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October Plaza Sodic Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: October Plaza SODIC.

About October Plaza Project: A highly integrated residential compound by SODIC Developments, close to Porto October and Westown project

October Plaza SODIC Space: not less than 30 acres.

October Plaza Units Type: apartments, penthouses, and duplexes.

Units Space: ranges between 108 square meters and 300 square meters.

The Executing Company Name: SODIC Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments for over 7 years.

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Enjoy the Luxurious Lifestyle of October Plaza by SODIC

SODIC always impresses us with the luxury and splendor of its projects, the best example of this is October Plaza compound, which is characterized by stunning views, luxurious designs, strategic location, and services like no other, whether in quantity or quality. Residents of this wonderful compound will be lacking nothing, thanks to the integrated nature of October Plaza project.

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October Plaza Location

Sodic October Plaza is located away from the noise of Cairo, since it is located in 6 October City, known for its tranquility and sophistication at the same time. Specifically, October Plaza Sodic compound is located in the city's northern expansion area, close to premium entertainment clubs and major commercial malls.

The most important landmarks near October Plaza Sodic Compound:

  • 6 October Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Mall of Arabia

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You won't be isolated from the world around you, because October Plaza connects its residents to many major roads, making it easy to travel locally or through the airport. This privileged location is easy to reach from more than one area, including Dahshur Road (under construction), October's 8th residential district.

October Plaza is located near a number of major residential projects, which makes the area safer and more serviceable. Some of these neighboring projects include:

Enjoy the best of architectural design with our modern and unique concepts that embody innovation in every corner of October Plaza Sodic Compound

The real estate company Sodic has succeeded in launching its luxury residential project, called October Plaza, where it decided to use the largest engineering companies with extensive experiences. We find that its architectural designs enjoy luxury and are suited to those with refined tastes, as they follow the same luxurious architectural styles. Elegant and dazzling décors have been placed inside its units, and different types of units have been provided, including "Twin House, Town House, Duplex, Standard Apartments, Standalone Villas", each with different and varying areas that allow you to choose what suits you.

Choose your ideal unit from our diverse collection of units designed to provide you with luxury and comfort at once inside October Plaza 6th of October Compound

The real estate company Sodic decided to launch its residential project known as October Plaza 6 of October, to include a number of different units in terms of types, areas and designed to match the modern era and in the same European architectural styles. We find that it has a huge area of about 30 acres, divided between the most beautiful natural landscapes and residential buildings with equal heights, consisting of a ground floor and 3 floors only. Spacing between each one was considered for more customer comfort. They start at 157 square meters and reach up to 219 square meters.

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October Plaza Services and Facilities

The services provided at October Plaza Sodic compound are unparalleled, whether in the same region or in general. You can expect to find all the services typical and other projects, plus a number of competitive services as can be seen below.

  • Security personnel are permanently present throughout the day in order to provide full protection to the residents and their properties inside October Plaza Compound.

  • A dedicated management company is responsible for the premium services presented within October Plaza.
  • October Plaza is home to one of the finest medical centers that provides excellent healthcare services to the residents.
  • There’s a number of educational facilities that apply the latest international education methods, including the American, German, and British systems at October Plaza Project.

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  • A private parking garage to provide a safe and accessible place for the residents’ cars/
  • Green landscapes are spread throughout October Plaza Sodic compound, providing it with a sophisticated appearance that suits its residents, it also provides a healthier atmosphere.
  • Swimming pools are evenly distributed throughout October Plaza Sodic compound to provide a valuable service to the community and a beautiful view that enhances the landscape.
  • The open-air gym is very unconventional and modernly designed. It also provides all the international exercise equipment you may need.
  • Outdoor event venues that are suitable for barbecue parties or other celebrations.
  • A number of major bank branches, making all financial transactions a breeze.
  • A dedicated outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the charming landscape that surrounds it from each side.
  • A long 1.7 km track allows residents to practice walking or jogging in the open air.
  • Children’s playgrounds with lots of games and outdoor activities, just to keep your little ones entertained all day.
  • You don’t need to leave October Plaza Sodic compound to access the most luxurious clubs, with many entertainment activities available.
  • High-end restaurants and cafés are available within October Plaza Sodic compound, with services that can only be fit for the elite.

