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All you want to know about El Galala City, Ain Sokhna


El Galala City Ain Sokhna.. The most important information about Egypt's major national projects

El Galala City Ain Sokhna is a huge national project that comes after the New Administrative Capital project as the second largest national and developmental projects in Egypt. The city was built in a strategically distinguished location, as it enjoys many unprecedented advantages, whether related to the beautiful nature of the beaches located in it, or even the equipment with which it has been equipped. Therefore, it has attracted major investors, increasing its investments during the past two years only by more than $100 million.

El Galala City Ain Sokhna City Map

The Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces succeeded in implementing El Galala City Ain Sokhna in one of the most beautiful geographical locations in the whole region, specifically on top of the Jalala Plateau located between Ain Sokhna and Al Zaafarana, at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level.

The location of the city (spread over 17 acres) enjoys a beautiful view of the Red Sea coast and its charming sandy beaches. It also has the basic ingredients that allow for agriculture, construction, road building, tourist resort development, as well as the abundance of natural resources that can greatly contribute to development, including marble ores. A new road is supposed to be built to facilitate the transportation of these ores for processing.

Advantages of Living or Investing in the City

All the advantages enjoyed by El Galala City Ain Sokhna have made it one of the best cities that attract those looking for luxurious housing as well as those looking to seize golden investment opportunities, which are:

  • The wonderful geographical location overlooking the sea and the highest summit of the Jalala Plateau, which helped it enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, especially during the summer, as the air temperature drops in it on hot days compared to other areas.
  • The ease of obtaining anything with the utmost ease due to the integration of its services and the diversity of its sophisticated facilities, as there are also service areas for its residents that provide them with basic and recreational services as well.
  • Obtaining the most luxurious services within the international medical city located in it, as the first Olympic village of its kind located in it also testifies to the extreme sophistication of the city, as sports events are scheduled to be organized there.
  • The tourist residential areas and projects in it are suitable for all segments and investors, as it includes luxurious projects and others that suit those with limited income, in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing.
  • It is distinguished by its location on the most beautiful beaches with fine golden sands, which provides many of its buildings with beautiful natural scenery.
  • The establishment of a strong infrastructure that ensures everyone has access to all basic facilities with the highest possible quality.
  • The presence of many large luxury hotels (7-star hotels) in different parts of it, which confirms the completeness of its facilities.
  • The large global university built on its land, occupying 173 acres, which greatly increases the vitality of the city and attracts residents.
  • The commercial mall spread over a large area of ​​8.5 acres, where investors and business owners can book distinctive units inside it, as it also provides a great shopping experience for residents.
  • The presence of many other large facilities such as the station for desalinating sea water, the downtown extending over a large area of ​​133 acres, in addition to the cable car extending 4,450 km as it represents a link between the sea and the mountain.

El Galala City City Services

El Galala City Ain Sokhna is a unique massive national project, so it had to include huge services and facilities befitting it and tempting businessmen to invest in it. Among the most important services and facilities available in the city are:

  • El Galala City Tourist Resort: It is characterized by a wonderful location in Ras Abu Al-Darj area on the Gulf of Suez coast, in addition to its vast area of ​​one thousand acres. Due to its multiple facilities, for example, it includes two hotels, one mountain hotel with 300 rooms and 40 chalets, and the other a beach hotel with 300 rooms and 60 chalets, in addition to private rooms and suites. It also includes a mall and many other luxurious facilities.
  • King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University: A major university spanning 100 acres and characterized by implementing the latest systems and technologies in the field of education, especially as it includes rare specializations needed by Egyptian society, such as solar power generation technology, mining, and modern agriculture. It also has a college of medicine and other well-known specialties.
  • El Galala City University of Science and Technology: Characterized by 15 different colleges of science, arts (such as arts), and literature, although most of its colleges are scientific such as the Faculty of Engineering, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industries, in addition to the Academy of Sciences, Food Technology and Food Industries, and other colleges.
  • Ain Sokhna - Al Zaafarana Road: Which facilitates safe and hassle-free travel to and from the city because it was implemented with a suitable slope of 4% so that the designated speed on it does not exceed 120 km per hour. Moreover, it facilitates the movement from the southern direction to many ports, such as Ain Sokhna, Safaga, Al Zaafarana and Ain Al-Sokhna ports.
  • The new industrial zone: In addition to being a great investment opportunity, it also provides job opportunities that attract many people to live in the area. It should be noted that it is located along the road and has factories of various activities, including the phosphate fertilizer plant and its derivatives, which has an annual production capacity of about one million tons.

The Most Important Residential and Tourist Projects in the City

The city includes many huge projects that offer a variety of modern luxury units at competitive prices starting from a minimum of 2 million and 100 thousand pounds. Here is an overview of the most important of these projects:

  • Il Monte Galala: One of the largest projects in the city built on a large area of ​​2.2 million square meters, offering luxurious villas and chalets to its customers at competitive prices ranging from a minimum of 2 million and 100 thousand pounds.
  • Majada: Its unique location is what distinguishes it most, as it is located near Mount Galala and is only 126 km away from Cairo. It offers different types of units including townhouses, duplexes, villas and chalets, with large areas starting from 76 square meters.
  • Jura Village: Luxury seafront units are the most prominent feature of this village located on 10 acres. It offers varied areas for its customers starting from 75 square meters up to 115 square meters.
  • Bella Viento El Galala City: It is only 130 meters away from the tourist resort. It is distinguished by its vast area extending over 65 acres, so it is divided into two parts, one includes the chalets overlooking the sea directly and the other includes the villas. It offers units with varied areas with a minimum of 90 square meters.

Prices and Payment Systems for Units Offered for Sale in the City

The prices of units and payment systems offered within the city vary in a way that satisfies all those wishing to purchase units within it. Its prices are very reasonable compared to the many services and advantages that the customer will enjoy.

The payment methods are also characterized not only by diversity, but by the presence of great facilities offered by the vast majority of projects to encourage customers to purchase units within them. Most of them allow the price of the unit to be paid in installments over several years, varying from one project to another.

For example, the price of the unit sold in the Jura project can be paid in installments over 4 and a half years, while the Majada project allows its customers the opportunity to pay in installments over 9 years, and the payment period in the Il Monte Galala project reaches 10 years.

Project Implementation Companies

With all these facilities, services and major roads, the implementation of El Galala City Ain Sokhna had to be carried out by a large number of companies. Indeed, 53 national civil companies participated in building this unique city, in addition to military engineers, with the knowledge that these project implementation companies work in various sectors as follows:

  • 40 companies in the roads sector
  • 5 companies in the construction, bridges, tunnels and industrial works sector, as well as fuel stations sector, toll gates and berths
  • 8 companies operating in the tourist resort in Ras Abu Al-Darj area, which overlooks the Gulf of Suez

It is worth mentioning that the total number of workers, technicians and engineers who undertook the project implementation task is 15,000, under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.


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