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Scenario New Capital Compound Akam Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Scenario.

About Scenario New Capital Project: It is a residential compound by Akam Developments located near the AUC and Expo City.

Scenario Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital - R7, plot A2.

Scenario New Capital Compound Space: 39 acres.

The Developer Name: Akam Developments.

Units' Type: apartments - hotel apartments - duplexes - penthouses.

Units' Space: It starts from 130 square meters and up to 370 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 11,500 EGP.

Payment Methods: Different payment systems are available, with downpayments ranging between 0% and 25% and with different installment periods between 7 to 10 years.

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Scenario one of the best and largest residential compounds in New Capital. Scenario Akam aims to achieve the dreams of those looking for luxury living accommodations, including a distinct location, comprehensive services, and a calm atmosphere. Below we will review information about the Scenario compound and the most important services and benefits provided to its customers.

Scenario New Capital Location

Akam Developments demonstrated their experience when choosing a location for Akam Scenario project, which is in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, close to other high-end compounds and active areas.

The most important landmarks near Scenario New Capital Compound:

  • An exceptional location in the 7th residential district (R7), plot A2.

  • Scenario faces one of the finest residential complexes, IL Bosco compound, and is adjacent to the iconic Midtown Sky project.
  • Scenario New Capital compound is very close to the capital's important neighborhoods, including the diplomatic and embassy districts.
  • Very close to the Presidential Palace, Al Masa Hotel, and the Fairground.
  • Scenario New Capital compound is only a short distance from many of the capital's landmarks, including the Green River, sports city, and the cathedral.
  • Scenario compound is only a short drive from the British University, where residents can receive an excellent education.
  • Travel to and from Scenario is easy because it is very close to Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • The New Capital’s airport is very close, which adds to the prestigious location.

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Available Scenario New Capital Project Space

Scenario project was carried out on a large space of up to 39 acres, 19% of which was allocated for construction, and the remaining space was left for service facilities and landscape. This division ensures that residents have access to many services within Scenario, while also enjoying a feeling of leisure and relaxation.

Akam Scenario project features exquisite designs brought to you by the famous architectural consulting company Yasser Al Beltagy Architects (YBA), which is the main reason for Akam Scenario project’s luxurious designs.

Scenario Compound includes a number of residential buildings, each consisting of a ground floor and seven upper floors. The distance between each building ranges between 35 meters to 65 meters, which provides the residents with optimum privacy.

Unit types include apartments and duplexes, with a variety of spaces ranging between 132 square meters to 463 square meters, and bedrooms ranging between 2 and 4. This allows customers to find a unit that suits their conditions and needs.

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Services Provided by Akam Scenario

The developer company seeks to create an integrated community, where all the needed services are available to the residents. They have succeeded in doing so by providing as many high-quality services as possible, some of which are listed below:

  • Green spaces are spread throughout Scenario Akam compound, giving all units a stunning view and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • An open-air cinema featuring the latest local and international films, as well as a large theatre with a range of performances throughout the week inside Scenario Akam Compound.
  • There are 4 swimming pools of different sizes and shapes to benefit all residents of all ages, as well as a covered swimming pool for women at Scenario Akam.
  • Scenario New Capital features fountains and artificial lakes that add a touch of beauty to the landscape.
  • If you like dining out, there’s no shortage of restaurants that you can try, offering a range of unique dishes.
  • Luxury cafes offering delicious beverages to satisfy all tastes at Akam New Capital Compound.
  • Scenario Akam Compound has a central kitchen that serves the entire population.
  • For added luxury and excellence, Scenario Akam compound is equipped with four different gyms, all equipped with the latest exercise gear.

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  • Spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi with high-end designs inside Compound Scenario.
  • Clubhouse with international facilities and design at Scenario.
  • A social club with plenty of space for different sports activities inside Compound Scenario.
  • A fully-secured international nursery, offering a sophisticated educational service for Scenario Akam compound’s children.
  • Each residential building has a luxurious roof that overlooks the stunning landscapes, where residents can hang out and relax in Compound Scenario.
  • Residents can shop for all their favorite products and brands within the mall, which occupies a large space of Scenario Akam compound.
  • Scenario Akam project is equipped with a major supermarket that provides residents with all their daily needs, meaning you’ll rarely need to leave Compound Scenario compound.
  • A pharmacy is open to customers throughout the day and provides the best medical services to the population in Akam New Capital Compound.
  • Security personnel are distributed throughoutCompound Scenario compound, employing a highly-trained team to provide full protection to the population.
  • The company has installed several surveillance cameras throughout Scenario Akam compound, as an extra security measure.

