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السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: City Edge Developments

Mazarine Location  New Alamein City.

Mazarine New Alamein North Coast Space  702 acres.

The Executing Company Name  City Edge Developments.

Units types  Chalets - Villas - Twin Houses.

Chalets spaces  start from 167 m².

Villas Spaces  start from 359 m² up to 576 m².

Price per meter  starts from  25.571 EGP up to 31.137 EGP.

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Mazarine New Alamein City Edge Developments City Edge New Alamein Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Mazarine.

Mazarine Location: New Alamein City.

Mazarine New Alamein North Coast Space: 702 acres.

The Executing Company Name: City Edge Developments.

Units types: Chalets - Villas - Twin Houses.

Chalets spaces: start from 167 m².

Villas Spaces: start from 359 m² up to 576 m².

Price per meter: starts from  25.571 EGP up to 31.137 EGP.

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Mazarine New Alamein

As one of its high-quality projects, City Edge Real Estate Development has launched its new project, Mazarine New Alamein, which is designed at the latest model and is the first to be built on a large area of 702 acres.

It also features several artificial lakes, vast green areas, and many facilities, as well as its unique location in the heart of the new City of Alamein, which is already the promising future of the North Coast region.

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The word "Mazarine" means dark blue shadows and the compound is the new challenge for City Edge, as for the first time you'll find a project with chalets, villas, and twin houses.

Join the owners of this compound and enjoy a holiday full of luxury services in Egypt's most prestigious region.

The compound was designed over a space of 702 acres and buildings on a space of 72 acres with magnificent designs, the buildings were built in the form of a U with a mile angle allowing all units to see the sea, the buildings were built on an area of only 20% and the rest of the area is dedicated to services, water bodies, and green spaces.

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Where is Mazarine North Coast?

Mazarine City Edge location

It is located in a privileged location in New Alamein City west of the North Coast.

The most important landmarks near Mazarine New Alamein project:

  • At Kilo 107 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.
  • Near Alexandria and can be reached in an hour and a quarter.
  • It is 261 km from Cairo and can be reached in two and a half hours.
  • It is 184 km from Matrouh and can be reached within two hours.
  • It is 54 km from Al Alamein Airport.
  • It is 89 km from Borg El Arab Airport.

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Most important features of Mazarine Alamein

City Edge Developments excelled in designing one of the most amazing projects in New Alamein North Coast, which is a first-class tourist area, as it contributes significantly to creating a modern and civilized shift within the Arab Republic of Egypt in an unprecedented way, and the company has been interested in providing Mazarine North Coast compound with various features that allow it to enter a hugely competitive arena amid the momentum of resorts with which major real estate companies compete in the Egyptian architecture market, and among the highlights of Mazarine North Coast Compound are the following:

