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The Gate Towers New Alamein City Edge Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: The Gate.

About The Gate Alamein Project: A full-service commercial tourist residential compound by City Edge Developments, 261 km from Cairo.

The Gate Towers New Alamein City Edge Location: In New Alamein, North Coast.

The Gate Space: 200 acres.

Units' Type: Large apartments, Studios, Commercial units.

Units' Space: starts from 49 m² up to 387 m².

Units Price: Only LE 100,000 booking form for studio units, ranging from 500,000 EGP for 4-rooms apartments.

The Developer Name: City Edge Developments

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years without interest.

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The Gate Towers

As we used by City Edge in selecting the locations of its projects with precision and care and its design with the highest degree of modernity and sophistication, this time The Gate project in Al-Alamein has produced us a level that we have never seen before.

The Gate Egypt is the latest in New Alamein Towers, which includes 44 floors and includes a large number of apartments with areas ranging from 50 m² up to 387 m², all delivered with full finishing and air conditioning through the use of water cooling technology.

The Gate Towers New Alamein on Egyptian territory is 89 km from Burg Al Arab Airport, 54 km from Al-Alamein International Airport, 120 minutes from Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road.

Now you own in the world-class Arab world's newest and most luxurious skyscraper overlooking the Mediterranean seaside in The Gate Towers City Edge.

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The Gate New Alamein

It is an immortal architectural masterpiece on the most beautiful beaches of the world, tallest North Coast Towers established on 200 acres, it is an integrated residential and commercial city consisting of 44 floors with 170 m length for each tower, and the second tallest towers after The GateTowers towers of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.

The two towers are the first entry point to the Mediterranean sea as well as to Egypt's northern border, and The GateTowers towers are in the middle of a road that leads directly to the sea.

It has designed to be like Dubai's famous towers but more creatively, The GateTowers e towers are designed with three different heights, and the towers stand on a platform consisting of 5 floors, with all services of commercial units, a kids area, swimming pools, a gym, garages, and many other services.

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The Executing Company of The Gate Compound

The New Gate Towers is a project by City Edge Developments that has established in 2017, and although the company was recently founded, it was able to be one of the major companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, and the company was founded in partnership with three real estate institutions of the Egyptian government entities:

  • The New Urban Communities Authority owns 60% of the company.
  • The Housing and Construction Bank owns 38% of the company.
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Development owns 2% of the company.

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The Strategic Location of The Gate City Edge

El Alamein Towers Project is located in New Alamein on the beach with a direct view of the sea and El Alamein huge Lake, and the location of The GateTowers is:

  • 261 km away from Cairo.
  • 107 km away from Alexandria.
  • 184 km away from Matrouh.
  • 54 km away from Alamein Airport.
  • 89 km away from Borg El Arab Airport.

There is a complete entertainment area nearby, a 14 km tourist walkway with all services, as well as proximity to Al-Alamein Gardens, Al Masa Hotel, Heritage City, and Midtown area.

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Features of The GateTowers New Alamein North Coast

The executing company of The Gate Alamein project was interested in verifying the unit spaces to meet the customers' different needs and desires, and also took care that all residential units have a direct view of the blue water.

The Gate New Alamein has been designed on the latest international architectural models that are interiorly similar to Dubai skyscrapers and towers, the tower is divided between service units and residential units to become one of the oldest and largest full-service residential towers in the Middle East, and the executing company was interested in choosing unique designs to change the normal lifestyle and provide a high-end lifestyle.

It has multiple elevators including regular elevators and service elevators, and also has 5 floors dedicated to contain the following:

  • Swimming pools.
  • Kids' recreational area.
  • Shopping center.
  • The great location of The Gate Alamein in the new City of Alamein North Coast
  • The magnificent direct view of the sea.
  • Enjoying the services of The Gate Towers and the services of the new City of Alamein.
  •  Close to many places and entertainment services.
  •  Near El Alamein Lake and the tourist walkway.

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Find out with us the most important services available inside The Gate New Alamein

The real estate developer was keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury to customers, in addition to providing various basic and recreational services, the most important of which are the following:

  • Inside The Gate El Alamein, there is a 7-star hotel that includes many rooms and offers various services so that the customer gets the greatest degree of luxury and comfort.
  • 15 different elevators, there are panoramic elevators and others for services to move easily between floors and some to reduce time in The Gate New Alamein.
  • The Gate New Alamein towers are equipped with stairs and emergency exits, in addition to the towers are anti-lightning and earthquakes.
  • Electric generators operate automatically in the event of a power outage inside The Gate New Alamein.
  • A garage on 3 floors that can accommodate many cars in order to prevent congestion and pollution.
  • For shopping lovers, there is a huge commercial area that includes many different stores that include the finest brands and international brands to provide a distinctive buying experience inside The Gate New Alamein.
  • An area dedicated to restaurants and cafes serving international and local food and drinks for your favorite meal and supervised by the most skilled chefs to provide a high level of service.
  • The spread of swimming pools within The Gate Alamein project with different areas to practice recreational activities.
  • An integrated health club equipped with the latest equipment and all the various activities in addition to the spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna for rest and relaxation.
  • Free high-speed wi-fi is available for all units to get work done on time and increase productivity.
  • The Gate Alamein project contains a distinctive system of fire systems and sound alarms to reduce damage to the units.
  • The Gate New Alamein Towers includes a gym that includes various games and there are also large playgrounds to maintain fitness inside The Gate Alamein.
  • Security and guarding services that secure The Gate Alamein project from all sides to provide security and safety.
  • The presence of central air conditioning (HVAC) provides a mild and suitable atmosphere for more The Gate Alamein.