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Prices and Payment Systems

Compound Scenario compound offers exclusive benefits that are rarely found in other residential complexes, and with unbeatable prices. Apartments are available for sale with prices ranging from 1,500,840 EGP to 7,639,500 EGP, which is very reasonable for the location.

The developer company announced prices per meter start at 11,500 EGP.

In addition to the amazing prices, the company has given its customers several payment systems, so they can choose whatever matches their budget without having to worry about the financial strain. The payment systems available are as follows:

  • 0% down payment, with the total amount divided in installments within 6 years.
  • 7% down payment, with the remaining amount paid in installments over 7 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest is paid over 8 years.
  • 20% down payment, with an additional 5% paid after 2 years, and the remaining amount is divided in installments for 10 years.

The company has announced that all units will be delivered within 4 years from the date of the contract and that they will be semi-finished or fully finished, according to the customer’s wishes.

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Disadvantages of Scenario New Capital Compound

Scenario New Capital Compound is considered one of the pioneering projects that is difficult to find weaknesses in. Some may see that the multiplicity of unit types, from apartments to villas, may negatively affect the privacy of each unit. However, this concern has been effectively overcome through designing Akam New Capital project in a way that ensures complete separation between the apartment areas and the villas. This separation maintains the privacy and security of each unit, enhancing the quality of life for Akam New Capital compound's residents.

Owner Company Portfolio

Scenario compound is owned by Akam Developments which is their first project in the New Capital. Akam developments is a large entity consisting of 3 companies:

The first company: Residence Developments, which has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate market. They have many famous projects including Aroma Residence in Al Ain Al Sokhna, and Tulip resort project.

The second company: Benayat Real Estate, founded in 1986, is credited with many successful works including Tivoli Hotel in Hurghada, as well as many administrative and medical buildings in Fifth Settlement and El-Shorouk.

The third company: Al Mohayed Holding, one of the largest Saudi real estate companies that own more than 25 branches worldwide. Projects in Saudi Arabia include King Faisal University and King Saud University, as well as many projects in partnership with the ministries of housing, defense, and economy.

The Most Important Projects:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is subject to change. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the spaces, unit types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

The New Administrative Capital: A New Vision for Ideal Urban Living!

In a new and innovative move, the Egyptian government has launched an ambitious plan to develop the New Administrative Capital, based on concepts of sustainability and urban integration. The goal of this plan is to reimagine optimal urban living and provide an integrated community with all high-quality services and facilities for residents. The government is thus showing its commitment to achieving sustainable urban development and ensuring a dignified life that strikes a balance between the needs of the population and environmental requirements in a safe and comfortable environment.

The New Administrative Capital, located in the vast eastern desert area, aims to become a model for the ideal urban city. The plan includes the construction of a large group of diverse buildings and facilities, including residential units, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, and commercial centers, in addition to green spaces, providing a comprehensive and integrated urban experience for citizens and visitors.

The capital also features a unique urban design that seeks to combine urban aesthetics and natural landscapes, integrating green spaces and gardens, and allocating pedestrian walkways and encouraging sustainable transportation to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

This plan not only aims to enhance the city's appeal to residents and investors but also seeks to transform the New Administrative Capital into a thriving economic and financial hub, opening up new investment opportunities.

This plan demonstrates the clarity of the government's vision towards investing in sustainable urban development and raising the standard of living for residents, heralding a comprehensive urban transformation that meets the aspirations of future generations and enhances Egypt's position on the global map of sustainable development.

The New Administrative Capital: Where Life Takes on a New Meaning of Comfort and Excellence!

The New Administrative Capital represents a prominent landmark in urban development, reflecting efforts to create a modern city that meets all the needs of its residents. This unique city offers an ideal model for distinguished living, combining modern architecture and innovation in urban design, placing it among the world's leading cities in terms of the quality of life it offers.

