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Project Description

Project Name: Sky Condos.

About Sky Condos: It is one of Sodic's residential projects characterized by great architectural design and provides the best services, facilities, and leisure activities for residents.

Sky Condos Location: it is located in New Cairo near 90th Main Street and Cairo Club, it is also next to Mivida Compound, Galleria Moon Valley, and Lake View Residence compound, as well as its proximity to the New Administrative Capital and the Future University.

Sky Condos Sodic New Cairo Area: it was executed on an area of 886 acres.

Units Types: it varies among apartments, duplexes, and standalone villas.

Sky Condos Units Space: it starts from 127 square meters up to 387 square meters.

Units Prices in Sky Condos: it starts from 3,737,000 EGP.

Payment Systems: You can pay 10% downpayment and the rest via installments over 7 years.

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Sky Condos Compound New Cairo

  • Sky Condos One of the highest residential projects in New Cairo for all the lovers of luxury and living a life of luxury as you should be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where Sodic offers residents the best facilities and services that meet all their needs, as well as its privileged location near the New Administrative Capital, and all the roads and transportation through which you can move to all roads and transportation throughout of Cairo and its outskirts.
  • Green spaces also occupy the majority of Sky Condos Villette Sodic area for recreation in the natural atmosphere and you will find a variety of spaces between apartments, duplexes, and standalone villas so you can choose what suits you and your family and pay a downpayment and installments within several years.

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The ideal location of Sky Condos compound that strikes the perfect balance between work and daily life 

The developer company chose the ideal geographical location to execute its Sky Condos residential project in the heart of New Cairo, selecting the most vibrant, sophisticated area which is the Fifth Settlement, near the most important service areas that meet the diverse needs of customers

Here are the most important nearby landmarks of Sky Condos Fifth Settlement compound: 

  • Sky Condos compound is close to the New Administrative Capital.
  • Sodic compound in New Cairo is located near Road 90. 
  • The distance between Sky Condos and Concord Plaza is very short. 
  • Easy access from Sky Condos compound in the Fifth Settlement to The Spot 90 Mall.
  • Sky Condos project is near the American University in Cairo. 
  • Sky Condos compound approaches Future University. 
  • It takes about 20 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport from Sky Condos compound in New Cairo. 
  • Sky Condos compound in the Fifth Settlement is only half an hour away from New Cairo and Cairo. 
  • Sky Condos compound is located near Cairo Club.  

The innovative and creative design of Sky Condos compound by Sodic

Sodic Real Estate Development paid attention to choosing a design for Sky Condos compound that goes with the modern architectural style that combines grandeur and authenticity to suit people of refined taste. The developer was also keen to make good use of the total area of ​​Sky Condos compound in the Fifth Settlement, dedicating the larger part to the plaza, landscape, and water features, and the remaining part for the residential units and buildings. The project design is as follows: 

  • The total area of ​​Sodic Fifth Settlement is about 886 acres. 
  • 80% of the total area is allocated for vast green spaces, parks and charming natural scenery. 
  • While the remaining 20% is for the residential units and buildings. 
  • Sky Condos Sodic compound in the Fifth Settlement includes regular apartments, standalone villas and duplexes. 

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The unique features of Sky Condos Compound, Fifth Settlement

You have a golden opportunity to own a distinctive unit with integrated services within the Sky Condos compound, the finest residential complex in the heart of Fifth Settlement, as it was designed specifically for your comfort and well-being, and is unique in the presence of many unique features that all customers are looking for, the most important of which are:

  • Sky Condos Sodic distinguished geographical location near teseen street, surrounded by many services, facilities, roads, and main axes in Fifth Settlement.
  • The architectural designs of Sky Condos units are very luxurious and modern, as they all have an attractive view of the scenic nature of landscape gardens and Crystal Lagoons with their charming turquoise waters.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes, depths, and shapes, suitable for adults and children.
  • Crystal dancing fountains and artificial lakes add to Sky Condo Sodic project a charming view that gives those who look at it a strong sense of stability.
  • Vast areas of the landscaping surround the residential units from all sides so that the guests can breathe the air and enhance the feeling of psychological comfort and tranquility.
  • Modern TV surveillance cameras everywhere and a group of highly trained security men to guard Sky Condo Sodic compound for 24 hours without interruption.

Services provided by Sky Condos SODIC Fifth Settlement

Sky Condos developer was keen to implement a high-end residential complex with innovative designs inspired by the modern style, with all the means of luxury and comfort represented in the presence of all kinds of basic and unlimited recreational services to meet all customer requirements, the most important of which are:

