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Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound EPD Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Rovan City.

About the project: This project is a unique architectural masterpiece where elegance and luxury blend with an ideal strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, giving it exceptional privilege and accessibility. Rovan City compound is characterized by its modern design and the diversity of available residential units.

Rovan City location: Located in Sheikh Zayed near Zayed Park.

Rovan City Compound area in Sheikh Zayed: 15 feddans.

Types of units: Apartments - Penthouse.

Unit area in Rovan City: Starting from 140 square meters.

Unit price: Starts from 5,320,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Developer of Rovan City project: EPD Real Estate Development & Investment Company.

Payment system: You can pay a down payment starting from 5% of the total unit price, and install the remaining amount over a period up to 6 years.

Everything you need to know about Villas for Sale in Sheikh Zayed

Seize the golden opportunity and start an unparalleled journey with us in the heart of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound, which combines excellence and creativity

Among the unique and integrated residential projects that have been recently launched is Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound, one of the latest works of EPD Real Estate Development Company, which is known for its keenness to satisfy its customers by providing their needs at the highest level of luxury and sophistication. This can be seen in Rovan City our current project, which has taken care of even the smallest details in terms of the strategic location that was carefully chosen, to the modern designs that were implemented for Rovan City EPD buildings from the outside and the residential units from the inside to provide comfort to the residents. This was done under the supervision of an elite group of engineers who excelled in dividing the spaces into various residential units at reasonable prices affordable to everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your unit now and get the luxury lifestyle you are looking for and be part of this huge and unique entity.

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Look for your own haven in the corridors of the distinctive Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound, where tranquility and comfort meet natural beauty

The strategic location enjoyed by Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound is due to the developer's careful choice and realization of the importance of geographic location in the success of residential projects and attracting customers and investors. It seized the best prestigious locations in Sheikh Zayed area, which is characterized by tranquility and sophistication without isolation from the services, governmental interests and commercial centers necessary for the residents, specifically on the opposite side of Hyper One Mall on Al Nuzha Street.

The most important landmarks near Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • The distance between the project and Zed Park and Al Ahly Club Sheikh Zayed Branch is about 5 minutes.

  • Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound can be easily accessed via 26 July Axis and Alexandria Desert Road.

  • The compound is located near Dandy Mall, Arkan Plaza.

  • The project is minutes away from the Smart Village.

  • Rovan Zayed neighbors La Casa Compound Sheikh Zayed, and Suntrada Hub Zayed Mall.

Your comprehensive guide to knowing the best Apartments for Sale in Sheikh Zayed

Enjoy the best in the world of architectural engineering with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound

The developer was keen to present Rovan City EPD Sheikh Zayed in the best image to captivate eyes with its elegant and wonderful designs. It cooperated with the renowned architect Hatem Hassan, who presented an artistic masterpiece rivaling global cities in luxury and sophistication. Upon entering the city, you will feel that you are wandering in a charming European city due to the wonderful harmony between the facades of residential buildings and the nature that surrounds it from all sides to provide privacy and a sense of comfort. The precise division of the project can be identified as follows:

  • Rovan Sheikh Zayed City occupied about 15 acres.

  • The largest part of the compound's area was allocated to green spaces, artificial lakes and swimming pools, and the rest was for buildings and residential units by 19%.

  • The compound includes 19 luxurious residential buildings, each consisting of a ground floor + 5 recurring floors.

  • There are residential apartments and penthouses in the project at different sizes.

  • The project provided residential units consisting of 3 bedrooms, others 4 bedrooms, and penthouse units with a large attached roof.

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Discover the secret behind our excellence and innovation, and how we provide you with a unique residential experience unlike any other in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound

Are you looking for a residential community that provides you with a quiet life and a luxurious residential unit with all the facilities you need? Here is Rovan City EPD Zayed Compound, which provides you with all the elements you need and surrounds you in every detail of the city. The advantages offered to residents in the project can be identified through the following:

  • Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound enjoys the strategic geographical location that was carefully chosen by the developer and which represents an attraction element for customers and investors.

  • Rovan City EPD Sheikh Zayed Compound includes luxurious residential units with various divisions, modern designs and prices that cannot be obtained in any other residential project.

