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Sodic East New Heliopolis

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Project Description

Project Name: Sodic East.

About Sodic East Project: An integrated residential compound located near Madinaty and New Administrative Capital.

Project LocationNew Heliopolis between Ismailia-Suez road.

Sodic East New Heliopolis Space: 650 acres.

Sodic East Units' Type: Villas - Town Houses - Twin Houses.

Units' Space: start from 234 m² to 435 m².

Price per meter in Sodic East: Starting from 18550 EGP.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments for over 7 years.

Sodic East New Heliopolis... Classy and luxurious designs for all those looking for excellence and sophistication

Sodic East Compound New Heliopolis is a luxurious and distinctive compound provided by Sodic Real Estate, which is distinguished by its good reputation and accuracy in providing the finest and most luxurious projects, as it was presented by giant residential projects, and Sodic East project provided a unique experience for all investors, by providing an opportunity to own a residential unit in the heart of Cairo, but far from all sources of pollution and disturbance, allowing recreation, recreation and full enjoyment of the landscape and green spaces.

SODIC Developments provided the features that make Sodic East New Heliopolis project distinct from other projects in New Heliopolis, starting with basic services and recreational activities that provide residents with luxury and spend the happiest time with the family.

The life within Sodic East compound is characterized by the following:

  • Sodic East is the link between El Shorouk City and Badr City.
  •  Sodic East Compound is near to the new metro line which makes it easily accessible from several areas in Cairo and can be reached by the ring road.
  • Sodic East is classified as a first-class residential, administrative, commercial, and Entertainment City.

The Strategic Location of Sodic East Project

SODIC, the owner of Sodic East New Heliopolis compound, has chosen a strategic and distinctive location, as Sodic East Compound is located between Ismailia-Suez Road.

The most important landmarks near Sodic East New Heliopolis:

  • Sodic East is a very short distance of about 25 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.
  • 20 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • Sodic East compound is only 5 minutes away from El Shorouk City.
  • Sodic East is located near Madinty and the Fifth Settlement.
  • Sodic East is located on Ring Road, and Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, which makes it easy to get out of Sodic East New Heliopolis compound to anywhere in the shortest time.

Hurry up and book your luxury unit inside Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis, and enjoy the best services and unmatched prices.

Sodic East launched the first phase of its project "Azailya Compound", which is integrated with services and includes a variety of the finest residential units, which differ among themselves in terms of spaces and also finishes, whether internal or external, that suit its residents, and it is characterized by a wonderful view of the most beautiful landscapes, and the green spaces that surround it From all directions, it is also located next to the finest major residential projects, and next to all the services that meet the needs of its residents.

The distinguished location was chosen to be close to the most important roads and main axes linking many cities. Among the most important features of the Azilia project site:

  • Azailya is located in a unique and vital location, strategically between two roads frequented by residents, namely Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia Road, two of the largest main roads.
  • Azailya New Heliopolis is located directly next to the most famous city, El Shorouk City, and it is near the New Administrative Capital.
  • It is also easily accessible within a few minutes from downtown New Cairo.
  • Sodic East New Heliopolis compound is close to the new regional ring road.

As for the space of Sodic East New Heliopolis project, the developer company SODIC has chosen the appropriate area for it, as it can accommodate on a land of 100 acres, and this space was allocated to residential buildings that include a huge number of units, along with green spaces, gardens and scenic landscapes that surround Sodic East New Heliopolis project from all directions.

Sodic East New Heliopolis project includes many huge and exclusive services that you will not find anywhere else, as Azelia includes several different sports stadiums next to the various clubs, which are a distinguished meeting place for families and friends, along with recreational and basic services, and the company’s interest in the medical aspect by providing pharmacies, medical centers and clinics that operate all day, and the security aspect of security personnel, guarding and surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day.

  • In addition to the educational aspect, where there are international schools and nurseries for children, providing recreational places that have all the games for children, and public places that have many facilities for lovers of calm and reading amidst the wide green spaces, and you can enjoy the best shopping experience where there is a commercial area with many malls which displays the best fashion and the highest brands and international brands.
  • The spaces of apartments in Azailya vary, especially with modern international designs and the finest building materials, and start from 120 square meters up to 215 square meters, so that all customers have the freedom to choose the most appropriate for them.
  • Special prices have been offered to own a unit inside Azailya, which are unmatched and are the best in that area, as the prices of apartments in Azailya Compound start from 1,572,000 EGP.
  • There are also many easy payment systems that SODIC offers to its customers. You can pay a 5% down payment of the total unit price, then 5% upon receipt, and pay the rest of its price in installments over 8 years.