  • For those who want to spend a wonderful time shopping, there is a commercial area within Sky Condos with shopping centers and malls with stores displaying international brands of shoes, cosmetics, and clothes to meet the needs of customers.
  • A health club with innovative international designs divided into special rooms with a sauna, jacuzzi, and spa to reach the highest level of health care that customers need.
  • Sky Condos food court has international restaurants that provide excellent services at the highest level.
  • For sports enthusiasts and those wishing to take care of their physical fitness, a gym has been established with a variety of entertaining games, in addition to the presence of gym units that contain advanced equipment and devices and a selection of the most qualified trainers with a high level of experience.
  • A full-service social club with places dedicated to meeting friends and practicing many recreational and cultural activities for more entertainment and fun.
  • Inside Sky Condos, there is a clubhouse with all the modern equipment and recreational and basic services to meet the needs of customers.
  • Private tracks and wide tracks are designated for those wishing to practice walking, running, and cycling away from car roads in order to preserve the safety and security of Sky Condo Sodic compound's residents.
  • Covered garages equipped with multiple safety devices that can accommodate a large number of guest cars to avoid crowding.
  • Sky Condos compound is equipped with a number of advanced electric elevators to facilitate the movement of guests from one floor to another with ease and ease.
  • Attention to places of worship, where a mosque was designed with large area decorations that can accommodate the largest number of worshipers to perform the five duties.
  • Within Sky Condos, there are places for barbecues within the landscape and the peaceful setting that helps.
  • A supermarket with all kinds of consumer goods to meet your family's daily needs without having to leave the place of residence.
  • Pharmacies in different parts of Sky Condos project with all the medical supplies and medicines needed by the inmates.
  • Dedicated halls for parties and family events.

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Units Types & Spaces in Sky Condos New Cairo

  • Condo Sky was implemented on an area of 886 acres.
  • Sky Condos units vary among apartments, duplexes, and standalone villas.
  • Sodic Villette Sky Condos apartments' space starts from 127 m² up to 184 m².
  • Duplex space starts from 307 m² up to 315 m².
  • Standalone villas space starts from 387 m².

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Sky Condos Sodic prices

  • Sky Condos 160 m² apartments' prices start from 3,737,000 EGP.
  • 377 m² apartments' prices start from 6,434,000 EGP.
  • Sky Condos 311 m² villas' prices start from 5,829,000 EGP.
  • 560 m² villas' prices start from 9,589,000 EGP.

Sky Condos Payment Systems:

You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest via installments within 7 years, or pay 0% downpayment and the rest via installments over 8 years for a limited time.

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Disadvantages of Sky Condos New Cairo compound

Despite the multiple benefits of the Sky Condos project, some are apprehensive about buying off-plan properties. However, with a reputable developer like Sodic launching the Sky Condos compound, your investment is assured to be protected. Additionally, buying off-plan allows acquiring properties at current prices, which are likely to increase on delivery, ensuring a profitable deal for investors.

Get to know the real estate developer that makes dreams a tangible reality

The owner of Sodic Real Estate Development, the developer of Sky Condos compound in the Fifth Settlement, was established in 1996, and has a long track record full of phenomenal successes that make it the first choice for businessmen and high net worth individuals. With over 20 years of experience, it was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1998 by engaging the largest consultants and engineers to meticulously design and implement Sky Condos compound, delivering units on the agreed upon schedule. Among the most important projects carried out by the company are: 

  • Vye Sodic compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Malaaz North Coast resort.
  • Caesar North Coast resort.
  • Allegria, Sheikh Zayed.
  • 6 West compound, 6th of October.
  • The Portals project, Sheikh Zayed.
  • West Town Medical Center complex, Sheikh Zayed.
  • West Town Hub Mall, 6th of October.
  • The Strip Mall, 6th of October.
  • The Polygon project, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Beverly Hills compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • October Plaza, 6th of October.
  • West Town Court Yards compound.
  • Sodic Westown compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • East Town Parks compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Sodic East, Heliopolis.
  • Sodic East El Shorouk.
  • The Estates, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Eastown compound, New Cairo.
  • Specturm compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Karamell Sodic compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Villete Sodic, Fifth Settlement.
  • Qatameya Plaza.
  • Caeser Island, North Coast.
  • June Sodic, North Coast.
  • Azailya Sodic East New Heliopolis.

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Services and Features of the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the most prominent residential destinations in New Cairo, being a symbol of upscale living and urban development. As a mecca for those seeking quality of life and distinguished living, the Fifth Settlement stands out as a model to follow in urban planning and providing integrated services.

Diverse Transportation Options:
This neighborhood features an efficient and flexible transportation network, ensuring easy access to all parts of Cairo. Residents of the Settlement are provided with multiple options, ranging from modern buses to light rail lines and taxis, ensuring the convenience and smooth flow of their commutes.

Advanced Healthcare:
Residents of the Settlement benefit from a healthcare network that includes hospitals equipped with the highest quality standards, specialized medical centers in various fields, and 24-hour pharmacies, ensuring access to optimal healthcare.

Educational Institutions with International Standards:
The Settlement is surrounded by a group of high-level schools and universities that offer world-class educational programs, alongside international schools that provide education in multiple languages, representing a true investment in the future of generations.

Integrated Recreational and Sports Facilities:
The Settlement offers its residents a diverse range of recreational options, including sports centers and clubs, in addition to vast green parks that provide a space for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst serene atmospheres and captivating natural landscapes.

Shopping and Commercial Centers:
In the Fifth Settlement, there are several modern commercial centers and large malls that house international brands, in addition to markets that cater to all residents' needs, making the shopping experience unparalleled.