  • Two entrances have been provided for Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound to organize entry and exit without causing congestion and ensure complete privacy and security for unit owners.

  • There are cameras connected to screens in surveillance rooms that operate 24 hours to monitor what is happening in the city and prevent any riots and protect residents.

  • Carefully designed jogging tracks have been provided amid the green spaces in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound for jogging and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy.

  • There are facilities for people with special abilities and determination in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed to move and navigate the compound without difficulty.

  • Security personnel are stationed throughout Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound to control security and order and provide a safe atmosphere for residents.

  • The basic facilities for the residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound such as gas, electricity, water stations and drainage networks have been provided at the highest quality.

  • There are places designated for walking pets, which include means of caring for and looking after them in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound.

  • Barbecue areas and family gatherings have been provided to spend the most enjoyable times in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound amidst the enchanting nature.

  • A large mosque has been erected in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound to accommodate worshipers for prayers and religious rituals, equipped with an ablution place and a prayer room for women.

  • Water tanks and lighting poles that operate on clean solar energy have been provided in Rovan City EPD Sheikh Zayed Compound, which makes the project environmentally friendly.

  • The residential buildings in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed have been equipped with elevators that allow easy movement between floors and ensure the comfort of residents.

  • There are civil defense equipment and advanced rapid extinguishing systems in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound to protect residents in case of fire.

  • The residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound enjoy living in a comfortable and healthy environment due to the presence of air conditioners and air purifiers and sterilizers in all units.

  • A private generator has been provided for each unit in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound to ensure that life continues normally without being affected by power outages.

  • There is a strong internet network in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound that allows residents to complete their work inside their units at any time and easily control smart units

  • Waste is collected from the units and disposed of safely so as not to cause harm to the environment and ensure the comfort of the residents.

Let every day in your life shine with luxury and excellence with the advanced and integrated set of services we provide you in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed project

EPD Real Estate Development Company has managed to provide absolute luxury and comfort to the residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound for the client to get the life he has always dreamed of. It has worked to provide services specially designed to make them happy and comfortable without the need to leave the project, represented in the following:

  • Residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound can practice various sports they love such as football, tennis and water polo on courts designed in an international style.

  • Daily cleaning services for residential units are available in Rovan City EPD Zayed Compound and a technical support team for maintenance and repair of faults is present throughout the week.

  • For shopping and getting daily necessities of food and supplies in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound, more than one 24-hour hypermarket has been provided.

  • There is a mall and commercial center in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound that provides consumer goods such as clothes, appliances and the best international brands so that residents can get everything they need without leaving the city.

  • A large social club has been established in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed suitable for gatherings and enjoying various entertainment activities that ensure spending the most enjoyable times.

  • There are swimming pools carefully designed and equipped with heaters for relaxation and recreation, with some of them covered with ceilings for women who wear hijab.

  • Residents of Rovan City EPD Sheikh Zayed Compound can get spa, Jacuzzi and sauna services in health centers equipped with the latest equipment and specialists for absolute luxury.

  • Gymnasiums equipped with sports equipment needed by physical exercise enthusiasts, including professional trainers, have been allocated in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound.

  • There is a luxury hotel in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound with luxurious units to accommodate visitors and spend the most enjoyable times and holidays, with hotel services provided to them by a top-level trained team.

  • A large number of famous restaurants have been established that offer the most delicious Arabic and Western dishes to suit all tastes, as well as a range of cafes designed to spend a fun time amidst magical atmospheres.

  • There is a complex with cinema halls equipped with advanced technology screens to provide residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound with the pleasure of watching Arabic and international films.

  • Rovan Sheikh Zayed City includes a large club house with entertainment, sports and parties activities suitable for all family members to enjoy living in the compound.

  • There is an area for administrative buildings and units and companies that includes elite specialists in all fields so that residents can easily get their needs.

  • A number of halls and rooms have been created to hold private meetings and conferences for businessmen in Rovan Zayed project, equipped with the necessary equipment.

