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Capital Way Compound New Capital Equity Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: The Capital Way.

About The Capital Way Project: It is one of the high compounds in the New Administrative Capital where it is located near the ring road and Sheikh Zayed road.

The Capital Way Location: In the New Administrative Capital, directly in front of the Green River.

The Capital Way New Capital Compound Space: 50 acres.

The Developer Name: Equity Development (Al Suwaidi).

Units' Type: Apartments - Duplexes.

Price per meter: starts from 14500 EGP.

Units Space: starts from 90 m² up to 333 m².

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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Capital Way

Equity Development has launched its newest projects in the New Administrative Capital as the best compounds recently.

The Capital Way project is strategically located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and its properties vary greatly in terms of spaces and prices, as The Capital Way compound advantages include its vast area of up to 50 acres and located directly in front of the Green River, the longest green axis in the world, with an area of 35 km.

If you're a lover of Al Masa Hotel, The Capital Way Compound is very close to it and next to Al Sefarat Neighbourhood and the diplomatic quarter, making it one of the Administrative Capital's highest buildings.

The green spaces in The Capital Way Compound occupy 80% of its area, along with malls and security services, ensuring safety, comfort, and tranquility for Capital Way compound's residents.

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The Capital Way New Administrative Capital

The Capital Way compound is one of tThe Capital Way projects being implemented by Equity Development in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, The Capital Way project is the ideal choice for people looking for comfort, luxury, and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city and noise because Equity New Capital project is being built on an area of only 50 acres, the real estate developer has decided to build on only 20% of The Capital Way project area and the rest is allocated to green areas, facilities and services for added comfort, relaxation, and well-being.

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About The Capital Way New Capital

It is one of the high-end compounds, which is located in a very privileged location in the heart of the Administrative Capital with a distinct view of the Green River and close to all the services you need. It has been designed with the latest and most beautiful high-quality designs. It is located on an area of 42 acres divided into different residential units and the developer has decided to deliver it with super lux finishing.

All the residential units within The Capital Way New Capital Compound have a charming and unique view of the green spaces and artificial lakes, making you feel like you've got your dream house.

Way Capital is also characterized that it is a high-end compound designed for Capital Way apartments only and has the best engineering designs and the best high services, as the developer has decided that all buildings in Capital Way compound shall consist of a ground floor in addition to 7 fully finished floors.

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The ideal location of Capital Way Compound that provides you with the perfect balance between work and daily life

Developing companies compete in choosing the geographical location to implement their projects, knowing its great importance for customers and businessmen. Capital Way Compound is located in the Embassies area next to the diplomatic district, and enjoys its wonderful views of the Green River, which is one of the most important landmarks in the area, close to the most important and vital areas and cities that facilitate transportation for customers, and close to the embassies area and the residential government district.

The most important landmarks near Capital Way New Capital Compound:

  • Near Eco Compound, the most important residential communities in the New Administrative Capital such as Town Gate Compound and Sky Capital View Compound.
  • The distance between Capital Way Compound, New Capital and the residential government district is only 15 minutes.
  • Capital Way Compound, New Capital is 7 minutes away from the diplomatic district.
  • The ability to reach the famous Diamond Hotel from Capital Way project, New Capital in 10 minutes.
  • Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital is 3 minutes away from the Green River.

Discover the unique features of Capital Way project that meet your needs

Choose a luxurious life with Capital Way Compound, New Capital, invest today to make profits tomorrow in a location that combines luxury and security, and enjoy the features that reach your expectations, which are:

  • Green meadows that separate the residential units, giving the units a view of the natural landscapes that enhance the feeling of tranquility and psychological comfort, with gardens, parks and colorful flowers in Capital Way Compound, New Capital.
  • Water features and fountains whose water rises dancing tens of meters in Capital Way Compound, New Capital, which form a beautiful night view with lighting and the possibility of taking memorial photos near it.
  • Residents can practice sports and ride bikes in the midst of the magical ambiance away from the public road for cars in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Each building in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital contains elevators that help residents move without feeling any fatigue.
  • To prevent congestion in front of the units in Capital Way Compound, New Capital, wide garages have been built to accommodate a huge amount of cars.
  • There is an integrated security system that works automatically to combat fires and control situations in Capital Way Compound.
  • Providing many electric power generators that operate Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital in case of power outage.
  • A large mosque designed in the Islamic style for performing the five daily prayers throughout the day in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Using double glazing that allows sunlight to pass through and protects Capital Way Compound, New Capital from rainwater.
  • All units in Capital Way Compound, New Capital operate on a Smart Home system that allows residents to control lighting and temperature levels by using smartphones.
  • There is central air conditioning in all units of Capital Way Compound, New Capital to pump cold air to provide a comfortable experience for residents.
  • Spacious areas in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital to hold barbecues so that residents can have fun times with family and close friends.
  • Swimming pools with different depths suitable for adults and children in Equity New Capital Compound..