Features of Sodic East New Heliopolis

Sodic East New Heliopolis Compound provides many features and means of recreation and entertainment that help to spend the happiest time with the family. It also provided many basic services that make life easier for the client and make him do not need anything outside his private community, and these features are:

  • The green spaces and artificial lakes scattered throughout Sodic East New Heliopolis compound give a stunning aesthetic view that helps the residents purity of mind and peace of mind.
  • Away from all sources of noise and life pressures in the city and fleeing to a place full of positive energy and tranquility.
  • The distinctive design of the buildings in the latest style and the finest architectural designs attract those looking for sophistication and luxury.
  • Various units in spaces and shapes provide the customer with the opportunity to choose the unit so that he feels that it is designed specifically for him and his capabilities.

The most important services in New Heliopolis Compound

Sodic East Compound is amazingly integrated with basic and recreational services and facilities, and the various requirements of customers are available 24/7, and all means of safety and protection are provided to them, and these services are:

  • Attention to education and the presence of international schools with the supervision of specialized bodies with a high level of experience.
  • Sodic East compound includes a large mosque decorated with the latest Islamic styles.
  • There are many swimming pools of various shapes and sizes to serve all age groups.
  • A space of ​​42 acres has been allocated to establish a huge gym equipped with all sports equipment to maintain the fitness of customers.
  • Sodic East includes a 26-acre park that includes all games and recreational activities for the happiness of residents of all ages.
  • Sodic East project contains commercial malls that include many commercial units in the finest international brands.
  • Medical clinics are equipped at the highest level with equipment and doctors in various medical fields to check on the population.
  • A children's play area that offers a large number of recreational and developmental activities, and is completely safe.

Units Space and Type in Sodic New Heliopolis

The prices in Sodic East Compound are unparalleled, and they are the best in this area for the services that the client receives. SODIC also offers easy payment opportunities and various alternatives that the client can choose from according to his circumstances and desires, and these prices varied according to the type and space of the provided unit as follows :

  • The price per square meter for the units starts from 18,550 EGP.
  • Apartment prices start from 2,010,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse prices start from 4,456,000 EGP.
  • Twin houses prices start from 5,806,000 EGP.
  • Villas prices in Sodic East start from 7,153,000 EGP.

It has also provided flexible and easy payment systems commensurate with the material capabilities of all customers and investors, for many years to avoid the burdens of payment and installments, and we will learn about these systems as follows:

  • Paying a 10% downpayment and installments over 7 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment of the unit price, 5% upon delivery, and the rest in installments for 8 years.

For all this, we find that Sodic East New Heliopolis is a luxury project that includes distinctive units that suit everyone, located in a wonderful place close to Cairo, the New Capital, and all medical and educational services, and at the same time far from pollution and noise, making it the best place for rest, relaxation and comfortable luxurious life. Book your unit now and enjoy a luxurious life in New Heliopolis in a unit designed for your comfort.

Disadvantages of Sodic East New Heliopolis

Despite the outstanding features offered by Sodic Real Estate in the Sodic East New Heliopolis project, some customers may express reservations about the proximity of apartments and villas within the project. However, the company paid special attention to ensuring large distances between units, which guarantees privacy, in addition to providing 24/7 security and guard services.

About Sodic East Real Estate Developer

The owner of Sodic East Heliopolis Project is SODIC Developments, through this project, the company provided a lot of services and features that we are accustomed to in its various projects, as the company always aims to provide comfort and gain the customer’s trust in many diverse projects.

The history of the establishment of SODIC developments dates back to more than 20 years in the field of construction and construction, it was providing them with all the requirements of investors and businessmen, and creating a society full of calm and recreation, and their designs differed from all other projects in terms of excellence, sophistication, and creativity, as well as the prices and payment systems, as it primarily took into account customers and their financial capabilities, and among the most important projects it has undertaken are:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2020, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

What is the main role of the New Heliopolis City?

