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All You Need To Know About Best Compounds In Sheikh Zayed


Sheikh Zayed Compounds

  • One of the largest new cities that has been characterized by calmness and tranquility and it is one of the cities that follow Giza province, Sheikh Zayed is known for tranquility and the presence of all services away from traffic jams and overcrowding amid the presence of all services to meet the desire of many people and More in Egypt Real Estate.
  • We find all the requirements that a large number of people want in addition to a healthy life, a healthy atmosphere and clean air from car exhausts as well as the green spaces that surround all the buildings to create an elegant image of European living on Egyptian soil.

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Services and Features in Sheikh Zayed

  • One of Sheikh Zayed City's features is the provision of a number of different entertainment facilities that have acquired quite a few entertainment complexes and a number of areas, including Mall of Arabia, Americana Plaza, Twin Park, Hyper One, Tivoli Mall, Capital Business, and a large number of Recreational areas.
  • There are also a number of different places of worship in the region, ranging from large mosques and churches that have been distributed harmoniously to the city, such as Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, Police Mosque, and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq mosque, creating a great spiritual state within the city, which is characterized by its distinct designs.
  • In addition, the region is provided with a number of different educational institutions for all educational levels, from kindergarten, elementary and secondary school, and a number of private universities, including Nile University of Science and Technology, Sheikh Zayed Universities, as well as the British School, Hotel Schools, and the Japanese School.
  • For lovers of shopping and buying the latest international brands and designs of different commodities, a number of shopping centers, wholesale and retail markets have been provided to purchase all the supplies.
  • The latest and most luxurious restaurants and cafes with the most luxurious decorations and the most delicious dishes and drinks.
  • A number of health centers have been provided to all cases in various specialties such as Sheikh Zayed Hospital and a number of private and government hospitals that operate around the clock.
  • Vast green spaces, parks, artificial fountains, water fountains, landscapes and a number of perfect features can be found when you get your unique unit within Sheikh Zayed City.

Sheikh Zayed Map and Location

خريطة الشيخ زايد

Sheikh Zayed City is close to one of the most important hubs and main roads that enable you to reach any destination you want in a simple time, where Sheikh Zayed City is located near the Ring Road and Alexandria Desert Road, as well as a few minutes from Hyper One and El Mehwar Road.

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The Residential Projects in Sheikh Zayed

The Estates Compound

كمبوند ذا استيتس

About The Estates Sodic Project: it is one of the most important fully serviced projects that meet all the needs and desires of all residents of the region as well as located in the most vital areas within Sheikh Zayed City.

Project Location: in New Sheikh Zayed City on the ring road, few steps from Mehwar Road, directly on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road near the most vibrant places of life such as Heliopolis, Sphinx Airport and Mehwar.

The Estates New Zayed Space: 150 acres, it comprises several phases, the first phase of which comprises approximately 500 residential units.

The Developer: Sodic Developments, which was established in 1996 and has implemented a number of large projects, most notably Sodic East compound and Villette New Cairo.

Units Type: Standalone Villas - Townhouses - Twin Houses.

Units Space: units spaces start from 158 up to 600 m².

Prices & Payment Systems: Price Per Meter starts from 21,000 EGP up to 25,000 EGP according to the design and finishings as you can pay 10% downpayment and rest via installments range from 6 up to 8 years.

The Estates Features: shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, international schools, green spaces, garages, hospital, pharmacy, and security.

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Capstone Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند كابستون زايد

Project Location: It is minutes from the Second Islamic Complex and Al Ahly SC.

About Capstone Compound: Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the most high-end residential projects that increase the joy of life by adding a new concept of high-end residential life with a high-quality concept with the latest architectural designs within a healthy environment and fresh air that blends with a wide area of green spaces interspersed with all the units, which increase the sense of care and security, and the presence of all integrated services working on the comfort of the residents of Capstone Compound Sheikh Zayed.

Units Spaces and Types: The project was built on an area of approximately 20 acres with a variety of units ranging from apartments, penthouses, twin houses, villas, and duplexes, starting with the area of separated apartments from 55 square meters, while the penthouses start from 180 square meters, while the area of standalone villas starts from 240 Square meters.

Units Prices: starts from 1,200,000 EGP up to 13,000,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Paragon Developments has executed Capstone project, which is one of the largest residential projects within Sheikh Zayed City, especially after the support provided to it by RCH and has a number of pioneering projects carried out by the company and has a clear footprint within the real estate market, the most prominent of which are:

  • Some modifications in the New Urban Communities Authority building in 6 October City.
  • A number of factories such as cement and thermal bricks factories.
  • A group of large malls such as Al-Wajih malls series.
  • The 12th district in 6th of October City.

Prices & Payment Systems: 15% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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Zed Towers

أبراج زيد

Project Location: Steps from Hyper One in Sheikh Zayed City and in the middle of the city, Zed Towers is located with its exquisite design and beauty next to Arkan supermarket.

About Zed Towers Project: This project is one of the first projects carried out by the wealthy businessman Engineer Naguib Sawiris, these towers are designed in the form of high-rise buildings capable of giving you privacy at the highest levels and offering a new concept of residential life and providing the towers with a green space greater than the building area, helping to enjoy and improve the residential concept within the real estate market in Egypt, especially after providing all the services and facilities needed by all residents within Sheikh Zayed City.

