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Sodic East El Shorouk Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: SODIC East.

About Sodic East El Ehorouk Project: A distinctive residential compound by SODIC Developments.

SODIC East Compound El Shorouk Location: in the heart of El Shorouk City.

ٍProject Space: 655 acres.

Units Price: starts from 3,800,000 EGP.

Units Type: (Villa - Twin Houses - Townhouses).

Units Space: It starts from 120 m² to 500 m².

The Executing Company Name: SODIC Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment Then 5% as a Second Payment and the rest via installments over 7 years.

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SODIC East New Heliopolis Compound

Have you often heard the name "SODIC"? Now you have the opportunity to take over the latest SODICcompounds at Sunrise.

Sodic East El Ehorouk project, designed with the best high-quality construction methods where you will find many recreational services, as a health club designed on an area of 42 acres in addition to a shopping entertainment mall, international schools, a mosque, a full-service commercial area, and a large garden for kids and hikers through Sodic East El Ehorouk project.

The company has completed a 20-year career in real estate investment, where the company has been able to meet the different needs of customers in the various residential communities it has established on the outskirts of Cairo.

Stay in one of the strategic areas between Suez and Ismailia Road, Sodic East Compound is close to the new administrative capital, and just minutes from the Regional Ring Road and New Cairo.

SODIC Properties has implemented one of the newest projects in Shorouk City, through which the company completed a 20-year career of excellence in the field of real estate investment and the company has been able to meet the different needs of customers through residential communities that it created it on the outskirts of Cairo.

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SODIC East New Heliopolis Location

It is located in one of the strategic areas between Suez and Ismailia roads, as it is located directly next to El Shorouk and its proximity to the New Administrative Capital as it is a few minutes drive from the regional ring road and also New Cairo, the company that implemented it has worked The residential complex is on an area of 655 acres, 21% of which are for residential units and the rest for green spaces and facilities.

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Enjoy the magic of nature, tranquility, and privacy within the latest phase of Sodic East El Shorouk Compound "Azailya"

You can book your unit now in a distinctive and ideal place that enjoys the beautiful landscapes that attract attention; it is Azailya Sodic East Compound, which has spread water bodies with charming crystal waters and vast green spaces that give a feeling of beauty and charm and provide wonderful views.

Sodic East El Ehorouk project is the latest launch of SODIC Developments, which owns a bouquet of successful projects and relies on a group of the most skilled architects and consultants. In its implementation of Azailya Sodic East Project, it relies on the use of the finest modern designs that match international models in their beauty and splendor, in addition to choosing a strategic location in the heart of El Shorouk City is close to the main roads and axes that facilitate the movement to and from the compound, as well as its proximity to new cities such as; The New Administrative Capital, and Madinty.

Sodic East El Ehorouk project is built on a huge space of ​​up to 100 acres, the largest part of which has been allocated to the beautiful green and water nature and other exceptional services and advantages available in Azailya only, the most prominent of which can be clarified through the following:

  • The presence of a wonderful garden designed on a very large area of ​​​​26 acres, with places to practice yoga, read your favorite book, or relax among the colorful trees and flowers inside Sodic East El Ehorouk.
  • A mosque designed in a refined Islamic style that can accommodate many worshipers in Sodic East El Ehorouk.
    Safe garages with a large number of cars to prevent congestion inside Sodic East El Ehorouk compound.
  • A shopping area with the finest shops that provide the most luxurious brands for lovers of fine taste at Sodic East Project.
  • A sports club on a very large space of 40 acres that includes many fields for football, basketball, tennis, golf, and squash for lovers of various sports activities, in addition to a high-end gym equipped with the latest equipment to maintain the fitness of the residents at Sodic East New Cairo.
  • A health club with places designated for spa and jacuzzi for recreation and body care inside Sodic East El Ehorouk.
  • A social club in Sodic East El Shorouk that includes many recreational places to hold barbecues and various celebrations, and swimming pools that are suitable for adults and children.
  • The presence of clinics and pharmacies that provide the best treatment services and all kinds of medicines for residents in Sodic East New Cairo.
  • Tracks for walking, running, and cycling in the open air in Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • Allocate a children's entertainment area with many fun games.
  • Sodic East El Ehorouk project is equipped with a tight security system of highly trained guards, and modern 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Power generators that operate automatically in the absence of electricity, and (ATMs).
  • Sodic East New Cairo compound relies heavily on the use of solar energy to keep the environment clean.
  • Paying attention to the educational aspect through the implementation of several international schools and distinguished nurseries at Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • Sodic East New Cairo features 12 entrances for easy entry and exit and to prevent crowding.
  • International restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services at Sodic East New Cairo Compound.

