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Project Description

Project Name: Capital Heights 2 

About Project: A residential project with a stylish design, distinctive unit, green spaces, playgrounds and water bodies providing comfort and well-being for the residents.

Capital Heights 2 New Capital Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital, close to IL Bosco compound and Midtown Compound.

Capital Heights 2 Space: 59 acres equal to 250000 m².

The Developer Name: Safwa Urban Development.

Units' Type: Apartments - Duplexes.

Price per meter: it starts from 21,100 EGP up to 23,100 EGP.

Units' Space: Apartments space starts from 123 m² up to 390 m², duplex space starts from 405 m² up to 505 m², palaces space starts from 527 m² up to 1095 m².

Payment Systems: 0% up to 20% downpayment with installment period starts from 3 years up to 7 years. 

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Capital Heights 2 New Capital

After the overwhelming success of Capital Heights New Administrative Capital and the sale of the majority of its units, Safwa Urban Development has decided to launch Capital Heights 2 as an extension of this success, Capital Heights 2 is one of the high-end urban communities of design and execution which will provide its residents with greater comfort, privacy, and security.

Compound capital heights 2 combines European architectural style with purely Arab originality and is further enhanced by the features of Capital Heights 2 project in terms of location, view, and services.

It is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in the investors' area, adjacent to IL Bosco, close to its most important buildings and strategic neighborhoods, Expo City, Medical City, and opera house, and it is a few minutes from Al Masa Hotel.

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Capital Heights New Capital 2 is one of the featured projects being built by Safwa Urban Development Company, the second of its projects in the New Administrative Capital and as usual, by SUD, this project is a large edifice that includes everything you are looking for in one place, as well as providing you with comfort Luxury and modern and smart designs.

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Details about Capital Heights 2 New Capital

Capital Heights 2 project is built on an area of ​​59 acres or about 250 km². Construction in SUD compound has only 22% of the total area of Capital Heights 2 project equal to only 48 km² and 12.5% ​​of Capital Heights 2 project area for services, as for the remaining area, it is for green spaces and amenities, the project includes 56 residential units.

As for the design and execution of Capital Heights 2 project, the real estate developer has appointed the engineer Hussein Sabbour, who is one of the well-known architects in Egypt, to design Capital Heights 2 project, which is one of its outstanding works improving the electricity and sewage networks in Cairo and Alexandria.

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Location of Capital Heights 2 Administrative Capital

Safwa Urban Development has selected a very distinctive area for the establishment of Capital Heights 2 project as it is located within a full-services residential compound on Mohammed bin Zayed axis

Landmarks near Al Safwa Group Compound:

  • It is 2 km from the Medical City.

  • Close to Fairground and Almasa Hotel.
  • Located behind the Green River and 250 m² from the Cathedral.
  • Near IL Bosco Compound.
  • Near Midtown Compound, the first villa project in the Administrative Capital.
  • Located 7 km² from the International Airport.
  • 1.5 km² from Al Sefarat neighborhood

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Features of Capital Heights 2 SUD

  • Located in a lively and distinctive area close to all services, ministries, and agencies.
  • It has been built on smart residential life foundations with a giant space.
  • It has a wide range of services, entertainment and sports areas in one place.
  • Capital Heights 2 has been equipped with the latest global surveillance systems for the safety of the residents.
  • It is close to the Grand Mosque and the Cathedral.
  • All the units overlook the magnificent view of green gardens and artificial lakes.
  • Close to international schools.

Learn about the services and features offered by Capital Heights 2 New Administrative Capital

SUD Development has provided a variety of services and facilities that meet all customers' needs and always make it the best choice.

  • Large track for running, walking, and cycling on safe paths away from cars.
  • Inside the Heights 2 compound, there is a social club with many different activities and places to sit with family and friends to enjoy the best times.
  • A huge mall with many different stores such as clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and international brands, which makes the shopping process enjoyable.
  • Capital Heights 2 project contains many playgrounds for practicing different sports such as squash, football, and basketball to maintain fitness.
  • Capital Heights 2 project is located in a prime location in the Administrative Capital, near the embassy district and Al Masa Hotel.
  • Many highly trained security men throughout Capital Heights 2 compound and the presence of 24-hour surveillance cameras to ensure the protection of the residents of Capital Heights 2 compound.
  • A health club with modern devices and equipment for lovers of muscle building, and equipped with a special west for spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for relaxation.
  • Spacious garages include many cars to prevent overcrowding inside Capital Heights 2 compound and to preserve the property.
  • Capital Heights 2 compound includes a play area for children to spend quality time with their friends.
  • Many swimming pools within Capital Heights 2 compound and differ in size and depth to suit all age groups, and it has covered swimming pools for women.
  • Green spaces and landscapes wrap around Capital Heights 2 project to give an aesthetic appearance that helps relaxation and psychological calm.
  • The artificial water bodies that are located inside Capital Heights 2 compound give a civilized appearance and work to soften the atmosphere.
  • A large mosque for the five daily prayers and is constantly disinfected.

