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Villette Sodic New Cairo

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Project Description

Project Name: Villette Sodic.

About Villette Project: An integrated residential compound by Sodic, located on the fifth settlement, near the American University.

Villette Sodic New Cairo Location: 5th Settlement in New Cairo.

Villette Sodic Space: 300 acres.

Units Type: Villette townhouse - Twin houses - Villas.

Units Space: It starts from 250 m² up to 750 m².

The Developer Major Projects: Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% down payment and installments up to 6 years without interest.

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Villette New Cairo Project

Villette Sodic is the highest indisputably! It features a unique collection of residential units perfectly suited to high-taste lovers and those seeking a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the beauty of nature.

Villette Sodic New Cairo is a full-service residential community with an area of about 300 acres, the bulk of which is allocated to services, green spaces, and water bodies.

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All residential units have been designed for the first time in Egypt in Sky Condos style which is a design with open glass facades for residential units with green vegetation on the roof in Villette New Cairo project.

It also has a variety of residential units ranging from Villette sodic Compound villa for sale - townhouses - twin houses in different spaces to suit all tastes and needs.

Villette Sodic compound is one of the most recent residential projects in New Cairo and is one of the most recent projects.

Where is Villette SODIC location?

SODIC development was interested in choosing the distinguished location that would attract investors from all sides of its distinguished project, Villette Sodic, and did not find a better area than the "Golden Square" area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, as it is the most wonderful and most distinguished area with all its distinguished momentum of services and networks roads, as this area is considered a unique cultural shift within the Egyptian real estate market.

The most important landmarks near Villette Sodic New Cairo Compound:

  • The American University.
  • 20 minutes away from Heliopolis
  • 5 minutes away from the main Teseen Street.
  • Not more than 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Surrounded by a number of luxurious residential and commercial projects.
  • Less than 20 minutes away from Nasr City.
  • Close to all the services.

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Villette Project Space

Sodic Real Estate built its brilliant project Villette New Cairo with different spaces within four sectors, to cover the largest base of customers with all their needs of small, medium, and large spaces, and based on this, the company allocated three hundred acres of construction land to start its project with unique engineering designs. In the Egyptian real estate market, in a style not seen before, 86% of the total space of Villette Sodic compound was allocated to parks and green spaces, and the buildings were provided with glass fronts for open units decorated from the top with the most beautiful plants.

As for units, three types can be listed as follows:

  • Twin House with spaces ranging from 275 m² up to 314 m².
  • Twin House with spaces starting from 260 m² up to 307.
  • Standalone villas for privacy lovers with a space of 750 m².

Disadvantages of Villette Sodic New Cairo

Despite some people's reservations about buying under-construction units in Villette Sodic New Cairo, this actually represents an excellent investment opportunity. Early purchase means getting the units at today's prices, which are expected to increase significantly in value in the future. In addition, trust in SODIC as a reliable real estate developer increases the value of this investment. Therefore, buying an apartment in Villette Sodic New Cairo compound is a safe and profitable investment.

About The Executing Company

Sodic Company is the executing company as it has been established in 1996 and is one of the largest companies in the real estate field.

Sodic Most Important Projects:

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Fifth Settlement Compounds: Experience Beauty and Modern Living in One Place!

The Fifth Settlement in Egypt is renowned for its upscale living and diverse options for families seeking security and luxury near the heart of Cairo. Several luxurious residential compounds stand out in this regard, offering their residents an integrated lifestyle with sprawling green spaces, recreational facilities like playgrounds and clubs, and continuous security to ensure the comfort of the residents.

Mivida Compound, for instance, represents a model for this type of housing with its modern architectural designs and diverse residential options ranging from villas and apartments with modern amenities, in addition to its provision of green spaces that contribute to creating an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. Security and protection are among the prominent features in these compounds, with high-quality surveillance and security systems in place. The quality of services such as maintenance and cleanliness ensures the continuation of high living standards in daily life.

Alongside "Mivida", "SODIC West" compound offers a similar experience with a greater focus on sports and recreational activities, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and families seeking safe play areas for their children.

In conclusion, the Fifth Settlement compounds undoubtedly offer a plethora of options for those seeking distinguished housing that combines luxury and security near the capital, making it one of the most attractive areas for discerning residents in Egypt.

New Cairo: Your Shining Gateway to Luxurious Living!