Zed Zayed Space: 145 acres.

Units Types: The project area is divided into various units among apartments, penthouses and twin houses with a separate garden, as apartments space ranging from 63 m² to 227 m², and penthouses space starts from 252 m².

Units Price: starts from 3,400,000 EGP.

The Developer Profile: The project was implemented by Ora Developers, headed by Engineer Naguib Sawiris, in agreement with the Egyptian government on a number of projects for various fields, which have achieved success in various sectors, especially within the Egyptian real estate market and within a number of other countries, including:

Payment systems: 10% downpayment, 5% upon contract, and equal installments over 6 years.

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Etapa Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند إيتابا

Etapa City Edge Location: located in Sheikh Zayed near Allegria Compound.

About the Project: Etapa Project is one of the best residential projects that have caused a stir within Sheikh Zayed City, for what it introduced in the world of Egyptian real estate, especially in the world of residence and sustainable living for high-end residence, so we find a variety of spaces, designs, and green spaces which occupies the largest proportion of the total area of Etapa compound.

Etapa Compound Space: 77 acres.

Units' Type: it varies among apartments, duplexes, and twin houses, apartments space starts from 153 m², twin houses space starts from 269 m².

Price per meter: starts from 16,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Etapa has been implemented by City Edge Development, a leading company real estate field, which has a long experience within the Egyptian market and has a number of subsequent successes, the most important of which are:

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment for booking, 10% 3 months after contracting, 5% upon receipt, and installments up to 3 years.

Beverly Hills Zayed

Beverly Hills Egypt Location: located in Sheikh Zayed near Casa Compound.

About the Project: Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed project is one of the most important residential projects that have provided a variety of services and facilities, including swimming pools, gym, spa, sports clubs, playgrounds for all types of football and a high-level medical center, so it is considered one of the most important and luxurious residential projects within Sheikh Zayed City.

Beverly Hills Compound Space: it was designed over a vast area of about 1.75 million square meters.

Units' Type: it varies among apartments, penthouses, and duplexes.

Price per meter: At the lowest price per meter inside Sheikh Zayed, the price per meter in Beverly Hills starts at 12,250 EGP.

Sodic Previous Projects: The project executed and managed by Sodic Developments, which has a long list of successful projects within the real estate market.

Payment Systems: After a 10% downpayment and the rest over a period of up to seven years, you can book your imaginary unit within Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Life Park Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند لايف بارك الشيخ زايد

Life Park Location: it is located on the ring road and a short distance from the Egypt Alexandria Desert Road.

About Life Park Compound: Integrated compound with full services, multi-use and spaces facilities with the lowest prices and the best services that customers are looking for.

Project Space: 42 acres.

Units Type: The units designs and spaces ranged among duplexes, apartments, and Twin House, with the price per meter in Beverly Hills starting at 6,500 EGP.

Units Space: The apartments space starts from 100 square meters to 206 square meters, twin Houses space starts from 450 square meters to 500 square meters, while the duplex area starts from 300 square meters to 330 square meters.

The Executing Company Projects: Life Park For Real Estate Investment is a real estate company with a long history in implementing many mega projects.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over several months up to 6 years.

Garden Hills Compound

كمبوند جاردن هيلز

Garden Hills Location: The project is located in the Northern Expansion zone of Sheikh Zayed City.

About Project: Garden Hills Compound is one of the most important developed projects in Sheikh Zayed City with a wide list of premium services and entertainment that increase the sense of well-being and security at the lowest prices.

Area of Garden Hills EAC: The project was built on the most beautiful sites of Sheikh Zayed on an area of about 150 acres.

Units Type: units space varies among separated apartments, penthouses, and duplexes.

Meter Price: The lowest price per meter within Sheikh Zayed City, where the price per meter within the project starts from 8,000 Egyptian pounds.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 130 square meters to 200 square meters, and the penthouse area starts from 130 square meters to 200 square meters.

The Developer: The Egyptian Arab Company for modern building and reconstruction E.A.C has executed a number of residential projects that have made a breakthrough in the real estate world.

Payment Systems: you can pay 25% downpayment and the rest of the unit value is paid over four years.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند بالم هيلز الشيخ زايد

Palm Hills Location: The project is located on the most important main roads, especially the Alexandria desert road.

About the Project: The developer of the project presented a new and imaginary concept of residential life with a high social concept in which you will find your distinctive unit amidst large areas of green parks.

Palm Hills 6 October Space: On an area of about 2 million square meters the compound was carried out amid the green spaces.

Units Types: Apartments - Twin houses.

Units Price: starts from 4,000,000 EGP.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 100 m² to 250 m² and twin houses space starts from 300 m².

The Developer: Palm Hills Developments, a leading real estate developer, was founded in 2005 with extensive experience in the field, through which it has provided more than 26 outstanding real estate projects.

Payment Methods: 10% booking payment and the rest shall be paid within 7 years.

