Karmell SODIC Sheikh Zayed

From 2,000,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Sodic

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Project Name: Karmell.

Karmell SODIC Location: It is located in the Golden Square which is one of the highest areas in Sheikh Zayed City.

Project area: it is established on an area of 240 acres.

Units Types: Standalone villas - apartments - twin houses - townhouses - penthouses - duplexes.

Units Space: it starts from 80 square meters up to 270 square meters.

Units Price: it ranges from 2,000,000 pounds up to 8,900,000 pounds.

Payment Systems: Own a unit by paying a down payment of 5% and the rest in installments over 8 years without interest.

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A Different Life in Karmell New Zayed

It is the latest distinctive residential complex, which has been completed recently, and it is one of the projects offered by Sodic Developments, it is a wonderful choice and a huge destination for anyone looking for a distinctive residential unit in the most distinct areas of Sheikh Zayed, thanks to the design of its units implemented according to the most excellent engineering models and it also has a charming view of the gardens and green spaces.

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Karmell Sodic Location

This project occupies a wonderfully strategic location, as it is located in the most prestigious area of Sheikh Zayed City, which is the Golden Square area, not only this but the Compound is also approaching many prominent projects and important roads include the following:

  • It is adjacent to Vye Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • It is close to Mall of Arabia.
  • Minutes from Hyper One.
  • It is very close to Cairo International Airport.

All of this has given the Compound unique advantages, as the vibrancy of the site has ensured that residents enjoy the comfort they want, as access to any place is simple and easy.

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The area of Sodic Karmell Compound

Sodic has built this project on a large area of 240 acres, and this huge area has enabled it to provide a huge amount of service facilities in the compound, which ensures customer comfort and high level.

This project is characterized by a remarkable variety of types of residential units including separate villas, standard apartments, twin houses, townhouses, penthouses, and duplex units.

These units differed in size to suit all desires and abilities, the areas are as follows:

  • The standalone villas are carried out with varying sizes of 215, 250, and 270 square meters.
  • The spaces of apartments consisting of one-bedroom start from 80 square meters.
  • The areas of apartments with two bedrooms started at 121 square meters.
  • The areas of the 3 bedrooms apartments start from 150 square meters.

It should be noted that all units in the compound have a charming view of the landscape and the magnificent greenery, ensuring that residents are more relaxed and comfortable.

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Services provided by Karmell Zayed

The compound is characterized by its exclusive services that are rarely found in any of the other residential complexes, the most prominent of which include the following:

  • Supermarkets and a huge number of shops provide all the supplies the residents need daily.
  • The greenery and stunning scenery covered a large proportion of the total area of the compound, giving it an unparalleled look.
  • Swimming pools are available in a variety of designs, so they are suitable for all ages within the complex.
  • There are artificial lagoons developed with great designs.
  • There is a mosque designed with the latest Islamic engineering styles, which make worshippers feel spiritual while performing their prayers.
  • The complex has restaurants with a sophisticated design, featuring different varieties that it offers to its customers to satisfy everyone.
  • A large number of recreational areas, ensuring residents enjoy beautiful and lively times.
  • It features international cafes that offer high-end service and work on satisfying the customer, through its constant keenness to offer all the new beverages, whether hot or cold.
  • It has beautiful parks and charming gardens for more recuperation in the arms of nature.
  • For added comfort and well-being, excellent cleaning services have been provided, which are done at the best level.
  • It has international schools overseen by a group of carefully trained specialists, in order to provide a high level of education.
  • Sports clubs and social clubs that have a high standard.
  • There is a health club that offers outstanding services by equipping it with a range of state-of-the-art sports equipment.
  • There are a spa and jacuzzi for more luxury for the residents.
  • The project is fully secured inside and out throughout the day thanks to the carefully trained security team and modern surveillance cameras that monitor all the strange moves to the full protection and safety of the population.
  • It is equipped with high-quality electronic gates for added protection.
  • It has garages that were specially implemented for residents' cars to protect them from theft and to prevent them from being randomly piled up in front of buildings.

These services have been a direct reason to attract customers' attention to this huge residential edifice and other projects, as Karmel New Zayed's exclusive services ensure comfort, sophistication, and a distinctive standard of living.

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Karmell Sodic Prices

Karmell compound provides its residents with a wonderful range of services and exclusive benefits, and nevertheless, the company made sure that the prices are suitable without exaggeration, and prices varied based on the size of the units and the specifications, as follows:

  • Prices for villas for sale at Karmell started from 6,900,000 Egyptian pounds up to 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Regular apartments have prices ranging from 2 million Egyptian pounds up to 3.5 million Egyptian pounds.

It should be noted that the various units within Karmell SODIC New Zayed are with super lux finishing and ready for habitation so that the customer does not suffer the trouble of exhausting finishing.

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Payment Systems in Karmell Sheikh Zayed

The developer has granted its customers competitive financial facilities, as it has provided them with more than one payment system so that they can choose what suits their abilities and material potential so that payment is comfortable without any burdens or pressures.

The owner company has announced that it is possible to pay for the unit in installments system, by paying 5% of the value of the booking with the company as a down payment, and the rest is paid over 8 years without interest.

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The owner company and its previous works

The company that owns the project is SODIC Developments, which has unparalleled experience in the field of real estate, enabling it to implement a distinguished range of residential projects, most notably the following:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club

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