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  • Mazarine is located in the heart of New Alamein and has all the advantages that make it the best tourist resort that captures the attention and hearts.
  • The stunning landscape is enough to transport you into a different realm thanks to the wonderful combination of green spaces and artificial lakes.
  • Direct sea views with soft glittering sands and clear turquoise waters at Mazarine New Alamein.
  • Gym and Spa, including several luxury facilities such as a Jacuzzi, a beauty center, and a sauna.
  • Mazarine North Coast compound is close to Borj Al Arab Airport and Alamein Airport, as well as Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh governorates. Mazarine New Alamein resort is in the middle of many beautiful locations and important services.
  • Surrounded by the breathtaking natural landscape that encourages relaxation in City Edge New Alamein Project.
  • Buildings are not higher than four floors, allowing for a panoramic view from all City Edge New Alamein units. Each building is equipped with a high-tech elevator from a renowned manufacturer.
  • Villas have a view of a private lake, while twin houses have a view of green spaces and swimming pools. This variety allows customers to choose whatever suits them best.
  • Mazarine New Alamein resort has a private beach that is 635 meters wide, which is ideal for diving.
  • There’s a large number of swimming pools within Mazarine New Alamein resort with different depths to suit all ages.
  • Views of green spaces from all the units, spacious gardens, and event venues for celebrations and gatherings.
  • Beautiful modern designs for all the buildings, give a more luxurious atmosphere to Mazarine North Coast compound.
  • Each building has a large parking space for residents and visitors.
  • Mazarine North Coast compound is secured with surveillance cameras and security personnel that keep the place safe throughout the day.
  • Large commercial malls with branches from the most popular brands inside City Edge New Alamein Village.
  • There are plenty of jogging tracks between the buildings, which can also be used for cycling inside Mazarine New Alamein Project.
  • Car roads are available in every part of Mazarine North Coast compound, but they’re completely separate from the jogging tracks to keep them safe.
  • Top-tier units are provided with private lakes at Mazarine North Coast.
  • The most luxurious Arabic and international restaurants can be found within Mazarine North Coast resort, there are also several unique cafes.
  • The sandy beach is provided with a walkway that extends for 14 kilometers, in case you want to take a stroll by the sea and enjoy the coastal breeze.
  • An amusement park with rides suitable for all ages and with safety features inside Mazarine North Coast.
  • A massive library with a cultural center, which is a rare feature that reading lovers will appreciate.
  •  Mazarine North Coast Chalets and villas with a direct sea view.
  • A sporting club, fully equipped for various sports and to suit all tastes and levels of fitness at Mazarine North Coast Project.
  • Mazarine Alamein compound is surrounded by a long fence, to provide more safety and privacy.
  • A complete customer service center within Mazarine North Coast compound.
  • The company gives buyers the option to receive fully-finished units, including air conditioning.
  • Mazarine entire project is very calm and serene, a world of difference from the busy city life.
  • Medical clinics with the best equipment and the most experienced healthcare workers, working throughout the day to manage any emergency. There’s also plenty of clinics in various health specifications in Mazarine New Alamein.

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Units Spaces within Mazarine New Alamein Project

There are many units of different spaces and types, up to 296 residential units of villas, chalets, and twin houses.

There are 4-floor buildings with an elevator, a chalet, and a penthouse, consisting of two floors and a private garden, and the two upper floors consist of a penthouse starting with a space of 165 square meters.

These spaces are divided unto:

  • Villas space starts from 359 m² up to 576 m².
  • Twin Villas with space starts from 324 m².
  • 3 rooms Chalet with space starts from 167 m².
  • 4 rooms Chalet with space starts from 327 m².

Price Per Meter & Units Prices

The price per meter starts from 25.571 EGP up to 31.137 EGP.

Villa Mazarine price starts ranging from 9.180.000 EGP up to 14.728.896 EGP.

Twin Villa prices start from 6.500.000 EGP up to 8.500.000 EGP.

The ground floor chalets price starts from 5.400.000 EGP up to 6.400 EGP.

The upper first-floor chalets shall range from 5.200.000 EGP up to 6.600.000 EGP.

Chalets with 3 bedrooms start from 4,500,000 EGP.

Chalets with 4 bedrooms start from 8.361.717 EGP.

The Delivery Date

Mazarine residential units of all types shall be delivered after years from the booking date.

Prices within Mazarine project vary depending on the size of the units, and the prices are suitable for the services provided by Mazarine project as well as the easy payment system with the lowest downpayment and the longest repayment period, and all units are fully finished.

Disadvantages of Mazarine Alamein New Project

Mazarine Alamein New project offers a limited number of payment systems for the units, and although some individuals may prefer greater diversity in payment options, the company has provided great flexibility by offering payment systems that extend up to 8 years in equal installments. This duration is generally suitable for most investors, which helps them achieve their goals easily and smoothly.

Information About The Developer

City Edge Real Estate Development Company has established Mazarine New Alamein village with the cooperation of Orascom because of its extensive experience in this field. City Edge was founded in 2017 and it is one of the major and important companies in the field of real estate development and is affiliated with the government entity.

The company was established in partnership with other real estate companies:

  • 60% of the company is owned by the Ministry of Housing and the Urban Communities Authority.
  • 38% is for the Housing and Construction Bank.
  • The Holding Company for Development and Investment owns 2% of the company.

City Edge major Projects

The company has established several large projects in several major cities and regions, it has set up three projects in the North Coast, one project in the New Administrative Capital and Mansoura, and two projects in Sheikh Zayed, and these works are:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

What is the main role of New Alamein?

New Alamein is a new comprehensive large-scale city in Matrouh Governorate, and is one of the most important current projects in Egypt.