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Units space within The Gate North Coast

The Gate Towers have hotel apartments with glass facades that insulate vision and sound as well, to give residents comfort and privacy, and there are 669 apartments in each tower with a ceiling of 3.6 meters high, and all units overlook the sea or the artificial lakes.

The Gate New Alamein units' space varies to suit all customer requirements, starting from 49 m² to 387 m², and The Gate Towers include studio apartments and large 4-bedroom apartments.

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The units prices and payment systems

City Edge Developments offers very premium prices within The Gate Towers, including:

  • Booking value for small apartments starts from LE 100,000.
  • Booking value for 4-rooms apartments starts from LE 500.000.
  • You can pay 10% downpayment and the rest is interest-free up to 7 years.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Benefits of Investing in New Alamein

The New Alamein City represents a prominent project aimed at bringing about a qualitative shift in Egypt's North Coast, transforming it into one of the most upscale residential areas in the country. This city is located in a prime location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives it a special beauty and makes it an ideal place for value-added investment.

- Prime Location

The location of New Alamein City on the Mediterranean Sea makes it a strategic attraction point, enjoying a moderate climate throughout the year and offering essential and recreational services all year round. This makes it a center for attracting tourism from within Egypt and abroad, opening up wide horizons for investment in both residential and commercial real estate.

- Advanced Infrastructure

New Alamein City enjoys advanced infrastructure that ensures the ease and comfort of its residents, with comprehensive coverage of services such as electricity, sanitation, water, roads, and communications. The city also includes various public, recreational, and commercial facilities such as schools, universities, shopping centers, hospitals, and entertainment venues.

- Affordable Investment Prices

The real estate and residential units in New Alamein are characterized by competitive prices that suit smart investment and offer a lucrative return, making it a safe choice for investors from inside and outside Egypt.

- Security and Stability

The city enjoys a high level of security and stability, providing a safe and comfortable environment for residents and investors, enhancing its appeal as a place to live and invest.

- Luxury and Comfort

Living in New Alamein means enjoying a modern and comfortable lifestyle, with all essential and recreational services available to ensure the well-being of residents.

- Promising Investment Opportunities

New Alamein City offers diverse investment opportunities for local and foreign investors alike, thanks to its strategic location and modern facilities, making it a prominent tourist and investment attraction.

New Alamein City is distinguished by a set of features that make investing in it an ideal and profitable choice for investors, thanks to its advanced infrastructure, modern facilities, and safe and comfortable environment.

Services and Features of New Alamein

New Alamein City occupies a prominent position among modern Egyptian cities, offering a wide range of services and opportunities that attract those interested in living and investing there.

The city stands out with its modern planning and unique architecture, with a range of luxurious constructions and advanced facilities. The lush gardens and vast green spaces lend the city a special charm, making living there a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

New Alamein also includes a range of advanced educational, cultural, and sports institutions, ensuring a refined educational environment for children and youth.

Its strategic geographical location enhances its value, as it is located near Cairo and Alexandria, with easy access through an advanced transportation network and highways connecting it to the most important areas in Egypt.

For those who love leisure and entertainment, the city offers diverse recreational facilities and luxurious hotels, in addition to its captivating beaches that provide an opportunity to enjoy nature and relaxation.

New Alamein City is an ideal choice for those seeking to experience living in an environment that combines modernity and picturesque nature, while providing all essential services and amenities that meet the needs of residents and visitors, and representing a valuable investment opportunity in Egypt's economic and financial sectors.

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If you're interested in exploring options for an enjoyable time near The Gate Towers project in New Alamein, here's a guide that includes a selection of amazing resorts that offer comprehensive services and attractive locations in the area:

1. Hacienda Bay: This resort is renowned as a prime destination in New Alamein, located near The Gate Towers project. It stands out by offering a wide range of luxurious chalets and villas with captivating sea views, in addition to providing diverse facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and commercial areas.

2. Downtown New Alamein: This is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations due to its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. It offers a selection of luxurious resorts and hotels renowned for their excellent services and diverse recreational facilities, as well as opportunities to enjoy water activities such as surfing and diving.

3. La Capital New Alamein: Located near The Gate Towers, this project is distinguished by its long sandy beaches and calm waters. It comprises a diverse range of chalets and hotels that offer comfortable accommodation, in addition to recreational facilities such as sports courts, restaurants, and water parks.

4. City View Compound New Alamein: Considered one of the most beautiful Red Sea destinations in Egypt, it boasts captivating beaches and a tropical atmosphere. It provides luxurious resorts and beachfront chalets with facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and spas, making it ideal for diving and sailing enthusiasts.

These resorts offer unique and diverse experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of visitors seeking leisure and entertainment near The Gate Towers project in New Alamein.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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New Alamein

1,700,000 EGP


City Edge Developments

96 Apartments

10% down payment and the rest without interest up to 7 years.

200 acres


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