:

  • The size of duplex apartments in Town Gate compound ranges from 280 square meters up to 320 square meters.

  • While the size of 4-bedroom apartments ranges from 220 square meters to 245 square meters.
  • The size of 3-bedroom apartments with a garden starts from 130 square meters up to 180 square meters, with a 65 square meter garden.
  • The size of 3-bedroom apartments in Town Gate New Capital compound ranges from 126 square meters to 195 square meters.

The Exclusive services inside Town Gate New Capital Compound

 مميزات المعيشة في كمبوند تاون جيت

Town Gate is characterized by many huge and distinctive services that have been provided in an integrated manner to serve you at the highest level, as they are exclusive and you will not find them anywhere else, and we present the following:

  • Major entertainment services are available inside Town Gate New Capital compound for bodybuilding lovers...
  • Large gyms have been established, with all the modern devices that help you get fit, and trainers at the highest level inside Town Gate The Capital.
  • The presence of large centers and distinctive Spa Houses for lovers of body care, and rooms for Jacuzzi and sauna in order to provide positive energy at Smart View New Capital Compound.
  • To protect your belongings, a car parking area and a large garage have been allocated for each building in order to prevent overcrowding and congestion in Town Gate The Capital Project.
  • Throughout Town Gate project, a number of security personnel and heavy guards were provided, which work throughout the day without stopping so that customers feel safe and secure.
  • For the children inside Town Gate project, there is a modern and advanced nursery, in order to teach them and practice activities that develop their ideas.
  • A huge commercial area with a number of supermarkets that provide you with all the goods you need inside your home at Town Gate The Capital.
  • If you want to eat your meal inside Town Gate New Capital compound, there are great restaurants with the best services and various types of food and cafes at the highest level that enable you to have your wonderful drink and enjoy in a calm atmosphere.
  • A huge commercial mall with a number of shops in which all brands and international brands are available, worthy of all high tastes in Town Gate The Capital Compound.
  • Town Gate Smart View compound is equipped with a number of medical clinics that receive patients throughout the day, and all specialties are available.
  • For lovers of hiking and walking to breathe the clean outdoors, a track was provided for walking and exercising amidst the wide green spaces inside Compound Town Gate.
  • In Town Gate, you have a major pharmacy with all kinds of imported medical drugs, and to provide you with the best treatment services.
  • Town Gate Compound in the Administrative Capital has a large mosque for performing religious rites designed in the original Islamic styles and sufficient for a huge number of worshipers.
  • Smart View project operates on a solar energy system, in order to rationalize the general consumption of electricity and preserve the environment.
  • A dedicated golf course with more than 15 holes and a golf car are available to facilitate moving from one place to another with ease.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and distributed in a balanced manner throughout Smart View New Capital Compound for more complete luxury and comfort.
  • A large sports club with a range of spacious playgrounds, which provides you with all aspects of well-being and for lovers of fitness and bodybuilding at Town Gate The Capital.
  • Within each apartment building, there are 2 modern type elevators, in order to prevent crowding and reach your floor without trouble in Compound Town Gate.
  • Modern surveillance cameras throughout Town Gate project to monitor events, for more security and stability for its residents.
  • Internet for all residents of Town Gate New Capital compound, which works throughout the day and is characterized by accuracy and high technology.

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Spaces of Town Gate Residential Units

The division of residential units within Town Gate New Capital Compound differs among apartments - standalone villa in town gate for sale - townhouses - twin houses - penthouses - duplexes in order to find what you are looking for. As for the spaces of units in Town Gate is different, varied, and starts from 150 m² up to 400 m² in order to choose the unit that suits you and your family.

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Town Gate Prices and Payment Plans

The developer was keen to satisfy its customers by carrying out many successful projects, and announcing competitive prices that suit the level of high quality services obtained by the client. The price per meter in Town Gate New Capital starts from 8,800 EGP up to 10,000 EGP, while the total prices of Town Gate New Capital apartments in Smart View New Capital project start from 1,234,800 EGP.

The payment systems are also flexible so that the client can obtain the unit by paying a small down payment and installments over long years without any financial interest, as the client can get the unit without a down payment and pay over 10 years.

Town Gate New Capital Delivery Date

The real estate developer has decided to deliver the entire Town Gate project in 2022, with all residential units being delivered semi-finished.

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Disadvantages of Town Gate New Capital Compound

Town Gate New Capital Compound offers a unique residential experience distinguished by many advantages. Although there are those who are concerned about the distance from the center of Cairo, the Egyptian government has developed strategic plans to ensure easy access and transportation between the Administrative Capital and its surrounding areas. With the presence of modern architectural roads and axes, and the development of advanced means of transportation such as the monorail and the electric train, transportation to and from the Administrative Capital has become smooth and efficient. With these steps, the government confirms its vision to make the Administrative Capital a vibrant, integrated city that meets the needs of its residents and provides them with a high-quality living experience.

About the Real Estate Developer and its Previous Projects

Town Gate Project is one of the projects of Smart View Development which is characterized by its wide field of real estate investment, and it also owns many diverse businesses and projects, all of which have different and wonderful international engineering designs.

Town Gate project was designed with the best high-end and distinctive designs that differ from other compounds, in order to gain the customer's trust and satisfaction, as it has cooperated with one of the largest real estate marketing companies, Dar Al Tamayoz Contracting, in order to implement a wonderful plan for its huge project.

It was established in 1999. It is characterized by accuracy, innovation, and successful planning in all its projects. It has hired the largest engineering consultancy EGEC, which has more than 30 years of experience, which was established in 1986.

