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Al Maqsad New Capital

Al Maqsad is a huge investment real estate project, established by City Edge Development Company in the highest places in the New Administrative Capital, in coordination with the Urban Communities Authority, knowing that this compound is a number of standalone villas with high-end designs that are expected to be delivered to customers this year via installment system.

As well as choosing a vital location for the project and specifically in the third residential neighborhood near some vital places, making owning a unit in the Compound as a huge investment opportunity, and the following is a profile about the advantages of owning a distinctive residential unit within the Compound and for more information click on Real Estate Egypt.

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Al Maqsad City Edge Location

Owning a unit in Al Maqsad New Capital is a unique opportunity that cannot be compensated for the many advantages enjoyed by the project, the most important of which is to pay the unit price over a long period of up to seven years in convenient installments.

Note that the project is more than one phase, the first phase has been completed with full finishes enable the customer to receive his/her unit as soon as possible, while the second phase is still in progress and the units are delivered to the customer semi-finished where he completes the finishes  based on his own taste, as the client can take all the guarantees that make him feel safe with the owner until the time of receipt.

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Design of Maqsad project

There are various residential units within the compound, where the units are divided among separate villas, upscale twin houses, luxury townhouses, all units are delivered to the customer in full finishing system, knowing that each unit within Al Maqsad New Capital varies in terms of spaces and therefore prices vary as well.

City Edge Properties has been keen to follow unique and high-end designs to suit the tastes of all customers, where porcelain has been installed on the floors in the reception, bedrooms, and kitchen, and the toilets are designed with HDF technology that is common in many developing countries.

Following the innovative design methods are one of the most important factors to attract attention and investors to buy residential units within the Compound, to enjoy a life of luxury and leisure.

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Al Maqsad City Edge location

The project is located in the best vital places in the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the third residential district, which gives the project its importance and makes it more attractive to customers, due to its proximity to important places, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Near the sports city, the smart city, and the academic city within the Administrative Capital.
  • It is a very simple distance from both the European University and the Olympic Village.
  • Al Maqsad complex is separated by walking distance from the government district, the Canadian University, the Presidential Palace, and the central business district.
  • It is only a few minutes away from the New Capital airport, making it very close to Al Mostakbal city, the Fifth Settlement, and the cities of Greater Cairo and the process of moving and reaching it from anywhere is very easy, as well as it is close to various service facilities.
  • Al Maqsad Administrative Capital is close to a number of axes and roads that make access to it via the Administrative Capital easy, such as Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis, the Central Ring Road, the regional ring road, which is the link between both Al Ain Sokhna and Suez Road, as well as its proximity to Al Mostakbal southern road.
  • All of these advantages, which represented in approaching to the main roads and axes that make the compound very close to the service facilities, make owning a unit within it a good opportunity for those who want to live a quiet life full of luxury and pleasure, besides an advantage that does not exist in many other projects, namely, the client's choice of finishes and decorations of his unit on his own taste.

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Services in Al Maqsad New Capital

All basic services are available within Almaqsad project, as well as City Edge company keenness to provide recreational services that make the customer enjoy a life full of luxury and pleasure with his family members, due to the availability of all the needs and requirements he needs, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • A security company operates within the compound 24 hours a day without a stop and monitors entrances and gates, as well as teams specializing in monitoring surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of residents.
  • Within the Al Maqsad complex, there is a large social and health club with all the means to allow customers to engage in all activities that keep fit.

  • Kids area for kids which is equipped with all the comforts and safety, providing an atmosphere of fun for them with a variety of games, most notably water games.

  • There is a large mall with a variety of shops specializing in the sale of all internationally renowned branded products, as well as all personal items and food.

  • There are a mosque and a church for Christian rituals.

  • The complex has cafes and restaurants that professionally serve the world's most renowned dishes.

After mentioning all these services and features enjoyed by Al Maqsad, the client can communicate with the developer company to book his residential unit as soon as possible and take advantage of the advantages and easy payment methods, where the contract is made in no more than twenty-four hours.

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Features of Al Maqsad New Capital

Al Maqsad City Edge is a new residential project implemented by City Edge in the New Administrative Capital with global standards and high quality, to become a new start for the company in the world of real estate development and help to win the trust of customers to it, as it is a unique experience to live a decent life full of luxury within your residential unit, and one of the most important advantages enjoyed by the project is the following:

  • The project has a dynamic strategic location that allows the customer to choose the residential unit that suits him.
  • Al Maqsad compound is extremely safe, ensuring that the customer and his family live in peace and tranquillity.
  • The complex is spread out with vast green spaces providing psychological comfort to residents, as well as plenty of places to sit and relax outdoors while enjoying the picturesque nature.

  • It is also characterized by a range of charming artificial lakes that add an aesthetic look to the compound at night.

  • Those who want to own a unit can communicate with the owner and enjoy the competitive prices offered by the company, and enjoy the privileged location close to the important places within the New Administrative Capital.

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Units spaces

It is designed in a luxurious style in line with the classic style that blends with modern and trendy designs, the compound has used a total area of approximately 211 acres for its full implementation, with dimensions estimated at 1660 x 660, while the main roads within it range from 16 square meters up to 32 square meters.

City Edge Properties hired one of the major engineering construction companies to design the entire project, CSCEC company, which designed the villas within the project with high-end designs and a variety of spaces.

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Al Maqsad prices

Customers and investors can easily get a unit in the compound to enjoy a life of luxury and privacy within the private villa that is characterized by luxurious finishes and exquisite designs, as well as its proximity to vital areas and facilities.

As well as the appropriate and affordable prices of the compound that does not accept the competition offered by the company to customers and investors with installments over five years in order to own a unit without any additional financial burdens, and the prices of the units are as follows:

  • The prices of the standalone villas start from 7,100,000 pounds, ranging in size from 380 square meters up to 537 square meters as a maximum.
  • The prices of twin house units start at 6,600,000 pounds, for units ranging in size from 413 square meters up to 426 square meters.
  • The prices of townhouses units start at EGP 5,800,000 pounds for units with spaces starting from 357 square meters up to 407 square meters.

  • Payment systems are flexible and very easy, consisting of a 5% down payment upon contract, with the remaining amount in installments for five years without collecting any interest rate at all.

The project is one of the most important investment projects announced by President Sisi in the New Administrative Capital to contribute to the development of the national economy.

The owner company profile

City Edge is the company that implemented Al Maqsad in the New Administrative Capital in cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority, where the project looks optimally and becomes a new start for the company in the world of real estate marketing, which has a precedent of honorable works include the following:

City Edge has collaborated with several government agencies to implement this compound, which is represented by the Urban Communities Authority, the Housing and Construction Bank, and the Holding Company for Investment and Development.

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