The Estates Sodic New Zayed

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Sodic

About Project  An integrated residential compound by Sodic near Sodic West and Sphinx International Airport.

The Estates Location  in New Sheikh Zayed City directly on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

ompound Space  150 acres.

Units Type Villas - Townhouses - Twin Houses.

Units Space in The Estates it starts from 158 up to 600 m².

Price Per Meter  It starts from 21,333 EGP up to 25,388 EGP.

The Estates Executing Company Name  Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods  10% downpayment and rest via installments range from 6 up to 8 years.

Properties for sale

Town House for sale in The Estates 268 meters.


The Estates Sodic New Zayed Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: The Estates.

About Project: An integrated residential compound by Sodic near Sodic West and Sphinx International Airport.

The Estates Location: in New Sheikh Zayed City directly on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

ompound Space: 150 acres.

Units Type: Villas - Townhouses - Twin Houses.

Units Space in The Estates: it starts from 158 up to 600 m².

Price Per Meter: It starts from 21,333 EGP up to 25,388 EGP.

The Estates Executing Company Name: Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and rest via installments range from 6 up to 8 years.

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The Estates New Zayed

The famous company "Sodic" has launched its latest real estate project in New Sheikh Zayed city, which is "The Estates".

The Estates is the first residential complex to contain villas, providing the optimum sophistication with its international designs implemented by Dewan Architects & Engineers.

The Estates is located along Sheikh Zayed or the so-called "New Zayed" in western Cairo, specifically on the 44th kilometer of the Masr-Alexandria desert road and separates it is only 10 minutes from the Desert road Gate.

The Estates extends on 150 acres with a construction rate of only about 13% and 87% of the total project area is dedicated to well-being services and all ways of life.

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The Estates project is one of the most important mega projects located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, unique with its excellent location on  Alexandria desert road, do not hesitate to choose your residential unit within this giant project as it shall be the first choice for all those seeking a life of tranquility and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of life in the Capital.

Sodic Sheikh Zayed that designed this project offers residential units with the most beautiful international designs and engineering innovations as well as many services.

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Where is The Estates Sodic

The Estates occupies an excellent strategic position within the high-end Sheikh Zayed area, there are many dreams of despair within this integrated residential city as it offers many advantages and the most prominent of all is its location in the 44km of Alexandria Desert Road, the site most sought by many customers, and for this project can be considered the home of all those seeking calm away from the heavy congestion in the Capital, this project is located in the west of Cairo.

The most important landmarks near The Estates Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • It is only 20 minutes from Al Mohandseen Area.
  • It is also 45 minutes away from the Heliopolis area.
  • The Estates is close to many vital roads, most notably Mehwar Road, and is easily accessible to the Compound via this main road just 7 minutes away.
  • It is easy for people inside The Estates compound to go to Sphinx Airport in only 3 minutes.
    • The Estates is close to the Egyptian Museum, just 15 minutes away.
  • It is also is 12 minutes near the most famous shopping mall in Sheikh Zayed, Arkan Plaza Mall.
  • This huge residential project is near Sodic West and Allegria project, approximately 4 km away.

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The Services Provided by The Estates Project

The company that owns The Estates project, Sodic, was keen to put the summary of its ideas and success factors with previous projects in this new project, in order to be proactive in providing all that is new in the real estate market, and the belief of the company that each customer has his needs and requirements, this made them allocate an area of 87% of the total area of the project built on 150 acres in order to provide all the services and amenities dreamed by each customer, which is represented in the following:

  • The Estates project occupies an excellent position in the highest areas of Sheikh Zayed.
  • The total area allocated to this project has been optimized by Sodic, and this is shown in the creative engineering designs of the buildings, a few numbers of residential units to ensure the tranquility and privacy of all residents within the Compound.
  • The design of The Estates project shows you that it is an autonomous residential city, as evidenced by the fact that it is surrounded from the outside by a large green area along 150 square meters, ensuring that the residents of the project are completely separated from the bustling life outside the walls of the Compound.
  • A large area of The Estates project land has also been allocated for the construction of landscapes and green spaces, giving residents and visitors the best sense of comfort and tranquility.

