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Allegria SODIC Sheikh Zayed

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Project Description

Project Name: Allegria SODIC.

Allegria Location: it is located at a privileged location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, in a middle location close to all roads.

Allegria SODIC Sheikh Zayed Space: it is located on a large area where residential buildings occupy an area of only 30% of the total area, while green spaces, golf courses, recreational services, and water bodies occupy about 70%.

Allegria Units Types: residential apartments - villa for sale in allegria.

Meter Price: the price starts from 14,000 EGP per meter.

The Executing Company Name: Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods: downpayment upon contracting and rest via installments over the longest payment period up to 6 years.

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Allegria Sodic Zayed

The searchers for luxury villas in Sheikh Zayed area will get their dreams in Allegria Sheikh Zayed, which is considered one of the most beautiful projects of Sodic company ever, making it a great investment opportunity and a real starting point for a luxurious life that pampers Allegria SODIC residents with recreational services, elegant residential units, modern designs, and a wonderfully strategic location that brings you close to all roads, services, and important sites in Allegria SODIC Sheikh Zayed.

Through the following lines, we will take you on a quick tour of the world of luxury and beauty.

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Location of Allegria compound

A highly refined and perfect project of course must occupy a privileged location, where Sodic Developments has chosen a privileged location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City in an intermediate location close to all the main roads and axes.

The most important landmarks near Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • A privileged location near Rod Al Farag axis.
  • Allegria SODIC is located near Alexandria Desert Road, where it is located directly on Cairo - Alexandria road.
  • The site is easily accessible through Waslet Dahshur.
  • Allegria SODIC is close to Westown Hub.
  • It is just five minutes away from Sphinx International Airport.
  • It is adjacent to other luxury projects such as Sodic Compound, Beverly Hills, El Patio Zahraa, and Etapa Compound.
  • From the compendium to the engineers in just 25 minutes.
  • The distance from Allegria and Heliopolis was estimated at only 50 minutes.
  • The famous Arkan Mall is just about 12 minutes away.
  • Allegria SODIC has a view of a large golf course.
  • Allegria SODIC Zayed is close to Polygon offices and luxury apartments of Forty West Compound.

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Allegria Sodic Sheikh Zayed inspired by your dreams

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community pulsating with every detail of beauty and luxury, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs? You have to choose the elegant Allegria compound in the best location in Sheikh Zayed; where there are exceptional units, varied services, great advantages, and the owning company enables you to receive your residential unit, and enjoy all the features and services of Sodic Sheikh Zayed project at affordable prices, in addition to the unique architectural designs implemented by the most skilled engineering consultants, architects and long experienced architects, and enjoy the charming panoramic views and artificial lakes that add a touch of magic and beauty.

The Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound was implemented over a large area, where a large part of the total area was allocated to green spaces and natural scenery, while the remaining part was for buildings and residential units characterized by simple decoration and finishing that combines modernity and luxury, as the developing company was keen to attract the largest number of ambitious customers and investors.

ِِAllegria Compound Sheikh Zayed Area

  • A unique complex built on a large area where buildings and residential units occupy only 30% of the total area, while green spaces, golf courses, landscapes, recreational services, and water bodies occupy the largest area about 70%, so life in Allegria SODIC Zayed Compound is full of beauty, luxury, and psychological comfort. 
  • The areas of the units are different and diverse, there are apartments with spaces ranging from 150 square meters up to about 280 square meters, while standalone villas' spaces range from 300 square meters up to 384 square meters.
  • The standalone villas are spacious and luxurious where some of it consists of with three rooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, as well as a reception room, and there are other luxury villas consisting of six rooms and others with seven rooms, each customer chooses the space that suits him.

Keeping in mind that the spaces within Allegria compound are cleverly and professionally distributed so that all units enjoy privacy by providing space among all and it covered by greenery and gardens.

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Services within Allegria Residence

Life in Allegria SODIC project is very enjoyable and full of joy thanks to the many recreational services surrounding the residential units, life in a green oasis is comfortable for the eyes and the psychological state, all the facilities are there, you will not lack anything you can imagine and wish, so the demand for the residential units here is unprecedented for anyone seeking an aristocratic life that includes all the comforts and tranquility.

