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Pukka New Capital Compound Master Builder

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Project Description

Project Name: Pukka.

About Pukka Project: It is a residential project with various residential units with various spaces designed with international designs that have an authentic Arab character including green spaces and landscapes as well as a wonderful view for the comfort of the residents and their luxury.

Pukka New Capital Compound Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital next to Mohammed bin Zayed Axis and the Regional Ring Road, close to the Cathedral, Expo City, Al Sefarat neighborhood, Capital Heights, and the British University.

Compound Space: 40 acres.

The Developer Name: Master Builders Group (MBG)

Units' Type: Apartment in pukka - Penthouses.

Units' Space: starts from 122 m² up to 274 m².

Price per meter: starts from 9000 EGP.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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Pukka New Capital

Pukka is waiting for you! The most powerful and prominent launch of Master Builders Group in the New Capital, it is located close to the Capital's most vital sites and is designed with high-end designs to offer the highest level of luxury and comfort to its residents in Pukka New Capital Compund.

The most prominent feature of the compound is its location in the most vibrant areas of the New Capital, where it is located in the investors' area and the advantage of this location is that it is the least dense as Pukka Compund Master Builder is located on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed called the central axis, which is an extension of the South Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement.

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Pukka Compound New Capital

If you want to live in a dream house and high-end life, or you are looking for stability, it is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, which is one of the latest projects of Master Builders Group.

Pukka is one of the latest projects of the Administrative Capital and is an integrated residential investment city, located in the heart of the New Capital, which includes a wide range of investment projects, ministries, and various international bodies, and has been linked to a wide range of major roads where it is close to Suez city, 6 October, and regional ring road.

Details about Pukka New Capital Egypt

It is located on a large area of 40 acres and consists of 43 buildings comprising 2500 residential units, it provides you with 4 different types of residential units, while it has been designed on the latest high-quality designs that combine luxury and traditional Arabic authenticity. The construction has been on only 20% of Pukka project area, and the rest of Pukka project is green spaces and landscapes for comfort and well-being and all residential units overlook a magnificent view.

Details about compounds in New Capital City

Enjoy a tour of the ideal location of Pukka New Capital Compound that provides you with the perfect balance between work and daily life

Enjoy the strategic location that combines tranquility and proximity to the most important landmarks and facilities in Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital, which Master Builder Real Estate Development Company has carefully chosen at the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in the Seventh District R7 in the First Offering Area in Plot No. 9B on Muhammad Bin Zayed South Axis, which makes the project in the middle of the most important roads and axes.

Lanmarks Near To Pukka New Capital:

  • The project neighbors the Conference Hall, Exhibition Grounds and the British University.
  • The distance between Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital and the Great Cathedral is about 300 meters.
  • Master Builder compound is located 700 meters from the Green River.
  • The project is minutes away from Dubai Mall.
  • Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital can be reached to the New Administrative Capital Airport in the north within 12 minutes.
  • The project is 3 minutes away from Expo City.
  • The project is close to Oro compound and Town Gate compound in the New Administrative Capital.

Look for a unique and amazing experience in architectural design with our one-of-a-kind Pukka New Capital Compound project

Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital, is a luxurious living experience with modern design, as the owning company was keen to make the project unique with eye-catching designs. The project was implemented by the best architects with luxurious residential buildings overlooking wide streets to ensure complete privacy for residents. The project was also divided as follows:

  • Master Builder Compound, New Administrative Capital was established on an area of up to 40 acres.
  • Green spaces, trees and artificial lakes occupy the larger part of the total area of the project by 78%, and about 22% for buildings and residential units.
  • The project includes 43 buildings consisting of 4 types of units in different areas.

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Services Provided by Pukka Compound

Master Builder, the project's executing company, sought to provide all services within Pukka compound to meet all customer needs, and not to have to go outside the region, such as:

Green spaces: It features large green spaces that give you a sense of comfort when you look at them, as well as water bodies and swimming pools.

Game zone: Project executives are keen to create a kids' play area, which includes many fun games.

Commercial area: it has a large commercial area with many international brands shops, as well as shopping malls.

Health club: There is a health club in Pukka as well as a gym for exercise, as well as a spa for relaxation and comfort.

Hypermarket: The hypermarket is available within the complex to provide all the needs of customers, no need to go outside the area to buy their supplies, and there are parking garages at the highest level.

Bicycles: It has a world-renowned bicycle parking system, which demonstrates the project's executives' keenness to provide all the entertainment and comfort to customers to meet all their needs.