Compounds in the New Administrative Capital: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Come to Life in Every Corner!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents an advanced urban landscape that attracts global attention, being one of the major projects witnessing increasing interest from investors and individuals seeking to improve their lifestyle and find employment opportunities. In this area, the features of development and innovation in urban planning are crystallized through the adoption of stunning architectural designs and the provision of comprehensive facilities that serve residents.

The neighborhoods and compounds of the New Administrative Capital stand out as an icon of upscale living, built upon the values of quality, excellence, and refined design. These compounds are distinguished by their strategic locations, ensuring easy access to vital areas, markets, and educational institutions, enhancing the residents' convenience and facilitating their daily lives.

The compounds in the Administrative Capital offer a select range of residential units ranging from luxurious apartments to elegant villas, each meticulously designed to suit various tastes and individual needs. Spacious areas, contemporary designs, and high-quality finishes all contribute to providing residents with an exceptional living experience.

Upon entering the compounds, residents experience a sense of comfort and security, thanks to advanced security systems and continuous surveillance. Additionally, these neighborhoods embrace lush green spaces and gardens, alongside swimming pools and recreational and sports facilities that promote the health and well-being of their residents.

The compounds of the New Administrative Capital are an exemplary model of upscale living, where luxury meets functionality and security. These neighborhoods embody the modern lifestyle that many aspire to achieve, presenting an unmissable opportunity for those seeking a unique living experience. Investing in a compound in the Administrative Capital is a strategic step that ensures a promising future in one of the most prominent modern and vibrant areas.

Enjoy Life in the New Administrative Capital: Services and Amenities that Exceed Expectations!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents an exceptional project aimed at bringing about a qualitative shift in the concept of living and infrastructure within the country. By focusing on achieving sustainable and comprehensive development, this project embodies Egypt's stride towards the future. The Administrative Capital emerges as a center of innovation, offering a diverse range of services and facilities that contribute to enriching the lives of residents and attracting visitors. In this context, we will explore some of the key elements that distinguish the New Administrative Capital.

First, the recreational and cultural facilities take on a special character in the Capital, providing venues brimming with arts and culture such as theaters and museums, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the depths of artistic and cultural creativity.

Second, the Capital is replete with hotels and resorts that elevate hospitality standards and offer unforgettable stay experiences for visitors, contributing to the emergence of tourism in the area.

Third, the shopping experience within the Capital creates an ideal equation between global and local brands, with numerous shopping malls and centers catering to all tastes and needs.

Fourth, green spaces and gardens are among the core pillars of the Capital, providing a healthy and vibrant environment that encourages outdoor activities and embodies the concept of a balanced life.

Finally, healthcare takes a prominent place on the Administrative Capital's list of priorities, with a network of hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest medical technologies, ensuring access to top-notch healthcare services.

The New Administrative Capital reflects Egypt's vision towards a more developed and sustainable future, providing its residents and visitors with an exceptional living experience that combines comfort and progress. It is becoming a model to be emulated in modern urban planning and enhancing the quality of life.

More than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near Town gate Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

Exploring a collection of upscale compounds near the Town gate project in the New Administrative Capital offers you the opportunity to live in the heart of this futuristic city. These residential complexes stand out with their modern designs and luxury that meet all the needs and aspirations of their residents.

  1. Scene 7 Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    We find the Scene 7 Compound, which is prominent for its strategic location. This compound is an ideal choice for those seeking a modern lifestyle, offering a diverse range of residential units in addition to services that provide all the conveniences and entertainment.

  2. Stella Park Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Stella Park Compound appears as a luxurious residential destination, enjoying captivating natural scenery and expansive green spaces that bring a sense of tranquility and serenity to life. The compound offers a variety of residential units to meet all desires, along with various recreational facilities.

  3. Dejoya Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Dejoya Compound offers a distinct lifestyle thanks to its residential units with contemporary designs and upscale facilities. Additionally, the complex includes a vibrant commercial area, making the experience of living there unique, with multiple options for shopping and dining.

  4. The Curve Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Curve Compound attracts those seeking luxury with its opulent residential units designed according to the latest styles. The complex includes numerous facilities such as gardens, swimming pools, and fitness centers, enabling residents to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in the living experience within these upscale compounds adjacent to the Town gate project in the New Administrative Capital, and choose the home that aligns with your expectations to begin a new life filled with luxury and comfort, with flexible payment options and competitive prices.

Ease of Transaction: Follow These Steps to Purchase Your Unit in Town gate Compound, New Administrative Capital on!

For those who wish to live in luxury in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, investing in the Town gate Compound presents an unmissable opportunity. This modern residential complex offers a wide range of luxurious apartments and villas, designed to provide the highest standards of comfort and elegance.

With areas ranging from 150 to 400 square meters, the diverse options allow you to find the ideal home that aligns with your requirements and lifestyle.

The procedures for owning your unit in Town gate are simple and straightforward. You can start by visiting the dedicated real estate website, where you will find Town gate among the listed options.

From there, you will be asked to provide your email address for communication purposes, and then enter your phone number so that the sales representatives can contact you and provide you with all the necessary details about the available units, including prices and areas.

The Town gate Compound spans an area of 43 acres, offering a comprehensive residential environment that combines elegance and functionality, ensuring its residents a luxurious and beautiful living experience.

Through the diversity of options and areas, this project caters to various needs and tastes, making it an ideal destination for anyone seeking quality and luxury within the embrace of the Administrative Capital.

If you have any inquiries or need further information about Towngate, you can simply contact the sales representatives by phone. Your opportunity to be part of this upscale community awaits you.

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Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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New Administrative Capital

1,000,000 EGP


Smart View Development and Dar El Tamauz.

20 apartments

0% downpayment and installment up to 10 years.

21 acres


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