Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed City Edge

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: City Edge Developments

About the Project  a high residential project by City Edge Developments located near Alexandria desert road and the ring road.

Etapa Location  located in Sheikh Zayed.

Etapa Space  77 acres.

Units' Type  apartments - duplexes -  twinhouses - townhouses - etapa villa.

Etapa Units' Space  starts from 216 m² up to 706 m².

Price per meter  starts from 16,000 EGP.

Etapa Developer Name  City Edge Development.

Payment Methods in Etapa  5% downpayment for booking, 10% 3 months after contracting, 5% upon receipt, and installments up to 3 years.

Properties for sale

Twinhouse with area 390m² in Etapa
Unit in Etapa El Sheikh Zayed with 193m


Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed City Edge Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Etapa.

About the Project: a high residential project by City Edge Developments located near Alexandria desert road and the ring road.

Etapa Location: located in Sheikh Zayed.

Etapa Space: 77 acres.

Units' Type: apartments - duplexes -  twinhouses - townhouses - etapa villa.

Etapa Units' Space: starts from 216 m² up to 706 m².

Price per meter: starts from 16,000 EGP.

Etapa Developer Name: City Edge Development.

Payment Methods in Etapa5% downpayment for booking, 10% 3 months after contracting, 5% upon receipt, and installments up to 3 years.

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About Etapa Sheikh Zayed

The Egyptian government has launched a real estate development campaign that has been the most prominent of the results of the launch of more than one new residential and urban project, and City Edge Zayed was one of the companies that participated in this campaign with its distinctive project, Etapa El Sheikh Zayed.

During the design and implementation of this compound, City Edge Etapa has provided a high level of well-being, providing many vital and government services as well as service and leisure facilities, as well as 24-hour guarding and insurance. 

It is known that the Egyptian government, particularly the Ministry of Housing and the Urban Communities Authority, is known for its recent interest in real estate investment in general and this is clearly shown in many new urban projects, with the Administrative Capital at the top, as well as many large-scale projects.

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Etapa is one of the important real estate and investment projects, where City Edge Developments is the executing company of City Edge Shiekh Zayed project, which has extensive experience in real estate development and cared about it to be a residential project with all the services available to achieve well-being, as it is a unique experience that conveys the character of life from Dubai to Egypt.

16% of the total Etaba Compound area is allocated to residential units and the rest of the area for green spaces, facilities, and services for all customers to enjoy the landscapes and green spaces.

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Experience the quality of life in the best locations characterized by tranquility and elegance with Etapa Compound

The developing company is aware of the importance of geographical location for businessmen and distinguished customers, especially if it is far from all sources of noise and environmental pollution. Therefore, the owning company chose the location of Etapa very carefully as it is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed near important areas and main axes that connect it to the surrounding roads.

The most important landmarks near Etapa City Edge Compound are:

  • The location of Etapa Sheikh Zayed is characterized by its proximity to the most important upscale residential compounds such as Al Rehab Compound and Allegria Sudic Compound.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed project is close to Al Karama Compound.
  • The distance between Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound and Al Yasmin Compound is very short.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is located near Saudi Market and Hyper One.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed project is located near important roads and main axes such as the 23rd of July Axis, the Ring Road, and the Alexandria Desert Road, making it easily accessible to all customers.

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Hurry up to book your unit in Etapa Sheikh Zayed and enjoy a package of wonderful features that embody the life of luxury and privacy you aspire to.

  • The designs of Etapa Sheikh Zayed units represent a creative style, as they were designed on the finest modern styles that rely on glass facades, which helps the residents to enjoy the natural light and the scenic views that surround them from all sides.
  • The green spaces are spread in vast areas, amounting to 84% of its total space, to add an atmosphere of purity and joy that gives customers more vitality and freedom at Etapa Sheikh Zayed Project.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed is characterized by a low population density, which provides more privacy and luxury for you and your family.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound contains many artificial lakes of crystal colors, around which are prepared places to sit to enjoy with your family the most beautiful times accompanied by the sparkling water.
  • City Edge Sheikh Zayed is characterized by the presence of dedicated walking, running, and cycling paths amid the charming green areas, which spread joy and vitality to customers.
  • The residential units, whether luxury apartments, townhouses, or twin houses, were delivered with full finishes with air conditioning to achieve more luxury and elegance for customers in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound includes a package of private gardens that give you the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation to reach the stage of psychological serenity you aspire to.
  • A large mosque was designed according to the finest Islamic styles so that the residents could perform prayers and religious rites.
  • In order to maintain order and tranquility within Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound, special garages have been allocated for cars, and in order for customers to secure their properties.
  • Etapa location is characterized by its proximity to many pivotal roads that facilitate the movement of the population in flexibility and smoothness.
  • The units in Etapa Sheikh Zayed represent a mixture of creativity and diversity in spaces and designs so that each customer gets the unit that suits his needs and aspirations.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound includes many automated teller machines that achieve more comfort and flexibility for customers.

