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IL Bosco New Capital Compound Misr Italia

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Project Description

Project Name: IL Bosco New Capital.

About IL Bosco Project: an integrated residential compound by Misr Italia located near the Presidential Palace and Academic Center.

IL Bosco New Capital Location: in the New Administrative Capital.

IL Bosco Project Space: 200 acres.

Units Type: apartments - standalone villas - twin houses.

Units Space: it starts from 121 m² up to 530 m².

Meter Prices: it starts from 9000 EGP up to 12000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Misr Italia.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

Payment of IL Bosco unit value over 9 years with annual interest.

IL Bosco Misr Italia

IL Bosco is one of the most important real estate projects established in the New Administrative Capital, one of the projects belonging to "Misr Italia Real Estate", one of the largest real estate developers in the Middle East, which has established a large range of projects in Cairo and the North Coast And the different governorates of Egypt in IL Bosco New Capital Compound.

IL Bosco project was built on a huge area of 200 acres, but the actual construction was done on only 20% and the rest consisted of services, restrooms, gardens and green spaces.

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IL Bosco Location

IL Bosco project is characterized by a strategic location that gives it added value and a great opportunity in being the best place that a person can wish to live in.

Landmarks Near IL Bosco New Capital:

  • IL Bosco is near Entrada New Capital which is a huge compound with many important services.
  • It is only few minutes from Anakaji New Capital compound where the latter is located in the 8th district, one of the most distinguished places.
  • It is located on one of the most important streets in this area, the South main street of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is very close to the large Al Masa hotel, in addition to the proximity to the medical area located there.
  • Just a few minutes away from the academic city.
  • Overlooking the Green River, one of the best green areas in the Administrative Capital, IL Bosco project is one of the great landscape that gives positive energy to the project's residents.
  • IL Bosco New Capital is close to many of the important and administrative places in the country, such as the well-known Convention Center as well as the Presidential Palace.
  • It is a very simple distance from the Opera House and very close to the diplomatic zone.
  • Misr Italia Compound is approaching Midtown Sky Administrative Capital, one of the major high-end projects implemented by Better Home and Entrada Compound.

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The attractive design of IL Bosco Compound New Capital

Misr Italia presents within Il Bosco New Capital a new urban ecosystem; You will be immersed in the fabric of the city and at the same time enjoy a luxurious residence secluded from the outside world.

Unique with eye-catching designs that your eyes can taste; Every detail has been paid attention to providing the luxurious modern life you have always wanted along with the best services and benefits that provide you with all your needs.

IL Bosco New Capital project also offers a variety of residential units with exquisite interior decorations and large glass facades through which golden sunlight penetrates; There are luxury apartments, twin houses, and separate villa in il bosco for sale with spaces that vary according to your taste and needs.

The Park phase from IL Bosco

It constitutes the largest phase within IL Bosco and works to connect all parts of IL Bosco project. IL Bosco consists of villas, apartments, corridors, play areas, and a social center. It also includes a number of wonderful features that can be clarified through the following:

  • Now you can enter your home in a safe and easy way with our "keyless Home Entry".
  • For more safety for the residents; There is a "Light Motion Detection" that lights up electronically when it detects any object moving toward your home, whether it is a human, an animal, or a car inside IL Bosco New Capital.
  • IL Bosco units are equipped with high-level wired and wireless technologies; Where there is "Triple Play Technology", a service that gives you the possibility to activate the Internet, television, and landline service using fiber optics.
  • Lobby Sound System and CCTV are available inside the stage for added luxury.

The Meadows phase inside iL Bosco New Capital

It is a residential area located at the highest point within IL Bosco, south of "The Club". It has its distinctive character and wonderful urban style and gives residents a different feeling from other areas of Misr Italia compound. Where it is unique to its stunning gardens, wildflowers, and beautiful local plants; which give a feeling of comfort and calm; How many minutes away from "The Creek"; So if you want to enjoy the sound of water flowing around you? "The Creek" is waiting for you; Where the wonderful streams and waterfalls connect many parts of IL Bosco compound.