Food Court: Master Builder Compound has a dining venue, with many of the world's best-known restaurants offering the best beverages and food with hotel-like service.

Medical Center: Pukka Project includes a medical center, which is equipped with the best modern medical equipment, to provide distinctive service to customers, in addition to the presence of a pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day, to provide the medicines needed by the residents of the place.

Business Center: The company implementing Pukka project provided a large business meeting room, which is equipped with tools and equipment to suit such meetings.

Wide roads: It is characterized by the presence of wide roads, which are located on the side of the trees where they reflect a beautiful view, this is due to the design of Pukka project with a boulevard, system, known worldwide as one of the advanced systems related to the division of neighborhoods and buildings.

Security and guarding: Security and guarding services are available throughout the day to provide security and stability to the residents, where they have been provided with the best security equipment, as well as the presence of surveillance cameras throughout Pukka project.

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Features of Life Within Pukka Master Builder Group

Pukka New Capital Compound is one of the distinctive projects owned by Master Builder for Real Estate Development, which has been keen to be distinguished from other projects, as follows:

  • Pukka New Administrative Capital Project is a wonderful investment opportunity as it is unique in its distinguished geographical location, as it is located on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, and is close to the most important strategic sites, which helps you navigate easily away from the public road.
  • Pukka Compound provides you and your family with all aspects of safety, as guards are set throughout the day, and surveillance cameras cover all residential units to monitor all events, as they are constantly working.
  • Scenic landscapes surround Pukka compound from all directions, including the wonderful landscape designed with the same international styles, gardens, and green parks, making you feel completely relaxed and mentally clear inside Pukka New Capital.
  • Pukka compound includes private garages for each residential building, which are located underground and fully secured, in order to preserve the civilized appearance of Pukka project.
  • The most important feature of Pukka compound is its proximity to major educational centers and international schools, as well as universities that are a few short steps away, making it easier for your children to move and reach in Pukka Compound.
  • To ensure the complete safety of you and your children, paths have been paved for walking away from the road for cars in order to avoid any accidents in Pukka Project.
  • A number of medical centers have been established that operate throughout the day and they include all specialties and provide you with all treatment services and comprehensive examinations at the highest level inside Pukka Compound.
  • As well as providing imported medicines and treatments in all major pharmacies within its yard, which are available 24 hours a day to serve you.
  • To enhance the civilized appearance of Pukka compound, wonderful water bodies with their wonderful turquoise waters were created around Pukka project, which is represented in the dancing fountains and the sound of waterfalls with their single waters, and beautiful artificial lakes that give it attractiveness and make you feel recreation.
  • We provide you with all food commodities and supplies by creating commercial centers that contain all the products you need during your day.
  • The residential units within Pukka New Capital project have been designed on the latest international models, which enjoy wonderful decorations and calm colors that relax the eye, as well as distinctive lighting that gives you psychological comfort and a sense of relaxation within your unit.
  • All units are delivered with the latest finishes and the finest building materials, as well as the modern air-conditioners that have been provided inside Pukka Compound, in order to live within a real environment with a new concept.
  • Distinguished periodic maintenance is carried out on all units, by the most efficient technicians, which work throughout the day to repair any malfunctions inside Pukka Project.
  • A large mosque with a large courtyard was built, and it houses a huge number of worshipers, and it is designed according to the ancient Islamic and architectural styles in Pukka.
  • For shopping lovers, a shopping mall has been established within Pukka project that offers you the best types of brands and international brands.
  • For the meeting of friends and families, a social club has been established that provides services of the highest quality, and comfortable seating facilities inside Pukka New Capital Compound.
  • A distinctive entertainment area for adults and children that includes a large number of various games that help you spend times of fun and happiness among your family and friends.
  • For bodybuilding and fitness, we have provided you with a large gym that includes several modern devices, and trainers of the highest level inside Pukka New Capital.
  • A wellness center that includes a Jacuzzi for relaxation, a Spa House for skincare, as well as sauna rooms that help you relax and unwind.
  • To practice your favorite sports, a number of large-sized stadiums have been prepared for football, handball, and tennis, which hold many courses and competitions.
  • A large library containing thousands of diverse international books within Pukka project, which guarantees you calm and freedom to enjoy reading and education.

Pukka Project Spaces

The executing company has constructed it on an area of up to 168 km equal to 40 acres, to include all the services needed by customers of different tastes, the largest area was allocated to provide both recreational and major services, in addition to the presence of water bodies and green spaces.

