Downtown New Alamein

From 3,400,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: City Edge Developments


Project Name: Downtown.

About Downtown New Alamein: It is one of the highest residential units that provide all the high-end livelihoods in Al-Alamein with pleasant services, facilities, and leisure activities to feel the luxury of accommodation.

Downtown Location: it is located in New Alamein City directly on the sea beach, just near the International Hospital, 3.5 km from the universities near the old area.

Units Types: it varies between apartments and commercial units.

Units Space: units space starts from 110 square meters up to 330 square meters.

Units Prices: units price starts from 6,000,000 EGP, while two-room apartments' prices start at 3,400,000 EGP, three-bedroom apartments' prices start at 3,900,000 EGP, and four-bedroom apartments' prices start at 7 million EGP.

Payment Systems: You can pay a 5% downpayment and the rest in installments within 7 years.

The owner Company: City Edge Developments.

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Downtown New Alamein Project

Downtown New Alamein Project represents the link between the present and the future, which is full of elegance, luxury, and a touch of civilization that will astonish the whole world. Since the designs of Downtown Project began, they have been spreading an impressive view of the Egyptian architectural art, which can take shape in several aspects, giving it a unique brilliance among international models, and this is what City Edge Developments has pursued to achieve a global dream on the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the most wonderful tourist cities.

Downtown City Edge Project Location

If you are a fan of enjoying the calm atmosphere amidst turquoise waves and smooth sand, then you must be looking for the new city of Alamein, in which major companies have created and competed to exert all their energy in creating the most wonderful tourist villages and commercial centers that serve the entire region to make you travel within it without needing gold to any other place. Here, the importance of the location of Downtown El Alamein, which was chosen by City Edge Real Estate, emerged as follows:

  • Downtown is located on the North Coast directly on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is separated from the international road by no more than 400 meters only.
  • It is less than 107 km from the heart of Alexandria.
  • The distance between the compound and Cairo is estimated at 261 km.
  • It overlooks all roads leading to and from all governorates of Egypt, east, west, and south.
  • Near Matrouh Governorate, at a distance of less than 184 km.
  • Close to Borg El Arab International Airport, no more than 89 km.
  • Half an hour to El Alamein Airport, which makes it easy for investors to choose it as a hub for them from all over the world.
  • Surrounded by the Palace of Culture, Al Fanara Marina, and Al Masa International Hotel.
  • Overlook the presidential palace in New Alamein, the Council of Ministers, and Al Alamein Gardens.
  • It is very close to various archaeological places, which makes it a destination for tourists, as well as its proximity to the monument.
  • Close to various vital areas such as the resort of Marina, Sidi Abdel Rahman, and the new Fouka Road.

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Downtown Resort Space

Determining the resort’s space is one of the most important points that City Edge Developments relied on at the beginning of its project, especially because this construction is amid a glamorous and highly competitive constellation that includes major Egyptian and international companies in the real estate and architecture market, which made City Edge Developments enter the race with its project area estimated at 31 acres for the establishment of the project, and it was keen to divide it in a way that suits the sense of luxury and elegance to preserve the picturesque appearance of green spaces surrounded by clear transparent water, reduce the number of buildings for the units, and add service buildings such as commercial centers and malls to provide the most important services to the residents of the compound.

Units Spaces in Downtown City Edge

City Edge Developments excelled in the design of Downtown Resort, and was very keen to provide spaces that suit all needs so that you can live in them or invest and benefit you, which made its engineers turn to divide the units as follows:

  • Units consisting of two rooms and large reception, with spaces starting from 157 square meters, up to 166 square meters.
  • Units were divided into 3 rooms and a reception, with spaces starting from 178 square meters up to 192 square meters.
  • Penthouse units inside Downtown Alamein start from 233 square meters up to 330 square meters.