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Do not hesitate or miss the opportunity, amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting to complete your ideal experience with us inside October Plaza 6th of October

If you are looking for an integrated residential life with a tremendous amount of exclusive services available only in October Plaza 6th of October, the real estate company Sodic has announced a package of competitive prices that are the best ever in that area, and provided flexible payment methods to pay the total amount over many long years, which are:

  • Unit prices inside October Plaza 6th of October start at: 4,222,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit price, and pay the rest over 7 years.

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Disadvantages of October Plaza Sodic Compound

Despite the distinguished capabilities and services provided by Sodic Real Estate Company in the October Plaza Sodic project, some may feel reluctant due to the proximity of the apartments and villas. However, Sodic Company has designed wide separators between the units to ensure privacy, while providing continuous security services around the clock to ensure comfort and safety for residents.

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Owner Company Portfolio

SODIC Developments is the proud owner of October Plaza compound, which is a clear example of its great experience working in the real estate market since it started in 1996. The company became a large entity in the sector, comprising about 27 other real estate companies operating inside and outside of Egypt.

October Plaza by SODIC is not the only example of the company's excellence, but it has many successful real estate projects that speak for themselves.

Major projects by SODIC:

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What Distinguishes October 6th City

October 6th City, with its strategic location west of Cairo, shines as a central hub for ideal living in Egypt. This city enjoys a calm and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring privacy for its residents. It also stands out with its diversity in modern real estate projects that make it easy for residents to access all essential services and facilities smoothly.

Among these projects, the October Plaza compound by SODIC stands out as a distinguished model, offering a wide range of residential units varying in size and designs, along with a rich set of amenities and services including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and health clubs to add comfort to the lives of residents.

For families seeking a place that combines the charm of nature with the availability of services, October 6th City is the ideal choice for a stable residence, providing a safe and peaceful environment away from the hustle and challenges of life in urban areas. Thanks to its prime location and network of main roads connecting it to other areas of Cairo and Giza, traveling to and from October 6th is easy. The highway to Sheikh Zayed City and October is a prime example that enhances the city's status as a central point for living and investment.

Additionally, October 6th takes pride in its many green areas, parks, and recreational facilities that provide a breath of relaxation and tranquility for its residents. With the availability of comprehensive shopping malls catering to the needs of residents with a wide variety of shopping and entertainment options, the city offers an integrated and comfortable lifestyle.

The essence of October 6th City can be summed up as a haven of peace, comfort, and safety, reflecting a rich diversity in modern real estate projects and integrated amenities and services. The October Plaza compound by SODIC particularly stands out with its unique and comfortable designs and an accessible payment system that gives clients the opportunity to own residential units at reasonable prices, confirming its position as an ideal destination for living and investment.

Advantages of Investing in October 6th Compounds

October 6th City is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious residence within an integrated community. This city is witnessing remarkable urban development, leading to the establishment of a group of distinguished residential compounds that combine elegance and modernity in their design, in addition to providing various services that make life more convenient and comfortable.

The main appeal of these compounds lies in several aspects, most notably:

1. Contemporary Designs: These compounds stand out with their modern designs that cater to the taste of those seeking luxury and refinement. These compounds include spacious residential units with large bedrooms, contemporary bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens with the latest technologies.

2. Comprehensive Range of Services: Quality of life and resident comfort are top priorities, as these compounds include sports clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, as well as dedicated areas for relaxation and entertainment, providing residents with an integrated living experience.

3. Strategic Location: These compounds benefit from a strategic location that allows easy access to important facilities and vital areas in the city, making life more convenient and smooth.

