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IL Bosco New Capital
Published at 2020-09-10

Il Bosco New Capital Egypt

Misr Italia Group company was keen to implement Bosco New Capital in a different way, to make it solo from the rest of the compounds in the region whether in terms of design or providing all the services that customers need in their daily lives, it is like an integrated society from all sides which provides comfort, safety, and well-being for its residents and for more details click Real Estate Egypt.

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Il Bosco location

Misr Italia Il Bosco is strategically located in the New Administrative Capital, which makes it close to all the known vital areas, as the distance between it and Cairo estimated by about 60 kilometers, due to the Administrative Capital proximity Badr city located between the "Cairo - Suez, Cairo - Al Ain Sokhna" roads, and also located in the east of the ring road after Madinaty and Al Mostakbal city.

The compound also overlooks the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, in addition to its proximity to the famous Al Masa Hotel and the medical district, and not far from the new presidential palace, academic city, and conference center, while it is is only a few minutes away from the Opera House, the diplomatic area and the Green River, and is close to the New Capital Airport and Expo City

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Units of project IL Bosco New Capital

Area of Il Bosco Misr Italia

El Bosco is about 200 acres and is divided between various residential units and green spaces that give a magnificent view as well as scenic water bodies.

The project includes units ranging among apartments, townhouses, and twin houses as well as villas and penthouses, where the two-room apartments with an area starts from 126 square meters up to 137 square meters, while the apartments with 3 rooms, ranging in size from 144 square meters up to 150 square meters.

The luxury apartments consist of 3 rooms are estimated to be 182 square meters and 192 square meters, and the twin houses have an area of about 247 square meters, while the penthouse area starts from 273 up to 327 square meters, and finally, the villas' spaces start from 382 square meters up to 474 square meters.

Misr Italia group implemented great designs for the project by relying on the exterior design on the modern architectural style, while the interior design decided to be the choice of the client so that the design of each unit will become different from the other.

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Features and services in Il Bosco New Capital Egypt

Il Bosco New Capital has provided many features and services that work on the comfort of all customers, as well as provide recreational needs so that they feel that they enjoy a different life full of comfort and recreation, these services include the following:

Sports club: The Complex has a sports club with the best equipment to practice all sports activities that customers prefer with different desires, in addition to having a club house.

Commercial area: There is a large commercial area with many shops offering all customer supplies, as well as providing the latest brands and international trademarks.

Social centers: The project contains social centers that strengthen relationships between people and each other, as well as the presence of Central Park.

Private garages: Many garages have been built for cars, to avoid congestion in front of the commercial area or residential units.

Security and guarding: 24-hour security and guarding were provided with the latest security equipment and surveillance cameras.

Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools with a variety of spaces to suit everyone, taking into account the highest level of security and privacy.

Green spaces: There are many beautiful green spaces that give a sense of comfort and recuperation when viewed, as well as the stunning landscape, as well as the presence of artificial fountains.

International and foreign schools: The project includes many international schools that offer the highest level of education so that customers do not have to go abroad to educate their kids.

Integrated corporate and individual administrative units: The project's executors did not lose sight of the administrative aspect, setting up administrative units dedicated to companies and individuals to conduct their business easily and easily.

Cultural Center: The project includes a distinct cultural center as well as a theatre set up on an area of up to 10,000 square meters, in addition to cinemas that display all that is new.

Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the highest and best food and beverages that customers prefer and prepared by the most skilled chefs.

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Il Bosco New Capital Prices

Il Bosco Misr Italia provided prices suitable for all customers, compared to the services to be provided, where the units were divided by specified percentages, 45% were allocated to the villas while the apartments got 50% while there is a 5% allocated to the services, and the price of the meter reaches 13,500 pounds.

The prices of apartments are about 1,800,000 pounds, and the twin villas are estimated at 6 million pounds, and as for villas price estimated at about 9,200,000 pounds, where delivery will be after 3 years from the date of the contract, with the provision of convenient payment systems for the customer when choosing his/her residential unit, which consisted of the following:

  • Pay 10% of the total unit value as a down payment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 9 years.
  • Pay 10% of the total value of the unit as a down payment, then pay 5% after 5 months, with the rest of the due amount to be divided over 7 years.

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The owner company history

Misr Italia Group has extensive experience in the field of real estate through the projects it has established in various places, whether in Cairo or Al Ain Sokhna as well as the North Coast, and is characterized by its ability to provide a sophisticated and distinct thought and concept within its projects, which consisted of the following:

"Kai Sokhna resort, in addition to Mousa Coast in Ras Sedr and The Italian District on 6 October, as well as Lanouva Vista 5th Settlement, Sila New Cairo Project, Vinci New Capital Compound, Vinci Street New Capital Mall, Il Bosco City Mostakbal City."

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A new and different system in Il Bosco New Capital

Il Bosco introduced a new and different system that made it unique from other projects in the New Administrative Capital, this system known as the Vertical Forest Concept, which aims to reduce the proportion of Carbon Dioxide in place via putting green plants on all towers, thus absorbing dust and reducing moisture, as the customer feels that he is breathing fresh and clear air.

The project implemented this idea like Asia and Europe, which protects against sunlight as well as Carbon absorption from the air, with the aim of comforting the customer and making him live a life full of well-being and comfort.

It is one of the latest projects that have been established in the New Administrative Capital, it has many advantages and services that have made it different from other projects, especially in its distinctive design or application of new ideas that serve its residents, as well as providing the appropriate prices and many payment systems that work to comfort him/her when choosing his residential unit.

In addition to the unique strategic location that made it located near all the vital areas and main axes, and therefore can be reached from anywhere, so you have to quickly book your residential unit to enjoy all the features provided and to feel that you live within an integrated society from all sides which does not lack anything and you will not have to go outside to get what you want.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains

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