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Malaaz North Coast SODIC Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Malaaz.

About Malaaz Project: Vacation project by SODIC Development & Investment.

Malaaz Location: Located at Kilo 215 Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Malaaz Sodic North Coast Space: 450 acres.

Units Type: Villas -Townhouses - Malaaz Twinhouses - Malaaz Chalets.

Malaaz Units Space: It starts from 105 m² up to 390 m².

Malaaz Developer Name: SODIC Development.

Units Price in Malaaz: starts from 3,800,000 EGP.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

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Malaaz North Coast

With the high real estate prices in Egypt, you have the opportunity to own your apartment unit in the highest tourist resort designed to ensure comfort, luxury, privacy, and tranquility, with a large number of great hotel services at premium prices and units within are with Super Lux finishing.

One of the tourist resorts that have all the tourist and residential attractions including a privileged location and high-quality services in all fields.

There are also a large number of residential units of different types, spaces, and balanced prices, and there are also large landscapes divided accurately among units with swimming pools suitable for all individuals.

Malaaz real estate developer has made sure that this project is one of the most distinctive and charming projects, as for the architectural design, it has been designed in the European style but a charming cultural touch has been developed where the blue water is mixed with the charming white sand in a magnificent painting.

The designs are simple and elegant and satisfy all tastes in order to bring you all the comfort you desire in a pleasant atmosphere, with the real estate developer keen to vary the spaces and types of residential units in order to suit the needs of families, whether large or small.

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Malaaz Location

Sodic Malaaz is located in a privileged location at Kilo 215 Alexandria-Matrouh Road, close to the world's most popular tourist attraction, Ras El Hikma, which includes the most beautiful tourist villages on the North Coast.

The most important landmarks near Malaaz North Coast Resort:

Malaaz is next to Mountain View North CoastSwan Lake North Coast, as well as Caesar Island.

Malaaz North Coast Located close to the new Fouka International Road by the Egyptian Armed Forces, designed to facilitate travel for people from Cairo to the North Coast and back in about an hour and a half.

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Major services in Malaaz Sodic North Coast

In addition to the strategic location, and the above-mentioned advantages of Malaaz project, the Sodic Real Estate Development Company, the owner of SODIC North Coast project, provided many services and requirements that everyone needs to provide the highest degree of comfort and luxury for the residents, and below we will learn about these services in detail:

  • Many sports clubs include different fields such as football, squash, and tennis so that everyone can practice their favorite sport in Malaaz North Coast Resort.
  • Malaaz Sodic contains a huge commercial area that includes a number of shops in addition to the largest mall on the North Coast, and it includes the largest number of the most famous international brands.
  • Allocated spaces for parties, social events such as weddings and birthdays, so that residents can enjoy the happiest moments of their life at the seaside in their own community.
  • Malaaz North Coast includes an aqua park for adults, which includes a large number of recreational games and water activities that greatly help in the well-being of customers and enjoy their time.
  • Malaaz includes a large number of swimming pools throughout SODIC North Coast project with different sizes and distinct shapes, to suit all age groups.
  • A sports gym that includes many modern devices and equipment that help residents maintain fitness, with trainers at the highest level.
  • Club House includes equipment that helps in the recreation and relaxation of residents, such as a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna in Malaaz.
  • Special attention to the establishment of religious rites, and the presence of a huge mosque with the largest number of worshipers.
  • Large cinemas, containing huge screens, full HD, to ensure the enjoyment and well-being of customers more inside Malaaz North Coast Village.
  • Private garages for each unit to organize cars and prevent traffic congestion.
  • Malaaz North Coast resort includes many restaurants and cafés on the beachfront that serve the most delicious different eastern and western dishes, by international chefs.
  • The most important feature of Malaaz Resort is the integrated medical center that includes all modern equipment and devices, with the best doctors at a high level, to provide the best health care for the residents.
  • Security and guarding are available 24 hours a day, to ensure the protection and reassurance of customers through security personnel and cameras located everywhere at Malaaz North Coast Village.
  • Social clubs contain many recreational activities that help to form a beautiful family atmosphere among the residents and some of them.
  • Dedicated tracks of up to 800 meters in length, so that residents can enjoy walking, running and all sports besides enjoying the beautiful landscapes in Malaaz North Coast Resort.

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Units Space and types within Malaaz Resort

Malaaz was built on a large area of up to 450 acres, and the company owns a private beach of Malaaz resort with a width of 600 meters, and the length up to 180 meters, so most of Malaaz resort units have views of the Mediterranean Sea, and other units overlook the beautiful landscapes and artificial lakes of turquoise waters, with dancing fountains with a magnificent view.

Residential units space varies from 105 up to 390 m², so you can choose what suits you and your family.

Malaaz provides many residential units such as villas - townhouses - twin houses - chalets of various spaces.

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Prices and payment systems in Malaaz Sodic

The real estate developer has provided you with many different payment systems in order to facilitate customers, and you can pay a 10% booking downpayment with installments of the rest of the unit price over seven years, the real estate developer has decided that the units will be delivered within three years to be delivered units in super lux finishing.

As for the prices, it is competitive commensurate with the number of services and entertainment provided by the real estate developer, as well as the charming location and architectural designs that came in the European style, and the price of the unit varies according to the area and its type, but in total, they are appropriate prices.

So, dear customer, get your apartment in the heart of Malaaz North Coast in order to enjoy all the many features that Malaaz village offers you.

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The delivery date in Malaaz Resort

The units in Malaaz North Coast shall be delivered with super lux finishing after 3 years.

Disadvantages of Malaaz North Coast Resort

Despite the many advantages of Malaaz North Coast Resort, some think that the company did not provide non-down payment options in the installment systems. But on the contrary, the company has secured diverse installment options, including allowing customers to start with a down payment of only 10%, with repayment plans extending up to 7 years, making the purchase of a chalet in the Baymount Sokhna Resort affordable and accessible to many.

