Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Palm Hills development

About Palm Hills El Shekh Zayed  The compound was built on the highest standards of quality and international designs by Palm Hills Development.

Compound Location  It is located Sheikh Zayed City.

Project Space 494 Acres.

Units Types  Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed - Villas - Duplex - Townhouses - Twin houses.

Units Space  it varies from 150 square meters.

The Owner Company  Palm Hills Development.

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Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Palm Hills El Sheikh Zayed.

About Palm Hills El Shekh Zayed: The compound was built on the highest standards of quality and international designs by Palm Hills Development.

Compound Location: It is located Sheikh Zayed City.

Project Space: 494 Acres.

Units Types: Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed - Villas - Duplex - Townhouses - Twin houses.

Units Space: it varies from 150 square meters.

The Owner Company: Palm Hills Development.

Payment Systems in One Katameya: Downpayment and The Rest Via Installment Up To 8 Years.

Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

Residential projects are many, but the distinguished ones are few, so many are competing to reserve apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed, as it is one of the few distinguished projects that has caused a sensation thanks to the integration of its services and the multiplicity of recreational facilities in it that guarantee a comfortable life full of luxury that never ends.

Palm Hills 6 October Location

The location in which Palm Hills Compound is located is in line with its luxurious level, as the company that owns it chose to implement it in Sheikh Zayed, which is known for its great sophistication and great vitality, as it is located directly on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, which contributed to facilitating access to it to a large extent, especially that the area in which it is located is characterized by calm and free of overcrowding.

Housing in it ensures living in a populated area and close to important vital places such as the famous Al-Jazira Sports Club, especially in Sheikh Zayed area, the residents can also stroll inside the compound itself because it includes large green spaces surrounded by its large-sized units.

Palm Hills Compound Space

There is no way to crowd inside the compound because it is built on a huge space of 494 acres (equivalent to 2 million square meters) and the residential buildings are spread in various parts in a smart way that ensures complete calm and avoids any disturbance that could cause inconvenience to the residents.

Despite the different types of housing units in a way that fulfils the desires of all customers, where there are regular Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed, duplexes, villas, townhouses, and twin houses, all of them are surrounded by beautiful views that encourage relaxation in addition to the various service facilities that provide comfort to their residents.

The customer will find different forms in the same type of units, for example, there are separate Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed and duplexes (with a garden) in addition to the penthouse. Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed vary in their spaces in a way that satisfies different desires, starting from 150 square meters and up to 250 square meters.

Diversity is available in the villas as well, where there are separate villas with more than one floor, in addition to the townhouses surrounded by a beautiful garden with a small space, and finally the twin houses with an innovative design that makes it possible to divide them among the residents if the customer desires that.

The customer will not only be able to choose the type of villa that he likes, but also the space that suits his needs, because the villas vary greatly in size and generally start from 300 square meters as a minimum, meaning there are larger spaces for customers who wish to do so.

Those in charge of implementing the project took into account the preservation of the privacy of the residents of the villas and the provision of the necessary calm for them, so there are spaces between each villa and the other, and therefore the residents will not feel any disturbance or noise.

Palm Hills Services and Features

The integration of services and the availability of unique features within the compound that are not available in any other project is the reason why a large number of customers are booking apartments for sale in Palm Hills Project, which offers them a lot, such as:

  • Security and guard personnel to maintain the safety of all residents and provide them with the highest levels of safety.
  • A chain of the finest cafés and the most luxurious restaurants keen to prepare various types of drinks and delicious food for its customers.
  • A huge golf course designed only for the enthusiasts to enjoy this fun sport in a specially prepared atmosphere.
  • Club House is equipped in a very civilized and distinctive manner, so it was classified as one of the most beautiful recreational facilities in the 6th of October city.
  • Equipped playgrounds for the children in the place, so they will have the opportunity to practice their favorite activities with their friends and in safe places close to their units.
  • A gym with the various necessary equipment, in addition to a spa that ensures a more than wonderful service for its clients, because it is equipped in a modern and integrated manner as well.
  • A group of swimming pools scattered in different parts, where all residents can spend a distinguished leisure time.
  • Various beautiful views adorn every corner, for example, water fountains with a modern and sophisticated design.
  • Commercial areas are available all the time so that residents can shop in them to buy all their essentials of the highest quality easily.
  • A car park for residents only so they don't have to look far from them to park their cars.
  • The acquisition of the green area on a large area, especially with places to sit, so that residents can enjoy sitting in open spaces with beautiful landscapes and fresh air.
  • A social club that has all the necessary facilities that ensure maximum comfort and the best services for its patrons.
  • An international school where resident students can attend.
  • A well-equipped play area for children where they can practice many different recreational activities and games to relax themselves.
  • The large spaces of the apartments, in addition to the picturesque view that it overlooks, reflect a wonderful atmosphere inside.
  • Specially designed areas for parties, whether barbecues or any other parties that residents want to organize.
  • Living in a clean healthy environment due to the reliance on solar energy mainly in the application of the eco-friendly system.
  • A 5-star hotel characterized by its extreme luxury and providing the best possible services to guests to gain their confidence and satisfaction.

Although the compound does not include many hospitals, commercial centers, and educational facilities, there is no need to worry because all these facilities are already very close to it thanks to its distinguished location in Sheikh Zayed.

Palm Hills 6 October Prices

Owning apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed is an irreplaceable opportunity because the prices offered for the units are very competitive, despite the huge amount of services and extreme luxury they enjoy, in addition to their great diversity that attracts many customers.

Payment Systems in Apartments for sale in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

The payment stage will be the easiest in the case of buying apartments for sale in Palm Hills Project because the company that owns the project has offered easy facilities to its customers represented in the possibility of paying a down payment of only 10% of the unit price and then paying the rest of it over a period of 7 years in equal installments, in addition to the delivery of units within 3 years only.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

Palm Hills Developments, which occupies a great position among the largest other real estate development companies, because it was founded by Al-Mansour and Al-Maghraby Development and Investment Company in 2005.

The company was keen to expand its business over time, so it was able to occupy a great position among the most important real estate companies, not only at the local level but also at the regional level. Therefore, it was listed on the Egyptian and Foreign Exchange (London Stock Exchange).

One of the most important secrets of its success is its constant keenness to implement luxurious and modern housing projects with various services. It was also keen to develop many real estate projects in the most prominent locations inside Egypt. It also did not miss the launch of commercial real estate projects and integrated residential complexes as well as luxury tourist resorts in multiple places, especially that its branches spread both inside and outside Egypt.

It has developed more than 26 residential projects occupying a huge space of more than 27 million square meters and launched many important projects, including, for example:



It is located Sheikh Zayed City.

The prices quoted for the units are very competitive


Palm Hills development

30 apartments

Downpayment and The Rest Via Installment Up To 7 Years.

494 acres.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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