The most important services you find inAllegria Zayed compound are the following:

  • SODIC Sheikh Zayed Compound characterized by the highest level of security due to providing security and guard services at the highest level of training.
  • High-tech surveillance cameras distributed everywhere in Allegria compound.
  • Allegria Zayed compound is surrounded by high and fully secured walls.
  • Central air conditioners inside Allegria SODIC Project.
  • Pet areas so you can take your pet with you because you guarantee it a safe place at Allegria Shiekh Zayed Compound.
  • Health and sports clubs carefully equipped at Allegria SODIC Compound.
  • There are rooms for housekeepers and study rooms at SODIC Sheikh Zayed Project.
  • Swimming pools with many and varied spaces and shapes to suit kids and adults in Allegria Prpject.
  • Allegria SODIC All units have the most beautiful views of the greenery, artificial lagoons, and charming golf courses, where the stunning landscape and green color that makes you feel you are in the European countryside.
  • Allegria Zayed  apartments have stunning views of The Allegria compound Signature Golf Course and the magnificent Westown houses.
  • Allegria SODIC Zayed site has a large number of crystal lagoons with clean water.

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  • There are tracks and places dedicated to walking, running, jogging, sports, and cycling away from roads and car routes.
  • Kids can play safely in recreational areas specially designed for them in Allegria Shiekh Zayed Project.
  • There is a gym, spa, and jacuzzi equipped with state-of-the-art sports equipment.
  • You'll also find important services, medical services, treatment centers, and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day to serve the residents.
  • The gardens and parks have quiet places to sit and relax within the charming nature to enjoy the beauty and delight of green color and fresh air.
  • There are dedicated venues for private parties and outdoor barbecues.
  • Allegria Zayed units have fast and sophisticated elevators.
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and beverages.
  • A Club House inside SODIC Sheikh Zayed Compound
  • There is the famous "Tempo" restaurant for private parties, birthdays, engagement, and wedding parties.

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SODIC Allegria Prices & Payment Systems

As mentioned earlier, Allegria Beverly Hills Egypt is a new concept of luxury, high-end aristocratic life, offering you services full of luxury, comfort, tranquility, and beauty, and talking about prices we add a new fascination to its fantastic services, as unit prices are distinctive and reasonable for the services obtained by the population and compared to other projects in the same region.

Prices are as follows:

  • The price per meter starts at 14,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Units prices start at 2,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa prices start at 5,384,000 EGP.
  • The company provides easy and unprecedented payment facilities, where payment is made without any downpayment and the unit price shall be paid over the longest repayment period of up to 8 years.
  • The customer can pay 5% as a downpayment and agree to pay the rest of the amount over 8 years.
  • Allegria Apartments are already ready for delivery with full finishes.

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Disadvantages of Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the obvious advantages of the Allegria project, some investors have reservations about the idea of buying an off-plan property. However, trusting Sodiq Real Estate ensures the safety of your investment. Making a purchase during the construction phase is considered a golden opportunity; prices are set at current rates, and with expectations of the property value increasing once construction is completed, the investment becomes a profitable deal for the investor.

A Short History About The Developer

This outstanding project with full specification has already a more distinguished real estate developer which is Sodic Development, one of the largest and most famous real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world, a large company interested in the details to offer luxury projects that meet the needs of its customers and gain their trust, and it owns a list of distinctive works leading to its lead, and the most famous of these works include:

Hence we can say that Allegria Sheikh Zayed is the destination and sanctuary of anyone looking for a quiet upscale life far from the sources of noise and pollution, where residents enjoy tranquility, relaxation, psychological comfort, beautiful landscapes, and a good life within units with luxurious finishes and details.

They are surrounded by all the services they dream of meeting the needs of the whole family, it is a new life opportunity to live and invest so do not leave it, choose your unit and move to luxury living with all its luxurious details, the units are limited and no need to wait.

What is the main role of Sheikh Zayed City?

Egypt shines with an urban masterpiece that embodies the fusion of ambition and development, and that is Sheikh Zayed City. The design and infrastructure of the city reflect Sheikh Zayed's aspiration for a prosperous future prevailed by progress for the United Arab Emirates.

This city forms a vital hub for investment opportunities and a focal point for economic and commercial activity, attracting numerous global companies and featuring modern commercial centers that contribute to driving the economy towards continuous progress.

Thanks to its focus on innovation and technology, Sheikh Zayed City has become a destination for research and development centers in various fields such as renewable energy, biotechnology, telecommunications, and others, supporting its journey towards continuous improvement and development.

In addition, the city has proven its worthiness as a distinguished tourist destination that reflects the radiant image of the state through its natural beauty and unique landmarks that attract visitors from all over the world.

