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La Capitale New Capital Compound Pyramids Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: La Capitale.

About La Capitale Project: A residential project dedicated to apartments of different spaces and types with luxurious and modern french-style designs.

La Capitale Location: Located in R7 plot N2 in New Administrative Capital.

La Capitale New Capital Space: 13.5 acres.

The Developer Name: Pyramids Developments.

Units Type: Apartments - Duplex - Penthouse - Studio.

Price Per Meter: It starts from 14000 EGP, note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2019.

Units Space: It starts from 45 m² up to 240 m².

Payment Systems: 0% up to 15% downpayment and installments up to 15 years.

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La Capitale New Capital

Do you love Paris's enchanting nights and high French life? to live this feeling you won't need to travel to France, but it's the luxurious French life that will come to you in La Capitale New Capital, the only French-style compound in New Administrative Capital. The newest launch by Pyramids Developments, one of the largest real estate companies recently, which decided to make a global architectural edifice on the land of Egypt, especially within New Administrative Capital to be the best interface for its honorable architectural history and its global achievements, La Capitale compound was designed to achieve the dream of luxury accommodation with the highest level of luxury and comfort in La Capitale Pyramids Developments.

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Details of La Capital New Capital 

La Capital Compound is located on a large area of ​​13.5 acres or 55,711 m², but the actual building area is 22% of the total area of ​​La Capitale project and the rest of the area varies between services and the vast green spaces that represent the majority of La Capitale project. Where the developer is keen to provide comfort and luxury away from the congestion of the city and permeate all the residential units, a large group of trees that are characterized by innovative design, and La Capitale project includes a variety of residential units such as "apartments, duplexes, and penthouses."

As for the design of the compound is made in the French style by the consultant engineer Hassan Sabbour, who has a long history in real estate projects and finishing at the highest level of quality and sophistication.

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Experience quality of life at the most serene and elegant sites in La Capital Compound, New Administrative Capital

Choose a luxurious life with La Capital Compound in the New Administrative Capital, and invest today to make profits tomorrow in a location that combines luxury and safety. Pyramids Real Estate Development was keen to choose a strategic geographic location for the project in District 7 R7, making the project close to the most important roads and main axes:

  • La Capital Compound in the New Administrative Capital is located just 5 minutes from the Nativity Cathedral, the Green River, and Al Fateh Al A'leem Mosque.
  • The project is near the Embassies District, Al Masah Hotel, and the Ministries area.
  • The compound can be reached from the New Administrative Capital in just 15 minutes.
  • The project is about 15 minutes from the Presidential Palace.

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Learn about the most important services within the Compound La Capitale New Administrative Capital

The owner company was keen to provide all the high-end services that help the comfort and well-being of the residents of the compound, and the most important services are the following:

  • A dedicated area to restaurants and cafes with international designs that serve various types of cuisine under the supervision of the most skilled chefs for your favorite meal.
  • The compound includes an integrated health club equipped with the latest equipment and includes special places for spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for recreation and body care.
  • Medical clinics in various specialties, with many advanced devices, in addition to pharmacies that contain all medical drugs and cosmetics.
  • A large mosque for religious rites and prayers, and it was designed in the finest Islamic styles.
  • For shopping lovers, La Capitale New Administrative Capital includes a commercial area with many diverse shops, as well as international brands and brands to provide an unparalleled buying experience.
  • A large gym with many different games such as golf, soccer, and squash to keep fit.
  • La Capitale New Capital contains swimming pools of different depths and sizes to suit both adults and children.
  • Within the compound, kids' area contains many different entertainment games and is fully secured to spend an enjoyable time.
  • A Clubhouse at the highest level for enjoyment and luxury.
  • The compound is environmentally friendly as it relies on solar energy to reduce pollution.
  • Attention to the security aspect Security and guard personnel have been employed throughout the compound and there are 24-hour surveillance cameras to monitor movements and take care of residents' safety.
  • La Capitale New Administrative Capital provides Housekeeping for cleaning and arranging rooms for maximum comfort and luxury.
  • The compound contains large garages that can accommodate many cars to maintain a civilized appearance and preserve the property.

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La Capitale New Capital Features

The most important characteristic of life in La Capitale New capital is:

  • Distinguished location near the ring road and all the services you need at any time.
  • 24/7 Security and guarding and for more security and privacy All residential units, entrances, and exits of La Capitale compound were provided with the latest surveillance cameras.
  • The streets and residential units are lighted by solar energy.
  • The only project whose residential units are being paid over 15 years installments.
  • Free housekeeping and clubhouse.
  • Medical clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment and work 24 hours.
  • 24-hours pharmacy equipped with the highest standard.