It has been designed to be an integrated city that includes housing, commerce, tourism and industry.

New Alamein plays a vital role in developing the Egyptian economy and creating new job opportunities.

The New Alamein project started in 2018 and represents one of Egypt's most prominent strategic projects.

The city is multi-purpose and includes a wide range of residential, commercial and tourism projects and services, and enjoys a vital strategic location in the North Coast region which is one of the most important investment areas in Egypt.

The New Alamein project is characterized by many unique features, as it includes a set of vital projects such as schools, hospitals and tourist resorts, and transportation services will be extensively provided in the city.

The main role of the New Alamein project is to establish an integrated residential city on the North Coast in Egypt, and provide an ideal community for people who want to live outside of Cairo, and enjoy good weather, a calm atmosphere and charming surroundings.

New Alamein also aims to provide new job opportunities and encourage investment in the area, which in turn will boost the Egyptian economy and contribute to economic growth.

New Alamein also provides attractive investment opportunities for investors in various fields such as tourism, commerce, education and industry.

The services of the New Alamein project included many exceptional features and services, such as parks, water parks, public gardens, mosques, churches, cultural and sports centers.

Investors can get residential apartments at reasonable prices in New Alamein, in addition to the opportunity to invest and the high returns that can be achieved through real estate buying and selling.

The New Alamein project is one of the most important current projects in Egypt, and includes a wide range of projects and services that make it an ideal place to live and invest, and it is expected to make a major change in the Egyptian North Coast.

Services and Features of New Alamein

New Alamein City is one of the most prominent new cities in Egypt, as it contains many services and features that make it an ideal place for residence and living. The city is located on the country's western coast, about 100 kilometers from Alexandria.

New Alamein is characterized by its modern, comfortable design, providing an advanced, safe environment for residents. The city consists of a number of residential, commercial and tourist areas, providing multiple opportunities for investment and employment.

Among the prominent services in New Alamein, there are international schools and the British University, which provide distinguished, comprehensive education. The city also hosts a variety of specialized medical facilities, sports complexes, and modern shopping centers, providing residents and visitors with many options for spending their time enjoyably and beneficially.

In addition, New Alamein enjoys picturesque natural scenery, as it is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by vast forests and artificial lakes. The city has been carefully designed to provide green spaces and unique tourist destinations, as it has luxurious resorts and beautiful sandy beaches.

Another aspect that distinguishes New Alamein is that there are plans to develop the smart city, which works on providing advanced infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life for residents. This includes high-speed wireless communications, smart grids, and alternative energy, confirming the city's commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

New Alamein remains an exciting destination and promising investment in Egypt, as it provides a range of services and features for both residents and visitors. New Alamein City is a model to be emulated in urban development and sustainable development in the country.

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2. Porto Cruise Resort New Alamein: This village is distinguished by its privileged location just 15 kilometers from the Marassi New Alamein project. The village enjoys a beautiful sandy beach, artificial lakes, and wonderful natural gardens. The village contains a diverse selection of residential units including apartments, chalets, and villas, and also includes a range of restaurants and cafes.

3. Hacienda Bay Village: This unique tourist village is an ideal choice for families looking to enjoy a quiet, fun holiday near Marassi New Alamein. The village provides a private beach and modern, comfortable residential units including chalets and villas, and also includes a commercial area, restaurants and recreational facilities for children.

4. Nord Village New Alamein: This luxurious coastal resort is a great option for families and couples looking for a luxurious stay near Marassi New Alamein. The resort is distinguished by its private beach, beautiful green spaces, sports fields, restaurants and cafes. The resort offers luxurious apartments, chalets and comfortable villas with modern amenities.

5. Marseilia Village: This upscale tourist village is characterized by a beautiful coastal area, modern facilities and luxurious residential units. The village provides a private beach, a marina for yachts, a large swimming pool, a health club, and a variety of restaurants and shops. This village is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a luxury resort near Marassi New Alamein.

6. La Vista Resort: This amazing resort features a private beach, breathtaking natural scenery, and luxurious residential units. The resort provides an extremely luxurious accommodation experience with facilities such as a large swimming pool, restaurants, cafes, and a health club. This resort is an ideal option for couples looking for luxury accommodation near Marassi New Alamein.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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