  • Children of residents of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound spend the most enjoyable times through the presence of a large kids area that includes games and activities suitable for them and includes various shows and parties under the supervision of supervisors.

  • There are nurseries in Rovan City Zayed Compound that provide educational and entertainment services using the latest international methods by specialists in dealing with this age group.

  • The compound is close to the most important international schools and universities that include staff at all different educational stages so that students get high quality education.

  • There are halls designated to hold parties, birthdays and private occasions such as weddings in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound.

  • High level medical clinics and treatment centers have been provided to provide the necessary health care for the residents of Rovan Sheikh Zayed Compound by an elite group of specialized doctors with the latest devices.

  • There are pharmacies in Rovan Sheikh Zayed city that provide residents with their needed medicines and cosmetics at any time.

  • Garages have been created for each unit and residential building in Rovan Zayed city so that owners can park their vehicles in complete freedom and privacy.

With us, quality meets reasonable cost! We offer flexible payment plans in Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound and prices that suit all budgets without compromising on quality

One of the important advantages that the developer of Rovan City New Cairo Compound sought to provide to its customers is the reasonable prices that suit their financial capabilities. It has offered competitive prices that enable the client to easily obtain the unit he wants without bearing financial burdens. The prices offered for the units in the compound can be identified as follows:

  • The price per meter starts at residential units in Rovan City EPD Zayed Compound from 36,000 Egyptian pounds.

  • The price of units in the compound starts from 5,320,000 Egyptian pounds.

The developer's innovation did not stop at these prices, but it provided more facilities to the client through flexible installment plans with the lowest down payment and long term represented in the following:

  • 5% is paid as a reservation deposit and the rest is paid over 5 years.

  • 10% of the unit's value can be paid in the compound and the rest over 6 years.

  • 5% is paid as a down payment, and after 3 months 10% of the unit's value is paid and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 7 years.

  • 15% can be paid as a down payment, and after 3 months 5% of the total amount, then 5% after another 3 months and the rest is paid over 8 years.

  • To seriously book units in the compound, 50,000 Egyptian pounds are paid.

Disadvantages of Rovan City Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Despite some people's reservations about purchasing an under-construction property, launching Rovan City Compound in Sheikh Zayed by a well-known and trusted company like EPD makes it a safe investment opportunity. Investing in an under-construction property is considered a major advantage, as it allows the investor to pay competitive prices at the present time, with its value increasing in the future upon delivery. This makes it a rewarding investment deal for anyone looking for financial stability.

Head towards a trusted investment with the real estate developer EPD, which combines penetrating vision and extensive experience over the years

EPD Real Estate Development Company, the developer of Rovan City Sheikh Zayed Compound, is one of the leading and distinguished companies in the real estate market. Since its inception, it has sought to present a different vision in the field of real estate and meet the needs of customers through luxurious urban projects that rely on the latest technologies to keep pace with modern developments. Its projects are characterized by the luxury that rivals the fancy European cities and buildings, which will make it sit atop the real estate market.

Blending Simplicity and Luxury in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate, for an Unparalleled Living Experience!

Sheikh Zayed City, located in Giza Governorate, stands as a remarkable example of combining impeccable elegance with practical design. This city, with its well-planned layout and unique architectural engineering, offers its visitors and residents an unparalleled living experience. Characterized by its wide streets and exquisitely designed buildings, it forms an ideal environment that meets all the needs of modern life without compromising on aesthetic touches.

In Sheikh Zayed, one can observe the high quality in every corner, from the elegant villas to the sprawling resorts that attract luxury and quality enthusiasts. The buildings are characterized by simplicity in design while maintaining an element of opulence, providing an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility for all who visit or reside in it.

The city is also teeming with modern shopping centers and upscale restaurants that offer high levels of service and quality, allowing visitors to enjoy a modern and luxurious lifestyle. They can explore a diverse range of shops offering the latest products and savor delicious cuisine in unique settings imbued with elegance and sophistication.

Sheikh Zayed City offers a harmonious blend of quality and luxury while maintaining a sense of simplicity and comfort, making it an attractive destination for those seeking affluence and serenity simultaneously. It represents an ideal destination for individuals who appreciate beauty and design and seek to experience an exceptional lifestyle in the heart of Egypt.