Enjoy a wide and unlimited diversity in units and spaces within Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital

Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital was built on an area of ​​42 acres, which is a huge area that enabled the developing company to offer many units for different customer segments. The developing company sought to satisfy lovers of large or small spaces, and all units in Capital Way Compound enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the charming natural landscapes and shimmering turquoise waters. The areas in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital are as follows:

  • The area of residential apartments consisting of one bedroom in Capital Way Compound, New Capital starts from 90 square meters.
  • While the area of apartments consisting of two bedrooms in Capital Way project, New Capital ranges from 141 square meters up to 163 square meters.
  • The area of apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms in Capital Way Compound ranges from 175 square meters up to 260 square meters.
  • The area of apartments consisting of 4 bedrooms starts from 280 square meters.
  • As for the area of duplex apartments in Capital Way Compound, New Administrative Capital, it starts from 388 square meters.

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Services Provided by The Capital Way by Equity Development

For all those looking for a return on investment in New Administrative Capital; You will find a world of luxury, services, public facilities and activities within The Capital Way

  • For more comfort and recreation... The Capital Way provides you with green spaces for fun, psychological comfort, and tranquility, next to tall trees that purify the air from pollution, as well as flowers with attractive colors that make the view wonderful.
  • If you are looking for fun and relaxation, you will find a health club that includes a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna equipped to serve the residents of The Capital Way New Capital compound.
  • To strengthen the relations between the residents of The Capital Way, a social club is available to you that contains many recreational and social activities.
  • A large commercial mall that includes the most famous brands and international brands that you are looking for, and you will find everything you need without leaving The Capital Way New Capital compound.
  • For swimming and enjoying the company of friends and relatives, swimming pools were created for adults and childreninside The Capital Way New Capital Compound.
  • For sports enthusiasts, the developer has allocated sports fields that include football, tennis, volleyball, handball, and other activities that young people love in The Capital Way New Capital Project.
  • Watching the latest Arab and foreign films, where there is a cinema complex equipped with large screens to display films in high quality for the sake of luxury and enjoyment at The Capital Way New Capital.
  • Looking for a headquarters for your business, you will find administrative and commercial buildings within the most prestigious compound in the capital.
  • Gym with the latest devices and modern equipment along with a team of trainers specialized in the field of fitness inside The Capital Way New Capital.
  • You prefer outdoor barbecues, we made this feature for you to have a special day at The Capital WayAl Suwaidi.
  • Dedicated places for events, parties, meetings, and conferences at The Capital Way New Capital.
  • For more security and guarding, there is a security team equipped and trained in guarding and insurance, as it conducts random and organized tours inside and outside the building.
  • Surveillance cameras work 24 hours a day to record events, audio, and video, and you can use them at any time in an emergency inside The Capital Way New Capital Compound.
  • A high-speed internet network to serve all Capital Way units.
  • Artificial lakes and distinctive landscapes are spread within The Capital Way.
  • Amusement parks, special recreational activities, and many games that children love inside The Capital Way Al Suwaidi Compound.
  • International restaurants offer a variety of dishes, whether oriental or western, by the most efficient professional chefs.
  • You can have your coffee or cold drink inside the cafes and cafes designated to enjoy and spend a special time in The Capital Way Al Suwaidi Project.
  • A team for periodic maintenance in order to repair any malfunction in the units.
  • A garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent crowding in front of the units, equipped with surveillance cameras for protection and guarding at Capital Way Project.
  • Attention to the residents of Capital Way compound, so a pharmacy was provided that provides all kinds of local and imported medicines, along with a medical team equipped for emergencies.
  • A mosque designed in an Islamic style for prayer and religious rites inside Capital Way Compound.
  • The lighting of the units depends on solar energy, so it is considered an environmentally friendly compound, and there are also electric generators that operate automatically when the power is cut off.

