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Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: Sodic Westown Compound.

About Project: An integrated residential compound and one of the best and finest residential units offering all comfortable accommodation services, facilities, and excellent location.

Westown Location: in the heart of Sheikh Zayed in the 16th Neighbourhood.

Westown Project Space: 1 million m² equal to 247 acres.

Units Type: Westown apartments for sale - duplexes - penthouses - villas - Westown twinhouses - admnistrative units -.commercial units - clincs.

Units Space: Westown apartments space starts from 100 up to 300 m², villas space starts from 320 m² up to 700 m², and twin houses space starts from 275 m².

Price per meter: starts from 17,000 EGP.

Westown Executing Company Name: Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods in Westown10% up to 15% downpayment and the rest via installments over a period starting from 7 up to 9 years.

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Own your special unit inside Sodic Westown Compound

Westown compound is one of the finest and most prominent integrated residential projects in Sheikh Zayed City, as it is distinguished from others by its wonderful geographical location, which overlooks the most important vital roads linking the city and Greater Cairo in general, making it one of the most attractive places for residents and investors, and it also enjoys a huge amount of The services are upscale and luxurious and all the necessities of a modern, organized and comfortable life.

Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed is characterized by the presence of a large green space that provides you with clean outdoor air, aspects of psychological comfort, and a feeling of complete calm away from the hustle and bustle, and it also includes unique designs and exquisite high-quality finishes, and distinctive views of the most beautiful landscapes overlooked by all luxury residential units In addition to observing the spacing between them.

Also, for your complete comfort and owning the unit you desire, affordable systems and prices have been provided to satisfy all customers and to fulfill all desires in Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed.

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Westown Sheikh Zayed location

Geographical location is one of the basic elements for the success of various projects, as it is the link between this project and the various areas surrounding it, as it is close to several important roads and axes that facilitate the movement of entry and exit from it and to it.

Therefore, the real estate developer was keen to choose a strategic location in the heart of the Sheikh Zayed area, to be the place for the establishment of this luxury compound.

Westown is based in the sixteenth district, which is one of the most prestigious residential complexes.

The most important landmarks near Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Westown Sheikh Zayed overlooks the most important main roads, namely Egypt Road, Alexandria Desert Road, and Dahshur.
  • SODIC Westown Sheikh Zayed project along the largest main axes, which is the 26th of July axis.
  • Al Ahly Club is about 12 minutes away from Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • As for Misr University for Science and Technology, it is about 20 minutes away.
  • Westown is 12 minutes away from Hyper One.
  • Westown compound is close to Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, about 18 minutes away.
  • Westown project is about 17 minutes away from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • Westown project is about 12 minutes away from Nile University of Science and Technology.
  • Westown is also close to Casa Compound and a large number of other vital facilities.

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Westown Sheikh Zayed Project area

The company that developed the Westown project has provided a huge number of luxury units, not only for living but to enjoy the various facilities and services that were carefully established in order to satisfy the customer and achieve all his desires. Westown project is built on a large space of ​​about 247 acres, which is approximately one million square meters, all in order to accommodate the vast amount of distinctive services and unparalleled facilities.

Within Westown project, beautiful landscapes spread and include green spaces, gardens, and a side of various water bodies, which give it a wonderful aspect of psychological comfort and wonderful natural beauty, as it occupies about 78% of the total space, and was distributed in a very smart way to surround all the buildings.

Inside Westown compound, there are 7 luxury hotels, several shops, and a luxury administration, in addition to a number of medical clinics, despite all that, there is a huge space sufficient to accommodate 2,390 housing units...

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Exclusive services available within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed

Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound is equipped with all facilities and services and a huge number of recreational, social, and cultural centers and areas. It is presented to you in a miniature model of an integrated city of everything, and we mention this as follows:

  • Trained staff to maintain security throughout the day and permanently, as guards and security personnel were appointed inside Westown Sheikh Zayed compound, in addition to distributing high-quality surveillance cameras that monitor all events. 
  • You can put your private cars inside the multiple garages located within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed project, they are fully secured so that the residents enjoy the utmost safety.
  • For lovers of entertainment, a beauty center has been provided within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed that provides the finest services to all its residents, as it is equipped with all the necessary equipment.
  • A huge commercial mall built on a large area, which provides residents with all they need of products and clothes and displays all the fashion trends with the best international brands inside Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • To perform the prayers and the obligatory prayers, a mosque was built in the ancient Islamic styles, and it is fully equipped.
  • In the interest of your safety, major medical centers have been established in all multiple specialties, in addition to several pharmacies offering you all kinds of different and imported medicines at Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed Project.
  • Within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed compound, there are small swimming pools suitable for children and others for adults, including covered swimming pools for women.
  • Ensure the provision of all distinguished educational services by providing nurseries for children, in addition to a number of international schools that teach different languages ​​and highly qualified teachers inside Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • An upscale area that includes many wonderful cafes that serve various drinks, and many restaurants provide all kinds of food.
  • For more entertainment, there is a health club that extends over a large area with spacious gymnasiums that contain modern facilities and equipment, in addition to a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi for more relaxation and relief from stress in Westown Sodic Sheikh Zayed.
  • For the practice of multiple sports, major playgrounds were provided, including football, tennis, squash, and golf.
  • Distinguished Internet service to all units, and it works with great speed and accuracy.
  • For your children, an area has been provided with more diverse and safe games for them, all in order to spend happy and fun times.
  • A distinctive infrastructure that includes all the important basic services within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • A supermarket and hypermarket that includes all the important goods and supplies you need inside your home.
  • A large maintenance center that includes a number of technicians at the highest level, in order to treat any malfunctions within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • The presence of a number of workers to clean the streets, and to maintain the general civilized appearance.