If you want to enjoy a life full of integrated services, here is Etapa Sheikh Zayed

  • Etapa is characterized by the presence of many playgrounds for the most important sports that the residents are keen to practice, such as football, basketball, and tennis, so that each customer can enjoy luxury and enjoyment according to his own way.
  • Etapa includes many swimming pools of varying sizes and designs to suit adults and children for more luxury and fun.
  • Compound Etapa City Edge is characterized by the availability of various medical services, which are represented in medical clinics in all specialties and many pharmacies that have all medical supplies available to customers to obtain the services they need in the fastest and most accurate picture.
  • City Edge compound is characterized by the presence of gyms with many modern sports equipment and devices so that the residents can practice their favorite sports and maintain their fitness.
  • Etapa compound includes an entertainment area for children equipped with the best games and recreational activities that are completely safe, which helps them to enjoy their time with their friends and family.
  • Etapa includes a bouquet of restaurants and cafes that are keen to provide the most delicious and finest food and drinks, as well as diversifying their services to satisfy the tastes of all customers.
  • Compound Etapa City Edge includes a cinema for you to enjoy with your family and friends watching the latest Arab and foreign films.
  • Many halls for holding various parties and meetings, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and equipment.

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Explore the genius of architectural design in Etapa El Sheikh Zayed design

Etapa Compound is a shining star in the sky of Sheikh Zayed. It is a prominent landmark in the field of real estate development, as the developing company was keen to provide an exceptional living experience for residents equipped with all means of comfort and entertainment. The architectural designs are contemporary rivaling the international level, with decors implemented using the latest technological methods with a high degree of elegance and modernity, in addition to the luxurious glass facades that allow sunlight to pass through and protect the units from rainwater, as well as the enchanting natural scenery that gives all units a panoramic view that enhances the feeling of tranquility and inner psychological stability. The design of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound comes as follows:

  • City Edge Sheikh Zayed Compound was built on an area of 77 acres.
  • While the residential units occupy 16% of the total area of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, the remaining part consists of vast green lands, gardens and dancing fountains that add a touch of magic and beauty to the place.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound includes a variety of units ranging from apartments, duplexes, twin houses and townhouses, to standalone villas.

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Take a look at Etapa's unique collection of units that reflect innovation and excellence

The developing company was able to make smart use of the total area of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, allowing it to offer a diverse set of units with varying areas so that the client can choose what suits their needs, whether they prefer limited or large spaces. The unit areas in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound are as follows:

  • The area of Etapa apartments for sale ranges from 230 square meters up to 253 square meters.
  • While the area of the duplex in City Edge Shiekh Zayed project starts from 153 square meters up to 220 square meters.
  • The area of the townhouse in Etapa Compound starts from 313 square meters up to 320 square meters.
  • The area of the twin house in City Edge Shiekh Zayed project starts from 269 square meters.
  • The area of standalone villas in Compound Etapa City Edge ranges from 318 square meters to 411 square meters.

Learn about the ideal prices of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Inside Etapa Sheikh Zayed you can enjoy a vibrant, luxurious life blended with privacy amid many unique advantages and numerous essential and recreational services, at unbeatable prices. The prices in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound are as follows:

  • Prices of Etapa residential apartments start from 4,200,000 Egyptian pounds up to 5,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While prices of duplex units in the project start from 5,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices of townhouses in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 4,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While prices of Etapa twin houses start from 6,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices of standalone villas in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

The owning company was keen to facilitate the process of purchasing the units offered for sale to customers in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, by providing many facilities in booking and payment systems, where the client can pay a 5% reservation deposit, followed by 10% after 3 months, with the remaining amount paid over 7 years without any financial interest.

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Disadvantages of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the distinctive features provided by Etapa El Sheikh Zayed Compound, some customers may feel that the specified delivery date for the units seems long. However, the company considers this time necessary to ensure the delivery of units with the highest finishing standards, meeting residents' expectations and needs.

