El Shorouk Springs Compound

From 1,150,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Hassan Allam Properties


Project Name: Al Shorouk Springs.

About the Project: An integrated residential compound by Hassan Allam on Suez Road in front of Madinaty Gate 2.

Compound Location: on Suez Road, located behind Total Station, a few minutes from New Cairo, it is located in front of Madinaty Gate 2. 

Compound Space: 150 acres.

Units Type: Twin houses - Town Houses - Standalone Villas - Separate Apartments.

Apartments Space: it starts from 173 m² to 223 m².

Town Houses Space: It starts from 330 m² to 420 m².

Standalone Villas Space: It starts from 447 m² to 586 m².

Units Prices: the prices of the apartments start from 1,150,000 EGP while villas prices up to 5,150,000 EGP.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2019.

The Developer: Al Nasr General Contracting "Hassan Allam" was founded in 1936.

Payment Methods: 15% downpayment, 5% after one year, 5% after 2 years, 5% after 3 years, and the rest via installments over 7 years in quarterly installments.

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Are you looking for a place that pulses elegance and beauty?! Here is El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam Compound

A huge compound offered by Hassan Allam Properties, which is distinguished by its good reputation and offers the finest mega residential projects. The site has all the ingredients that attract customers and investors, in addition to its proximity to the main roads and axes that facilitate access to it.

The compound was built on a large space to include the largest part of the space, the finest basic and recreational services so that the client gets everything he needs inside the compound, the project is characterized by its wonderful urban designs, and its various units between villas, the real estate developer was keen to set unparalleled prices and flexible and easy payment methods to suit all tastes.

You still have the opportunity to book your unit in the most prestigious and beautiful compounds of El Shorouk City and get unparalleled services.

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The prime location of El Shorouk Springs

The real estate developer was keen to choose a strategic location for its distinguished project, El Shorouk Springs El Shorouk City, near the important service areas, roads, and main axes.

Location Features:

  • It is located near Al Hurriya Road.
  • A small distance separates it from the biggest clubs, namely El Shorouk Club and Heliopolis Club.
  • It is located behind Total Station.
  • In front of the second gate of the famous residential complex Madinaty.
  • It is just minutes away from the most important educational services that include schools, institutes, and universities.

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The most important features that are unique to El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam

Book your unit inside El Shorouk Springs Compound and enjoy a life of luxury, beauty, and privacy, in a place that includes all the exclusive features.

  • The spread of green spaces within the compound provides a clean environment and landscapes that help calm psychologically and give the units a wonderful view.
  • Kids Area inside the project contains many entertaining games to spend fun times.
  • The most important feature of El Shorouk Springs Project is its privileged location near the main roads and axes.
  • The units within the project vary to suit the different tastes of customers, with great designs and amazing decorations that catch the eye.
  • A large number of lakes and fountains in various shapes and sizes, distributed in a balanced way, as if it were a painting.

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Enjoy the finest unparalleled services in El Shorouk Springs El Shorouk

Hassan Allam company designed the project with impressive designs that reflect sophistication and tranquility, and the compound offers many basic and recreational services that meet the residents' desires so that they do not have to leave the compound.

  • Attention to the medical aspect, as the owner company has provided many medical clinics in various specialties with the most efficient medical staff, and there is a pharmacy with all medical supplies and medicines that work non-stop.
  • An area dedicated to restaurants and cafes with exquisite decorations, under the supervision of the most skilled chefs, to eat your favorite meal in an atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment.
  • For sports and cycling enthusiasts, a walking and jogging area has been allocated amidst the green spaces and the fresh air, in safe paths away from cars.
  • Within the project, there are secure garages that can accommodate many cars to reduce congestion inside the compound and maintain the civilized appearance
  • A mosque that accommodates a large number of worshipers to perform religious rites.
  • A large number of swimming pools within the compound of various sizes and areas, giving luxury to all ages.
  •  can exercise and maintain your health, as it has many playgrounds for various sports such as football, golf, squash, and basketball to maintain fitness.
  • For shopping enthusiasts, there is an integrated commercial area that includes many different stores with the finest brands and international brands.
  • The compound enjoys the highest levels of security to assign security and guard personnel throughout the project, in addition to modern 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • A health club equipped with the best modern equipment and devices and includes a sauna, spa, and jacuzzi rooms for maximum comfort and recreation.
  • Dedicated areas for barbecue and eating among the green areas and the fresh air to spend the best times with family and friends.
  • Areas for parties, evenings, and birthday parties to have a time of luxury within the project.

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Units and their different space inside El Shorouk Springs Project

The real estate developer was keen to choose a privileged location near the main roads and axes, El Shorouk Springs Shorouk City was built on a space of 150 acres to provide more luxury and privacy, as it includes many residential units of various sizes in addition to many services and features that customers are looking for.

The units vary within the project, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and twin houses:

The space of stand-alone villas ranges from 447 m² to 586 m², and the townhouse space ranges from 330 m² to 420 m², while the space of apartments within El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam ranges from 173 m² to 223 m².

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Find out the prices and payment systems inside El Shorouk Springs Compound

Hassan Allam Company offered a range of special prices compared to many basic and entertainment services and various advantages.

  • The average price of apartments inside El Shorouk Springs is 1,150,000 EGP.
  • While the average price of villas is 5,150,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

  • Paying a 15% down payment, 5% after one year, 5% after two years, 5% after 3 years, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years.

The real estate developer and his most important work

Al Nasr General Contracting (Hassan Allam) is the real estate developer of El Shorouk Springs Compound, the budget exceeded 1.7 billion EGP.

The company was established in 1936, and it is one of the largest and most important contracting companies in Egypt and the Middle East, it participated in the establishment of many vital projects in many Arab countries such as Sudan, Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, and it has a long experience of up to 84 years and obtained ISO certificate, the company has provided integrated housing projects with various services and features that customers are interested in.

It relied on the best architects and specialized consultants and relied on international quality standards.

The most important works 

  • Park view future hub town.
  • Swan Lake Residence New Cairo.
  • Every Project.
  • Giselle Swan Lake New Cairo.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains

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