Features of Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • The most important thing that distinguishes the major projects is the increase in the green area, within Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound, green spaces, gardens, and parks extend for complete comfort and recreation.
  • Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayedcompound has also become the focus of attention of customers and investors because of its great strategic value, as it links the most important roads, and is close to the main axes.
  • Paved tracks for cyclists and morning walks in the grass, outdoors and a charming and fun atmosphere.
  • Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed residential units are distinguished by their modern and international finishes and decorations, to suit all the fine tastes of the residents.
  • The spacing between the units was taken into account to provide complete privacy for all residents.
  • Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed units are varied with different spaces, to satisfy everyone and meet all desires.
  • The wonderful water bodies spread from the dancing fountains and waterfalls with their sweet sound that gives you comfort and relaxation, and gives Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed project an attractive aesthetic appearance.

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The units and their most important spaces in Westown Sheikh Zayed Project

The real estate developer SODIC was keen to diversify between the residential units to differ among themselves in terms of types, including (apartments, villas, twin houses, penthouses, and duplexes), and each of them differs from the other in terms of spaces so that customers have the freedom to choose what is most appropriate for them, and we mention the following Their most important spaces:

  • Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Twin House: a space of about 275 square meters.
  • Apartments in Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed: spaces start from 100 square meters up to 300 square meters.
  • As for the villas: their spaces start from 320 square meters up to 700 square meters.

Despite the luxury that characterizes the Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed project, it is trying every effort to make its customers happy, as it has offered ideal and uncompetitive prices to achieve customer satisfaction, and compared to all available services, it is considered the best.

The price per square meter inside Westown has been announced, and it starts from 17,000 EGP as a minimum, and in general, the unit price starts from 2,400,000 EGP.

Payment systems announced by SODIC  Developments

SODIC is always keen to provide all aspects of complete comfort to customers, through payment systems based on easy installments for the longest possible period, so take the opportunity and make a reservation, and we mention the following: the most important systems:

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment of the total unit, and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • Or you can pay a downpayment of 15% of the total cost of the unit, and the rest is to be paid over 9 years.

For more information, you can contact us!

Disadvantages of SODIC Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the quality and excellence offered by SODIC Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound, some feel that the lack of villas may be a shortcoming. However, SODIC Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound offers luxurious penthouse and duplex units accompanied by gardens. This enables residents to enjoy villa features like a private pool and garden, but at apartment-level pricing, adding value to the project.

Westown Real Estate Developer, SODIC  Developments

Sodic Real Estate Development is one of the largest leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, so it established its huge Westown project, and its investment amounted to about 15 billion Egyptian pounds, to become the largest of the huge residential projects launched in the real estate market.

It also provided him with huge financial support, which was the reason for his success. The company has 20 years of extensive experience, and since then it has proven its worth in all the projects it undertakes, and it has occupied a great position in the market, in addition, its name has become popular in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

We look at its rich history and find that it is full of successes. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out a huge number of projects in the best areas in Egypt, especially the 6th of October City.

Among the previous projects carried out by the company and which achieved great success, we mention the following:

Note that Sodic West prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the price and unit types list constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

In the Compounds of Sheikh Zayed City: You're at the Forefront of Pioneering, Luxury, and Excellence

Sheikh Zayed City, nestled in the heart of Giza Governorate, shines with a unique residential landscape that represents a remarkable blend of luxury and elegance. The upscale compounds in this city stand as a testament to a lifestyle that many aspire to achieve, offering privacy, security, and unparalleled quality of life. These compounds are not just residential communities but complete worlds that cater to the diverse desires and needs of their residents.

Within these compounds, architectural creations come to life through vibrant and eye-catching designs, imbuing each corner with a story and a new dimension. The spacious residential spaces are seamlessly connected to contemporary facilities that cater to all the needs of individuals and families, whether seeking comfort, luxury, or distinction. The enchanting green gardens and open spaces within these compounds provide residents with an opportunity to embrace nature, relax, and enjoy delightful outdoor activities.

Safety and privacy are top priorities in the design and management of these compounds, secured with advanced systems that ensure peace of mind for every resident. Their strategic locations also ensure easy access to centers of learning, work, shopping, and entertainment, making the lives of their residents a seamless and comfortable experience.

The compounds in Sheikh Zayed City embrace a cultural and social diversity that fosters a rich and varied experience, making them a melting pot of cultural interaction that adds a unique flavor to life. These compounds are not just places to live, but vibrant communities pulsating with vitality and interaction.