  • A recent ambitious initiative to build a new city in Egypt has been announced, a city that embodies the hope of supporting economic and urban growth in the country.
  • This new city, which carries future ideas and aspirations, is expected to host millions of people, providing them with housing and job opportunities, thus stimulating the labor market and contributing to reducing unemployment rates.
  • This city is located in the eastern part of Cairo, spanning over a vast area of kilometers, planned to be a home for about 5 million people.
  • The city will witness the establishment of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, in addition to a wide range of recreational facilities, advanced health and educational services, enhancing the quality of life for its residents.
  • The city aims to open the door of hope for youth by providing about one and a half million job opportunities in various sectors such as construction, services, and trade, supporting economic growth and contributing to market stability.
  • The city also opens its doors to local and international investments by providing well-equipped industrial zones that attract companies to establish various industrial projects, benefiting from its strategic location near main transportation routes and airports, providing an opportunity for business growth and expansion.
  • In terms of technology, the city aspires to use the latest technologies in its infrastructure, from artificial intelligence and ultra-high-speed internet services, to renewable energy technologies, which aims to improve the daily life of residents and ensure environmental sustainability.
  • The city is also distinguished by its focus on providing a high quality of life for its residents by offering diverse recreational facilities and cultural and social events, creating a rich and vibrant environment.

The launch of the New Heliopolis City reflects an important effort to achieve tangible progress in the areas of urban and economic development in Egypt, and it will contribute to raising living standards, stimulating sustainable growth, providing job opportunities, encouraging investment, and developing advanced infrastructure.

Why choose the compounds of New Heliopolis City?

The modern residential compounds in New Heliopolis City are a manifestation of a developmental vision aimed at improving the living standards of residents in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

These compounds are designed to offer luxurious living solutions that cater to the aspirations of individuals and families seeking an integrated lifestyle that combines elegance and comfort with modern approaches.

The choice to settle in these compounds is based on fundamental pillars, which we summarize as follows:

  • Strategic location: These compounds occupy a prime location that allows for easy movement and accessibility to various vital and service areas in the city, placing them at the forefront of choices for those seeking to achieve a balance between the demands of modern life and ease of movement.
  • Innovative architectural designs: The compounds stand out with their pioneering designs that reflect modern thinking in construction, providing their residents with vast green spaces that promote relaxation and comfort, enhancing the quality of daily life.
  • Integrated services: The compounds include unparalleled recreational and service facilities, including health clubs, children's play areas, and commercial zones, enriching the living experience and meeting all the needs of residents.
  • Comprehensive security: The compounds enjoy a robust security system that ensures the safety and security of residents, providing an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, making them an ideal place for those who value privacy and security.
  • Rich recreational activities: The compounds serve as a hub for social and cultural activities, with various recreational events and activities catering to different interests and contributing to enriching the living experience for residents.
  • The compounds of New Heliopolis City represent new horizons for living in the embrace of modernity and progress, offering luxurious living alternatives characterized by elegance and security.
  • If luxury, security, and comfort are among your priorities, these compounds may provide you with the ideal place to live a life filled with happiness and peace of mind.

SODIC East New Heliopolis and more: Discover the compounds worth considering in the area!

The SODIC East compound in New Heliopolis represents a major attraction within the Cairo real estate market, distinguished by its unique lifestyle and luxurious facilities. Its strategic location in the New Administrative Capital also stands out, allowing for easy access to many neighboring residential compounds.

In the following section, we will highlight the most prominent of these residential compounds located in close proximity to the SODIC East compound.

  • Korpenta New Heliopolis: Located just a short 5-minute drive away, it offers a diverse range of residential options including villas and apartments with various designs, in addition to recreational and sports facilities.
  • La Vida Heliopolis Compound: Situated a 15-minute drive away, it is distinguished by its vast green spaces and man-made lakes, offering a wide array of housing units in different sizes and designs.
  • Go Heliopolis Egypt Compound: This compound is located a 10-minute drive away and is considered one of the oldest compounds in the area, maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility and offering a high level of security and diverse facilities.
  • Valore Sheraton Compound: Situated a 20-minute drive away, it is considered a residential hub that includes a large commercial area, in addition to green spaces, schools, and sports and recreational centers, offering a diverse range of residential units.

These compounds reflect the exceptional living standards and easy accessibility to the SODIC East compound, in addition to providing luxurious and comprehensive residential experiences.

Certainly, among these options, you will find one that meets your aspirations and offers you a residence close to these vital locations and upscale facilities in New Cairo.

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New Heliopolis between Ismailia-Suez road.

Price per meter Starting from 18550 EGP.


SODIC Real Estate Company.

75 units

10% downpayment and installments for over 7 years.

650 acres.


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