The real estate developer is keen on diversifying the spaces of the residential units to suit your taste and desire, in addition to offering unbeatable prices and convenient payment systems, as follows:

  • Sodic East El Shorouk residential unit space starts from 120 m² up to 215 m².
  • The apartments' price ranges from 1,530,000 EGP up to 3,375,000 EGP.
  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid within 8 years.
  • The customer pays a 5% downpayment of the unit value, then 10% after 3 months, and 5% upon receipt, and the rest of the amount is paid within 8 years.

Parcel Phase

SODIC, the real estate company, has embarked on a distinguished journey towards a bright future, continuing its path by introducing the Parcel phase within its luxurious SODIC East project. This phase stands out with its unique features, including a strategic and distinct location that connects to the main roads. Additionally, it boasts a vast area encompassing beautiful natural landscapes and various buildings, offering a range of units that vary in sizes and types, delivered without finishes and ready for immediate occupancy. Furthermore, SODIC offers the best prices for each unit, allowing you to pay the total amount over several years without interest.

Camellia Houses Phase

Psychological comfort and complete serenity are provided within the finest luxurious residential phases of the SODIC East Shorouk residential project, known as Camellia Houses. This phase stands out with its unique advantages, including a strategic location that allows you to move easily and away from traffic congestion. Additionally, the Camellia Houses phase offers various residential units with different sizes and types, giving you the freedom to choose the best unit for you and your family. SODIC has ensured the provision of varied unit sizes within the Camellia Houses compound, all delivered in a finished condition to all clients. SODIC did not stop there; they also announced the best prices ever, along with flexible payment plans to installment the total amount over several years without interest.

Ivy Phase 

The Ivy phase is considered one of the most important and unique residential phases developed by SODIC. It boasts a vast area that includes green spaces, landscaping, and breathtaking natural scenery surrounding it from all sides. Additionally, it offers various residential units with different sizes and types, including villas and twin houses, with areas starting from 245 square meters and reaching up to 284 square meters. Furthermore, exclusive services are provided to meet all client requirements. SODIC has ensured the offering of attractive pricing packages, allowing you to purchase units within Ivy that suit you and your family's needs. Moreover, flexible payment plans are available, enabling you to installment the total amount over equal years without interest.

