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Castle Landmark Compound Castle Landmark

Castle Landmark Real Estate Development Company is implementing the Castle Landmark compound in the best vital locations within the New Administrative Capital with luxurious designs, where the client enjoys more privacy within his residential unit in the project, in addition to the availability of all services, especially recreational ones that bring him a kind of happiness in the Castle Landmark compound established on a total area of ​​41.5 feddans, and it contains residential units with varying areas between small and large, to suit all needs and capabilities For more information click Egyptian Real Estate.

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Castle Landmark New Administrative Capital Project Location

One of the most important features of the project is its vital geographic location, which is located near some important places and roads in the New Administrative Capital, where the advantages of the location are represented in the following:

  • The compound is located in the Embassies District, specifically in residential district 7, plot A1.

  • Castle Landmark is located near the Muhammad Bin Zayed South Axis.

  • It is located next to the Green River, the Ministries District, the Ministry District, and is also a short distance from the British University.

  • Castle Landmark Compound is located near some famous residential projects in the New Administrative Capital, such as Entrada Compound, Scenario, and The City New Capital project.

  • Its proximity to vital areas makes it one of the best residential complexes that attract customers, as all services are available in it.

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Designs in Castle Landmark Compound

The residential buildings within the Castle Landmark project have been designed in a way that resembles German architectural engineering, with high quality that suits those with refined taste, as the Castle Real Estate Development Company relied on Acoplon Engineering Consultancy Company in order to implement the project in the best way. It has an elite of the most competent engineers, consultants Engineering, in addition to the great interest in infrastructure and concrete, so that the project is delivered in full in the best possible way, which makes it an opportunity that cannot be compensated for investors who want to make huge profits.

Services Available at Castle Landmark 

The choice of the owning company of the New Administrative Capital in order to establish its new project was very successful, as it is one of the most important and best areas that can be invested through during the current period. It also cared about providing comprehensive services within the project, which increases its chances of success and strong demand by investors, while providing luxury and fun for customers. Among the most important services available in Castle Landmark are:

  • There are large areas of charming green spaces and landscapes surrounding the compound everywhere, providing psychological comfort to customers and enjoying beautiful natural scenery.
  • There are large areas of water surfaces represented in artificial lakes, swimming pools of varying sizes, some suitable for children, knowing that they are distributed throughout the compound, which provides luxury and enjoyment for the residents.
  • Within the Castle Landmark compound there is a comprehensive commercial area that contains a number of huge malls that include a range of commercial shops that offer various goods and products carrying the most famous international brands, allowing customers to enjoy a unique shopping experience.
  • There is also an entertainment area inside the project that contains a variety of safe and secure games, allowing the practice of various activities, knowing that it suits all age groups from children to adults as well.
  • The compound as a whole operates through a smart card system (SMART SYSTEM).
  • There is a wide paved path for jogging and walking.
  • Castle Landmark Compound is equipped with a state-of-the-art gym and a great spa with the latest global devices.
  • There is a KIDS AREA inside the Castle Landmark compound with games suitable for children and equipped with comfort and safety.
  • The compound is environmentally friendly, as it uses a solar energy system, which ensures uninterrupted electricity at any time.
  • There is an area that includes a number of elegant cafes and luxurious restaurants that offer the best drinks and food.
  • There is a health club equipped with all the latest sports equipment for those who want to exercise and maintain their fitness.
  • A security system is available around the clock, with security crews available around the clock to ensure the safety of the residents, in addition to installing surveillance cameras with advanced technological techniques everywhere, in addition to a large number of other services.

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Advantages of Castle Landmark Compound

Castle Landmark Compound differs from other residential compounds adjacent to it, because it has unique designs, in addition to the great attention to providing factors that make life full of luxury in a modern civilized society, and many other advantages including:

  • The compound provides residents with a kind of privacy.
  • Castle Landmark compound was established in the New Administrative Capital to become one of the most important residential complexes in Greater Cairo, which provides its residents with luxury and fun, and also achieves a high standard of living that everyone dreams of to keep pace with modern life.
  • Castle Company was keen to provide comprehensive services that achieve a kind of balance in an integrated society, which achieves huge profits commensurate with the size of the huge investments that have been pumped through it.
  • Delivering the project at a high quality while adhering to international standards and quality specifications helps increase the demand for it, especially since it includes a large number of distinctive residential units with luxurious finishes, knowing that they vary in terms of areas and prices, while enjoying easy payment systems in a comfortable installment system.

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Castle Landmark Project Area

The developing company of the Castle Landmark compound project was keen to allocate a large area in order to establish it in the New Administrative Capital, as its area is estimated at about 41.5 acres, this area has been divided into residential buildings and green spaces and landscapes, knowing that buildings and structures occupy only 18% of the total area.

Prices and Payment Systems in Castle Landmark Project 

Within the compound there are luxurious fully furnished residential units that differ in sizes and prices to suit the capabilities and desires of each family, as the prices are very reasonable and competitive, and the price per meter is the best ever in this area, ranging between 14 thousand to 15 thousand pounds only. There are distinctive apartments consisting of one bedroom, and there are other apartments consisting of two or three bedrooms, while enjoying flexible payment systems, knowing that prices generally start from 1,908,000 Egyptian pounds, and areas and prices are as follows:

  • The price of apartments with an area of ​​130 square meters on the ground floor in Castle Landmark Compound, equipped with a private garden with an area of ​​72 square meters, starts from only one million and 622 thousand Egyptian pounds.

  • The price of an apartment with an area of ​​145 square meters in Castle Landmark starts from 2 million and 251 thousand pounds.

  • The price of an apartment with an area of ​​190 square meters starts from 2 million and 960 thousand Egyptian pounds.

  • The price of an apartment whose area is ​​200 square meters starts from 3 million and 72 thousand pounds.

  • The price of an apartment with an area of ​​205 square meters starts from 3 million and 112 thousand pounds.

  • Finally, the largest apartments within the compound, which have an area of ​​210 square meters, start at a price of 3 million and 255 thousand Egyptian pounds.

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As for payment systems, they are very flexible and easy, represented in the following:

  • First system: The client pays 10% of the contract down payment, taking advantage of a 20% discount on the unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over ten years without any interest.

  • Second system: Pay 7.5% of the contract down payment, take advantage of a discount of 15% of the apartment price, and pay the rest in equal monthly installments for 12 years.

Units are received fully finished with air conditioners and facades with beautiful and luxurious designs.

Castle Landmark New Capital Project Owner and Previous Works

Castle Landmark compound is one of the most important residential projects carried out by Castle Landmark Real Estate Company, in cooperation with Misr Al-Muqassa Real Estate Development Company.

Landmark Real Estate Company is one of the leading companies in the real estate field, both in Egypt and the Gulf countries. It has established a number of residential, commercial and administrative projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and North Africa, in addition to its projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, through which it has achieved tremendous success. and huge financial profits.

Engineer Ahmed Taha Mansour, the company's executive director, stated that it is still expanding in order to keep pace with developments in the real estate investment world, even in light of the Corona pandemic crisis, as it takes all preventive measures.

The company has implemented a large number of successful projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the most prominent of which are Redsea Mall, Kaust Inn Hotel, Maad Towers, NCB Bank.

It also implemented its first project in Egypt, which is Stay Tuned, and is in the process of implementing the first phase of its current project, called Castle Landmark in the Administrative Capital with a distinctive character that combines the Egyptian style and the Gulf Arab style.

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