Division of residential units in the Capital Way Compound

Capitalway includes a number of distinct residential units with different spaces ranging from 90  up to 333 m².

The division of residential units within Capital Way compound varies between duplexes and residential apartments that the developer has decided to deliver it fully finished and air-conditioned, and it is the first residential compound for apartments only.

Units prices in The Capital Way Compound

The prices of apartments vary according to the spaces provided by the developer and you can book an apartment in the heart of Capital Way compound only by paying 10% downpayment of the unit value, and you can install the rest over 7 years, and the price per meter starts from 14500 EGP including finishing and air-conditioning.

Regular apartments prices with space of 80 m² starting at 1,160,000 EGP and 350 m² starts at 5,075,000 EGP.

Duplexes prices with space of 260 m² starting at 5,290,000 EGP and 333 m² starts at 6,800,000 EGP.

The Delivery Date of The Capital Way Project

The real estate developer has decided to deliver Capital Way compound four years from the date of work commencement in 2022.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Disadvantages of Capital Way Compound New Capital

Capital Way Compound is characterized by a number of advantages that make it one of the most prominent projects in the New Administrative Capital. Despite the mentioned advantages, some are reluctant because of the location of the capital and the prevailing belief that it is located far from the heart of Cairo. But with huge developments in infrastructure, and the existence of modern means of transportation such as the monorail and electric train, transportation between the New Administrative Capital and various areas of Cairo has become easy and fast. These means make the New Administrative Capital a modern, desirable facade for investment and housing, and ensure a distinct experience for the residents of Noor Compound that combines comfort and easy access to all vital places.

About the Real Estate Developer of The Capital Way Administrative Capital

The Capital Way project is one of the most outstanding projects being executed by Equity Development, one of the companies with a long experience in the field of real estate investment, and it is affiliated by Mr. Ahmed Al Suwaidi, a leader of the cable and electrical appliance companies.

Al Suwaidi has presented many large real estate projects in the market, including the:

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Explore the Rejuvenating Experience of Modern Living: Luxury and Premium Services in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a pioneering project aimed at catalyzing a leap in living standards and economic development. This modern city plans to reshape the concept of daily life through its advanced infrastructure and superior services. The city is not just a new residential area, but a vibrant hub that incorporates cutting-edge technological systems and advanced public transportation facilities.

The New Administrative Capital has collaborated with technology to ensure an easier and more efficient life for residents. Examples include its adoption of artificial intelligence technologies for smart management of facilities such as lighting and air conditioning systems, contributing to reduced energy consumption and enhanced sustainability.

Effective transportation plays a pivotal role as one of the cornerstones in the city's architectural and urban planning design, providing an integrated transportation system encompassing metro, rapid trains, and buses that facilitate access to various parts of the city, as well as seamless connectivity with Cairo and other cities.

The new capital has not overlooked medical aspects, being equipped with hospitals and clinics offering top-tier healthcare services, in addition to wellness and mental health centers providing a diverse range of services to support physical and mental well-being.

Emphasizing the importance of education in societal development, the capital houses a number of world-class schools and universities, opening new horizons for students and contributing to the development of a specialized workforce.

Furthermore, the capital hosts a wide range of recreational facilities such as theaters and parks, enhancing the city's cultural and social aspects.

Through offering these advanced amenities and services, the New Administrative Capital is paving its way to become a model for sophisticated living and an inspiring example of modern urban development in Egypt, providing an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to invest or reside in an environment characterized by progress and innovation.

Let Your Discerning Choice Be the New Administrative Capital, Where Elegance and Luxury Await!

The New Administrative Capital represents an advanced and innovative scene in the realm of Egyptian urban development, striving to establish a city of the new generation that weaves together architectural elegance and technological innovation. This city shines with its contemporary urban designs and advanced services, offering a sophisticated living environment that meets all needs. Its architectural design, which elevates standards of beauty and comfort, is a distinguishing hallmark reflecting its excellence and high quality, making it an attractive environment for those seeking to reside or work amidst an atmosphere of luxury.