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Units Spaces and Prices in La Capitale Compound

La Capitale contains many different units in order to suit everyone, La Capitale project includes separated apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and spaces ranging from 45 m² up to 220 m² with price per meter starting from 14,000 EGP including super lux finishing.

Apartments space starts from ​​67 m² up to 240 m² with price starts from 1,031,800 EGP up to 3,360,000 EGP.

Apartments with a garden start from 153 m² up to 161 m² with the price starting from 2,254,000 up to 2,330,000 EGP.

Duplex apartment space starts from ​​220 m².

Penthouses' space starts from 152 m².

Payment Methods:

0% up to 15% downpayment and installments up to 15 years.

You can book your unit without downpayment and installments for up to years.

The Delivery Date:

The real estate developer decided to deliver the residential units three years from now in La Capitale.

Disadvantages of La Capitale New Administrative Capital Compound

Despite the distinction and many features that Compound La Capital New Capital offers, some people may believe that the Administrative Capital's location next to Badr City may distance it from vibrant locations. However, the capital has strategic benefits, as it is surrounded by an extensive road network and important axes linking it to various areas in and around Cairo.

About Real Estate Developer of La Capitale New Capital

Pyramids Development is the real estate developer of La Capitale Compound, the company has been working in the real estate field in France since 1999 and has been in the French market for more than 30 years, and started its projects in Egypt in 2013.

The company has implemented many successful mega projects, ranging between residential and commercial projects, the company has investments amounting to 200 million euros, and its head office is on the 6th of October.

The owners of the Pyramids Company are Mr. Hisham El-Khouly and Mr. Alaa El-Khouly, and the company is distinguished by its good reputation.

Among its most important works

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

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What is the main role of the New Administrative Capital?

The New Administrative Capital is one of the unique and modern projects, representing an ambitious vision aimed at developing Egypt's future and boosting its economy. Although it is still under construction, it is characterized by features no less important than some other cities in the world.

  1. The New Administrative Capital is distinguished by several advantages, as it provides investment opportunities in various vital sectors, in addition to providing all the necessary basic requirements for a premium life, and the possibility of obtaining high-quality jobs.
  2. The New Administrative Capital embodies an advanced scene of Egypt's endeavor to create a bright future that contributes to the country's economic renaissance. This distinguished project stems from an ambitious vision that aims to bring about a radical transformation in the lifestyle and work within Egypt, taking into account the highest global standards. Although it is still under construction, there are vast potentials looming on the horizon for this city.
  3. The New Administrative Capital opens wide horizons for investment opportunities across multiple and necessary areas to improve the quality of life and work. It seeks to provide an integrated and advanced infrastructure that ensures comfort for residents, as well as creating high-quality and sustainable job opportunities.
  4. The capital enjoys a distinct location and a central position that facilitates access to many vital and important sites in Egypt, which gives it strategic importance.
  5. The city includes a great infrastructure and services, including a wide range of modern facilities and services such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and others, which gives its residents a unique and comfortable living experience.
  6. The New Administrative Capital has many advantages that make it a center of attraction for living and investment. First, security is a top priority in this city, as the administration is keen on applying the latest high-level security methods to ensure the safety of residents and workers.
  7. The new capital also embraces investments by encouraging economic activity in multiple sectors, thus providing fertile ground for the development of national and international businesses.

The new capital aims to be a symbol of progress by integrating modern technology into all facilities and services, making it the ideal city for a future characterized by innovation and comprehensive development. These main features summarize the New Administrative Capital's efforts to provide a premium living and working environment, in addition to ensuring valuable investment opportunities that contribute to enhancing the Egyptian economy. These unique advantages affirm the vital role played by the New Administrative Capital in driving progress and growth in Egypt, ushering in a new era of prosperity. Among the leading projects in this city is the La Capitale Compound, which opens doors to excellent housing options within an advanced and futuristic environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to experience life in a vibrant and creative city.

