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Properties for Sale in Shorouk City - 720 Properties for sale


Properties for Sale in Shorouk City

The advantages of buying properties in Shorouk City are virtually unlimited, whether for accommodation or investment. The city ensures the complete comfort of unit owners due to the availability of all services, both in the region and within the unit itself. The city also enjoys a vital location with all the ingredients that make it an ideal investment, whether you’re looking for residential, commercial or administrative units. 

The advantages of owning properties for sale in Shorouk City

Units in Shorouk City have a lot of demand, because buyers are aware of the many benefits that are available to anyone living or working within it, such as:

  • El-Shorouk's privileged location, which makes it surrounded by the most important cities and regions of Greater Cairo, in particular the New Administrative capital.
  • The city is very calm and quiet compared to the usual busy and congested streets of Cairo, it also has a much better air quality.
  • It’s easy to move to and from the city thanks to the transportation network available within it. For example, you can easily reach the center of Cairo, Giza, Lebanon Square, or even other governorates.
  • The internal transportation system reaches other nearby cities, such as Badr city, Heliopolis, 10th of Ramadan City, Obour City, El Salam, and others. This is important for all property owners in Shorouk, whether residents or investors.
  • The city is very sophisticated and well-maintained, with beautifully-designed buildings, green spaces, and regular cleaning services.
  • Industrial activity is popular in the city, including workshops and factories operating in several sectors. This increases the activity in the city in general and makes it an important location for residence and investment,
  • Public facilities are well-maintained and available to everyone in the city, this includes infrastructure such as electricity, water, and sewage system, as well as service facilities related to education, health, trade, and culture. Residents don’t need to leave the city to find these services.
  • All Shorouk property owners can enjoy the best entertainment services within the city's clubs and parks such as Shorouk Club, Heliopolis Club, and Regional Park, as well as cinemas.

Types of properties for sale at Shorouk City

Any property you can think of can be found within El-Shorouk City, whether apartments, penthouses, villas, duplexes, studios, or even commercial and administrative units. Most of these units are already available in various architectural designs and in different spaces, so it’s easy to find a unit to meet your needs and preferences. Below, you’ll find each type of property available for sale with Shorouk City:


Your dream apartment will be most likely found within Shorouk City, because it is home to a large number of major residential projects that offer premium apartments in many spaces, ranging from about 65 square meters to 120 square meters or more. Additionally, the Ministry of Housing has provided plenty of affordable residential units in the city which can be purchased with an installment system, all within the framework of social housing projects such as Eskan Ganna and Eskan Misr.

You can also buy a luxury apartment within one of Shorouk’s upscale compounds, such as El-Shorouk 2000, The Beverly Hills Compound, El Hayah Residence, and many more.

Those looking for something different and wishing to stay in non-traditional apartments will find duplex apartments with attractive designs and wide spaces ranging between 176 square meters and 225 square meters, with some reaching 400 square meters or more. Alternatively, you can also find studio apartments with small spaces starting mostly from 50 square meters to 85 square meters. In other words, there’s a big range of apartments available in Shorouk to satisfy all tastes.


It is not possible to talk about Shorouk Properties for sale without mentioning villas, as a high-end city such as this must be home to many magnificent villas, including standalone villas, twin houses, or townhouses, some villas can be found within luxury compounds. Spaces vary widely starting from 200 square meters (for townhouse villas) and up to 900 square meters or more.


If you prefer to live in a penthouse units for their unique luxurious feel, you’ll find that Shorouk City offers many penthouses to choose from, because they’re considered one of the most important property types here. Penthouses are available in a variety of spaces and specifications to meet your exact requirements, many of them are also attached to a picturesque garden. The spaces typically range between 135 square meters and 300 square meters, sometimes exceeding that.


Roof apartments are among the properties for sale in Shorouk, which are offered at varying prices depending on location and interior space, which often starts from 165 square meters (sometimes lower) and reaches more than 320 square meters. Generally, the average price of roofs in Shorouk City is about 800,000 EGP (knowing that the price is lower or higher according to the unit specifications).

Commercial units

Al Shorouk city is not only ideal for living but also for investment, so do not hesitate to own a unit as a headquarters for your business venture. Within the city, you’ll find many units for sale including commercial buildings, shops, factories, and cafés. The units have varied sizes, prices, and specifications to suit business owners in different industries.

Administrative units

Properties for sale in Al Shorouk are not only limited to residential and commercial units, but they also include administrative units. This is more suitable for company owners who are looking for a unique headquarters or office for their company. Most administrative units are small, ranging from 35 square meters to about 42 square meters, with prices ranging between 680,000 EGP to 840,000 EGP.

Shorouk City property prices

Shorouk City properties have a big range of prices to suit a wide segment of buyers. Of course, the prices vary according to the type of unit, its location, and other specifications. Below, we explore the average price per square meter for apartments and villas in different parts of Shorouk City:

  • The average price of an apartment within any compound in Shorouk City is about 11,550 EGP per square meter.
  • The average price of the apartment in the El-Remas neighborhood & the eighth district, Al-Jawhara neighborhood & the fifth district, Al-Aqiq neighborhood, and al-Nadi neighborhood, all range from 6,100 EGP to 6,550 EGP per square meter.
  • The average price per meter of the apartment in Loloat El-Shorouk & the sixth district, lotus neighborhood & the seventh district, Marbella district, Al Masa neighborhood, Al-Fairuz neighborhood, Tulip district, Granada neighborhood, Al-Andalus neighborhood, Al-Yaqut neighborhood, Al-Zumurod neighborhood, the seventh district, and some other neighborhoods, all range from 5,100 EGP to 5,850 EGP.
  • El-Shorouk City apartments in Al Naseem neighborhood include small apartments with a space of 63 square meter, suitable for young people, with prices reaching 3,850 EGP per square meter. Al Nada neighborhood also has apartments with spaces starting at 100 square meters and with a price of 4,300 EGP per square meter.
  • The average price per meter for villas in luxury neighborhoods such as Al-loulou district and the sixth quarter can go up to 30,150 EGP per square meters.
  • The price of villas in other neighborhoods, such as Al-Andalus, Granada, and Al-Yaqut districts, ranges from 8,450 EGP to 8,800 EGP per square meter.
  • The average price for villas in Golf District can be as low as 4,100 EGP per square meter.