The complex comprises 43 residential buildings with units of various sizes, including luxury apartments, roof gardens, and a penthouse, where four models of residential buildings have been designed, with the units being delivered semi-finished to the customer.

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Enjoy a wide and unlimited variety in the units and spaces we offer you to choose what suits you in Pukka New Capital Compound

Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital enjoys great diversity in the areas of residential units to suit all tastes and make it easy for the client to get what they are looking for. The areas of the units in the project can be identified as follows:

  • The area of the ground floor apartments in Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital ranges from 48 up to 196 square meters, attached to a 43 square meter garden.
  • The area of the apartments on the typical floors ranges from 106 up to 227 square meters.
  • The area of the penthouse in the compound ranges from 147 up to 274 square meters.

Unit spaces in Pukka New Capital

The residential units space within Pukka project will vary in order to suit everyone, as the apartments start from 122 up to 227 m² and include the following:

Apartment with garden with space starts from 139 m² up to 198 m² and the garden space starts from 58  up to 104 m², its price starts from 1.636.000 EGP up to 2.193.000 EGP.

Apartment with space starting from 147  up to 205 m², its price starts from 1.470.000 EGP up to 1.845.000 EGP.

Penthouses space starts from 147  up to 274 m², each with a closed area that starts from 27  up to 218  and also a roof with space starts from 63  up to 114 m², its price starts from 1,949,000 EGP up to 3,176.250 EGP.

Payment Methods & Pukka Prices

The unit price is paid in equal installments over five years, without paying any downpayment, and the second method consisted of paying a downpayment of 6% of the unit value and then another 6% after one year, with the rest to be paid in equal installments for 6 years.

The third method was to pay a 10% downpayment of the unit value, then pay 5% after one year, then another 5% after two years, with the rest to be paid over seven years in equal installments.

The fourth method consisted of a 15% down payment, 5% after one year, another 5% after two years, and a third 5% after three years, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over eight years in equal installments.

The Delivery Date

The Developer, Master Builders, has decided that Pukka project will be delivered at the beginning of 2022.

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Disadvantages of Pukka Administrative Capital Compound

Despite the capabilities and distinction offered by Pukka Administrative Capital Compound, some customers may feel reservations due to the diversity of residential units, believing that this diversity may add some extra activity to life within the compound. However, Master Builder real estate company has paid special attention to this point, and has planned the spaces between the units in a way that ensures comfort and privacy for the residents, thus enhancing the quality of life within the Pukka Compound.

About the Real Estate Developer

Master Builders consists of a large group of well-known real estate developers in the Middle East, and they have provided many projects either medical projects or educational, residential projects with the highest quality of real estate design and the previous projects of this company include the following:

  • The City Valley New Capital.

  • White 14 Tower New Capital.
  • Sunset Compound Ras El Bar.
  • River Green project The Administrative Capital.
  • Al Ola City New Mansoura.
  • Al Safa Mall.
  • Dar El Safa Hospital.
  • Gehan Medical Center.
  • Mansoura International Medical Center.
  • Nile Academy.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes

Advantages of the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital represents a distinguished addition to Egypt's mega-projects, as it was established in the Eastern Desert in a strategic location, 45 kilometers northeast of Cairo.

Its location makes it close to the pulse of life and at the same time offers a new expanse for development and modern living.

This city, which stands out with its modern architecture and meticulous planning, attracts attention to new horizons for the economy and housing, attracting massive investments estimated at 1.5 trillion Egyptian pounds.

One of the salient points in the design and implementation of this city is its reliance on an integrated public transportation system that facilitates access to and from it to various destinations, including a new railway line connecting it to the capital Cairo and neighboring governorates, as well as a network of roads and a tunnel providing safe and rapid movement inside and outside the city.

The New Administrative Capital also presents itself as a model of development and innovation through the diverse facilities and services it offers, starting with educational institutions at various levels and advanced healthcare centers, to cultural and sports centers that meet the aspirations and needs of its residents.

In addition to commercial centers, restaurants, and cafes that offer a unique shopping and entertainment experience.

Thanks to these accomplishments and services, the New Administrative Capital offers promising opportunities for residents and investors alike, as it witnesses growth in real estate values with promises of attractive financial returns in the long run.

Modern-age technology such as high-speed internet and artificial intelligence technologies are also put into the service of the city's development and the well-being of its residents, making the New Administrative Capital an ideal environment for living and investing, presenting an inspiring model for the future in Egypt.

What are the advantages of investing in the Administrative Capital?

