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The best administrative location in the new administrative capital

It is a leading urban development company that is interested in shaping the future of the landscape. In addition to MAQAM's passion for innovation and deep understanding of our customers’ desires, MAQAM  Urban Development embarks on a journey of creating new innovations that transcend time. As MAQAM believes in constructions not only buildings but dreams as well, we are redefining urban life.

The mission and vision of MAQAM Urban Development Company confirmed its goal and its frame work style where it came from

MAQAM Urban Development Company’s mission

“Mission is to create exceptional living and working spaces that exceed expectations, enhance quality of life, and contribute to the holistic development of communities.”

Maqam Urban Development Company’s vision

“Vision is to be a leading real estate developer company committed to shaping the landscapes of tomorrow. To be the premier real estate developer, transforming communities through innovative and sustainable solutions and leaving a lasting positive impact on the built environment.”


“At MAQAM, our mission is to create spaces that transcend expectations and enhance the way people live, work, and connect guided by a vision of innovation and sustainability, we embark on a transformative journey to shape remarkable developments that leave a lasting positive impact on communities.

Our commitment to excellence and customer-centricity is the driving force behind every project we undertake. With a dedicated team of professionals and strategic partnerships, we strive to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Let us embrace the future of real estate, where creativity meets purpose and dreams are realized.”

From here we explore countless options and welcome a future full of limitless possibilities

What distinguishes MAQAM Urban Development Company from other real estate development companies?

MAQAM's commitment to excellence, combined with our client-focused approach, ensures that every project you undertake leaves a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve and the projects you develop and implement. MAQAM is distinguished by implementing international standards in the development and implementation of its projects, in order to provide a comfortable and safe environment for residents and visitors. MAQAM also guarantees accuracy in the quality and finishes of all its projects, making it the ideal choice for both individuals and investors alike.

MAQAM is also committed to sustainable development, as it works to implement its projects in environmentally friendly ways, which contributes to improving the quality of life of residents in our urban communities. Which reflects its vision of comprehensive and sustainable development.

MAQAM’s contribution to the development of the New Administrative Capital as the best real estate developers

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt is one of the huge national projects that embodies Egypt's ambitions for development and prosperity, and also symbolizes modernity and progress in a new era. The capital is located 45 kilometers east of Cairo, and is distinguished by its geographical location along the Cairo-Suez axis, making it Egypt's gateway to the world.

The Administrative Capital represents a symbol of Egypt's promising future. The New Administrative Capital project is not limited to achieving Egypt's Vision 2030, which aims to build a modern and prosperous state that achieves the well-being of all.

One of the most important real estate development working in implementing the New Administrative Capital project is MAQAM Urban Development, one of the best urban developer in Egypt, which is working to develop many real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital, including contributing to the project’s vision and goals and Egypt’s Vision 2030.

One of the most important projects of the New Administrative Capital was the OPTIMA BUSINESS COMPLEX, which was developed and implemented by MAQAM Urban Development.

What do you know about optima business complex?

optima business complex is a controlled urban development project located in the center of the New Administrative Capital. Optima is as innovative and versatile as the project is designed and can see a futuristic designer working in a new way to interact with our environment. These technological innovations are also characterized by the diversity of administrative and commercial spaces, such as ideal models for the development of companies and projects of various sizes and a distinctive destination for companies to do business.

In addition to the new distinguished entertainment services, and a variety of restaurants, the optima business complex, which was developed by MAQAM Urban Development, is designed to improve your investment and invest your profits.

optima business complex, a prime location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital

Preferred to its distinguished location, its proximity to all vital forms in the capital, and its distinguished destinations for local and international companies. Optima Business Complex is far away

  • One kilometer from Al Masa Hotel
  • One kilometer from the financial district
  • One kilometer from government ministries
  • 3 kilometers from the third residential district, R3
  • 2 kilometers from People's Square

Everything companies need for every business is available in Optima Business Complex

The Optima Business Complex includes a variety of modern buildings and high-end facilities, to suit the needs of companies and businessmen. Optima Business Complex, which was developed by MAQAM Urban Development Company, is committed to providing its customers with more than just office space and administrative headquarters. Which aims to create an environment that enhances work-life balance and creates a shared sense of belonging among its pioneers. MAQAM has provided many features for Optima Business Complex, including:

Sky Lounge

It represents the latest addition to providing exceptional experiences for companies, entrepreneurs, their visitors, and employees

Located on an elevated level away from the hustle and bustle of life, where business and leisure intersect seamlessly.

This space has been meticulously designed to elevate your experience and redefine the way you work alongside relax.

Offering stunning views of the city skyline, it is a great backdrop for relaxing moments or important business discussions. From sunrise to sunset, you'll enjoy a visual experience that inspires creativity and peace of mind

Lighting system

Advanced intelligent lighting system. This revolutionary technology not only improves energy efficiency, but also contributes to the well-being and productivity of all workers within Optima, as the lighting system is characterized by

Eco-friendly and cost-effective Using motion sensors and smart lighting controls, the system ensures the lights are only on when needed

It leads to lower electricity bills due to a significant reduction in energy consumption

A system that mimics natural light patterns and allows for dynamic lighting adjustments. This promotes alertness during the day and relaxation during the evening

solar energy

We have seamlessly integrated solar solutions into the Optima Business Complex demonstrating our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Where

Reduces our carbon footprint

It ensures maximum efficiency which means a constant power supply and represents a step closer towards a sustainable future.

All of these modern and sustainable features and services represent MAQAM's vision of cultural development on the ground. Which placed it in the position of the best real estate developer and made Optima Business Complex a destination for entrepreneurs, commercial and administrative companies.

The MAQAM customer service team welcomes your inquiries or by visiting the MAQAM website.

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