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Apartment prices in capital heights 2

Capital Heights 2 is characterized by an elegant and distinctive design in the design of residential units. The apartments and residential units of Capital Heights 2 project were divided as follows:

Price per meter starts from 11500 EGP up to 16000 EGP.

Separate apartment in capital heights 2 with spaces ranging from 123 m² up to 390 m² and its prices start from 1.414.500 EGP up to 2.736.000 EGP.

Duplex with spaces ranging from 300 m² up to 505 m² and its prices start from 4.200.000 EGP up to 7.000.000 EGP.

Palaces with spaces start from 527 m² up to 1095 m² and its prices start from 13.140.000 EGP up to 26.280.000 EGP.

Finishing of residential units

Capital Heights 2 project will be delivered semi-finished:

  • Complete plastering (core & shell).
  • Carpentry and woodworking.
  • Electricity, Water and Sanitation.
  • Glass facades.

Payment Methods within Capital Heights 2 compound

The developer has decided to provide you with a variety of payment options and you can pay according to these methods:

5% downpayment and the remaining via installments up to 7 years.

0% downpayment and installments over 3 years without interest.

20% downpayment and the installments up to 5 years without interest.

The delivery date

The real estate developer has decided to deliver Capital Heights 2 project at the beginning of 2022.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Disadvantages of Capital Heights 2 Compound

Despite the advantages offered by the Capital Heights New Capital project, there are those who remain hesitant to invest in units under construction. But this should be viewed as a golden opportunity to achieve investment returns, as units can be purchased at today's prices, which are expected to rise significantly in the future. With SUD Company as the real estate developer behind this project, purchasing an apartment in Capital Heights Compound is considered a smart and safe investment step.

About Capital Heights 2 Developer

Safwa Urban Development -SUD is an Egyptian joint-stock company founded in 1996. It has established a wide range of tourism, commercial, medical and educational projects. It is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development and an innovator of residential life, which has differed in form and content with others, and its most prominent works include:

  • The Pearl compound in New Mansoura.
  • High City compound in Obour.
  • Capital Hub Mall The Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Hub 2 Mall The Administrative Capital.
  • Capital Heights 1 Compound The Administrative Capital.
  • Financial Hub New Capital Mall.
  • Sunset 1 project in Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset 2 in New Damietta.
  • Sunset 3 in Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset 4 at Ras al-Bar.
  • Sunset Mall.
  • Al-Ola City.
  • Trade Center Project.
  • Mavericks International School.
  • Elite Tower Elegance.
  • Elite Medical Tower in Mansoura.
  • Al-Safwa Albatrawi Tower in Nasr City.
  • And its latest projects Financial Hub Mall.

Here is the translation to English, with the HTML structure preserved and Arabic links converted to English:

What is the main role of the New Administrative Capital?

The primary objective of establishing the New Administrative Capital is to bring about a tangible transformation in the administration of government and administrative affairs in Egypt. This project has been carefully designed to be a valuable addition to the national infrastructure, focusing on introducing smart and advanced working systems that contribute to the efficiency of the state's administrative apparatus. Among the diverse set of goals that the project seeks to achieve, alleviating the population pressure on Greater Cairo stands out as one of the most important. The plan involves attracting ministries, government agencies, and major institutions to relocate their operations to the new capital, which contributes to reducing congestion in Cairo and enhancing the efficiency of government work.

The New Administrative Capital is distinguished by its modern and civilized design, combining advanced infrastructure with vast green spaces, creating a healthy and invigorating work and living environment. It also offers easy accessibility through an integrated transportation network, including roads, bridges, and main axes, in addition to an effective public transportation system.

In addition to administrative and government headquarters, the capital includes residential areas that provide various housing options to meet the needs of employees and their families, and enhance their sense of belonging and satisfaction with their new surroundings. It has not overlooked its role in providing commercial and recreational facilities that add to the quality of life, by offering shopping centers and entertainment areas that welcome visitors for unique shopping and entertainment experiences.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the New Administrative Capital is its attraction of investments and creation of new job opportunities, which represents a significant boost for the development of the national economy and the achievement of sustainable development. The New Administrative Capital heralds a new dawn of growth and prosperity in Egypt; it is not just a construction project, but a comprehensive vision for a future characterized by progress and well-being for the Egyptian people.

Your investment in the New Administrative Capital: Your opportunity for profit and growth in the heart of modern Egypt!

In short, your investment in the New Administrative Capital is an opportunity for profit and growth in the heart of modern Egypt. Thanks to the rapid real estate growth and advanced infrastructure, investors can take advantage of this promising opportunity to achieve profitable investments and enjoy long-term financial returns.

