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Baroque New Capital Compound City Edge Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Baroque.

About Baroque Project: An integrated residential compound by City Edge Developments with architectural designs dating back to the Khedive era mixed with modern architectural designs

Baroque Location: Located in the New Administrative Capital, 5th District R5, near the New Capital airport and 5 minutes from the commercial neighborhood, close to the presidential palace and the Green River, and next to the smart city and the Canadian University, near the roads and hubs connecting to Downtown Cairo as well as the regional ring road and the inner road of the Capital.

Baroque New Capital Space: 1000 acres.

Baroque Units' Type: apartments - villas - duplexes - commercial units.

Baroque Capital Units' Space: starts from 100 m² up to 300 m².

Price per meter: starts from 20,000 EGP to 22,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: City Edge Developments.

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment, 10% after 3 months, 5% upon receipt, installments up to 7 years without interest.

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Baroque New Capital

Baroque compound New Capital has opened its doors to the fans of privacy and tranquility! that compound that has been established by City Edge, after the success of its "Al Maqsad" residential project in the New Administrative Capital, Baroque project enjoys many advantages starting from its unique location to its creative design and the many services that qualify it to become the most exclusive and contemporary residential project in the Administrative Capital.

Baroque New Capital is located in the fifth district in the heart of the New Capital, where it carries the classic architectural style of khedive Cairo.

Enjoy upscale buildings at quiet streets and a breathtaking architectural style and move through time within Baroque project.

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Where is Baroque City Edge Located?

City Edge is interested in selecting the locations of its projects carefully to put them on the path of excellence and success, and Baroque project has a great location in the New Administrative capital.

The most important landmarks near Baroque New Capital Compound:

  • Baroque is uniquely located in a unique and distinctive place in the heart of the Capital's fifth residential district.
  • Baroque Capital has a great location near roads, main axes, and lively places.
  • You can easily reach Baroque compound site, which is very close to the regional ring road, and close to the Capital's new interior roads, connecting it to all its luxury residential neighborhoods.
  • Baroque takes only five minutes from Baroque Compound to the commercial district.
  • A few minutes from the New Capital's Airport.
  • It is very close to New Cairo, where it can be reached in just ten minutes.
  • It also has the most beautiful views of the Green River.
  • Baroque New Capital is close to the Grand Central Park.
  • It is close to all the axes and roads that easily reach the center of Cairo.
  • The complex is close to the academic city, sports city, and smart city in Baroque New Capital.
  • You will find the University of Canada, Al Sefarat Neighborhood, and the Presidential Palace, all those places near Baroque compound, so it has a great strategic location.

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Baroque New Administrative Capital

Baroque compound or as called New Garden City, as it is designed in the old Khedive style in European and French design, with its decorations and artistic and architectural sculptures, combined with the modern architectural style, is a strong and very distinct start by City Edge Developments, owner of Al Maqsad Compound which has achieved overwhelming success. The company has announced the launch of the first phase of this giant project, which is established on an area of 1000 acres dedicated to villas, apartments, and twin houses.

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Information about Baroque New Capital

Baroque New Capital is one of the large projects established on a large area that may extend to 1,000 acres but the first phase is on 250 acres including about 23,000 residential units ranging from apartments, villas and twin houses with different spaces.

The company implementing Baroque project took into account that the green spaces and services should be granted about 80% of the total area, with the buildings occupying an area of 20% only, which means enjoying the scenic landscapes where parks, gardens, water bodies, and artificial lagoons.

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Baroque has a magnificent classical design that mimics the architecture of ancient Cairo and Garden City district within the Khedive era, which was designed in the Italian-French style of the time, where the facades of the buildings are characterized by prominent drawings, decorations, reliefs, paintings, and large pillars.

Baroque project attracts only the distinctive and refined design, with domes above it just like the old buildings, and on the facades there are prominent drawings and large columns.

Baroque New Administrative Capital Services and Features

Despite a large number of residential projects in the new capital, most likely you will eventually choose to book a unit in Baroque Compound New Capital because you will notice that there are new facilities in it, multiple services inside, and advantages that are only available in it, as it provides you with:

  • Living in a strategic location that connects its residents to all the main roads in the new capital, in addition to its proximity to the city's service center inside Baroque Compound.
  • Stunning views of green spaces and landscapes wrap around almost all the buildings at Baroque New Capital.
  • The presence of wonderful decorations of the water element is represented in the wonderfully designed artificial lakes and multiple swimming pools inside Baroque New Capital Compound.
  • Existence of major educational facilities that include international schools in addition to the university at Baroque New Capital Project.
  • Security service is available throughout the day, where security personnel is constantly present in Baroque New Capital Compound.
  • Establishing places of worship within the other facilities of Baroque compound, whether mosques or even churches.
  • Installing a number of modern security devices in addition to fire alarms to ensure greater protection for residents.
  • A number of buildings for providing health care to the population, which are medical clinics in addition to hospitals.
  • A garage for residents of Baroque compound only, in order to make it easier for them to park their cars.
  • A luxury hotel built on Baroque compound's land, offering its guests the finest services.
  • Shopping inside one of the largest malls at any time you wish, because it is located inside Baroque New Capital project.
  • Enjoy organizing barbecues with family and friends in the designated areas.
  • Various service facilities such as the spa and gym, which are fully equipped to provide the best possible service.
  • The housing units operate according to an environmentally friendly system that relies on the sun to generate energy, which ensures living in a healthy and clean atmosphere and at the same time provides energy continuously without any breakdowns.
  • A well-equipped cultural center that helps to benefit from it and at the same time ensures a distinguished service for educated people in particular.
  • A fuel station, to ensure that the residents are self-sufficient in everything.
  • Housing in units that have a stunning view, like the units overlooking the Green River.
  • There are places equipped for children's entertainment and play only so that they can spend an unconventional time during their stay in City Edge New Capital compound.
  • The construction of a building with a special character is represented in the management of the facilities in Baroque New Capital project and other properties.
  • Enjoy playing all the games and different types of activities inside the sports club located in City Edge New Capital compound, which is fully equipped.
  • Designing areas and tracks for walking lovers, in addition to having wide open spaces for those wishing to exercise in the open air.

Residential Units Spaces

Units within Baroque New Capital vary as follows:

The one-bedroom apartment starts from 102 m² up to 107 m².

The two-bedroom apartment starts from 117 m² up to 140 m².

A larger three-bedroom apartment with spaces ranging from 165 m² up to 275 m².

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Details about the first phase residential units

The first phase of Baroque New Capital project has been designed on an area of 250 acres and is divided into two types of buildings:

  • The first type consists of a ground floor and 5 upper floors and each floor has 7 residential units, starting from 100 m² to 260 m².
  • The second type of building consists of a ground floor and 5 upper floors and the spaces vary from 130 m² to 300 m², and the ground floor is allocated to be the headquarters of commercial projects.

The number of rooms for units in Baroque New Capital project is limited to 2 to 4 rooms with different spaces.

The Payment System of residential units

City Edge New Capital compound has an architectural design that takes you on a journey through the beautiful time, where buildings from the ancient past which characterized by elegant appearances, you can travel for the time of originality and life and enjoy the scent of the past at unprecedented prices starting from 250,000 Egyptian pounds.

The price of the unit varies according to its size, the number of rooms, and the floor, while the payment systems available are as follows:

  • You can pay a 5% downpayment, 10% after 3 months, the rest of the amount is paid via installments over 5 years, 6 years, or 7 years according to the client's desire.
  • 5% of the unit price is paid upon receipt.
  • All units will be ready for delivery within three years, with full Super Lux finishes and fully ready for accommodation.

The Delivery Date of the units

The developer decided to deliver the fully finished residential units after three years of booking.

Disadvantages of Baroque Compound New Capital

Despite the many prominent features of Baroque Compound New Capital, some clients may feel that the diversity of housing units can lead to a lack of tranquility and privacy. However, the company has appropriately separated the buildings and created green spaces between them, which ensures all residents the required comfort and privacy. In addition, the company provides 24/7 security and guarding services throughout the week, which enhances the residents' feeling of safety and stability.

About the Owner and its most important works

Baroque Capital project is one of the projects of City Edge Developments, a leading company in the field of real estate development where it was founded in 2017 and despite its modernity, but it has been able to establish strong projects in the field of real estate, a company consisting of three partners, namely the Holding Company for Investment and Development, the New Urban Communities Authority and the Bank of Housing and Construction.

City Edge most important works:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Where Dreams Meet Reality: Embrace Luxurious Living in the New Administrative Capital's Compounds!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt has transformed into a haven of modern living and opulence, attracting a collection of upscale compounds. These compounds are designed to offer the highest standards of comfort and quality, keeping in mind the expectations of those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.

The contemporary and advanced architectural designs of these compounds stand out, focusing on the use of high-quality materials and the latest technologies in construction processes. These compounds also offer a rich array of services and amenities aimed at satisfying all the needs of residents, including luxurious swimming pools, children's recreational areas, enchanting gardens, fully-equipped health clubs, sports facilities, theaters, and high-end restaurants.

Additionally, the compounds encompass vibrant commercial areas, offering residents all the services and shops they could need. The New Administrative Capital is known as a smart city that heavily relies on modern technology to ensure efficient service delivery and facilitate the daily lives of its residents. Some compounds boast vast green spaces, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air and a serene, appealing natural atmosphere, providing picturesque natural scenery and opportunities for relaxation and tranquility.

Residing in the compounds of the New Administrative Capital presents a unique opportunity for those seeking an unparalleled living experience in a safe and luxurious environment. In addition to the modern designs and lavish services, the compounds enjoy a strategic location that facilitates access to various areas and services within the capital, making life there an unforgettable experience for residents.

