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Zahya New Mansoura City Edge Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Zahya.

About Project: A full-service residential city by City Edge, located next to Gamasa and bordered to the east by New Damietta and from west by Baltim.

Zahya Location: In the heart of Dakahlia along 15 km on the coast.

Zahya Zahya New Mansoura: 750 acres.

Units Types: Zahya Apartments - Villas - Zahya Twin Houses - Townhouses.

Units space in Zahyaapartments space starts from 130 m² to 350 m².

Twin Houses, Villas, Townhouses with spaces starting from 290 m² up to 820 m².

Price per meter in Zahya Beach: It starts from 30,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: City Edge Developments.

Zahya Payment systems: 10% downpayment and install the rest for up to 7 years without interest.

Zahya City in New Mansoura

What are you waiting for to get a dream apartment in the heart of the green city and on the seacoast? Take the chance now!

that will give you the chance to live in the heart of the green delta at the same time on the Mediterranean coast.

Zahya is the latest edition of City Edge Developments, a subsidiary of the Egyptian Urban Communities Authority, which confirms the Egyptian government's vision and its serious direction in creating new urban communities to meet the density of population with contemporary global standards and services suitable for luxury life and basic population requirements.

The location of New Mansoura has been carefully selected, located in the heart of Daqahliya province, 15 km long on the coastal road and a depth of 2 km.

The city is located right next to Gamasa City as an extension, which is only 6 km away and New Mansoura is bordered to the east by the new city of Damietta, just 20 km away.

it is one of the most beautiful cities where it overlooks the Mediterranean coast.

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I invite you to discover the wonderful vibrant city that stands out thanks to its strategic location

New Mansoura City was built on an area of up to 7100 acres by presidential decree in 2017, extending along the sea coast up to 15 square kilometers, and the depth of the city reaches 1.8 square kilometers. The owning company was keen to choose the appropriate geographical location to implement its project after conducting a detailed study in order to reach the future aspirations of customers and choose what suits their needs.

The most important landmarks near Zahya City Edge Compound:

  • Zahya New Mansoura project is about 10 minutes away from the coastal city.
  • Zahya New Mansoura City is about 150 km from the city of Alexandria.
  • Zahya New Mansoura City is located 10 minutes from Baltim City.
  • Zahya New Mansoura City is very easy to go from Zahya Mansoura project to Gamasa in a very short time.
  • The most important feature of the location of Zahya New Mansoura City is its proximity to the most important new projects such as The Bird New Mansoura Compound, and Seibel New Mansoura.
  • The old Mansoura and the new Mansoura are connected by a 15-minute electric train, and the distance between the two cities is about 45 minutes.

The eye-catching design of Zahya City New Mansoura

City Edge Real Estate Development Company put its great experience at the heart of Zahya New Mansoura City, paying attention to the finest details in order to make it a project that rivals global cities. This is reflected in City Edge New Mansoura project designs that combine sophistication and contemporaneity, making it an icon of beauty. The owning company collaborated with the most important experienced engineering consultants and architects to design the villas and residential towers in a way that suits owners of refined taste. The design of Zahya New Mansoura City comes as follows:

  • Zahya New Mansoura was built on an area of ​​750 acres.
  • 20% of the total area of ​​City Edge New Mansoura City project is allocated for residential units with their different areas and types.
  • While the remaining area is allocated for service facilities, gardens, parks, water surfaces and various recreational facilities.

Major features of Zahya City New Mansoura City

  • Zahya El Mansoura offers a logistic area with many services and features.
  • Zahya city also has a regional university.
  • A private university that is affiliated to Mansoura University.
  • Scientific research Centers.
  • An integrated medical city in Zahya.
  • There are many industrial and technological areas in the city.
  • Corniche on the highway with a width of 56 meters.
  • Many beaches in Zahya city.
  • Infrastructure at the highest level, such as water and sewage systems.