Your Investment in Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate: Your Step Towards a Prosperous Future!

Investing in Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is a fruitful and favorable choice for success, thanks to the multiple opportunities it offers and the encouraging investment environment it provides.

Stemming from the remarkable advantages it offers, Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is a gateway to diverse and unique investment opportunities. This modern city is characterized by features that make it an attractive environment for various types of investors. Here are some key elements that highlight the appeal of investing in it:

- **Diverse Investment Opportunities:** The investment opportunities in Sheikh Zayed City are numerous and rich, covering areas such as real estate, commercial businesses, services, and industry, contributing to building a diverse and stable investment portfolio.

- **Superior Infrastructure:** It boasts an advanced infrastructure that includes modern transportation networks, reliable provision of utilities like electricity and water, facilitating the investment process and increasing its chances of success.

- **Investment Support:** Sheikh Zayed City provides substantial support for investors through government facilitation, clear legal frameworks, and straightforward and fast registration procedures, creating an encouraging investment environment.

- **Strategic Location:** Its proximity to Cairo makes it an ideal investment hub, allowing access to the capital's facilities and services while providing a more peaceful and stable environment for businesses.

- **Population Growth:** The rapid population growth in the city is a crucial factor that ensures a growing market for businesses and high long-term investment returns.

Sheikh Zayed City offers a distinguished investment framework that combines diversity, efficient infrastructure, an investor-friendly environment, a strategic location, and continuous population growth, making it an ideal destination for launching and succeeding with investment projects.

Looking for the Perfect Alternative? Discover the Captivating Compounds Near Rovan City Compound in Sheikh Zayed!

  1. Midgard Residence Compound in Sheikh Zayed

    • This place is characterized by the elegance of its design and modern facilities, as well as hosting a number of excellent shopping and entertainment options.
  2. Capital Green Compound in Zayed Al Jadida

    • This project is distinguished by its serene atmosphere and harmonious green natural landscapes, encompassing a variety of sports and entertainment facilities, thus providing an enjoyable and comprehensive experience.
  3. Zayard Elite Compound in Sheikh Zayed Al Jadida

    • The apartments here are designed to allow for elegant living amidst spaces that exude sophistication and quality.
    • Each unit is designed to provide the highest levels of comfort while ensuring captivating views, making every moment spent living there a unique and exceptional experience.
  4. River Park Compound in Zayed Al Jadida

    • This residential complex includes detached villas as well as upscale residential apartments. It enjoys a strategic location that facilitates access to various services and essential institutions.
  5. Lake West 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed

    • This remarkable structure offers a distinctive blend that combines elements of modernity and heritage in its architectural design.
    • It also includes a number of lush green areas and multiple artificial lakes, adding another dimension to its visual appeal.
  6. Mar Ville Compound in New Zayed

    • This area is distinguished by its unique location, surrounded by important vital and commercial centers, making it an ideal attraction point. It is characterized by providing a safe environment for its residents, as well as offering comprehensive services and facilities that efficiently meet their needs.

These residential projects offer a distinguished living experience, blending elegance and serenity, providing residents with a life filled with comfort and stability amidst nature, while ensuring easy access to all essential services.

Easy Steps to Own Your New Unit in Rovan City Compound in Sheikh Zayed through!

Step One: Browse the website It is recommended to visit the website to explore the diverse range of available units within the Rovan City Compound in Sheikh Zayed.

Step Two: Select the ideal unit It is advisable to carefully review the presented options to identify the unit that meets your needs and aligns with your financial capabilities.

Step Three: Contact the sales representative Please contact the dedicated sales team to obtain a more comprehensive overview of the selected unit and discuss the next steps.

Step Four: Schedule a viewing appointment You should coordinate with the sales representative to arrange a suitable time to visit the chosen unit and get acquainted with its details up close.

Step Five: Complete the purchase process After agreeing on all the terms of sale and payment, you must complete all necessary procedures to finalize the purchase of the unit smoothly.

These steps represent a concise guide for those interested in investing or owning a property in the Rovan City Compound, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and effective communication throughout all stages.

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