For those seeking standards of quality and luxury in Giza Governorate, the compounds of Sheikh Zayed City stand as gems that embody opulence and offer a lifestyle that exceeds expectations, providing an unparalleled residential framework that meets all demands and weaves a rich and integrated social fabric.

A Unique Modern Living Experience Awaits You in Sheikh Zayed City!

Sheikh Zayed City, located in the heart of Giza Governorate, is ushering in a new horizon of urban development and growth, standing as a witness to the advanced architectural transformations in Egypt. Through its smart planning and forward-thinking development visions, the city aims to become a hub for modern living experiences that touch the hopes and dreams of its residents. Sheikh Zayed City emerges as a prime destination for investors and families seeking quality of life in an urban environment marked by progress and modernity.

Within its embrace, the city encompasses a wide range of recreational, commercial, and educational facilities and institutions, granting its residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in a comprehensive and rich life experience. The massive project includes a diverse array of residential options ranging from elegant apartments to independent houses and luxurious villas, each designed in a contemporary style that combines refined taste and quality, complemented by captivating views that harmonize with the surrounding natural beauty.

Sheikh Zayed City enjoys a privileged position that allows it to provide a range of distinguished social and recreational facilities. From state-of-the-art hospitals to international schools, sports clubs, and even lush parks that offer residents the opportunity to relax and interact with nature. Recreational facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and well-equipped fitness centers enhance the quality of life within the city, alongside a serene and enchanting environment brimming with green spaces.

Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by its well-planned layout and superior infrastructure, ensuring smooth access to essential services and facilitating mobility within the city through a network of roads and public transportation. Thus, Sheikh Zayed City stands as a prominent example of urban development that transcends traditional living, towards achieving a lifestyle that aligns with the aspirations of the modern era and fulfills the dreams of its residents.

Discover the Options: Compounds Similar to Sodic West Town Sheikh Zayed Right at Your Doorstep!

At the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, the Sodic West Town compound emerges as an oasis of modern living and luxury, but there is an opportunity to discover a world of other residential options offering distinctive and nearby living experiences. Among these options:

  1. Etaba Compound Sheikh Zayed: Located in close proximity to Sodic West Town, it embodies opulence at its finest with its contemporary designs and luxurious amenities, emphasizing the value of living amidst captivating nature.

  2. Midgard Residence Compound Sheikh Zayed: It comes as an ideal choice for families seeking diversity in residential units that cater to various expectations and needs, promising a daily life filled with comfort and relaxation.

  3. Zayard Elite Compound Sheikh Zayed: Offering captivating waterfront views that add serenity and luxury to life, making every day an exceptional experience.

  4. Lake West 3 Compound Sheikh Zayed: It reflects the preferences of families seeking quality and tranquility, where luxurious apartments and villas feature elegant architectural designs that epitomize distinction and sophistication.

  5. Karamell Sodic Compound Sheikh Zayed: Offering a modern and integrated lifestyle, with shopping centers and entertainment venues, promising a high-end living experience.

Each of these compounds presents its own vibrant world, offering an exceptional opportunity to choose a place to live that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

From Search to Purchase in Sodic West Town Sheikh Zayed: Your Journey with Step by Step!

Step One: Understanding the Essence of the Project and the Importance of Its Location
Before making any decision, it is crucial to understand the nature of the "Sodic West Town" project and the significance of its location. This project stands out for its strategic location near the Ring Road and the Mehwar, making it easily accessible. It spans an area of 247 feddans, encompassing a mix of various services and facilities that cater to all needs.

Step Two: Getting to Know the Real Estate Developer
The "Sodic" company is behind the development of the "West Town" project in Sheikh Zayed, and it has an extensive track record in the real estate development sector. Delving into the company's history and extensive experience will give you a clearer perspective on what you can expect. All this information can be found on specialized real estate websites in Egypt.

Step Three: Choosing the Ideal Unit
"West Town" offers you a wide range of residential units, from apartments to villas. You need to precisely determine the type that aligns with your preferences and your set budget, with areas starting from 304 square meters.

Step Four: Gathering Additional Information
Don't overlook the importance of thorough research to obtain additional information about the properties for sale in "West Town" in Sheikh Zayed. You can visit the websites of reputable real estate agencies such as to explore more about current prices and unit details.

Step Five: On-Site Visit and Unit Inspection
After identifying the suitable unit for you, it is crucial to take a tour of the project and see the unit for yourself to ensure it meets your expectations and personal needs. It is advisable to carefully inspect the construction quality and unit design.

Step Six: Paying the Down Payment
After completing all legal procedures, it will be time to pay the initial down payment for the property. It is important to inquire about the available payment methods and the set payment deadlines.

The Final Step: Unit Handover
Once all payments are completed, you will be ready to take possession of your unit. Make sure to inspect it again to ensure its quality before moving in. You may also need to obtain official documentation proving your ownership of the property.

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Health club and Spa
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in the heart of Sheikh Zayed in the 16th Neighbourhood.

Price per meter starts from 17,000 EGP.


Sodic Developments.

150 units

10% up to 15% downpayment and the rest via installments over a period starting from 7 up to 9 years.

1 million m² equal to 247 acres.


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