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  • Crystal lagoons on large spaces.
  • All residential units in The Estates enjoy the stunning nature and charming views of the greenery and lakes.
  • The company was keen to provide a clubhouse, which is equipped at the highest level.
  • A sports club equipped with the highest standard for all activities and sports.
  • A social club.
  • A health club with the most important international spa service, where beauty seekers find everything they dream of within the walls of the compound.
  • Medical services are provided, as evidenced by the fact that this integrated city contains a range of clinics and pharmacies.
  • Kids Area, a special game area for kids of all ages.
  • Excellent entertainment areas to welcome the young and the old.
  • Commercial Aria, the best commercial area you can find within Sheikh Zayed.
  • A large number of shops specializing in providing the best food and beverages to all residents and visitors.
  • Security services are available 24 hours a day, ensuring the highest level of security and protection for the city's residents.
  • The diversity of the design of the residential units, which resulted in a great variety of prices for residential units in The Estates project, and in total the prices are suitable and affordable.
  • The Estates also provided the best nurseries.

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Price Per Meter and The Residential Units Spaces in The Estates Sheikh Zayed

The owner company of this high-end residential project has been keen to allocate a large area for the construction of residential units for the project and to ensure full privacy for each of the project units, and it was built on an area of 150 acres, and it is an update of the urban extension within the Sheikh Zayed area of 5,000 acres.

A small area, not more than 13%, of the total land of The Estates project has been allocated to buildings and the purpose of this division is to establish various residential units so that each client within the project finds the unit he/she wishes, and the division of units came as follows:

  • Townhouse in The Estates: These units are with a wide area starting from 268 square meters.
  • Twin House: 291-meters residential units.
  • Standalone villas: These units are suitable for all families who prefer large areas, but in terms of the area, it starts from 314 square meters and the largest area up to 600 square meters, each client chooses the appropriate space for his family members, and for more details about the area of villas and the internal division of them please follow us with the following lines.
  • Small villas, consisting of 3 living rooms and the total area up to 314 square meters.
  • The medium-sized villas in The Estates, carefully designed by the company, and divided into two floors, including a large reception and 3 living rooms with space starting from 348 square meters.
  • The large villas consist of two floors, this spacious area has been divided into large reception and four living rooms with space starting from 433 square meters.

Despite the small space allocated for the construction of units and residential buildings, each customer enjoys privacy within his/her residential unit, due to the innovative high-end engineering designs implemented by the executing company and design of this giant project.

Payment System and the Delivery Date in The Estates

  • The prices of townhouses start from 6,900,000 Egyptian pounds, bearing in mind that the price of a meter in these residential units starts from 23,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of twin houses is up to 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds, and the owner company has set the price of 25,000 Egyptian pounds to be the price per meter.
  • The villas' prices start at 1 million Egyptian pounds, and the price increases according to the space to reach 20 million Egyptian pounds.

Enjoy the longest repayment period with Sodic Development, it gives its customers great payment facilities, by providing more than one payment system, the customer pays 5% of the total value of the residential unit upon reservation and contract, and 10% after 3 months of the first payment, while the rest, the customer is allowed to pay according to the monthly installment system, equal installments up to 8 years, the company offers the appropriate price without any interest.

Disadvantages of The Estates Compound Sheikh Zayed

Despite the uniqueness and many advantages offered by The Estates Sheikh Zayed project, some clients have expressed reservations about the high density of residential units within the same area, believing that it may diminish the level of comfort and privacy they aspire to. However, in order to reaffirm the residents' right to privacy, the company designed wide spaces between the buildings to ensure tranquility and relaxation for the residents.

About The Estates Executing Company

This project is one of Sodic Developments projects, located in Sheikh Zayed City, and contains many services, as The Estates project is close to several important places such as airports, main roads, and shopping malls. Sodic Real Estate Development Company has been founded in 1996, it is known for its outstanding real estate business and this makes it a leading company in its field, containing a large number of real estate companies and numbering 27 companies inside and outside Egypt.