Downtown New Alamein Services

Perhaps one of the most prominent things that raise the value of any new project is its services and features that it provides to customers and investors, especially in light of the raging competition between real estate companies, as some of them began to raise the ceiling of services in a way that makes them outside the traditional scope, the more the company excels in providing the compound with greater features, the more number of people attracted to investment and tourism, and then Edge Developments was interested in providing the following services and features:

  • The panoramic view overlooks the entire green area connected to the buildings in a unique way.
  • Choosing roses and flowers that win the admiration of customers and captivate their souls, to add joy, beauty, and elegance to the picturesque view.
  • Many mosques hold worship.
  • Turquoise crystal lakes have been specially created in the middle of the buildings to enjoy peace and relaxation.
  • The finest international brands of restaurants are keen to provide the most delicious
  • Egyptian and international meals around the clock and are characterized by their service at the highest level.
  • Cafés and cafés that suit all tastes, in which you have a hot or cold drink to the tunes of romantic and upscale music.
  • Dedicated places to sell all the products and goods that the customer may need and that work all day long without stopping.
  • There are commercial malls that serve the entire area, and they are equipped with various international brands in all fields for shopaholics.
  • Centers for selling electrical appliances to make it easier for customers instead of buying them from outside the compound and bearing the costs of transporting them.
  • Elevators and escalators move between the floors of malls and commercial centers, facilitating and speeding up the shopping process without any effort.
  • Large yards equipped with the most wonderful views, which have been allocated for parties and family and private events, and lovers of barbecue parties.
  • The compound is equipped with super-distinguished hospitals, equipped with the most efficient and skilled expertise, the latest technologies and medical devices, and a special emergency department with an ambulance that roams all over the compound.
  • Specialized medical clinics to serve and treat visitors throughout the day.
  • Designing a large area in the form of Kids Area with the most beautiful safe games that children can enjoy without feeling bored, and this area has been monitored with the latest cameras to ensure the safety and security of children.
  • Spacious garages on vast areas that accommodate the largest possible number of cars, and were supported by a guard and security system monitored by cameras.
  • Relying on security systems on trained cadres to deal with the best methods and the latest methods for any danger, and monitoring systems that are monitored around the clock.
  • A central air conditioning unit that serves all units and buildings inside.
  • A social club and sports clubs are available for sports enthusiasts, and they are equipped with playgrounds suitable for all games of tennis, basketball, and football.
  • International amusement park to be enjoyed by adults and children with the utmost safety.
  • The newest Spa & Gym in the region, equipped with unparalleled technology and expertise.
  • Large wedding halls with the most amazing views and innovative wedding styles.

Prices of Downtown New Alamein Units

City Edge Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of housing units at fake prices, which makes it out of the competition because it is keen to have the largest share in terms of the number of investors and to make it easier for customers to take the step of owning a unit in the heart of New Alamein. With various categories, but it should be noted here that the closer to the completion of the creative construction of New Alamein, the price per square meter increases, and the prices increases, all you have to do is take the initiative to book before the price rises. The prices of the apartments can be listed as follows:

  • Two-room units of 3,400,000 Egyptian pounds as a total price.
  • Three-room units, the price starts from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Four-room units, the total price of which starts from 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Systems

City Edge Developments believes in the necessity of making it easier for customers and everyone who would like to own their residential unit in the charming heart of Al Alamein, it has offered many payment systems that facilitate this important step in their lives, and then approved the following systems:

  • Paying 5% of the total price as a downpayment, and the remaining amount in installments over 7 years without interest, and the installments are paid in equal payments.
  • Delivery of fully finished units, including air conditioners.
  • It guarantees customers the right to invest in units and rent them out throughout the year.
  • When you choose the cash payment system, you will enjoy amazing discounts and offers on Downtown units.

The Real Estate Developer

City Edge Developments is the developer of Downtown Project, which was established through cooperation between major Egyptian companies, the first of which is the Housing and Development Bank, the New Urban Communities Authority, and the Investment Holding Company, and since its inception, it has been seeking to create a new boom in the Egyptian real estate market.

Its most important previous works include:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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