SODIC East Shorouk Services

  • Sodic east new Heliopolis is built on a vast area, and this space has been allocated to include a huge number of endless distinctive services that the owner company seeks to provide to meet the needs of the population and in line with all their desires and high tastes.
  • Now you can book your unit in the most important and ideal geographical locations and enjoy the most beautiful views of the vast green spaces and landscapes that attract your attention. Sodic East New Cairo compound is also surrounded by water bodies with its charming crystal waters that give you a special aspect of recreation and tranquility in your unit.
  • A huge commercial area within Sodic East New Cairo project yard includes a large number of hypermarkets and supermarkets that provide you with the best goods and household supplies you need in your day.
  • A large mosque designed in the luxurious international Islamic style and sufficient for large numbers of worshipers to perform religious duties in SODIC East El Shorouk.
  • Commercial malls with a number of stores that offer the best fashion, brands, and the most famous international brandsat SODIC East El Shorouk Compound.
  • A large sports club inside the compound includes a large number of sports fields, including football and tennis in SODIC East El Shorouk Project.
  • For lovers of fitness, beauty, and bodybuilding, gyms have been established at Sodic East El Shorouk. with modern sports equipment and highly trained trainers.
  • Private rooms for relaxation, which are dedicated to jacuzzi and sauna for body care and enjoyment in SODIC East El Shorouk.
  • A social club is a meeting place for friends and families, and it has all the recreational services that meet the needs of its residents.
  • Enjoy amidst the greenery for barbecues, birthdays, and outdoor celebrations at SODIC East Compound.
  • Full attention to the presence of medical clinics that operate all day and receive the largest number of patients inside Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • Major pharmacies operate throughout the day and provide all kinds of therapeutic medicines to all residents of the compound.
  • Kids area with many fun games suitable for their age in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound.
  • Sodic East El Shorouk compound is equipped with a comprehensive and tight security system, as it includes guards and trainers at the highest level.
  • Sodic East Compound relies heavily on the use of solar energy, as all units work with this modern system to reduce electricity consumption.
  • High-speed, high-quality internet service that works around the clock for free.
  • Attention to the modern educational aspect through the implementation within Sodic El Shorouk project of several international schools and nurseries for children, and teachers of high standards.
  • A distinctive infrastructure that includes all the services available within Sodic El Shorouk project, including natural gas, electricity, and water in Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • Sodic East El Shorouk compound is characterized by the presence of a number of entrances for ease of entry and exit and to prevent overcrowding and overcrowding.
  • A number of famous restaurants in Egypt with all kinds of different eastern and western cuisines, supervised by the biggest chefs at Sodic East Compound.
  • International cafes that provide distinguished services and wonderful drinks within Sodic El Shorouk project and serve all customers inside Sodic East Compound
  • Periodic maintenance services within Sodic East El Shorouk Compound to avoid any malfunctions.
  • Dry clean and housekeeping services for homes at the highest level of efficiency at Sodic East El Shorouk.

Features of Sodic East El Shorouk Project

  • Sodic east new Heliopolis is unique in its geographical location that connects the most important roads and main axes, so you can reach it and anywhere else in a few minutes.
  • The units within the project enjoy the most beautiful international finishes and designs that have been carefully selected by the skilled decoration and architecture companies in this field.
  • All units within Sodic El Shorouk project are unique with charming views of the green spaces, gardens, and parks that give it serenity and complete beauty.
  • For more relaxation and enjoyment of complete tranquility, a garden has been dedicated to practicing yoga games, and is suitable for reading lovers, amidst high trees and colorful flowers.
  • Bodies of water are represented in artificial lakes and dancing water fountains designed in international styles.
  • The luxurious units within SODIC East Al Shorouk are equipped with large and spacious underground garages and were designed on the same international models in order to prevent overcrowding in Sodic East New Cairo project yard.
  • A parking space in front of your unit is designed with a parking lift system to organize parking in a civilized manner.
  • Wide green yards for golfing and with carts for easy transportation, and covered halls for squash, volleyball, and handball for lovers of various sports.
  • Spa House has all the distinctive services that residents are looking for.
  • Sodic East New Cairo project includes a special play area for all ages for adults and children, so you can take a walk and have fun with your family inside the compound.
  • Sodic East New Cairo project is equipped with automatic teller machines (ATMs).
  • Modern electronic gates at the entrances to Sodic East compound and its units for more security.
  • Large and wide tracks and corridors within Sodic East New Cairo project yard and away from the roads for cars for more security on their lives.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and types and suitable for all ages.
  • Sodic East project is equipped with large backup generators for power that operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
  • The units within Sodic East project are also equipped with modern surveillance cameras that operate 24/7 and monitor events without interruption.

What are you waiting for, book your unit now and enjoy the best special and exclusive services within Sodic East El Shorouk Project!!

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SODIC East Prices at SODIC East New Heliopolis

The first phase of the compound has been implemented on the system of apartments and villas where Sodic East project includes:

  • Standalone Villas.
  • Townhouses.
  • Twin Houses.

Investment in this residential community will be the most successful investment in new cities today, as the prices within the Compound, do not compare with the prices of real estate in the 5th settlement area or Future city. AS for the prices of residential units within Sodic East project, it starts from 3,800,000 EGP up to 6,600,000 EGP depending on the area and the view.