The Most Important Services of Zahya City Edge

Zahya Beach On a total space of 6000 acres and the number of residential units reached 158,000 units to accommodate more than 1,500,000 people.

Zahya City New Mansoura has many services, such as:

  • The world's most elegant hotels.
  • A comprehensive medical area that includes many medical centers as well as a world center for liver treatment.
  • An Olympic city designed to the highest level to host many important sporting events in Egypt.
  • All the beaches in the city are open all year.
  • A seaside marina is also available for anyone who likes cruises and marine activities in general.
  • A triple water purification plant to provide clean water.
  • Special branches for all government departments and authorities in Zahya City Edge.
  • Cinemas and markets that include famous stores in addition to office spaces and many social clubs.

Please choose from the varied units of Zahya City and practical areas that embody comfort and luxury

The developing company announced a huge group of units in Zahya New Mansoura City with different areas to give all customers the opportunity to choose what suits their needs. City Edge New Mansoura project has been divided into several stages, the first of which has been completed, which includes the residential towers consisting of 28 floors. The areas in Zahya New Mansoura City come as follows:

  • The area of ​​residential apartments in Zahya New Mansoura City project ranges from 130 square meters up to 350 square meters.
  • While the area of ​​Twin House, Town House and independent villa units ranges from 319 square meters up to 816 square meters.

Learn about flexible payment plans as well as prices that suit all budgets in Zahya City

The company pays great attention to pleasing its customers, so it carries out successful projects and announces unparalleled prices. The price per meter in Zahya New Mansoura Compound starts from 30,000 Egyptian pounds. You can learn about Zahya New Mansoura City project prices through the following points:

  • The prices of residential apartments in Zahya New Mansoura Compound start from 390,000 Egyptian pounds up to Egyptian pounds.
  • While the prices of Zahya New Mansoura villas start from 5,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

The payment and installment systems in Zahya New Mansoura City provide a golden opportunity for all customers to own their unit and buy their dream home. The payment systems come as follows:

  • First system: The client can pay a 5% reservation deposit and then pay the rest over 5 years.
  • Second system: Pay a 10% reservation deposit and pay the remaining amount within 7 years without any financial interest.

Disadvantages of Zahya New Mansoura Compound

Despite the attractiveness of the Zahya New Mansoura project and the many advantages it offers, some investors and buyers may feel reluctant due to the expected waiting period to receive the units. However, this project is located in one of the most luxurious areas in Mansoura, which makes it a valuable investment worth the wait. In addition, the developing company for Zahya New Mansoura City project offers attractive financing options, as buyers can book with low down payments and extended repayment periods, which makes it easier for investors to take advantage of this great investment opportunity.

The Owner Company of Zahya City and Its Major Projects

City Edge Developments is the executing company of Zahya New Mansoura City Project, an Egyptian company which was established as a result of a partnership between 3 important real estate institutions in the Egyptian markets, namely:

  • The Urban Communities Authority has 60% of the company.
  • The Housing and Development Bank owns 38% of the company.
  • The Holding Company for Investment and Development holds 2% of the company.

City Edge Developments Projects:

It is planned that the company will provide a lot of projects during the coming period, namely:

  • Large project within El Alamein on an area of 477 acres which is an integrated residential and commercial project.
  • It will also complete two new projects in the New Administrative Capital, one residential and one administrative, and Zahya City is the latest company projects.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Benefits of Investing in New Mansoura