It also plays a crucial role in providing essential services and modern infrastructure for its residents, as Sheikh Zayed City embraces numerous educational, health, and recreational institutions that ensure the highest levels of comfort and well-being.

Thus, Sheikh Zayed City stands out as a model for balanced and sustainable growth, and is a key driver of development in the United Arab Emirates, reflecting its aspiration towards a prosperous and progressive future.

Why choose Sheikh Zayed Compounds?

The Sheikh Zayed area in Cairo is distinguished as one of the preferred residential destinations due to its numerous advantages that meet the needs of modern living. This area is strategically located, providing easy access to various essential services and facilities such as hospitals, schools, and shopping malls, offering its residents a convenient and hassle-free daily life.

Security and privacy are two important factors enjoyed by the residents of Sheikh Zayed, as the residential communities there offer round-the-clock security services, in addition to advanced security systems that ensure peace of mind for everyone.

Sheikh Zayed also stands out as a vibrant area that offers numerous recreational and cultural events. Through its diverse facilities such as theaters, sports clubs, vast green spaces for walks and sports, as well as luxurious swimming pools, this area caters to the recreational and relaxation needs of all family members.

Sheikh Zayed offers a wide variety of housing options, from luxurious villas to modern-designed apartments, making it suitable for all tastes and budgets. The residential units there feature high-quality finishes and contemporary designs, ensuring the highest levels of comfort for their residents.

With these advantages, Sheikh Zayed is ideal for those seeking a residence that combines a high standard of living with easy access to essential services, security, entertainment, and an environment that blends tranquility and vibrancy.

A World of Choices Near Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound: Explore the Available Real Estate Opportunities!

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, the splendor of modern architecture and contemporary living is embodied through a collection of distinguished residential compounds, where quality meets the luxury of living.

First, the "205 Zayed Compound" stands out as a unique residential destination, embracing elegance and contemporary design, offering a diverse range of upscale apartments. This compound is renowned for its strategic location and amenities, including recreational and social facilities, ensuring luxury and comfort for its residents.

Moving on to the "SODIC Westown Compound", situated near the prestigious urban area, it unveils its innovative architectural designs and captivating surrounding gardens, offering a residential experience centered on diversity and catering to the needs of every family.

Then comes the "Etaba Compound", embodying elegance and uniqueness by offering residential units with contemporary designs and recreational facilities, providing its residents with an ideal living experience, surrounded by natural beauty and green spaces that create an optimal living environment.

Finally, the "El Patio Zahraa Compound" takes its place as a residential project that combines affordable prices and provides family units with stunning views of vast green areas and recreational facilities suitable for both young and old, adding a new dimension to the concept of family living in the city.

These residential compounds blend architectural beauty with modern amenities and serve as gateways to an elegant lifestyle, offering their residents a unique and luxurious experience, promising exceptional opportunities in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, the leading destination for stylish living.

Smart Buying: Discover How to Make the Most of Offers!

Real estate investments represent one of the most prominent ways to achieve financial security and grow capital. The real estate sector offers abundant opportunities for those aspiring to own properties that combine luxury and contemporary design, in addition to the possibility of generating a steady income through rental. In light of these factors, investment initiatives emerge to facilitate the investment and ownership process for investors and buyers, offering several options including:

1. Rental opportunities: Providing unique options for investors interested in renting out properties, whether apartments or villas, allowing them to generate a steady income.
2. Flexible payment plans: Offering flexible payment plans that enable buyers to choose the most suitable options for their budgets, helping them make investments effectively.
3. Safety and convenience: Ensuring the provision of services that guarantee safety and convenience for buyers when completing purchase or sale transactions, along with continuous support.
4. Attractive investments: Offering a diverse range of properties, whether residential or commercial, to suit various investment needs and provide exciting opportunities for investors.
5. Innovative designs: Focusing on offering properties with unique and innovative designs that meet clients' desires and needs, while maximizing the use of available spaces.
6. Flexible payment options: Providing multiple payment options, including the ability to book with a low down payment and installments spread over years without interest.
7. Prime locations: Selecting strategic locations for projects, ensuring residents experience a distinguished and peaceful residential experience while benefiting from surrounding facilities and services.

Through these initiatives, real estate investments aim to empower investors to maximize their capital's potential and embark on an investment experience that meets their expectations and achieves their real estate goals with confidence and security.

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the heart of Sheikh Zayed City

2,100,000 EGP


Sodic Developments.

157 Units

5% down payment and the rest in installments up to 8 years

A large space


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