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Sky City El Galala, the dream of luxury and modernity at your fingertips

The dream of living in a charming tourist place like Ain Sokhna comes true with Sky City El Galala, as it is a unique residential project launched by the state in Al-Sahab City in Ain Sokhna as part of a development plan that includes the entire area. It has caused great excitement since its announcement for its distinction from other projects and the integration of its services in a way that satisfies all customers and dazzles all investors in the real estate sector.

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Al Jalala City... Sophisticated Modern Life

Al Jalala is not a traditional city, but rather a huge national project supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces in cooperation with some other relevant agencies. This means that all capabilities are mobilized in order to create a new city with a modern contemporary concept that gives it a special character, which has attracted the attention of a large number of investors to it and made them rush to launch major projects in it, considering it one of the most important tourist areas at the level of the entire Arab world.

The least that can be said about the city is that it is self-sufficient in everything from different facilities and service centers. It includes an internationally designed medical city, luxurious tourist housing projects, other housing projects suitable for low-income people launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, the first Olympic village of its kind dedicated to the state's sports activities, in addition to including:


The city includes Al Jalala University for Science and Technology, which includes 15 colleges with most scientific and literary specializations, such as engineering, pharmacy, medicine, nursing, media, humanities and social sciences, and other specializations. In addition to King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University on 100 acres, it includes colleges in various specializations such as medicine, modern agriculture, solar energy generation technology, wind and mining.

To facilitate students enrolled in Al Jalala City universities and employees, special housing was established for students and faculty members. The city also includes other important facilities such as the Conference Center.

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Al Jalala Tourist Resort

Luxury is the title of this distinctive resort that was started in 2015 and located in Ras Abu Al-Darj area on the Gulf of Suez coast. It occupies a large area of ​​one thousand acres and includes two hotels: a mountain hotel with 40 chalets and 300 rooms, and another coastal hotel with 60 chalets and 300 rooms. It also has suites for all levels and a mall designed in the most modern ways, a water park city, a yacht marina, and a major Egyptian company is tasked with connecting it with a distinctive 17 km long road, in addition to designing a 6 km long cable car by a French company.

The New Industrial Zone

A strategic location was chosen to establish the industrial zone of Al Jalala City. It is supposed to be located on the Ain Sokhna - Zaafarana road, and a plant for phosphate fertilizers and their derivatives is scheduled to be established in the area, in addition to the production capacity estimated at one million tons per year. The service projects authority of the armed forces, which is affiliated with the armed forces, is responsible for planning all of that.

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Sky City Project Location

The location chosen by Pyramids Company for its Sky City El Galala project indicates an in-depth study of the real estate market that enabled it to choose one of the most distinctive locations that increases the chances of success of any investment project in it, as the project is located in Al-Sahab City in Al-Jalala area.

As for Al-Sahab City in which the Sky City El Galala project is located, suffice it to say that it is one of the most important tourist areas in Egypt, as it is a fully integrated city with many advantages, such as:

  • Its strategic location overlooking the Red Sea coasts, dominated by charming nature of clear blue waters and golden sands.

  • Its charming climate and low air temperatures even in summer, due to its elevation above sea level.

  • The heights of Mount Al Jalala extend over a huge area of ​​about 65 acres.

  • It includes the most luxurious 7-star international hotels.

  • A global university extends over a large area of ​​173 acres.

All these advantages enjoyed by the city in which the Sky City project is located greatly increase the importance of its location, making it a golden opportunity to invest in Al Jalala City.

Sky City El Galala Project Area

Pyramids Company was keen not to deprive its project of anything, so it established it on a large area to provide it with all facilities and various services and a large number of units, whether apartments or chalets, without looking crowded. On the contrary, it appears integrated while at the same time there is no congestion of buildings and facilities erected in it, despite their large number.

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Pyramids Company, the project owner, and its previous works

Most real estate professionals, if not all, know the great position of Pyramids Company, the owner of Sky City El Galala project, as it is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. It has proven that it deserves this status and fame by announcing the Sahab City project in Al Jalala in Ain Sokhna, which provided investors with a golden opportunity to invest in new cities with a distinguished location.

The Sahab City project launched by the company not only enjoys a unique location and many housing units, but Pyramids Company also worked to launch a new system aimed at achieving immediate returns for its customers. According to this system, it enabled them to receive the housing units before contracting, which enabled it to gain the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

The company is not newly established, but has been working in the real estate development sector for years, during which it was able to launch many major and distinguished projects, such as:

  • Mont Jalala Resort: an investment tourist resort located in the Jalala Mountains, looking like a European resort thanks to its modern non-traditional designs, in addition to its charming views of the sea.

  • Major projects in the New Administrative Capital.

  • A number of chalets in Ain Sokhna and Jalala Plateau, offered by the company at reasonable prices despite their great distinction.

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Advantages of Sky City El Galala

Satisfying the client and providing all their needs in one place is the main goal that Pyramids Company sought when implementing the Sky City El Galala project and succeeded in actually achieving it, as it provided various important services and equipped it with a large number of recreational facilities, in addition to its other advantages such as:

  • Establishment of a world-class commercial mall with a large number of major commercial stores.

  • Equipped with a cable car designed and supervised by a French company, it serves as a link between the sea and the mountain.

  • Security presence in the area throughout the day, as there is a trained security team in addition to modern surveillance cameras.

  • Its location in a distinguished strategic area gave it an exceptionally privileged location.

  • Offering units of all small, medium and large areas, in addition to their diversity in interior division to meet the need and desire of each client.

  • Existence of green spaces surrounding buildings and various facilities within Sky City El Galala project.

  • A major and distinguished company like Pyramids Company is the one that launched the project. This is enough to ensure its sophistication and distinction.

  • Its various units prices are very reasonable, in addition to providing facilities and easy systems for customers upon payment.

Sky City El Galala Ain Sokhna Prices

Pyramids Company proves until the last moment that it puts its customers' comfort at the top of its priorities, as it offered the units and chalets in the Sky City El Galala project at competitive prices to the extent that it can be said that they are the best prices offered in the market for this quality of luxurious and major projects. In addition, the buyer enjoys the longest payment period.

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