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Villette Sodic compound 5th Settlement

Villette is one of the largest projects that have been established in the new Cairo.

Which is designed to the highest level of luxury and sophistication, and is one of the most recent projects in Cairo.

And we will know the most important specifications of the compound.

Villette Sodic compound Location

  • The compound is one of the largest projects in Cairo.
  • The compound is situated on 90th Street, which is located in the Fifth Compound.
  • It is also located near the American University, where the compound is located directly in front of it.

Space of the Villette compound

The project is located on a very large area of ​​more than three hundred and one acres.

This spacious area has been divided into multiple leisure services, as well as various residential units, to provide all the luxurious lifestyle needed by the customers.

Villette Sodic Project Specifications

The compound has many different specifications, which made it one of the best mega projects, and among the most important features and specifications of the following:

  • The compound has a large and vast area, which is divided into buildings up to four percent of the total area of ​​the compound.
  • The project is designed to provide calm and relaxation for customers, with many green spaces and parks, which account for eighty-six percent of the project area.
  • The project also includes a large number of distinguished services, which are at the highest level of sophistication and luxury.

Services available at Villette Sodic 5th Settlement 

The project includes a large number of needs that suit the customers, and that are sought by many, especially the lovers of tranquility and entertainment, including the following services:

  • The hotel offers many green spaces that offer comfort and tranquility.
  • The compound offers a large number of gardens in all the cabins, for landscaped lovers.
  • The pool offers a large number of swimming pools, which vary between indoor and outdoor, hot and cold.
  • The compound also houses a range of sports venues, including football fields, tennis courts and squash courts.
  • Featuring many different entertainment games that suit all family members.
  • It offers a dedicated swimming pool for ladies.
  • There is a mosque and a church to suit the customers.
  • It has an integrated pharmacy and therapeutic services.
  • Provides a range of clinics and medical centers in various fields and disciplines.
  • Provides multi-car parking, which is 90 meters.
  • The hotel has three main gates.
  • Veterinary medical services are available for pets.
  • The supermarket has a large supermarket with many different types of goods.
  • It offers a laundry with a range of premium services.
  • Designated storage areas are available in the compound.

Types of villas in Villette Sodic compound

The compound includes a large number of different residential units, which are suitable for all the needs of customers, among which you have to choose from the following:

  • Townhouse.
  • No villa.
  • Large villas.
  • Twin House.
  • Small villas.
  • Medium Villas.

Living space in Villette Sodic compound

The project includes a large number of different housing units in the area, which meet the needs of the customers, which are suitable for the family and the number of its members.

where the area of ​​residential units starts from two hundred and fifty meters, and up to four hundred and fifty meters per villa within the compound, on different areas of land Which up to a thousand meters.

Housing prices and contracting system

  • Prices for residential units available at Campground Flit are excellent, ranging from EGP 4 million per unit.
  • Payment systems are available, which can be used to pay the unit for six years without any interest.
  • Per cent of the unit's original price.


Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa


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