Join us and enjoy a world filled with creativity and uniqueness at The Meadows Vista

The Meadows Vista phase at the Al Bustan Administrative Capital is a residential phase within the most prestigious area of the New Administrative Capital Al Bustan. It is distinguished by its exceptional character that combines civilization and modernity in the heart of one place. The gardens embrace the most enchanting natural scenery, colorful flowers, and beautiful plants, providing residents with the highest levels of luxury, enjoyment, and comfort. It is also located just minutes away from "The Creek", in addition to the presence of water bodies and stunning waterfalls that connect many parts of the project.

The Cliff phase in the heart of IL Bosco Compound

Last March, Misr Italia announced the launch of the latest phase of IL Bosco, Mostakbal City, "The Cliff", which is located at the highest point in IL Bosco project and consists of a group of luxury standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses that surround the lake, and includes within it the distinctive club that includes a unique swimming pool and a luxurious restaurant.

The vertical forest phase in IL Bosco

IL Bosco is a group of tall buildings with picturesque landscapes; Where it is dominated by green plants that complement the essence of IL Bosco project that supports the overall sustainability of the community.

The Valley phase inside IL Bosco Compound

IL Bosco consists of both villas and apartments and will have exceptional open spaces for the residents to enjoy performing the activities they desire; It offers a huge landscape of gardens and trees and there is a community center and pet trails.

The most beautiful features you have always dreamed of, you will only find in Il Bosco New Capital

Misr Italia has designed IL Bosco in a distinctive international manner that combines luxury and elegance of lively designs at the same time, in addition to many advantages represented in the following:

  • There are parks that give the residents the chance to breathe fresh air continuously while gazing at the beauty of nature around them inside IL Bosco New Capital.
  • Enjoy walking, jogging or running in the wide gardens in IL Bosco.
  • Dancing water fountains to take special souvenir photos with your family and friends.
  • IL Bosco also includes administrative offices with smart spaces.
  • Cinemas show the most beautiful international films, designed with comfortable and elegant furniture at IL Bosco.
  • for lovers of different cultures; There is a cultural center with a theater of 10,000 square meters that offers many special shows.

Get exceptional services inside Bosco Misr Italia

In addition to the picturesque location, Misr Italia Compound, the administrative capital, has a huge number of services that fulfill all your basic and recreational needs, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • There are multiple swimming pools within IL Bosco compound that allow you and your family to spend enjoyable times. They are of different sizes and designs to suit all ages.
  • A huge mall with an area of 90,000 square meters that includes many luxurious shops that provide people with high-end taste with everything they need in terms of clothes, shoes, and accessories of international brands.
  • IL Bosco includes many wonderful restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks in a quiet atmosphere.
  • For those who like to keep fit, IL Bosco project has a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment inside IL Bosco New Capital.
  • Providing security and guarding services for the safety of the residents, as well as installing a large number of advanced surveillance cameras to preserve the property within IL Bosco New Capital project.
  • "The Club", a suitable place to fully enjoy the various activities and facilities daily; Where you can practice sports such as football and swimming, or participate in fitness classes, and you can also meet new people, or let your children enjoy playing in their own recreational area, or have your quiet breakfast in the morning, in addition to enjoying many other facilities.
  • The owner company did not neglect the educational aspect. IL Bosco established international schools and nurseries that provide excellent educational services and develop the different abilities of your children.
  • The residents' health was also taken care of through the presence of medical centers with all specialties, and a pharmacy with all kinds of medicines and treatment services available.
  • A large mosque designed in a wonderful Islamic style to perform various prayers and religious rituals.
  • Modern electric elevators help you move from one floor to another with ease.
  • A secure garage attached to a roof to accommodate the largest number of cars, which prevents overcrowding within IL Bosco project.

Different unit types and sizes within ILBosco New Capital

Il Bosco Misr Italia offers a lot to its residents and provides them with a unique experience by integrating architecture and landscaping in different forms, all of which work to create the best environmental sustainability.

IL Bosco project was planned in a way that provides you with an integrated community on a vast area of 200 acres including apartments, penthouses, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas that satisfy all tastes, and now we will get to know more about the areas of residential units within Il Bosco New Administrative Capital:

  • The apartment spaces start from 126 square meters up to 194 square meters.
  • Penthouse spaces start from 273 square meters up to 327 square meters.
  • Twin house spaces start from 254 square meters up to 290 square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces start from 251 square meters.
  • The standalone villas' spaces start from 382 square meters up to 530 square meters.