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About the developer and its previous projects

City Edge Developments is one of the largest real estate developers that reflects outstanding real estate objectives in the real estate market, as it is the result of a collaboration between the Urban Communities Authority, The Holding Company for Development and Investment and Housing and Development Bank. City Edge has been founded in 2017 to execute luxurious and sophisticated multi-use residential projects and he company strives to provide the best models to its customers, and every new, advanced and innovative thought in the real estate world in order to provide all the needs and requirements of customers.

City Edge has also been very interested in working to win the trust of its customers and provide the most important projects that provide a high life and a bright future for all individuals, the most important of these projects including:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

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In Sheikh Zayed City Compounds: You Are in a Leading, Luxurious and Distinctive Location

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is considered one of the most prominent modern cities in Egypt, combining comfort, entertainment and modern life. Thanks to a diverse range of distinctive residential compounds, this city is an ideal destination for living and investing.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds are characterized by elegant architectural designs and smart planning, providing privacy and security for residents. In addition, the compounds contain vast green spaces and stunning natural scenery that add beauty and comfort to daily life.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds include a diverse range of residential units, from luxury apartments to luxury villas. These units are characterized by high-quality finishes and integrated facilities, such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, providing a comfortable and integrated living experience.

In addition to housing, Sheikh Zayed City compounds offer many recreational and sports facilities, such as swimming pools, health clubs and sports fields, to meet the needs of residents and enhance their well-being.

Moreover, the city provides a prime location that is easily accessible from different areas, with an advanced network of roads and public transportation.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds in Giza Governorate are one of the ideal residential places in Egypt, combining comfort, entertainment and distinction. If you are looking for a quiet and integrated life in a great location, Sheikh Zayed City will certainly be the ideal choice for you.

A Unique Modern Life Experience Awaits You in Sheikh Zayed City!

In the heart of Giza Governorate in Egypt, Sheikh Zayed City enjoys a unique prominent position in the region. The city is designed in a modern, urban style that includes a mix of modern facilities and enchanting natural scenery, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals looking for an integrated modern life experience.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds work to provide many modern facilities and establishments to meet the needs of both residents and visitors. This includes hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, parks, water parks, golf courses, and sports clubs.

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is a vibrant, modern area that includes many residential compounds and mega investment projects. This city is characterized by a unique life experience that awaits visitors. Residents and visitors can enjoy the many modern services, recreational and commercial facilities available in the city.

Thanks to its rapid development and focus on advanced infrastructure, Sheikh Zayed City provides residents and visitors with a comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle. The city is characterized by a diverse selection of luxury residential compounds that provide modern and comfortable housing for families. The city also includes international restaurants, cafes and modern shopping centers that meet all the needs of residents and visitors.

In addition, Sheikh Zayed City houses many massive investment projects, providing job opportunities and sustainable economic development. The city is an ideal destination for investors looking to capitalize on investment opportunities in the local market.

You will find in Sheikh Zayed City a variety of recreational areas and natural parks, where you can enjoy your time with family and friends. The city also provides facilities for water sports and outdoor activities for sports and adventure enthusiasts.

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate is a unique modern life experience awaiting you. The city provides a sophisticated and comfortable environment for residents and visitors, with many modern services, recreational and commercial facilities. If you are looking for a modern and sophisticated lifestyle, Sheikh Zayed City is the ideal place for you.

Between Neighborhood and Distinction: Get to Know the Compounds Next to Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound!

Midgard Residence Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Located near Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Distinguished by its unique architectural design and beautiful natural scenery.
  • Includes various residential units such as apartments, twin houses and villas.
  • Provides a range of services and facilities such as swimming pools, green spaces and recreational areas.

Zayard Elite Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Located near Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Considered one of the most upscale compounds in the area.
  • Includes luxurious housing units and a variety of facilities and services.
  • Provides shopping, restaurants and cafes in its surroundings.

Karamel Soudek Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Located a short distance from Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Distinguished by its advanced infrastructure and academic atmosphere.
  • Provides high-quality housing units for university students and faculty members.
  • Includes recreational and cultural facilities such as libraries, theaters and sports clubs.

Verde Villas Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Located near Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Considered one of the largest compounds in the area.
  • Distinguished by a wide range of housing units and recreational facilities.
  • Provides shopping, entertainment areas and fitness centers.

Village West Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Located next to Etapa Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Known for its lavish architectural design and unique urban planning.
  • Provides luxurious housing units with modern amenities and various services.
  • Includes shopping, entertainment areas and restaurants for residents' comfort.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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located in Sheikh Zayed.

meter price starts from 16,000 EGP.


City Edge Development.

137 units

5% downpayment for booking, 10% 3 months after contracting, 5% upon receipt, and installments up to 3 years.

77 acres.