4. Security and Safety: The residential compounds enjoy a high level of security and protection, with advanced surveillance systems and well-trained security teams, ensuring the comfort and safety of residents.

5. Easy Access to Essential Services: All necessary services such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers are readily available, alleviating the burden on residents and making daily life requirements within reach.

6. Potential for Profitable Investment: These compounds offer an excellent investment opportunity, as property values tend to increase over time, promising an attractive investment return in the future.

Through these advantages and more, luxury residential projects in October 6th City are a haven for those seeking a distinguished lifestyle and a secure investment. These compounds provide all elements of comfort and security, making them an ideal choice for both living and investing.

In the Vicinity of Grandeur: A Glimpse into the Neighboring Compounds of SODIC's October Plaza!

October Plaza, located in October 6th City, represents the pinnacle of residential luxury, equipped with all services to ensure a comfortable and integrated life. There are several neighboring residential options that promise an exceptional living environment and offer a unique residential experience. This article will shed light on five distinguished compounds near October Plaza that are attractive options for accommodation.

SODIC Westown Compound in Sheikh Zayed

SODIC Westown in Sheikh Zayed offers a unique experience with its strategic location. Its modern urban designs and residential units that combine modernity and comfort, in addition to the availability of all amenities for entertainment and relaxation.

Porto October Compound

Porto October is also distinguished by its proximity to October Plaza and offers luxurious residential units and amenities that cater to all needs, including shopping malls, swimming pools, and flexible payment options.

Diar 2 Compound in October 6th City

Diar 2 in October 6th City provides residents with spacious units with modern designs and integrated entertainment facilities such as sports clubs and playgrounds, with accessible payment plans suitable for everyone.

Green 5 Compound

Green 5, located near October Plaza, offers a wide range of residential units that meet the aspirations of residents, including diverse recreational and sports facilities, with flexible payment plans.

Choosing among these compounds means enjoying a luxurious life in the October 6th area, where a wide range of upscale residential units and services that ensure the comfort and enjoyment of residents are available, in addition to affordable payment systems that facilitate owning the ideal residential unit.

From Search to Purchase: Your Journey to Buying an Apartment in SODIC's October Plaza with Step by Step!

If your goal is to own an apartment within the prestigious October Plaza residential complex, which boasts an exceptional location and diverse services, there is a clear path you must follow to achieve this goal efficiently and smoothly. In the following lines, I will outline a set of ideal steps that will assist you in acquiring your desired apartment in SODIC's October Plaza, utilizing the online real estate platform.

Exploration and Analysis Stage: Your first step lies in using the platform to explore the October Plaza apartments for sale, with the ability to filter the results according to your requirements in terms of area, number of rooms, and price range.

Selecting the Suitable Unit: After researching and comparing the available options, it is essential to carefully examine the details of each unit, focusing on the specifications, available features, and the overall value of the apartment, while considering the possible payment methods and any special facilities offered.

Reaching Out for More Information: Once you have settled on the desired apartment, it is advisable to contact the team to ask questions or request additional clarifications regarding the property and potential purchase terms.

Inquiring about Financing Options: Inquiring about available financing solutions, such as installment payment plans and required down payments, as well as checking for any special offers or discounts, is a wise step before making any decision.

Negotiation and Agreement Finalization: Before signing any document, make sure to verify the terms and prices, and negotiate if necessary, in addition to ensuring the validity of all legal documentation related to the property.

Completing the Purchase and Delivery: After agreeing on all details and signing the contract, it's time to pay the initial deposit and complete the purchase procedures, followed by the delivery of the apartment according to the agreed-upon schedule.

By following these organized steps, anyone can achieve the dream of owning an apartment in SODIC's October Plaza with ease and confidence, relying on the platform to access the necessary and accurate information about available real estate options.

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6 October City

1,500,000 EGP


SODIC Developments.

177 Units

10% downpayment and installments for over 7 years.

not less than 30 acres.


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