Competitive prices and flexible payment systems found in IL Bosco Compound

Misr Italia was keen to provide various residential units within the IL Bosco Compound at reasonable prices to achieve the residents' needs of a life of luxury and privacy, and the distinctive price package for IL Bosco project is as follows:

  • Apartment prices start from 1,800,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse prices start from 5,394,117 EGP.
  • Twin house prices start from 5,660,044 EGP.
  • Standalone villa in il bosco city prices start from 11,673,187 EGP.

For Il Bosco apartment and villa reservation systems and installment methods; It is easy and convenient to suit all tastes and different capabilities of clients and investors. where:

  • A 10% downpayment can be paid, and the rest can be paid in equal installments within 7 years.
  • IL Bosco units value can be paid over 9 years without a downpayment and with annual interest determined according to the total price.
  • IL Bosco units will be delivered during the year 2023 AD.

For more information about IL Bosco compound; Connect with us!

Disadvantages Of IL Bosco New Capital

Despite the many advantages that IL Bosco Compound stands out, there are customers who consider that the delivery date specified by Misr Italia Developments may be extended. However, this prolongation of delivery is not due to inaction, but rather is the result of the company’s desire to provide high quality and precise implementation of every detail of the units. In addition, an investment in such a compound is a long-term investment that guarantees profit and stability.

Information about the real estate developer of IL Bosco New Administrative Capital

Misr Italia is a leading real estate developer in Egypt expanding across a range of high-end projects across the country, we aim to change the perception of the ever-growing real estate market by listening to its clients who inspire us to stay ahead while creating innovative urban designs and solutions.

Based on the company's creativity and innovation philosophy and cooperation with "CallisonRTKL" and "DMA" companies; It is now offering one of its most important and luxurious residential communities in the heart of New Administrative Capital, which is the IL Bosco Project, which is characterized by its picturesque geographical location, unparalleled urban designs, as well as its high-end services and exclusive benefits that go beyond imagination.

The most important projects of Misr Italia Properties are as follows:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Advantages of the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital stands as a model of progress and innovation in Egypt, offering its residents an opportunity to immerse themselves in a modern and integrated lifestyle.

This city has been meticulously planned to ensure an outstanding residential and work experience, where every corner reflects beauty and comfort. The capital provides diverse housing and commercial offices, meeting all the needs and desires of its residents and workers. It is also equipped with world-class recreational facilities, including parks, shops, restaurants, and sports centers, ensuring a well-rounded living experience.

In addition, the New Administrative Capital houses shopping centers and areas for major conferences and exhibitions, making it an important attraction for business and social events. The city also enjoys a strategic location near Cairo International Airport, facilitating transportation and communication with the rest of the world.

On the other hand, the New Administrative Capital embraces modern transportation standards, including an advanced network of roads, bridges, train lines, and bus routes, providing efficient and comfortable mobility for its residents and workers.

Furthermore, sustainability and renewable energy are among the top priorities of the New Administrative Capital. Innovative projects have been implemented to contribute to environmental conservation and provide a green future for generations to come. It also boasts vast parks and green spaces, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy nature and clean air.

The New Administrative Capital offers a range of cultural and recreational opportunities, such as museums, sports clubs, shopping centers, amusement parks, and artistic and cultural events that attract visitors from around the world. Consequently, the New Administrative Capital remains an exemplary model in achieving sustainable development and providing an attractive living environment that celebrates Egyptian cultural heritage while moving forward with steady steps and a clear vision for the future.

What are the advantages of investing in the New Administrative Capital?

One of the advantages of investing in the New Administrative Capital is its location. It is situated in the heart of northeast Cairo and has easy and well-equipped entrances with the latest technologies and facilities, making it easily accessible as it is located near major roads and highways in the capital. Another key advantage of investing in the New Administrative Capital is its innovative and advanced planning, which aims to provide all vital requirements, green spaces, seating areas, and recreational spaces.

This means that residents will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within a fully serviced and amenitized city.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital provides investors and residents with a distinguished living environment, in addition to easy access to its investment areas, as well as the unique safety and security that the city enjoys to a great extent. Finally, we can say that investing in the New Administrative Capital is an excellent opportunity for investors and real estate institutions, as it is one of the best places that offers several investment opportunities and deserves attention at the present time.