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a distinct investment attraction point, creating a unique balance between advanced urban development and appealing investment opportunities. The area offers attractive advantages for investors aspiring to increase their profits and grow their businesses. There are several factors that make investing there highly appealing:

First, high investment returns: The New Administrative Capital has witnessed a significant increase in investments over the past few years, which has positively impacted financial returns.

Second, real estate sector development: The area is characterized by the proliferation of massive integrated real estate projects encompassing residential, commercial, and administrative units, providing a golden opportunity to purchase properties at competitive prices and sell them at high profits in the future.

Third, strategic location: The New Administrative Capital enjoys a prime location, connected to road and transportation networks linking it to major cities and important areas, making it a hub for business and development.

Fourth, advanced infrastructure development: The capital is renowned for its remarkable infrastructure development, from commercial, educational, and medical facilities to green areas and sports fields, making it an ideal environment for living and investing.

Fifth, intensive government support: The Egyptian government is keen to encourage investment in the New Administrative Capital by offering incentives such as reduced taxes, streamlined registration procedures, and financial support.

With all these advantages, it is clear that investing in the New Administrative Capital opens up wide horizons for profit and sustainable growth, making it an attractive and strategic investment choice in the new Egypt.

Excellence and Proximity: The Compounds that Match the Quality of Capital Heights 2 in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital emerges as a distinguished residential destination, shining with pioneering urban designs and exceptional quality residential units. At the heart of this area, a group of luxurious compounds reflects high standards of living, comparable to the renowned "Capital Heights 2" project with its opulence and multiple facilities. This article sheds light on some of these outstanding compounds due to their proximity to the New Administrative Capital and their high quality.

  1. Atika Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Nestled in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, with its modern, vibrant designs. The project embraces luxurious residential units, along with its captivating gardens and integrated recreational facilities.

  2. Kardia Compound:
    Offers a unique model of sophisticated living, with advanced designs and comprehensive facilities that ensure comfort and enjoyment. This compound is an ideal destination for lovers of luxury and distinction, providing them with modern apartments surrounded by green spaces.

  3. Il Bosco Compound:
    With its innovative and attractive design, it offers a captivating residential environment that exceeds expectations. The luxurious residential units here blend harmoniously with the enchanting nature, in addition to enjoying a range of high-quality recreational facilities and a comprehensive security system.

  4. The City Compound:
    Which attracts attention with its elegant design and integrated facilities. This project features luxurious residential spaces, in addition to commercial and recreational facilities that enhance the quality of life for its residents, ensuring a complete and comfortable living experience thanks to its ideal location.

For those seeking a unique residential experience within the realm of luxury and comfort near the New Administrative Capital, these compounds stand out as well-chosen options. With their modern designs, advanced services, tight security, and captivating natural environments, they offer an unparalleled residential experience.

From Research to Purchase: Your Journey to Buying a Unit at Capital Heights Compound with, Step by Step!

Let your journey to purchase a unit at the Capital Heights 2 compound be a step-by-step process with Enjoy the luxurious life and exceptional services offered by this compound and acquire your dream home in the New Administrative Capital.

Many individuals are seeking an opportunity to acquire a residential unit within a distinguished environment like the "Capital Heights 2" compound, located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, known for offering a unique lifestyle and high-quality facilities. To facilitate this task, provides you with a trusted and easy-to-follow guide throughout your journey to purchase your residential unit.

First, researching information is an essential step. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily utilize the artificial intelligence assistant available on to obtain all the necessary information about "Capital Heights 2", including unit sizes, prices, and payment plan details.

Next comes the actual site visit, where you can discover the compound's living environment and evaluate the available facilities for yourself, including pools, clubs, and green areas that add another dimension to daily life.

Communicating with a trusted real estate agent is the next step, which enhances the purchasing process. The agent will serve as your guide, helping you understand all the details and facilitating the purchasing and negotiation procedures.

An important subsequent stage is reviewing the details of the payment plans offered by the "Capital Heights 2" compound, which are characterized by flexibility to suit different financial needs, making it easier to choose the optimal plan for you.

Now it's time to book your unit, where you confirm your choice by paying the down payment and securing the reservation. Finally, comes the stage of completing the legal procedures with the assistance of your real estate agent, which ensures a smooth ownership process.

Upon receiving the unit, you proceed with the moving arrangements and ensure that everything is in order, preparing to begin a new chapter of your life at "Capital Heights 2".

By following these steps with, you will find yourself in a streamlined and clear purchasing experience, leading you to owning a unit in one of the most prestigious compounds in the New Administrative Capital, where luxury and quality of life are assured.

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New Capital



Safwa Urban Development -SUD

56 residential units

0% up to 20% downpayment with installment period starts from 3 years up to 7 years.

59 acres equal to 250000 m².


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