Features Benefits
Modern and advanced architectural designs A unique and distinct living experience
Diverse and high-quality services and amenities Enjoy amazing swimming pools, children's recreational areas, and beautiful gardens
Presence of a fully-equipped health club Provision of vast green spaces and fresh air in some compounds
Vibrant commercial areas Benefit from a variety of services and shops, and live in a smart city relying on modern technology
Safe environment and strategic location Enjoy a luxurious and refined life, with easy access to other areas within the capital

Make Your Investment in the New Administrative Capital Your Gateway to Incredible Profits and a Life of Luxury!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt represents a gateway to promising investment opportunities, as this ambitious project has garnered global attention due to its significant potential for growth and development. Through this strategic move, the Egyptian government aims to bring about a transformation in the urban and economic landscape, ensuring the creation of new job opportunities and enhancing the standard of living for residents.

Located near Cairo, this project enjoys a prime location that facilitates access to major ports and airports, in addition to housing an advanced infrastructure and modern facilities that support various businesses and investments.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital opens doors to a wide range of opportunities across multiple sectors, such as residential and commercial units, hotels, administrative buildings, and entertainment projects, allowing investors to diversify their investments and fully capitalize on the available potential.

This area is considered one of the promising projects in Egypt, expected to witness a growing real estate market in the coming period, thanks to the favorable investment environment ensured by local legislation and laws that protect investors' rights.

Those interested in investing in the New Administrative Capital have diverse options, such as buying and renting residential and commercial units, or seizing the opportunity to partner with the government in existing or upcoming projects. Investing in this area can be a powerful catalyst for expanding the real estate market and growing an investment portfolio in ways that exceed expectations.

If you are seeking a unique investment opportunity in Egypt, the New Administrative Capital offers an unparalleled chance to achieve investment success and contribute to a visionary project.

Seeking the Perfect Alternative? Discover the Enchanting Compounds Near Barro uk Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

If you are in search of a lifestyle that combines elegance and nature, these residential complexes will undoubtedly fulfill all your desires. These locations feature distinctive architectural designs and high-quality amenities that provide you with an exceptional living experience. Here's a glimpse of some of the most attractive residential complexes in the area surrounding the Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital:

  1. Tiba Rose Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    This compound stands out as a symbol of modern design and excellence, offering its residents the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious life thanks to its unique location near the Baroque Compound, providing easy access to various surrounding services.

  2. Bleu Vert Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    Considered the perfect place for those seeking to live in an environment characterized by elegance and luxury. This complex is situated in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and offers a wide range of apartments and villas to suit all tastes, in addition to a collection of exclusive amenities and services.

  3. Golden Yard Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    This compound offers a breathtaking lifestyle, with its vast green spaces and artificial lakes that provide you with an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. It also enjoys a prime location near the Baroque Compound, allowing its residents quick access to essential services.

  4. Armonia Compound, New Administrative Capital:
    Provides a unique living experience, combining modern apartments with integrated services such as health clubs, fitness areas, all in a strategic location near the Baroque Compound.

By choosing any of these residential complexes, you will experience an unparalleled lifestyle, with distinctive architectural designs and a wide range of services designed to meet your needs. For more information and to book your ideal unit, do not hesitate to inquire now.

Real Estate Purchasing Made Easier: Your Guide to Navigating and Buying in Baroque Compound, New Administrative Capital on!

If you are considering the idea of acquiring an apartment within the Baroque project in the New Administrative Capital, here is a comprehensive guide that sheds light on the most prominent information and steps that will make the purchasing process a breeze. For a deeper dive into the details and more guidance, you can refer to the website. As you move towards the process, here are the steps you should follow to become a unit owner in the Baroque Compound:

The first step is to visit the Baroque project's website through, where you can access accurate information about the project as a whole and the units available for sale. This step facilitates getting acquainted with the architectural designs and available amenities through viewings and layout plans.

Secondly, you should identify the unit that best suits you, taking into account your preferences and financial capabilities. You will find information regarding the unit sizes, room layouts, and available facilities for each one.

In the third stage, after settling on your preferred unit, it's time to contact the seller or the official agent for the Baroque project through the website, where you can inquire about any additional details or arrange the necessary financial matters.

Subsequently, after coordinating with us, a visit to the Baroque project's sales center will be arranged for you, where you will be provided with detailed information about the unit that caught your interest and the project as a whole.

The next step involves signing the unit purchase contract. We advise you to carefully review all the terms and conditions of the contract and understand every stipulation before signing.

Upon signing the contract, you will be required to complete the payment process according to the agreed terms. You must adhere to the specified payment schedule and method.

Finally, after completing all financial arrangements, the unit will be ready for handover, keeping in mind that there may be some administrative procedures that need to be completed before officially receiving the unit.

In this manner, we have covered all the essential aspects and steps that need to be known and followed to acquire your unit in the Baroque Compound, wishing you a successful and enjoyable purchasing experience.

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Shopping center
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Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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New Administrative Capital, 5th District R5

2,100,000 EGP


City Edge Developments

14 Villas

5% downpayment, 10% after 3 months, 5% upon receipt, installments up to 7 years without interest.

1000 acres


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