It offers everyone the chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and enjoy a future that refines everyone's lifestyle and increases opportunities for a better and prouder life. Investments in the New Administrative Capital enjoy several attractive features, including its ideal location northeast of Cairo, making it easily accessible via major roads and equipped with technologically advanced entrances to ensure comfort and safety.

The planning of this new city incorporates innovation to ensure that basic needs are met by providing green spaces, seating areas, and recreation, contributing to a luxurious lifestyle for its residents.

The New Administrative Capital also offers a distinguished living environment that attracts both investors and residents alike, thanks to the integrated services and infrastructure prepared at the highest level.

Safety is an additional key element that highlights the advantages of investing there.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital offers unprecedented opportunities for both companies and individuals, not only for the quality of life it offers its residents but also for the promising opportunities in the real estate market.

Investing here is a well-considered step towards escaping the routine of daily life and its pressures, moving towards a future that promises a luxurious life filled with opportunities that enhance the quality of living and establish the concept of luxury for individuals.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Compounds Near Bosco Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

If you're on a quest to find a luxurious residence in a strategic location near the Bosco Compound in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, you've come to the right place! Many surrounding residential compounds offer you unique housing options within a contemporary urban environment complete with all the services and amenities for a comfortable daily life. Let's take a look at some of the best compounds worth considering:

  1. Botanika Compound: This compound shines with its prime location just steps away from the Bosco Compound, offering modern and high-quality designs. It provides diverse residential options, including apartments and villas with large green spaces, swimming pools, and sports facilities, as well as providing the highest levels of security.
  2. Stau Compound: Another great option near the Bosco Compound, distinguished by its elegance and contemporary design. It offers a diverse range of residential units to suit all needs, complemented by recreational areas and services such as social clubs, restaurants, and shops.
  3. Zavani Compound: An ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and luxury near the Bosco Compound. It features a wide range of luxurious villas and apartments, as well as integrated facilities including green spaces, playgrounds, and clubs, with comprehensive security for your comfort and safety.
  4. Citygate Compound in the New Administrative Capital: Located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and an ideal location for those who want to live within walking distance of the Bosco Compound. The compound offers diverse residential units, clubs, restaurants, and green areas, as well as shopping areas to meet all your daily needs.

With these options, you have distinguished residential compounds near the Bosco Compound in the New Administrative Capital, each offering luxury and providing a high level of services and amenities to give you a comprehensive and unique residential experience. Invest in a place that reflects the lifestyle you aspire to and enjoy luxury and harmony in your new life!

Make Your Dream a Reality: Learn How to Buy Your Ideal Unit at Bosco Compound on!

  1. Explore the comprehensive range of services and amenities at the Bosco Compound, where luxury and comfort converge to deliver an exceptional living experience. The Bosco Compound promises an ideal living environment, with a variety of services and excellent facilities that you can explore and discover all that makes this place special by visiting the website.
  2. Diversity is a key feature at the Bosco Compound, offering various units ranging from apartments, duplexes, and villas, all designed to meet different tastes and needs. You'll easily find the unit that suits you best, taking into account the space and design you prefer, by simply searching through
  3. The compound is distinguished by offering flexible purchasing options that provide you with the convenience of owning your unit. You can call the number on the website to learn more about the payment plans that suit your capabilities.
  4. The option to invest in the Bosco Compound is a golden opportunity for those seeking to generate financial returns by renting out their unit. Given the high demand for residential units there, the Bosco Compound is an ideal location for a profitable investment.
  5. The compound offers a diverse range of unit sizes, starting from apartments with an area of 105 square meters to independent villas with areas up to 342 square meters, giving you the opportunity to choose the size that suits your needs.
  6. The compound simplifies the buying process with flexible booking and installment systems provided by the Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company, the details of which you can find on
  7. Enjoy an unparalleled life at the Bosco Compound, where privacy, security, and exclusive services await you. Indulge in the vast green spaces, swimming pools, and social clubs that make your life a unique experience. To achieve the dream of luxurious living, the Bosco Compound invites you to visit for more details and to get in touch about purchasing your unit in this distinguished community, and to explore the meaning of modern life in its most luxurious forms.

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in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

1,800,000 Egyptian pounds.


Misr Italia.

10 standalone villas

10 standalone villas


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