  • New Mansoura City remains a symbol of urban ambition and renewal in the heart of the Arab Republic of Egypt, opening its doors wide to diverse investment opportunities that promise a prosperous future for investors wishing to benefit from its rapid development and strategic location.
  • This city's advantages are not limited to a single sector but extend to cover several aspects that make it a destination for anyone seeking investment in Egypt, whether local or international investors.
  • The city's location has unique features that make it an attraction for economic activities; it is located in the northern Nile Delta near Cairo, facilitating access and bringing it closer to major trade outlets such as the new canal that enhances its commercial and logistical capabilities.
  • On the other hand, the city boasts a modern and advanced infrastructure, with a comprehensive plan developed to improve roads, facilities, and basic services to provide an ideal investment environment.
  • Investment opportunities are not limited to one type but extend to include industrial, commercial, and even tourism sectors, giving investors multiple options for development and expansion.
  • New Mansoura enjoys an emerging and growing market, highlighting it as a growth hub in Egypt, where its residents have purchasing power and an interest in new and contemporary services and products, providing a fertile ground for business growth and retail sector development.
  • It also shines as a prominent educational center teeming with reputable universities and educational institutions, ensuring the availability of a skilled and specialized workforce that can support businesses and drive innovation and development across various fields.
  • In conclusion, New Mansoura City is a beacon of opportunities in Egypt, combining the advantages of unique geography, advanced infrastructure, a promising market, and high educational potential, making it a preferred destination for smart and well-planned investments.

Investors are now looking to explore and capitalize on these rich opportunities in ways that ensure success and prosperity.

Why Choose to Live in New Mansoura City?

New Mansoura, located within the borders of Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt, is a model of newly established modern cities and attracts many residents, both from within the country and abroad, to live there.

  • Its distinction as one of the prominent urbanization centers and its provision of numerous advantages make it an attractive location for many.
  • This city prides itself on its rational planning and integrated infrastructure, which was built according to a well-prepared plan aimed at enriching and facilitating the lives of residents.
  • It boasts a sophisticated transportation network, ensuring ease of mobility and reducing congestion problems, and also includes high-standard health and educational facilities that enhance the quality of life for residents.
  • Additionally, New Mansoura is an important economic and commercial hub, providing diverse job opportunities for youth and professionals across a wide range of fields.
  • The presence of several industrial and commercial facilities drives economic growth and paves the way for sustainable development.
  • The city also has a variety of shopping centers that cater to all the needs of residents, from small shops to large malls.
  • Moreover, New Mansoura provides a safe environment and a close-knit community, with local authorities making great efforts to ensure security and safety.
  • Security forces and police are present everywhere to maintain order and effectively combat crime, and the city encourages social and cultural cohesion and participation among residents through the organization of various events that serve all segments of society.
  • Undoubtedly, settling in New Mansoura is a valuable decision for those seeking a modern and civilized lifestyle, offering ample work opportunities while ensuring safety and sustainability in living.
  • Investing in this city provides a framework for prosperity and development for its residents.

What are the most prominent compounds located near the "Zahya " project in New Mansoura?

New Mansoura is an attraction point for many prominent and unique real estate projects, including the luxurious "Zahya " project, which encompasses a wide range of comprehensive services, integrated facility amenities, and luxurious housing options. Nearby, there is a group of residential complexes that add beauty and diversity to the area.

We will delve into the details of some residential complexes close to the "Zahya " project in New Mansoura. In a detailed overview of the residential complexes:

1. Seabelle: Offers a variety of residential units with diverse designs, in addition to leading sports facilities, advanced medical centers, and varied entertainment venues.

2. New Mansoura Mall: Featuring modern-designed shops and offices, along with luxurious swimming pools and sports clubs, as well as spacious gardens and multi-purpose playgrounds.

3. The Pearl New Mansoura Compound: Provides luxurious apartments and villas, and includes commercial areas, restaurants, cafes, and vast green spaces that enhance the beauty of the natural environment.

Choosing a place to live is an important decision for individuals, as everyone strives to find the option that meets their desires and aligns with their life's requirements.

Whether searching for luxury and proximity to beaches or desiring to live in a vibrant environment filled with activities, these residential complexes offer their residents the opportunity to enjoy the desired quality of life in New Mansoura.

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In the heart of Dakahlia along 15 km on the coast.

Price per meter It starts from 30,000 EGP.


City Edge Developments.

18 units

10% downpayment and install the rest for up to 7 years without interest.

750 acres.


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