Al Rabwa EI Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند الربوة

Al Rabwa Talaat Moustafa Location: Located on the Alexandria Desert Road.

About Project: it is one of the most popular residential projects within Sheikh Zayed City through which the executing company has provided all the services that many people are looking for and that meet all the residents' desires, especially recreational, health and social amenities.

Area of Al Rabwa Compound: 2.1 million square meters.

Units Types: vary among apartments and standalone villas.

Units Price: starts from 6,500,000 EGP.

Units Space: twin houses space starts from 245 m², while standalone villas space starts from 350 m².

The Developer: it is considered one of the most important residential projects carried out by Talaat Moustafa Group, a leading Egyptian real estate company, it has executed of a number of residential projects that are a milestone in the field of real estate production such as Nile Plaza Corniche El Nil, Rehab Compound, San Stifano in Alexandria and Four Season.

Payment Methods: you can pay 10% downpayment and the remaining over 7 years.

Zayed Dunes Compound

كمبوند زايد ديونز

Project Location: One of the most vibrant and vital sites near Lebanon Square.

About Zayed Dunes El Ofoq: For lovers of life of privacy and living in a green and tranquil environment, all the features the customer is looking for have been provided within Zayed Dunes compound and provide the Compound with the best services, facilities, and all amenities.

Units Types: vary among apartments, townhouses, and standalone villas.

Units Price: starts from 2 million EGP.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 146 m², while townhouses space starts from 200 m².

The Developer: is El Ofoq, which is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market, has implemented a number of projects including Zayed Regency, Zayed Dunes, and a number of important residential projects.

Payment Methods: You can pay a booking downpayment of about 10% and pay the rest of the unit price over 7 years.

Beta Gardens Compound

كمبوند بيتا جاردنز

Beta Gardens Location: it is located near Zewail University.

About Project: One of the most luxurious residential projects in Sheikh Zayed City, through which the developer provided a special concern of security and safety mixed with high calm and peace amid green spaces and all recreational, health and social services to meet all the needs of customers.

Area of Beta Gardens Beta Egypt: The project was built on an area of 20 acres with the most luxurious strategic sites and its proximity to the most important areas.

Units Types: it varies among apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Price per meter: starts from 6,500 EGP.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 140 square meters while penthouses space starts from 310 square meters.

The Developer Previous projects: the project developer is Beta Egypt, one of the most important companies that have broken into the real estate field and was characterized by the implementation of a number of successful projects. 

Payment Methods: downpayment starts from 10% and installments of the remaining amount over 7 years.

Greens Sheikh Zayed

كمبوند جرينز الشيخ زايد

Project Location: located on Al Shabab Rd. at the 6th neighborhood in Sheikh Zayed City.

About Greens Compound Zayed: it is one of the most important residential projects that have provided many services, facilities and activities ranging from recreational, health and social to meet the needs of customers.

Units Types: Greens compound in an integrated residential project with full services and a variety of units ranging among separated apartments, Twin House, and Duplexes.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 234 m² while twin houses space starts from 360 m².

The Developer Profile: Amlak company has executed Greens Compound in addition to a number of real estate projects outside Egypt in Qatar and UAE and has a long history of real estate experience.

Payment Methods: After paying a booking downpayment starting at 10%, you can pay the remaining amount over 7 years.

Casa Compound

كمبوند كازا الشيخ زايد

Casa Palm Hills Location: it is located on the other side of Allegria Compound.

About Project: One of the most prominent residential compounds within Sheikh Zayed City in the midst of a life full of luxury with full services and facilities that meet the customers' desires.

Area of Casa Sheikh Zayed: it was established on 1.75 million square meters.

Units Types: the units within the compound vary among apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Meter Price: it starts from 18,000 EGP.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 245 m² while penthouses space starts from 299 m².

The Developer Previous projects: Palm Hills is the executing company of the project, a well-known company with a long history of real estate production, and has implemented a number of residential projects, including Palm Hills compoundPalm Hills October, Badya Compound.

Payment Methods: with the longest repayment period of up to 30 months and a downpayment starts from 25%, you can book the dream unit.

Etapa Square Compound

كمبوند إيتابا سكوير

Etapa Square Location: It is located in the most beautiful geographical locations, next to Allegria Sodic and Al Rabwa Palm Hills.

About Project: One of the most important integrated projects carried out by City Edge as it consists of a number of residential buildings with different spaces on the latest architectural designs with the most important services and facilities.

Space of Etapa Square City Edge: it was built on a wide area of about 77 acres, most of which were dedicated to green spaces.

Units Types: The unit space ranged among villas, twin houses, and separate apartments for more privacy.

Price per meter: it starts from 16,000 EGP.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 216 m² while twin houses space starts from 268 m².

The Developer: the compound is one of the most prominent projects carried out by City Edge Development, one of the leading companies within the real estate field in the Egyptian market and has implemented a number of projects throughout Egypt, including North Edge Towers and Zahya New Mansoura City.

Payment Methods: After paying a simple downpayment starting at 5% and the rest of the unit price over 7 years, you can own the unit you are looking for with specifications, international quality, and the latest designs.

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Best Compounds In Sheikh Zayed

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