Its Major Projects Include:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

The Future Awaits You! Sheikh Zayed City Compounds: Where the Luxurious Life Begins

Sheikh Zayed City compounds have become an ideal destination for luxurious and sophisticated living. This vibrant part of Egypt is characterized by its excellent and comfortable location, providing residents with a unique and tranquil environment in the midst of beautiful nature.

In addition to the prime location, Sheikh Zayed City compounds are renowned for their modern and unique designs, combining authenticity and modernity at the same time. The residential units feature marble floors, high-quality finishes, and kitchens equipped with the latest technologies. The compounds include vast green spaces, stunning swimming pools, and areas for recreation and strolling, providing a comfortable environment for residents.

By paying attention to details and providing services, Sheikh Zayed City compounds aim to meet all the residents' needs. In addition to mosques, hospitals and shopping malls, the compound includes many sports facilities such as golf and tennis clubs and gyms. There are also places to engage in recreational activities such as cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

For those looking for security and privacy, Sheikh Zayed City compounds provide advanced security systems as well as 24-hour surveillance and guarding systems.

Taking advantage of these factors, Sheikh Zayed City compounds are an ideal destination for luxurious living and obtaining a prosperous lifestyle. They provide residents with everything they need in one place, ensuring easy access to services and diverse experiences.

It can be said that Sheikh Zayed City compounds embody the best in luxurious living and real estate investment. This modern city may be the ideal habitat for those who love a luxurious life in an exceptional environment.

In Sheikh Zayed City Compounds: You are in a Position of Leadership, Luxury, and Excellence

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza has a rich history of development and urban growth. Its compounds are a unique destination that combines luxury and uniqueness, where residents enjoy a high standard of living and services.

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the largest planned areas in Egypt, home to many modern compounds designed with the highest global standards. Residents here feel comfortable and serene in a safe and protected environment.

Homes in Sheikh Zayed City compounds are an ideal investment opportunity, with a diverse range of housing units available, from luxury villas to upscale apartments. These homes come with modern comforts and contemporary designs that ensure residents’ comfort and luxury.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds are renowned for including a wide range of facilities and services. These compounds feature modern shopping centers, elegant restaurants, integrated fitness centers, as well as beautiful gardens and stunning swimming pools. They also contain international schools and hospitals equipped with the latest medical technologies.

Social and recreational activities in Sheikh Zayed City compounds are a key element of the living experience there. Residents can enjoy health clubs and entertainment centers, including tennis and golf courses and swimming pools. There are also vast green spaces for walking and cycling.

Notably, Sheikh Zayed City compounds are characterized by their prime location, providing easy access to surrounding areas, such as universities, hospitals and major shopping centers.

Thanks to these exceptional advantages, living in Sheikh Zayed City compounds is a distinctive opportunity for investors and families looking for a luxurious and comfortable life.

Therefore, Sheikh Zayed City is an exceptional location characterized by attracting leadership, luxury and excellence in the real estate sector in Egypt.

In the Neighborhood of Greatness: An Overview of Compounds Near The Estates Compound Sheikh Zayed!

Allegria Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Diverse areas: Ranging from 100 sqm to 200 sqm.
  • Fully finished apartments equipped with ACs.
  • Various facilities: Swimming pools, gym, children's play areas.

Capstone Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • Diverse areas: Ranging from 120 sqm to 180 sqm.
  • Apartments finished with ACs and kitchens.
  • Provides vast green spaces and beautiful gardens.
  • Sports and recreational facilities: Gym, sports halls, courts.

Etaba Compound Sheikh Zayed:

  • "Etaba" is a massive compound in Sheikh Zayed, designed with the latest global standards.
  • Located near the Desert Road and Ring Road, near The Estates compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Spans over 77 acres, with 80% green spaces.

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  7. Using Villas for Personal and Investment Purposes: You can benefit from villas as a place to spend vacations or personal holidays. You can also benefit from them as a source of income by renting them out.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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6,900,000 EGP


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10% downpayment and rest via installments range from 6 up to 8 years.

150 acres.