Unique Residential Advantages:

- Strategic Location: The Fifth Settlement enjoys a strategic location that connects the most important points and axes in New Cairo, making it an ideal starting point for any destination.
- Unprecedented Safety: Living here means feeling the highest levels of security thanks to advanced security systems and continuous patrols.
- Natural Beauty: The urban design ensures the integration of nature in every corner, creating a residential environment rich with green vistas.
- Luxury in Details: The Settlement is known for its modern and luxurious designs, combining refined taste and modern technology in housing.
- Contemporary Lifestyle: The Fifth Settlement offers all the elements of a modern life that ensure its residents a rich and integrated living experience.

With all these features, the Fifth Settlement is truly an oasis for a comfortable life and a model for modern urban development, an ideal environment for anyone seeking a high quality of life in the heart of New Cairo.

Your Investment in New Cairo: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

New Cairo is considered a prominent investment hub in Egypt, attracting investors seeking value-added opportunities in this bustling area. Investing here is a prudent strategy, given the continuous population and economic growth it experiences. New Cairo abounds with characteristics that attract investments, such as its completion as a comprehensive city with all essential services and the massive accumulation of modern infrastructure, opening the door for institutions to benefit from the growing market in various sectors like commercial, real estate, medical, and tourism, leading to the prosperity and expansion of their projects in the long run.

Moreover, the New Administrative Capital, an extension of New Cairo, has witnessed significant development in recent years, attracting prominent residential investments and projects, affirming investors' growing interest in residing and investing in this area full of promising prospects. This is evident in the increasing demand for acquiring luxurious villas there, reflecting the notable growth of the real estate market.

New Cairo also provides an ideal living environment, elevating residential and hotel real estate to the top of the list of fruitful investment opportunities in the area. The real estate market there features diverse residential compounds and units, in addition to the availability of all necessary services such as education, healthcare, and commerce with ease, ensuring a high level of comfort and well-being for residents. Investment in this area is not limited to residential properties alone but extends to commercial, administrative, and medical real estate, offering diverse investment opportunities that allow investors to capitalize on the increasing demand for these units, promising financial stability and lucrative returns in the long run.

In short, New Cairo offers unparalleled investment opportunities in the heart of modern Egypt. Whether your goal is long-term investments or you aspire to start a project immediately, New Cairo is your ideal destination. Seize this opportunity today to engage in an investment that promises profit and sustainable growth in the embrace of a renewed Egypt.

What are the Most Prominent Compounds Located Near the Sky Condos Compound in the Fifth Settlement? Find Out Now!

In New Cairo, a group of luxurious compounds emerge, offering a distinguished residential experience, including:

  1. Galleria Moon Valley Compound:
    This compound is renowned for its unique and attractive architectural style, featuring luxurious villas and apartments. It provides its residents with a comprehensive living experience thanks to the available commercial and recreational facilities. Its prime location adjacent to the Sky Condos compound makes it an excellent choice for those seeking elegance and distinction.

  2. The Lake View Residence Compound in New Cairo:
    This compound is a haven for those seeking to live in a serene and refined environment. It is distinguished by its captivating natural views and diverse residential units, including apartments and villas. The outdoor pools, fountains, and green spaces lend the compound an air of relaxation and beauty, making life there an unforgettable experience.

  3. Stone Residence Compound in New Cairo:
    This compound offers a luxurious option for those seeking tranquility and refinement. Enjoying an ideal location in New Cairo, it includes residential units with creative architectural designs. The compound also features a range of recreational and service facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and gardens, making it an ideal destination for those who appreciate a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

These luxurious compounds, with their diversity and uniqueness, reflect various lifestyles and cater to the refined tastes of their residents. They offer not just a place to live but a luxurious and integrated living experience in the heart of New Cairo.

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If you are in search of a residence in the New Cairo area, presents itself as an ideal option to support your search and purchase journey with confidence and ease. This website stands out as a trusted choice, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking to own properties in this vibrant area. The website begins its journey with users by presenting a diverse range of residential options, from apartments and villas to palaces, allowing you the opportunity to find what suits your needs and budget in prestigious areas such as Mountain View and the Fifth Settlement.

The website facilitates the process of uncovering the suitable property through a user-friendly and straightforward interface, where users can specify precise search criteria like location, area, interior design, and price. These features make the selection process more accurate and tailored to each individual's preferences.

When selecting a specific unit, provides complete details of the property, including photos, specifications, and information about the surrounding facilities and services, adding a dimension of trust and confidence to the purchasing experience. It also aids in providing a clearer picture of quality and service through user reviews and ratings.

With, the experience becomes not only easy but also secure, as the website supports effective communication between the seller and buyer and ensures successful and safe transactions, providing support during the various stages of purchase and document management and registration.

Therefore, for those aspiring to own a residential unit in New Cairo and seeking a hassle-free purchasing experience, remains your most suitable choice to ensure a reliable and secure service. Explore this outstanding platform and make your journey towards your housing dream filled with confidence and peace of mind.

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it is located in New Cairo

3,737,000 EGP


شركة سوديك

90 Units

You can pay 10% downpayment and the rest via installments over 7 years.

it was executed on an area of 886 acres.


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