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The most important details and information about Mostakbal City


Mostakbal City Enjoy Living in One of Egypt's Newest Luxury Cities

Mostakbal City is one of the most luxurious cities in Egypt, so many people dream of living there, especially with the presence of the most luxurious residential units with many advantages, whether related to its distinctive strategic location or its diverse services that ensure providing the highest levels of comfort to its residents, but also provide them with a very luxurious life, as there are many recreational facilities in it.

Mostakbal City Map

The distinctive geographical location of the city is one of the most important attractions for it, as it is located in New Cairo, which is the most vibrant and elegant area in Egypt, specifically at kilometer 35 on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road. Therefore, this great strategic location linked it to several major cities and areas, such as:

  • Shorouk City, located 3 km away.
  • The two cities in northeast Cairo.
  • Obour Market, located 5 km away.

It is also characterized by its proximity to all means of transport and communications, which facilitates the transfer of its residents to Cairo and its various suburbs and many other areas.

Looking at the map of Mostakbal City, we find that it extends over a large area estimated at about 11,000 acres, but it is not crowded with buildings and residents because the green space and roads occupy 50% of its area.

Mostakbal City Services

Residents of Mostakbal City certainly lack nothing at all, but enjoy a very comfortable life to the utmost extent, due to the availability of all services around them, such as:

  • Integrated health services: including hospitals, treatment centers, pharmacies, laboratories, etc.
  • Educational services: including many schools such as the Military Sports School affiliated with the Armed Forces, January 25 School, and the Experimental Languages ​​School for Heroes.
  • Distinguished housing services: It includes residential units that suit different segments of society. For example, a housing project for youth has been launched in it. It also includes luxury compounds such as Lavigne Compound, Bloomfield’s Compound and Capital Gardens Compound, and many more.
  • Commercial services: malls and large commercial shops are spread across it, such as Sun Mall Al Mustakbal, in addition to stores that sell all kinds of goods and offer various services.
  • Elegant restaurants spread in different parts, such as El Shabrawy, El Baraka, Hadramout and others. It also has large cafes.
  • Government service centers, such as the Housing Fund and the City Council, etc.
  • Recreational services: The city has four clubs in addition to green spaces where you can walk around, bike paths, and more.
  • Other services: Residents can easily obtain cleaning, maintenance and many other public services.

Benefits of Living in Mostakbal City

There is no doubt that living in this city is a great experience by all standards, because it has many advantages that are rarely found in one residential area, as the advantages of living in it are as follows:

  • Ease of access to it and movement from it to many areas thanks to its distinctive location close to many vibrant cities. It is also surrounded by multiple main roads such as the Ring Road, Suez Road and Cairo Belbeis Desert Road.
  • Easy access to all services, due to the availability of various services in it and the spread of many facilities within it.
  • High safety in your place of residence, as security personnel are spread across the various main entrances and gates to the city, and this is also the case in various residential buildings.
  • Abundance of means of transport that facilitate movement inside and outside the city at any time. For example, there is a bus dedicated to its residents alone to transport them from it to Al Hegaz Square or vice versa approximately every hour. The city itself is originally characterized by its proximity to New Cairo, which is a third of an hour away.
  • Living in a quiet area far from the noise caused by population congestion as is the case in many other cities. This is due to it being a green city where green space and landscaping cover about 50% of its land.
  • All of its buildings are only 6 floors high, which ensures more tranquility for its residents and a greater degree of privacy.
  • The presence of many residential compounds characterized by luxury and fully equipped with all the services and recreational facilities necessary for the comfort of the residents.