The new capital encompasses a wide range of elegant projects and facilities, including residential areas offering a diverse selection of housing units to suit different tastes, ranging from modern apartments to spacious villas. These units boast captivating views, in addition to a layout that blends modernity with architectural luxury. The city also offers all essential services and core facilities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to providing a comfortable and integrated life.

The capital's advantages extend beyond housing and design, as it also embraces commercially and recreationally vibrant areas, teeming with international restaurants, cafes, and elegant shopping centers that cater to the aspirations and expectations of all visitors. To enrich the living and visiting experience, the city enjoys an advanced transportation system that connects its various parts through electric trains and well-equipped bus networks, facilitating mobility.

The New Administrative Capital presents valuable investment opportunities not limited to the local market but also extending to international investors, supported by a stable regulatory environment and government incentives. The increasing demand from investors reflects the significant potential offered by the city, with new projects being developed regularly to meet these needs.

Additionally, the city serves as a hub for cultural and recreational activities, regularly hosting diverse events such as festivals, exhibitions, and sporting events, enhancing its appeal as a recreational and cultural destination. The New Administrative Capital represents a convergence of luxury and comfort, offering both residents and investors alike a modern and opportunity-rich living experience.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Compounds Adjacent to Capital Way Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

If you're seeking luxurious housing near the Capital Way Compound within the New Administrative Capital, there are outstanding options awaiting your discovery. This list includes leading adjacent compounds, each offering a unique residential experience:

  1. Ray Residence Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    This compound is renowned for its serene ambiance and luxurious housing options, including apartments and standalone villas, in addition to offering vast green spaces and diverse recreational facilities that ensure comfort and relaxation for its residents.

  2. Suli Golf Residence Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    For those who appreciate a tranquil lifestyle and green spaces, this compound offers an integrated residential experience with its captivating natural landscapes and outstanding golf course, in addition to shopping and entertainment options.

  3. Moraya Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    This compound stands out for providing a comfortable and peaceful living atmosphere, ideal for those seeking privacy and relaxation. Its vast green spaces and social gathering areas make it a perfect choice for those seeking serenity and stability.

  4. RI8 Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    This is an excellent option for those seeking to reside in a home that combines luxury and contemporary design. The compound offers lavish apartments and standalone villas, with the possibility of utilizing its diverse facilities for comfort and entertainment.

By choosing any of these compounds adjacent to Capital Way, you'll ensure an enjoyable residential experience in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. Whether you prefer living in an apartment or villa, these compounds offer a diverse range of options to suit all tastes and needs.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit at Capital Way Compound in the New Administrative Capital via!

To join the Capital Way Compound community, here are the main steps to become one of its residents:

1. Start Your Journey: The first step requires visiting the website. There, you'll begin by creating your personal account with accurate and up-to-date information such as your name, phone number, and email address to ensure a smooth progression.

2. Dive into the Search: In your next step, use the website's search feature and search for "Capital Way Compound" to discover available opportunities and offers.

3. Explore Your Residential Options: Familiarize yourself with the listed residential units, including apartments, villas, and duplexes. You'll typically find detailed descriptions of each unit, along with photos and project details.

4. Make Your Decision: Once you've identified your requirements and considered your budget, it's time to select the unit that suits you best. The website provides information on the square meter price and financing options to facilitate your choice.

5. Connect for a Deeper Understanding: For more details and to arrange a viewing of the unit, it's advisable to collaborate with a certified real estate agent, who can streamline this step and provide answers to your questions.

6. Book Your Unit: After making your decision, secure your unit by paying the required booking amount. Ensure you understand all payment and delivery details.

7. Finalize the Agreement: The next step involves contracting, where you'll sign the official paperwork to confirm your ownership of the residential unit.

8. Fulfill Payments: You'll need to complete the required payments according to the schedule outlined in your contract, which may be divided based on specific construction stages.

9. Receive Your Unit: After completing all payments, it's time to receive your unit and potentially choose options for customizing interior finishes if desired.

10. Live in Elegance: Finally, enjoy all the amenities, recreational facilities, and green spaces that Capital Way Compound offers, providing an exceptional quality of life.

Each step in this journey brings you closer to realizing the dream of living in one of the most sought-after residential complexes, equipped with everything needed for an integrated residential experience.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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In the New Administrative Capital, directly in front of the Green River.

1,160,000 EGP


Equity Development (Al Suwaidi).

100 apartments

10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

50 acres


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