  • Standalone villas price in the compound range from 5,250,000 EGP up to 6,000,000 EGP.
  • Town Houses price starts from 3,900,000 EGP.
  • Twin House prices start from 4,600,000 EGP.

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Payment Method

Sodic East compound is characterized by its payment method for residential units so that it is suitable for all customers as follows:

  • 10% of the total value of the residential unit is paid as downpayment and 5% within three months and the remaining via installments over 7 years.
  • 7% maintenance fee is paid and the club subscription is 150,000 EGP are paid via installments over the first 4 years of the installment.
  • All units are delivered on red brick with aluminum facades and glass and the unit door is half-finished.

Problems of Sodic East El Shorouk Compound

Some property seekers in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound may see the lack of a large number of villas as a shortcoming. However, Sodic offered residential units up to 234 square meters, an ideal space for families wanting a living experience rivaling villas. Additionally, the vast green spaces in the compound, which allow each apartment to enjoy stunning views and a level of privacy comparable to villas, make living in Sodic East El Shorouk Compound an ideal opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life.

Sodic east new Heliopolis Executing Company Profile

SODIC Developments is the largest in the field of real estate development in Egypt and is the executing company of SODIC East Shorouk project.

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The company Projects:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2020, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Get Ready for a New Experience: Choose El Shorouk City and Discover the Advantages of Modern Living!

El Shorouk City emerges as a modern and innovative addition to the urban landscape in Egypt, located within the expansions of the New Cairo Governorate. This city, with its advanced features and services, is becoming a leading destination for those seeking quality of life and promising investment opportunities. With its well-planned urban design, El Shorouk aims to present the ideal model of modern urban living, offering contemporary residences and facilitating mobility and access to various essential and recreational services and facilities.

The spaces within the city are carefully planned to ensure a balance between residential, commercial, and service buildings, reflecting a deep understanding of the importance of spatial organization in creating a comfortable living environment. The emphasis on green spaces and parks highlights El Shorouk's commitment to providing a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for its residents.

Education and healthcare are top priorities in El Shorouk, with international educational institutions and hospitals equipped with the latest facilities. The residential experience is complemented by the city's abundant entertainment and shopping areas, providing all residents with the opportunity to enjoy a modern and integrated lifestyle.

Safety occupies a prominent place among the standards of living in El Shorouk, with the city witnessing the implementation of stringent security measures to ensure the comfort and protection of residents. The advanced infrastructure, including road networks, electricity, water, and sewage services, reflects the city's commitment to providing the necessary logistical support for a comfortable and seamless lifestyle.

El Shorouk is not just a destination for luxury living but also a fertile ground for investment opportunities, offering competitively priced properties and abundant employment opportunities in various sectors. This diversity makes it an ideal place for those seeking investment and work, adding a new dimension to contemporary life in Egypt. With all these advantages, El Shorouk represents a model of modern urban planning that efficiently meets the daily needs and future aspirations of its residents.

Experience Your City from a New Perspective: El Shorouk City, Where Dreams Become Reality!

El Shorouk City represents a living model of development and sophistication in the heart of New Cairo, where dreams intersect with the daily reality of its residents. Its modern and creative design contributes to providing a high quality of life for its residents, providing them with all the necessary services and facilities for a modern and comfortable life. El Shorouk City gains a distinguished position as an icon of national pride in Egypt, attracting increasing numbers of residents seeking to enjoy security, comfort, and quality in this advanced city.

El Shorouk is strategically located near important urban areas such as Nasr City, Madinaty, and El Shorouk Fifth Settlement, making it an ideal location for living and working. The residential options are diverse, catering to the needs of all residents, from luxurious villas to modern apartments with elegant designs, spacious layouts, and integrated facilities.

The city is teeming with a wide range of recreational facilities and services, including outstanding schools, well-equipped hospitals, major shopping centers, health resorts, and sports clubs, contributing to providing an integrated and comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Additionally, El Shorouk City is an ideal environment for business and investment, offering ample opportunities for commercial and medium-sized enterprises, providing individuals and companies with a golden opportunity to explore their potential and achieve their goals in this vibrant city.