Best Compounds in the City

Mostakbal City includes a group of the most luxurious compounds that provide residents with a variety of elegant services and fun recreational facilities. Here is an overview of some of them:

  • Golf Porto Cairo: It has a great location on Hope Road, so it is only 10 minutes away from New Cairo and 5 minutes from Suez Road or the New Administrative Capital. Its units range between apartments and villas.
  • Aria Compound: Close to the Middle Ring Road and the American University. The units offered vary between apartments and townhouses.
  • The City of Odyssia Compound: It is distinguished by its luxurious units with elegant designs, whether apartments, duplexes or twin houses, in addition to its abundant services and multiple facilities that provide complete comfort to its residents.
  • Haptown Compound: Built on a huge area of ​​250 acres, it includes different types of the most luxurious units including apartments, townhouses and duplexes, in addition to a huge number of services and facilities established there.
  • Neopolis Compound: Its most prominent features are its integrated services and strategic location near Maadi and Heliopolis. It offers its customers a variety of units including townhouses, apartments and duplexes.
  • Taj City Compound: Luxury is the predominant feature. Customers will find greatly varied areas for all units offered, whether apartments, studios or twin houses.
  • Other luxury compounds: There are still many distinguished compounds within the city such as Sarai Compound, Zizinia Compound, Lavenir Compound, La Mirada Compound, The Canion Compound, Green Square Compound, and many more.

Types of Real Estate in Mostakbal City

You will find various types of residential units available in Mostakbal City, which is distinguished by the luxury of its different units to suit the social level of the residents living there. Here is an overview of some of these units:


The apartments offered are characterized by beautiful interior designs, luxurious high-quality finishes and modern decor. They also vary in areas to suit all customers. For example, in some areas they range from 90 square meters up to 400 square meters and usually include a reception room, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

As for the areas of apartments offered there on the Ismailia Road, their areas start from 122 square meters up to 250 square meters, and usually include a reception room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Their areas inside some compounds reach up to 568 square meters, such as the apartments offered in the Zizinia Compound.


The first thing that catches the eye is their extreme luxury and varied areas that usually start from 150 square meters up to 324 square meters and more. In most cases, a garden is attached to it. Despite this, it is offered for sale at great prices and amazing facilities when paying that allow you to pay its price over a long period of up to 10 years.

Twin Houses

Most twin house units recently offered for sale in the city range from 180 square meters up to 300 square meters or more in most cases. The customer receives it either fully finished, half-finished or unfinished according to the specifications of the unit sold.

Despite the diversity of their prices and payment systems from one area or compound to another, they are generally considered reasonable and affordable. For example, Sarai offers a twin house for sale with an area of ​​190 square meters on red brick consisting of a ground floor, first floor and roof, containing a living room, reception, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and 3 bathrooms, for 5 million and 500 thousand pounds without a down payment and installments over 10 years.


Its area also varies, so you will find units with areas of 165 square meters, 205 square meters up to 220 square meters or more. In most cases, you will get great facilities and discounts when buying.

For example, the Sarai compound offers a penthouse for sale with an area of ​​169 square meters and a roof annex with an area of ​​96 square meters, for 2 million and 500 thousand pounds with a 50% discount in case of cash payment. In case of installments, you can pay a small down payment of 5% of the unit price, then pay the rest over 7 years and get a 15% discount


The areas of this type of unit usually exceed 200 square meters, reaching 245, 295, 300, 350 square meters, but you can also find smaller areas of 175 square meters if you wish.

These units are characterized by the luxury of design, as a garden is sometimes attached to them. For example, the Lavenir Compound offers a duplex ground floor semi-finished with a garden of 245 square meters for buildings and 70 square meters for the garden for 2 million and 300 thousand pounds. The customer can pay a down payment of 2 million and 190 thousand and 600 pounds, while the remaining installments are 109400 pounds.

I Villa

It is a two-story villa with a garden attached to the ground floor and a roof attached to the second floor. For example, you can buy an I villa for sale consisting of two floors (ground and first) with an area of ​​260 square meters and a garden with an area of ​​130 square meters, with a down payment of 1 million and 320 thousand pounds and installment of 2 million and 480 thousand pounds until 2022.

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Best Compounds In Mostakbal City

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