Malaaz Developer and its previous projects

SODIC Development is the owner of SODIC North Coast project, one of the most important Egyptian companies, its major projects include:

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

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Become Part of the Future: The North Coast and Its Vision for a Bright Tomorrow!

Egypt's North Coast has emerged as a prominent center for tourism and investment opportunities, distinguished by its captivating natural beauty, such as white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters. This natural splendor and moderate climate have made the area a draw for visitors from within Egypt and around the world. The Egyptian government, recognizing the importance of this region, has put strategic plans in place to develop the North Coast, focusing on sustainable tourism and preserving the area's natural beauty.

Within these plans, initiatives are underway to build modern residential complexes and high-quality tourism resorts for visitors. The government is also working to improve infrastructure, including roads, electricity, and water facilities, to facilitate investment. These projects not only contribute to enhancing the region's tourism appeal but also provide significant employment opportunities for local youth, supporting economic growth.

To support these efforts, the government is also working to improve transportation and accessibility, including the development of nearby airports, to facilitate access to the North Coast. Additionally, numerous recreational and cultural activities, such as restaurants, cafes, and museums, are being offered to ensure a rich and diverse experience for visitors.

With these efforts, the strategic vision for the North Coast aims to enhance its position as a leading tourist destination, welcoming visitors from around the world to enjoy its natural beauty and unique hospitality.

You Deserve True Luxury... And It's in the North Coast Resorts!

The North Coast boasts a prime location along the Mediterranean Sea, serving as a wonderful retreat for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulging in its captivating natural scenery and alluring sandy beaches. This unique destination offers an unparalleled experience with its serene environment, beautiful landscapes, and vast spaces for exploration and wandering.

The resorts scattered across the North Coast offer visitors a diverse range of luxurious accommodation options, ranging from elegantly designed hotels and modern apartments to upscale private villas. These places appear like works of art, with every detail in the decor and design carefully considered to ensure the utmost comfort and relaxation for guests.

The resorts also boast a rich array of recreational activities and facilities, allowing visitors to enjoy diverse leisure experiences, whether through engaging in water sports like diving and surfing or unwinding by the stylish pools overlooking the sea.

Undoubtedly, the resorts here aim to deliver an unparalleled experience through exceptional services, including private transportation and round-the-clock room service, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and enjoyment for visitors. Additionally, these places are committed to preserving the natural environment and appreciating local culture, adding a cultural and historical dimension to the visit.

In short, the North Coast resorts in Egypt offer an ideal blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and luxury, making them the perfect destination for those seeking true indulgence. Here, guests can immerse themselves in nature's charm and enjoy an unforgettable stay.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Residential Options Near Malaaz North Coast Village!

The tourist villages in the North Coast boast several features that make them ideal destinations for relaxation and enjoyment amidst natural beauty and luxury.

1. The Water Way North Coast Village:
The Water Way Village stands out as an example of harmony between captivating nature and modern architectural designs, spanning a vast area of 57 acres. Within these surroundings, elegantly designed villas and chalets are scattered, surrounded by artificial lakes and sandy beaches, providing a complete relaxation experience with amenities such as health clubs and various pools.

2. El Masiaf North Coast Village:
El Masiaf Village is a unique attraction, distinguished by its prime location next to Malaaz Village, offering residential units with exquisite architectural designs. The village is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, adding another dimension of comfort and beauty to the stay.

3. Cascadia North Coast Resort:
Cascadia Resort offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy peace and relaxation, where guests find themselves surrounded by spacious villas and chalets with elegant designs. The resort also features pristine sandy beaches alongside diverse recreational facilities such as health clubs and swimming pools, completing the relaxation experience.

4. La Vista Ras El Hekma North Coast:
La Vista Ras El Hekma represents the ideal choice for luxury enthusiasts, featuring lavish residential units such as villas and chalets. The village encompasses private sandy beaches and artificial lakes, in addition to providing recreational areas and swimming pools, ensuring an unforgettable experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

Ease of Transaction: Follow These Steps to Purchase Your Unit in Malaaz North Coast Village on!

Malaaz Village in the North Coast represents a unique investment destination at the heart of Egypt, offering exceptional options for those seeking to own a residential unit that combines elegance and luxury. For those interested in taking this step, here are the following stages to achieve this goal:

Stage One: Explore Residential Unit Options
Malaaz Village in the North Coast offers a wide range of residential units with varying sizes, starting from 105 square meters and reaching up to 390 square meters. You can consider diverse options including villas, chalets, twin houses, and attached houses based on your needs and preferences.

Stage Two: Check Prices and Available Units
Prices for residential units in Malaaz Village vary and primarily depend on the type and size of the unit. It is advisable to visit the project's website or contact the development company directly to learn about the current prices.

Stage Four: Determine the Ideal Payment Plan
SODIC offers flexible payment plans to facilitate your purchase with ease. You can pay only 10% as a down payment, and then installments for the remaining amount can be spread over up to seven years. Do not hesitate to request more details about the company's approved payment plans.

Stage Five: Start the Purchase Process
After making your decision regarding the residential unit and familiarizing yourself with the pricing details and suitable payment plan, you can now contact the sales representatives through the numbers provided on the "" website to inquire about all the details related to the purchase process. You will receive support and assistance throughout the stages until you receive your unit.

By following these steps, you can smoothly navigate the process of purchasing your residential unit in Malaaz Village in the North Coast and enjoy a life of luxury and opulence that it offers.

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Water Fountains
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Located at Kilo 215 Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

3,800,000 EGP.


SODIC Development.

25 units

10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

450 acres.


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