Given these positive developments, it is clear that El Shorouk City is steadily progressing towards further future prosperity. The city continues to attract more residents seeking a better life and broader employment and investment opportunities. Thanks to its ongoing development and proper maintenance, El Shorouk City retains its status as the city of dreams that becomes a tangible reality.

More Than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near SODIC East Compound!

The SODIC East area in El Shorouk represents a preferred destination for those seeking excellence in housing, thanks to its numerous advantages of integrated services and modern infrastructure. Alongside it, there are a number of outstanding residential communities that offer multiple options for elegant and peaceful living for individuals and families. Here's a look at some of these adjacent residential communities:

  1. ALBA El Shorouk Compound:
    First, the ALBA El Shorouk Compound, which is widely renowned for its long history and diverse range of residential units it offers. The community features numerous recreational facilities and services, such as health and sports clubs, as well as lush green spaces that lend it a special character.

  2. Granda Life EGY GAB El Shorouk Compound:
    The Granda Life EGY GAB El Shorouk Compound is considered a standout, with its endless green spaces and lush gardens, providing its residents with security and comfort through the use of the latest security technologies and systems.

  3. El El Shorouk Springs Compound:
    If you're looking for a comfortable and peaceful life in El Shorouk, the El El Shorouk Springs Compound embodies the concept of upscale living and serene life par excellence. It stands out with its vast green spaces and unique architectural designs, providing an ideal environment for living and relaxation.

  4. Granda El Shorouk Compound:
    The Granda El Shorouk Compound is an excellent choice for those seeking excellence and luxury in living. It features residential units with diverse architectural designs, as well as upscale facilities such as a health club, golf courses, swimming pools, and attractive gardens.

  5. El Patio Prime El Shorouk Compound:
    The El Patio Prime El Shorouk Compound attracts families who prefer to live in peace and privacy, offering spacious residential units and equipped with facilities such as restaurants and cafes.

These residential compounds reflect the diversity and quality of housing options available in the vicinity of SODIC East El Shorouk, catering to the needs and preferences of families and individuals with precision. It is important to evaluate all options based on personal requirements and budget before settling on the optimal choice.

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Property in SODIC East El Shorouk Compound on!

If you're in the process of searching for a property that aligns with your aspirations within the SODIC East El Shorouk Compound, you've come to the right place. We'll present a comprehensive guide here that covers all the details and information needed to make your purchase decision with confidence and satisfaction in this luxurious residential community.

  1. Explore the Project Location:
    Start by visiting the Egypt Real Estate website to get acquainted with the SODIC East El Shorouk Compound up close. You'll find all the details about the project, the design and quality of the residential units, and the level of services provided, giving you a clear understanding of the high standards offered by the project.

  2. Determine the Suitable Property Type for You:
    Choosing the ideal property depends on your knowledge of what you specifically want in terms of size, type, and design that aligns with your family's needs and lifestyle, as well as your personal preferences. The SODIC East El Shorouk Compound offers a diverse range of units, including apartments and villas, to suit all tastes and requirements.

  3. Check the Available Services in the Project:
    The services provided within the project represent an added value that cannot be ignored. What sets SODIC East El Shorouk apart is the availability of high-quality options for restaurants and cafes, in addition to shopping areas that cater to all the daily needs of residents, ensuring a comfortable and comprehensive lifestyle for you.

  4. Consult Real Estate Experts:
    Don't hesitate to seek assistance from a real estate expert if you have any inquiries or feel uncertain about making a decision. The guidance and advice of experts regarding the optimal timing for investment, pricing information, and in-depth knowledge about the project will help you make an informed decision.

  5. Check Prices and Payment Plans:
    Finally, it is crucial to review the unit prices and compare them with similar projects in El Shorouk, while ensuring that the payment plans are affordable and suit your budget.

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
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in the heart of El Shorouk City.

3,800,000 EGP


SODIC Developments

167 apartments

10% downpayment Then 5% as Second Payment and the rest via installments over 7 years.

655 acres


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