New Cairo is experiencing a golden age, expressed through the lavish lifestyle that its residents enjoy. This city, thriving with modernity and prosperity at the heart of Egypt, attracts those seeking a high level of luxury and comfort. With its opulent and advanced architectural designs, the residential neighborhoods here stand as icons of excellence and innovation. This city offers its residents a diverse range of housing options, catering to their high aspirations and aiming to satisfy all tastes and requirements.

Moreover, New Cairo is taking significant strides towards achieving a high standard of luxury through the availability of modern facilities and services. The commercial areas in the city are bustling with life, featuring the latest global brands and offering unforgettable dining experiences in upscale restaurants. Recreational and sports activities are also innovative and advanced, with well-equipped centers and clubs featuring cutting-edge technology.

New Cairo's strategic location adds to its value, facilitating access to different areas within Cairo and neighboring cities. Advanced public transportation and highways are available, making commuting easier and faster. Additionally, the city places a high priority on the safety and security of its residents, utilizing advanced technology to protect individuals and their properties.

In conclusion, New Cairo offers its residents not just a living space but a luxurious living experience that meets all their needs and fulfills their aspirations for a modern, lavish lifestyle. Through the details of daily life and the available amenities, this city introduces a new dimension to living in Egypt.

For Those Seeking Distinction and Proximity: The Best Compounds Adjacent to SODIC's Villette Compound in the Fifth Settlement!

  1. La Fontaine Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    La Fontaine stands out as an example of unique and modern design, combining elegance and functionality. This compound strives to provide all essential services and recreational activities with exceptional quality, in addition to offering a variety of high-end residential units, ranging from villas to apartments. The lush gardens and green spaces add to the aesthetic appeal of the place.
  2. Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Trio Gardens enjoys an exceptional location within a serene area, offering stylish and spacious residential units. The compound provides top-notch services in terms of security and entertainment, including multiple swimming pools and playgrounds, creating an ideal environment for families.
  3. Azzar Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Azzar is a haven for those seeking luxurious living with contemporary designs and comfortable spaces. The compound features vast green areas and enchanting gardens. The wide range of services, from commercial centers and restaurants to health clubs, ensures the comfort and well-being of the residents.
  4. Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Fifth Square offers an unparalleled lifestyle with its sleek, modern units surrounded by captivating natural scenery and gardens where residents can stroll and relax. The integrated services, such as commercial centers and sports facilities, make it an ideal location near vital public amenities.

Each of these compounds offers a unique residential experience, with a focus on privacy, luxury, and exclusive privileges. By choosing one of these upscale compounds adjacent to SODIC's Villette Compound in the Fifth Settlement, you ensure an exceptional living experience within a vibrant and fully serviced environment that contributes to the comfort and happiness of the residents.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process at Villette SODIC Compound in the Fifth Settlement on!

If your next real estate investment plan is to own a property within the confines of SODIC's Villette Compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, the following guidelines may facilitate your path to owning your dream property in this upscale area:

Step One: Conduct a comprehensive research tour - online, you can find details about SODIC's Villette Compound, including its size, models, and features of the available residential units for sale, as well as details about the interior and exterior design and the various payment plan options.

Step Two: Submit your reservation request - after identifying the unit that best suits your requirements and preferences, proceed to contact SODIC's developers, either through their official website or by direct communication, to submit your reservation request.

Step Three: Confirm with a down payment - Upon approval of your request, you must deposit the down payment according to the pre-arranged payment plan terms, which serves as the official tie between you and the chosen unit and ensures the seriousness of your intentions.

Step Four: Legal finalization of the process - Completing the down payment stage leads you to the next phase, which is completing all necessary procedures and submitting the required important documents, followed by signing the ownership contract and any related agreements.

Step Five: Continue paying installments - After signing the contract, you must comply with the agreed-upon payment plan, which may include monthly or annual installments, depending on the financial arrangements made with the real estate developer.

Step Six: Receive the keys to your unit - Upon completion of all payments, the handover moment arrives, where you agree on a date to receive the final documents and the keys, officially making you the owner of your unit at SODIC's Villette Compound.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you'll find that your path to living in this upscale community has become smoother and clearer.

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5th Settlement in New Cairo.

11,000,000 EGP


Sodic Developments.

200 villas

10% down payment and installments up to 6 years without interest.

300 acres


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