The New Administrative Capital offers tremendous opportunities for those seeking successful and profitable real estate investments.

This area is considered one of the ideal places for business and living, as it combines modern design and continuous government support, making it an attraction center for investors and residents alike.

The reliance on advanced construction technologies and modern infrastructure ensures high efficiency in services, including traffic and transportation management, as well as easy access to surrounding areas.

The capital is distinguished by its diverse real estate projects that suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from luxurious residential compounds to commercial and medical complexes, all of which contribute to creating a comfortable and integrated living environment with services.

Perhaps what increases the demand for the new capital is the moderate real estate prices compared to neighborhoods in the old capital, allowing investors an investment opportunity with reasonable costs and lucrative returns.

Moreover, modern construction technology is used to enhance safety and health in homes and offices, as the new capital is transformed into a smart city that ensures a high quality of life for its residents.

In addition to public facilities such as advanced hospitals, schools, and universities that cover all educational and health needs.

In short, the New Administrative Capital represents an ideal investment destination that offers diversity in real estate opportunities and quality of daily life, making it a successful choice for those seeking a real estate investment with promising prospects and a bright future.

Neighborhood and Excellence: Discover the Compounds Adjacent to the Boca Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt represents a prominent model of contemporary urban development, benefiting from its strategic location.

Within this area, the Boca compound stands out as a major residential project located in a vibrant area close to a series of upscale residential complexes.

This report highlights several residential projects adjacent to Boca, pointing out their most distinctive features:

1. Midtown Sky Compound in the Capital: The Midtown Sky Compound in the Capital tops the list as one of the luxurious and expansive residential projects near Boca.

It shines with its aesthetic architectural design and offers residential units with attractive views of the surrounding areas and a variety of high-quality recreational and public services, making it an ideal destination for residents.

2. Capital Heights 2 Compound: The Capital Heights 2 Compound presents itself as another distinct choice near Boca, distinguished by the diversity of residential units that cater to various tastes and needs. It provides a serene environment equipped with all basic services, including commercial areas and charming gardens, and enjoys a contemporary design that creates a unique atmosphere for its residents.

3. Town Gate Compound in the Capital: The Town Gate Compound in the Capital is located as one of the adjacent options to the Boca compound, promising to provide a luxurious, modern living experience.

Its location in the heart of the Administrative Capital places it near important commercial and entertainment centers, making it easy to access restaurants, cafes, and malls, in addition to a great range of services and facilities that make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

These residential projects surrounding the Boca compound in the New Administrative Capital promise to offer contemporary and luxurious living, with innovative designs and high-quality services, making them attractive choices for those seeking to reside within this ambitious urban development.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Purchase a Unit in the Boca Compound on!

Acquiring a residential unit within the Boca compound in the New Administrative Capital is considered a distinguished investment and a smart step in the real estate field.

This project offers a diverse range of apartments and residential units with unique designs and varying spaces, alongside a wide array of recreational services and vital facilities.

In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to purchase your unit in the Boca compound through the online platform, known for its reliability in the real estate sector.

Step One: Choose the ideal unit for you. It is essential to search for the unit that meets all your requirements. Use the search tool on the website to explore the available options within the Boca compound, specifying the desired area, number of rooms, and amenities you wish to have.

Step Two: Contact the sales team. After identifying the unit that catches your attention, you should contact the sales team to obtain more information. The contact number can be easily found on the website to speak directly with sales representatives.

Step Three: Reservation and down payment. Once you are fully convinced about the unit, you need to make a reservation, which sometimes requires an advance payment, often 10% of the total value of the unit. You can also review the different payment options available through the real estate developer.

Step Four: Signing the contract and arranging payments. After the reservation, you will need to sign the unit purchase contract with the real estate developer. You should carefully read all the terms of the contract to ensure you understand all the conditions before signing. Next, you will need to arrange for payment of the installments according to the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Step Five: Receiving the unit.

Upon completion of the project and the readiness of your unit, you will be notified to pay the remaining amount and receive the keys to your unit.

Flexible payment options may be available based on your financial needs. By choosing to purchase a unit within the Boca compound through, you ensure taking a strong investment step in the real estate field.

You can find more information about the project, the real estate developer, and available offers by visiting the Realestate Egypt website and confirming your choice.

Start your investment journey now and seize your opportunity to acquire a unit in the Boca compound in the New Administrative Capital.

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The New Administrative Capital

1,300,000 EGP


Master Builders Group (MBG)

29 Units

10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

40 acres.


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