Services and Features of the New Administrative Capital

  1. The New Administrative Capital is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a place to live that combines modernity and comprehensive services, as well as being a leading investment environment in the Middle East region. This advanced city is characterized by a great diversity of residential and commercial options, in addition to cultural activities and entertainment means that meet the needs of all its residents.
  2. One of the most prominent features of the New Administrative Capital is its design oriented towards sustainability and environmental conservation. The lush parks and green spaces, such as the Ismailia Park, provide a haven for residents and visitors alike, where they can enjoy nature through a variety of outdoor activities such as barbecuing, camping, and even ice skating, enhancing the quality of life within the city.
  3. The New Administrative Capital is also equipped with advanced medical facilities, including specialized hospitals and high-level healthcare centers, such as the modern Qasr Al-Ainy Center and a cancer treatment center. In addition, there is a strong presence of international schools that offer advanced educational curricula, providing higher education opportunities for children and youth.
  4. The aforementioned features are not all that the New Administrative Capital offers, as it also includes various diplomatic centers and embassies, reflecting its status as a vital center for international and cultural cooperation in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, the New Administrative Capital represents a model for urban planning and investment, making it an ideal environment for work, living, and growth.
  5. The New Capital is an advanced administrative and cultural center, as it will host many of the state's main facilities, including the Presidential Palace, the Council of Ministers, the Parliament, as well as numerous government agencies. The residential districts have been carefully designed to provide a modern and safe environment for residents, combining elegant designs, ideal locations, and ensuring premium services such as security, parking, and continuous maintenance of facilities.
  6. At the heart of this city lies the International Convention Center, which represents an important hub for major meetings and events bringing together policy-makers, economic leaders, and equipped with multi-purpose facilities and spaces to serve this purpose.
  7. The New Capital fundamentally embraces a trend towards innovation and development by integrating the latest technologies into its infrastructure and sustainable development. It is a meeting point for science, culture, and technology, promising to establish a modern framework for living and working.
  8. In the heart of the New Administrative Capital, investors enjoy streamlined and fast licensing procedures, with a waiting period not exceeding 30 days. This speed in procedures comes to enhance the attractiveness of investment here. Additionally, the capital enjoys a very high level of security, with strict measures in place for traffic management and ensuring safety, providing a secure environment for all residents.
  9. For prospective buyers, the New Administrative Capital offers flexible payment systems that allow them to choose their residential units without worrying about paying large down payments. The housing units here are equipped with the latest home appliances and modern kitchen gadgets, in addition to the possibility of obtaining custom-designed furniture for each residential unit or villa, highlighting the unique character of each residence.

The New Administrative Capital is an example of luxurious modern living, blending elegance, quality, and comfort. It is a place that promises a rich and integrated life experience. We hope you find in the New Administrative Capital everything that meets your aspirations for a happier and more comfortable life.

Luxury is not exclusive to La Capitale Compound in the Administrative Capital: Explore the surrounding housing options!

Searching for an ideal place to live in luxury is not limited to choosing a particular compound like La Capitale in the New Administrative Capital, but extends to exploring a wide range of other available housing options in various locations. It is advisable to research and choose the area and the developing company that offers deals that suit your specific requirements for the highest levels of comfort and excellence in housing.

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is an outstanding model of urban development and proper planning, where there are a number of upscale compounds equipped with various facilities and services that meet the needs of residents. Here is a summary of the top 5 compounds in the New Administrative Capital:

1- Green Avenue Compound in the Administrative Capital: It stands out with its vast green spaces and innovative agricultural projects. It offers its residents a wide range of services, including swimming pools, health clubs, restaurants, and cafes.

2- Aurora Mall Compound in the New Administrative Capital: This residential complex is one of the prominent destinations in the Administrative Capital for providing its residents with a quiet and upscale life, enhanced by the presence of large green spaces, a club, a golf course, and a commercial area.

3- Town Gate Compound in the Administrative Capital: Town Gate Compound in the Administrative Capital stands out as an ideal point for living due to its proximity to the Diplomatic District and the Open Arab University, where it provides its residents with a unique blend of comfort and luxury in a captivating natural environment that includes vast green spaces and lush gardens, in addition to providing sports clubs and shopping centers to meet all the needs of residents.

4- Scarta Compound in the Administrative Capital: Scarta Compound is considered a unique model for modern and upscale living within the Administrative Capital, thanks to its advanced architectural design and advanced services it provides. Scarta hosts a variety of entertainment facilities, including swimming pools, health clubs, and gardens, making it an ideal place for families seeking tranquility and excellence.

5- Floria Compound in the Administrative Capital: As for Floria Compound, it represents the pinnacle of quality and luxury in the Administrative Capital, offering residential units with contemporary architectural designs. This compound was developed by Four Seasons Real Estate Development, to include a wide range of services and recreational facilities, providing a luxurious and integrated lifestyle for its residents.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
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R7 plot N2 in the New Administrative Capital.

2,800,000 EGP


Pyramids Developments.

10 Units

15% downpayment and installments up to 15 years.

13.5 acres.


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