The New Administrative Capital offers luxurious residential options within integrated communities surrounded by vast green spaces and lush gardens, ensuring a healthy environment and peaceful atmosphere for living. The advanced infrastructure supports the efficient delivery of key services such as electricity and water in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner.

Additionally, the city is teeming with commercial and entertainment centers that contribute to diverse shopping and cultural experiences, with dedicated sports and leisure facilities that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. The city also provides special walking and cycling paths, as well as sports fields and public parks, reflecting its commitment to supporting sustainable and active lifestyles.

The ambitions of the New Administrative Capital do not stop there, as it advances with ambitious environmental projects that include promoting environmentally friendly public transportation and recycling methods, contributing to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. With these features and facilities, the New Administrative Capital has secured a prominent position as a preferred destination for living and investment, presenting an inspiring model for modern cities that strive to combine luxury and sustainability.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Residential Options near Scenario Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

The area of the New Administrative Capital is distinguished by its inclusion of several distinguished residential projects that offer high levels of comfort and luxury for their residents, including the following:

  1. La Vista City Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    This project offers an ideal residential location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, adjacent to Scenario Compound. La Vista City is distinguished by its strategic location, which facilitates access to important services such as schools, hospitals, and malls. The project offers a wide range of luxurious residential units designed to suit the tastes and needs of every family, with integrated services including green spaces and children's play areas.
  2. The City Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    This compound is an integral part of the development of the New Administrative Capital, offering a unique residential experience thanks to its modern and luxurious design. The compound offers a variety of units that meet the aspirations of residents, ensuring the availability of all recreational and amenity services, including swimming pools, gardens, and dedicated sports areas for added comfort and security.
  3. Capital Dream Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    Within the precincts of the New Administrative Capital, the Capital Dream Compound stands as a residential landmark that combines luxury and modern design. This project offers diverse residential options that satisfy the desires of all individuals, with a focus on providing green spaces, recreational areas, and services that enhance the quality of life.
  4. The City Valley Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

    This compound enjoys a strategic location near Scenario Compound and offers a variety of residential spaces, making it an ideal choice for families. It is distinguished by its modern design and offers recreational facilities such as health clubs and shopping centers, providing a luxurious and comfortable living environment for its residents.

These residential projects located near Scenario Compound in the New Administrative Capital offer diverse options for those seeking to live in integrated service communities, providing high standards of luxury and comfort, making them an ideal destination for those seeking quality of life in the latest residential neighborhoods.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Buy a Unit in Scenario Compound in the New Administrative Capital on!

If your goal is to settle in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and enjoy a life of luxury within the luxurious Scenario Compound, here is a brief guide to help you acquire your dream unit there:

1. Familiarize yourself with the project: Starting by gathering information about Scenario Compound is a necessary first step. Utilize online resources such as or other real estate platforms to learn about the project's details, including the variety of units, their specifications, and price ranges.

2. Determine your budget: Before taking any steps, it is crucial to set a clear budget that aligns with your financial capabilities. This will help narrow your search to identify units that suit your needs and budget.

3. Choose carefully: Based on your budget and needs, select the ideal unit. Whether you prefer apartments, hotel apartments, duplexes, or penthouses, you will find what satisfies your taste and meets your aspirations in Scenario Compound.

4. Contact for more information: After identifying your preferred unit, the next step is to contact the sales representatives through the numbers provided on the official website to obtain additional details about the purchase process, payment plans, and delivery dates.

5. Visit the site: Do not underestimate the importance of visiting the unit you intend to purchase to evaluate the construction, finishes, and facilities. The on-site visit will provide a clearer idea of the unit's quality and the project's details.

6. Complete the purchase process: Once you are satisfied and convinced with the unit, it's time to submit the necessary documents and pay the initial deposit to secure the purchase and begin the formal procedures.

7. Contract and payment: Signing the official contract and paying the agreed-upon installments according to the payment schedule is a crucial step in the purchase process.

8. Unit delivery: After completing all necessary procedures and paying the remaining amounts, the unit will be delivered according to the agreements with the developer.

By following these steps, you will find yourself one step closer to achieving your dream of owning a unit in one of the most prestigious compounds in the New Administrative Capital, Scenario Compound.

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Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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New Capital

1,495,000 EGP


Akam Developments.

53 apartments

0% and 25% and with different installment periods between 7 to 10 years.

39 acres


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